Dolphins in Mauritius

Mauritius, a paradise island found in the Indian Ocean, is lucky enough to have a warm lagoon that can attract wonderful creatures such as aquatic mammals. It has become so far the main attraction for tourists as indeed it remains an amazing experience. To what them near and playing with them, for more than none it may be a dream coming true and for others overcoming their fears of those animals.

Over time, with the sudden climatic changes, dolphins have found refuge in more calm waters in the lagoons of Mauritius. Those wonderful creatures show up during boat trips if you are lucky enough as for their own protection, they prefer to stay away from everything that will threaten their lives in the deep waters.

For animal lovers especially, there is nothing quite like looking out towards the horizon over and contemplating beautiful dolphins. Mammals which some scientists believe are more intelligent than humans. You will be able to see that animals in their natural habitat is always better than seeing them in captivity.

Swimming with dolphins in Mauritius


You will have a wide choice of tour operators to perform the activity of swimming with dolphins in Mauritius as many of them offer diverse types of excursions and packages. Dolphins one among the most fantastic creatures living in the ocean are cheerful and playful which symbolises intelligence and grace.

They are usually found living in pods of around 20 individuals or more and can be observed swimming casually from Tamarin. At that particular time normally, they are on their way to the deep sea off the coast of Le Morne peninsula, early in the morning.

The famous dolphins that have made the West Coast of Mauritius a refuge in order to save energy before proceeding to the deep waters for their fishing are The Bottlenose and The Spinner especially near Ile aux Aigrettes.

Normally there is an electric range of packages that fit your budget and what you really want to see. One of the best things about swimming with dolphins is that you do not need to worry about anything.


Things to know about dolphins :
  1. Types of dolphins which you will encounter
  2. Dolphin’s habits
  3. Guidelines for sustainable dolphin watching
  4. Security measures on the boat
  5. Swimming with dolphins procedures



What is waiting for you when swimming with dolphins in Mauritius?

The Bottlenose Dolphin is one of the most common and well-known dolphins, grey in color measuring about 2 or 4 meters live in pods of around 15. They can weigh between 330 and 1400 lb. and eat mainly small fish.

The Spinner Dolphin is dark gray which a bit different from the Bottlenose Dolphin has darker patches on its back, the tail stock, and throat.

Commonly, the boats that organize those trips used in these excursions are well equipped with all the required equipment to be able to swim properly with the dolphins. You will be given masks, snorkels, flippers, and life jackets.

Normally, there are boats that leave early morning mostly around 08h00 to be able to have a clear visibility of the greatest concentrations of dolphins. It is worth the early wake up call as you will be amazed by the sensational spectacle of the dolphins swimming. There are excursions lasting a minimum of 2 hours that include breakfast and lunch also.


The boat trips are done only for a small number of participants in order to avoid scaring the Mauritian dolphins. In this way it will make your experience even greater. After having observed them quietly, you will receive instructions to put on your equipment and swim with the dolphins carefully and from a certain distance in order not to scare them away.


List of interesting packages :

  • Swim with the dolphins – 2.5 Hours
  • Catamaran Cruise – See Dolphins + Visit an Island of your choice
  • Swim With Dolphins & Whale Watching
  • Exclusive-Private Swim With Dolphins – 2.5 Hours
  • Exclusive Swim With Dolphins + Visit an Island of your choice + Lunch
  • Exclusive-Private Swim With Dolphins & Whale Watching
  • Exclusive Package of Dolphins Swimming, Beach Club & Quad drive
  • Blue Marine Discovery Quest

So as it can be seen, swimming with those wonderful creatures promises to be an amazing experience whether it is done with your family or with your loved one. If ever you were hesitating, now on it’s great time to book your favorite package and go ahead to do diving in Mauritius to be mesmerized by the dolphins.