The island of Mauritius can be a marvelous place for scuba divers to enjoy their favorite sport. Being a tropical island, the waters around it remain warm all year and are home to several species of colorful fish and corals. During your stay in a Mauritian luxury hotel, it will be very easy for you to rent diving equipment and find qualified instructors to help you discover the marine life and diving sites of the island.

All around the island, you will find diving sites with exotic, surprising and funny names. Some are named after sunken ships; others are named after the islands nearby or maybe the overall sensation that the diver feels when he is under water.

For example in the North, popular diving sites are Coin de Mire, Confetti Bay, The wall, Djabeda, Charpentier, Pereybere beach, Aquarium, Trou aux Biches, Emily and Water Lily, Stella Maru, Peter Holt’s Rock, Whale Rock, Flat Island and Round Island.

Marine life is very abundant there. Among the species that those diving sites harbor you will find: fusilier fish, rays, clownfish, dogtooth tunas, barracudas, parrotfish, mackerels, moray eels, stonefish, fire fish, scorpion fish, frog fish, trumpet fish and cetaceans like dolphins, among others.

In the East, you will also find a large concentration of marine life. Some of the species that live there include: eagle rays, various species of sharks, octopi, sea turtles, kingfishes, sponges, groupers, crayfish, etc… Favorite diving sites there are: Belle-Mare, La Passe Dupuits, Sea Fan Valley, Castle, Lobster Canyon, Les Trois Ancres, Blue Bay, Sirius wreck, Colorado and Roche Zozo.

In the West of Mauritius, favorite diving spots are the Cathedral, Kei Sei, the Park, St Gabriel, Rempart Serpents, Aquarium, Flic-en-Flac and Le Morne. Among the species that live there you will also find soldier fish, squirrelfish, lionfish, lobsters, blue-striped snappers, big eyes, moray eels, devil fire fish, groupers and snake-eels. If you’re lucky some dolphins may accompany you during your dive there.

Of course, if you’re on vacation in Mauritius, it will certainly be a good idea to find qualified scuba diving instructors to accompany you during your underwater adventures. It will also be a good idea to make sure you get the best diving suits and equipment for your dives. Remember to be careful not to touch any of the animal species that you may encounter: after all, they are still wild animals and some species like the lion fish do have natural defenses and can inflict quite a large amount of suffering despite their size.

Undersea walk in Mauritius. Photo by CC BY 2.0
Undersea walk in Mauritius. Photo by CC BY 2.0

If you can’t be bothered to learn how to dive with scuba diving equipment, there are still ways to get around and discover the marine life and natural splendors of the lagoons of the island of Mauritius. There is a company that will take you on a submarine trip off the coasts of the island. You will also be able to rent subscooters and go on excursions yourself at a depth of 3 meters. Another company organizes underwater sea walk excursions: you won’t have to bother with regulators or even gas tanks during your trip under the sea. Your hair will not even get wet!