Marianne island, near Praslin, in the Seychelles remains one of the best diving spot in the world. The island of Praslin is famous for its beautiful beaches and the Vallée de Mai, an ecological reserve with numerous endemic species, especially five species of palms including the famous “Coco Fess”. The site have been declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1983.

On the island of Coco Fess!

One can reside in luxury hotels or simply rent a villa, anyway you are sure to spend idyllic holiday. You are surely going to be caught by the indolent charm that emanates from these islands with lush vegetation: Seychellois are of great courtesy and they willingly undertake the conversation. On the other hand, these little green gems planted in the middle of turquoise lagoons do not let themselves be overwhelmed by tourism: this industry is properly being controlled since the beginning of its development. Indeed, it has not marred the landscape of coasts and beaches, all hotels and villas have perfectly been integrated into the vegetation.

With water temperatures that varies between 27 ° and 29 ° C all year roun. You will be spoiled when it comes to diving spot. The various sites offers diverse wildlife from huge nurse sharks that rest, sated, on sandy bottoms, to turtles dancing languorously around you, eagle rays that pass through the blue shrimp who play their pincers as an artist on his harp. At night, the red parrots explode before your eyes, octopus play hide and seek and you will race with sea urchins.

Diving near Marianne Island

There is a site that will really interest both photographers and divers: the Marianne Island, less than two hours off Praslin by boat. This uninhabited island is very little and far from being a crowded island. And when you go under the surface you will discover a beautiful landscape of huge granite cliffs carved to the sickle and planted on a sandy bottom at 25 meters that reflects light. With crystal clear waters that offers excellent visibility, this spot remains one of the best. It is a must visit if you are staying in Praslin.

Diving near Marianne Island will prove to be a very rich dive with several types of sharks (gray, white tip, nurse …), eagles and stingrays, turtles, barracudas, plataxs, tight schools of blue trevally, snapper benches, sergeants major banks, etc … Besides the beautiful white or pale pink sea fans, bouquets of Alcyonarians and hard corals await you.

Other dives around Praslin

In Seychelles, you’ll come across almost all species found in the Indian Ocean: barracuda, tuna, dolphins, turtles, stingrays, mantas, sharks and even the whale shark, accustomed to these waters almost constant temperature. In all, 850 species counted in the archipelago. But probably the most surprising is that in a single dive, you’ll see most of them! Each dive is like a visit to an aquarium!

Here, the dives are limited to 30 meters deep and beginners are welcome. For lovers of thrills, sharks that roam around the main islands can be their main motivations. If you want more, you can ask for a trip to Aldabra Atoll to be organizd. It is a UNESCO protected site with an awesome aquatic life.

Enjoy your Diving around Praslin!