Scintillating water with different shades of turquoise  and a splendid lagoon, that’s what the Seychelles offer. The paradise archipelago is a must for diving lovers. With its abundant marine life and unsurpassed marine ecosystem, Seychelles is considered one of the best spots for diving thanks to the wealth of its maritime life. Hire a car in Seychelles to easy your displacement.

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Brief intro

An archipelago of 115 islands, the Seychelles is found in the Indian Ocean. The island is popular for its amazing beaches, sparkling waters, a fabulous lagoon and its mythical forest. Seychelles has three main islands including: the island of Mahé, the island of Praslin and the island of La Digue. Mahé is the main island and its capital is Victoria.


Seychelles and its maritime treasures will amaze you. A true museum of history containing rare and unique species around the world. The aquatic flora is exceptional and admirable, filled with corals and schools of fish. The marine flora of Seychelles is unique and authentic, a dream come true for diving enthusiasts.


In addition to a magnificent flora, the Seychelles has an amazing and diverse fauna around the world. Seychelles is home to many species, ranging from small creatures to gigantic whale sharks. Species such as angel fish, blacktail shark, octopus, whale shark, hawksbill turtle, sailfish, marlin, wahoo and barracuda contribute to the beauty of the Seychelles fauna.

The Seychelles is very famous among divers.

Best time to dive in Seychelles

Although diving is possible all year long, the months of March, April, May, September, October, November are strongly recommended for a great diving experience. During these months, the water is calm and there is good visibility.

The calm water allows the boats to access distant sites thus doubling the pleasure and the experience. With luck you can even meet the famous whale sharks. The temperature varies between 29 ° C and 31 ° C in these months.

The temperature during the months of June, July and August varies between 25 ° C to 27 ° C. Visibility deteriorates during this period due to the excessive arrival of plankton. However, this event attracts whale sharks. Whale sharks watching outings are usually organized in these months.

Seychelles has many dive sites but Mahé, Praslin and La Digue are the best.


Mahé is famous for its surprising maritime topography. The island has more than 75 diving spots, it is also considered one of the most diverse in terms of its fauna and flora. You can see many tropical species, wreck and sharks. The fantastic diving experience in Mahé is not to be missed.



The maritime life in Praslin is very rich. The island is largely monopolized by granite rocks of different shapes and sizes. Praslin is the second largest island in Seychelles and has more than 15 dive sites. The depth of the dive varies between 8 to 20 meters. Diving in Praslin is wonderful, the multicolored fish of the reefs give the impression of being out of this world. Black tailed sharks and turtles are expected.

Plongée requin Seychelles

La Digue

One of the best spots in Seychelles is the island of La Digue, an incomparable experience is on the program. The island provides more than 15 dive sites. It contains granite rocks and a varied sea life. You can spot angel fish, parrot fish, octopus, eagle ray and hawksbill turtle. With a vibrant aquatic life, diving into the dike becomes a priority.

Diving in Seychelles
Diving in La Digue

Diving centers


The Underwater Center

Located on Beau Vallon Beach at the Coral Strand Hotel, the Underwater Center has more than 25 experience in the field. Multilingual staff are at your disposal to assist you throughout your trip. The Underwater Center is a PADI Snorkel & Dive Center

Big Blue Divers

Once again on the Beau Vallon beach in Mahé, Big Blue Divers center has been operating for 15 years now. Team members are professional, multilingual, friendly and caring. In addition, they offer International PADI courses.


Octopus Diving Center

Located on the island of Praslin Anse Volbert on the Côte d’Or. Recently voted as one of the top 100 diving centers in the world by the German magazine “Unterwasser”, the Octopus Diving Center offers quality services to its customers. The Octopus Diving Center is a PADI 5 * Star Dive Resort.

La Digue

Azzurra Pro Dive

Located on the island of La Digue in Anse Reunion, Azzurra Pro Dive are professionals and multilingual that guarantees you memorable adventures. They are PADI certified.

Initiation & Instruction

If you do not know how to dive, it’s not a problem, all centers mention above its PADI certified. They will be happy to give you diving lessons before exploring the sea. The course includes theories and sessions in the pool. Novices will be trained in the pool at first. You will receive training on how to communicate underwater and also tips on diving.

As soon as you have mastered the techniques, hello the aquatic life of Seychelles.

Hyperbaric chamber

To eliminate many of the danger of long underwater decompressions, a hyperbaric chamber was built on Silhouette Island. There is always a doctor and staff on the island.


Diving is known as a risky sport, so insurance is very important. Associations like DAN, Aqua Med and VDST provide you with assistance and insurance.