Along with being a gorgeous island surrounded by golden beaches, it is not all that is there here in Mauritius. This island has a magnificent underwater world which will never stop to amaze you no matter how many times you explore it!

Here is some useful information you should look into before setting out for this thrilling experience of diving in Mauritius:



The Marine life of Mauritius

Mauritius is blessed with a rich marine life. It is surrounded by multi colored coral reefs which are among the world’s finest, having taken millions of years to form! You can find varying types of fishes nestled inside these coral gardens or just swimming by. Be among the lucky ones to spot the different marine animals that reside in the underwater world of Mauritius such as turtles, dolphins, shark, lion fish, barracuda, the box fish, clown fish and many more. These marine creatures together with the multi colored corals exude a riot of colors which will never seize to amaze you!

Here are some pictures to give you a glimpse of the underwater world of Mauritius:

Coral reefs in Mauritius sea watersfish in Mauritius

Shoal of fish underneath coral reefs
Shoal of fish underneath coral reefs

Turtles in Mauritius

Mauritius Sea Conditions

Before setting out for the activity, one of the factors you should definitely consider is the sea conditions of the region. However, Mauritius is blessed with an excellent sea conditions for diving almost all year round! This is all thanks to the island being surrounded by coral reef which provides Mauritius with a calm lagoon ideal for a wide range of water activities including diving!

The sea temperature around the island varies according to the two seasons which occur in Mauritius which are summer and winter. Obviously, the sea temperature will be higher in summer varying from 26-29° C and slightly lower in winter ranging from 23-25° C.

However, you should take notice that the cyclone season in Mauritius is from January to March. The cyclones occurring in Mauritius are not likely to cause afflictions and the island is equipped with advanced technologies to prevent catastrophes. So no need to worry, Mauritius is safe!


Here is a list of reputed organizations where you can participate in scuba diving in Mauritius

Just Diving

Just Diving MauritiusJust Diving was established in 2011 and has since provided exemplary services to its customers in Mauritius. It is located at Bain-Boeuf in the north coast of Mauritius. The founders of this organization are Olivier Fayolle and Paul Choy while the management is handled by Oliver.

Just Diving offers diving course to both complete beginners as well as experienced divers. You are given the privilege to select your training path through the different International Scuba Diving organizations such as TDI, SSI, SDI and PADI.

To qualify for the enrollment, you should be at least 10 years old. Basic swimming skills are also required and you should be physically healthy.

Just Diving has more than 60 dive sites around Mauritius providing caves and wreck explorations, shark dives, safaris dives and multilevel dives. You can opt for the different packages that are offered by Just Diving such as the Honeymoon package which takes you for a romantic scuba diving along the coral gardens of Mauritius! In this package, you are granted with a 50% discount!


Diving World

Diving World is a Mauritian company that was set up in 1993. It is among the first dive operators incorporated in Mauritius and has achieved quite a reputation since it started. Diving World operates PADi dive schools which are run by qualified instructors and dive masters. It owns 4 dive centers at luxurious resorts namely Canonnier, Mauricia, Victoria and Shandrani.

The Dive Centers

Le Canonnier Hotel

Le canonnier in Mauritius

The dive sites are located in the forefront of this hotel where dive conditions are exceptional. The dive area covers the region from Pereybere to Trou aux Biches where you will get the opportunity to explore wrecks, reefs and drop off.

Le Mauricia Hotel


The dive centre is established near the kids club of the hotel where parents can leave their children to play while they go on a diving trip. There are 3 dives occurring per day which are scheduled to start at 9 am, 11 am and 1.30 pm. You can expect to discover abnormal underwater volcanic formations, different wrecks and reefs.

Le Victoria Hotel

Le victoria hotel

This resort was awarded the ‘leading dive resort in the Indian Ocean’ in 2016. At this dive site, you have the opportunity to explore 3 unique wrecks which are Stella Maru, Hassan Mia and Emily & Water lilly. You will also come across amazing reefs, multi colored corals and a variety of marine creatures which are among the many reasons for the award in 2016.

Le Shandrani Resort & Spa

Le Shandrani Resort & Spa

The qualify divers will definitely opt for this diving site which occurs in a protected Reserve called the Marine Park. With the ideal weather and appropriate sea conditions, they will encounter some unique places during their deep dives experiences.