Diving in Mauritius

Being surrounded by the ocean, Mauritius, an island of excellent beauty is indeed an ideal spot sea lovers. Invaded by thousands species of bright-colored fish, the undersea world of Mauritius is one among those favorite places popular to divers and that is the main reason numbers of tourists once passed through the Mauritius Airport, are excited to do such activity.

You will be initiated to a whole new world once you dive in Mauritius as you feel be amazed by the underwater wonders. There are coral reefs to be explored along with the multi-colored marine life, ship wrecks anchored since the 18th and 19th centuries and some other ships sunk more recently which created beautiful artificial reefs.

The coral reefs in Mauritius are unchanged due to climatic changes such as the warming of the ocean unlike those of Seychelles or Maldives, especially near the places here there are beautiful villas in Mauritius.

What makes its beauty is by far the blue turquoise clear water, the plenty of fish life that can be found and colorful reefs giving excellent backdrops for underwater filming and photography.

Mauritius, is almost entirely encircled by a barrier coral reef which is home to many sponges, sea anemones. Numerous multi-colored fish like the Damselfish, Trumpet, and Boxfish without forgetting to mention the playful clown and the Mauritian scorpion with uniquely orange colored. All wonderful creatures surrounded by decorative vegetation provide a magnificent show for all divers.

Artificial reefs have been created by sinking wrecks overtime. These wrecks host an abundance of fish and coral life. They were usually from old Japanese fishing ships, offering the diver to see amazing dive sites and interesting backdrops for underwater sights.

Best Time for diving

Just like fishing, diving has its best season too. Fortunately in Mauritius, all year long it is safe to do such activities of course in interesting locations.

Somehow, it should be noted that November and December remain the best months for diving despite Mauritius being an evergreen scuba diving spot. During those months, the water is warm thus attracting a ton of fishes.

If you dive during this period, exotic fish such as parrot fish, wrasses, sweetlips, angelfish, sergeant majors, trumpet, clown fish and, moray eels with a large variety of corals and sea anemones. One sure thing about diving is that it will carry you through the waters of wonder, discovering new world and living a fantastic experiment.

 The best dive sites in Mauritius

Fortunately there is a huge selection of diving sites in Mauritius. They all offer a memorable experience for each and every one. Divers will be able to observe colorful tropical fish, discover new fish species and explore spectacular caves. Numerous dive sites are scattered all over the island thus it can be said that divers in Mauritius are well spoiled.

Somehow, Cathedral, located in the west more precisely in Flic en Flac, remains the most popular dive site in Mauritius. Of course there are other dive sites such as then Whale Rock, near Ile Ronde there is a submerged crater and Roche Zozo which is an underwater rock pinnacle.

Here is a list of 30 famous dive site in Mauritius, all up to depth of 40 meters:

Lagoon (initiation) – Lagon (initiation)


Coral garden – Jardin Des Coraux

15-18 m

Anemone garden – Jardin Anémone

18 m

Coral Head – Tête Des Coraux

14 m

Islands reef

10 m

Péreybere Aquarium

12 m

Grand-Bay Aquarium

14 m

Trou aux Biches Aquarium

10-20 m

Merville Patches

12 m

Le Château

12 m

Cathedral – Cathédrale

33 m

Old Rock

20 m

Lost Anchor – L’ancre Perdu

30 m

Blank Forest

40-45 m

Whale Rock – Roche Baleine

26-27 m

Turtle Rock – Roche Tortue

20 m

Confetti (anchor) – L’ancre Confetti

5-20 m

The Wall (tombant) – Coin De Mire

18-22 m

Pigeon Rock – La Force

24 m

Charpentier – Coin De Mire

17 m

Silver Star

40 m

Stella Maru

25 m

Water Lily

25 m


33 m


It is important to note that both Mauritius and Rodrigues put emphasis on the preservation of the Indian Ocean as its sub aquatic landscape is fragile.

Security & Training

The Mauritian Scuba Diving Association is responsible for the 30 or so diving centres that are spread across Mauritius and Rodrigues. You must absolutely choose a center that is affiliated for the safest possible diving experience.

All of these centres are affiliated to international organisations such as the Professional Association of Diving Instructors and the World Confederation of Underwater Activities which deliver internationally-recognised training and diplomas.

A decompression chamber is available at the Candos hospital near the city of Quatre- Bornes, tel: +230 427 5131

Do not hesitate to contact the diving centre or call the emergency service of SAMU by dialing 114 in case of emergency.