Scuba diving is an important activity around the islands of the Indian Ocean like Réunion Island, Mauritius, the Seychelles, etc.

Lots of people practice scuba diving for leisure or as a profession. They get the chance to go on adventures where most people can’t freely go: underwater.

Scuba divers need specially designed equipment so as to be able to breathe and move freely underwater. To be able to swim easily and without much effort, they need to have good quality diving fins. Those fins allow the diver to go much further with less effort than barefoot.

Just like shoes, those diving fins can come in different sizes, shapes and colors. Thus, a diver can choose one’s diving fins according to what he has to do underwater.  Any good diving equipment shop should be able to inform you about which fins to purchase.

A good diving suit is also a necessary item of divers’ equipment for their expeditions underwater – especially if they must dive near corals, rocks, shipwrecks or potentially dangerous fish.  Of course, diving suits also help to protect the diver from the cold during their dives.

There are two sorts of diving suits. The wetsuit allows a little amount of water to get into contact with the diver’s skin. That layer of water heats up naturally when it comes into contact with the diver and prevents him from feeling cold underwater.  The wetsuit is also known as the isothermal suit and was invented by Georges Beuchat in 1953. The other type of diving suit is the dry suit which completely isolates the body from the water. It is best suited to colder waters.

Of course, one of the most important elements of divers’ equipment is the diving bottle. The capacity of these air bottles can vary, as well as the composition of the gases inside. Different gases are used according to the depth and the type of dive that the diver does underwater.

The other diving equipments that divers also use during their underwater expeditions are stabilizing jackets, diving regulators, masks, weight bags, etc…