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The 115 scattered islands located in the northwest of the Indian Ocean form the Seychelles archipelago, a rare representation of paradise on Earth. Greeneries, coconut trees, Palm trees, endless beaches and azure lagoon characterize the Seychelles Islands and its magnificent environments.

Often seen as lush and peaceful, Seychelles islands attracts travellers from around the world who in search of a relaxing vacation! With its majestic beaches, a colourful culture and its legendary hospitality, the Seychelles archipelago is outclass many other destinations in the world. Let’s discover the main island of the archipelago, Mahe.



The largest Mahe of the 115 islands is also the most inhabited with a population of 78,500, representing more than 90% of the Seychellois population. With its international airport, the island is the country’s only access, any traveller will visit Mahé. The island is home to the Victoria capital, (one of the smallest capitals in the world) the main administrative centre of the country.

Mahé is the main island and connects all the other islands of the archipelago either by air or by ship stopovers and is considered as the richest and most complete of all the Seychelles archipelago, here are a few pictures of Mahé!


Port Victoria  Photo Nelson Tauro
Port Victoria
Photo Nelson Tauro

Symbol of a whole country, the city Victoria is visited and inhabited by a multicultural population. Also known as Port Victoria (by the Seychellois), the city very attractive and is full of religious monuments, colonial houses and museums.

Sir Selwyn Clarke Market


Located at the heart of Victoria, the central market (or “Bazaar” in creole) is the main attraction of the city. In a multitude of colours is gathered all the flavours and scents of the Seychelles. There is everything, from vegetables, fruit, fish and other seafood. At the stalls, you will discover enchanting characters who will tell you an anecdote or a little story before sell you their products. Another section of the market has a craft market and a few traders will delight you with their handmade souvenirs. Not to be missed!

Le Jardin du Roi

"Jardin Du Roi" Spice Garden Seychelles
“Jardin Du Roi” Spice Garden in Mahe Seychelles

Not far from the capital Victoria, there is a garden with particularly exotic scents, Le Jardin du Roi, which translates as “King’s garden”. Representing an area of about 25 hectares, the garden brings together local and endemic plant species often used in creole cuisine. During a trek of an hour you will discover a range of spices and fruit in the middle of the very aromatic aisles. At the end of the course, at the top of a hill, you can enjoy a breath-taking view on the sea. The particularity of this place is that it has its own restaurant, a restaurant where they use spices and fruits found in the same garden to prepare the meals.

The beaches of Mahé

Although Mahe is the most populous of the Islands, it is relatively easy to find a deserted Beach to spend a good time at the seaside. Renting a car is the best solution to discover the island and beaches are not what’s missing on Mahé, there not less than fifty sublime beaches. Several internationally renowned hotels have been built their resorts in harmony with the tropical scenery of the beaches of the island. Therefore, the traveller can at the same time enjoy a unique hospitality, the beach and all in a tropical climate. Here are five of the most beautiful beaches of the island of Mahé.

Beau Vallon


Located north of the island, the beach of Beau Vallon is the most appreciated by the Seychelles but is also a famous beach for tourists. The beach is long and spacious. However, it is quite busy on weekends when Seychellois gather there for family picnics. Beau Vallon beach is popular for its azure lagoon, deep water and its abundance of aquatic life, which is ideal for diving and other nautical activities such as glass-bottomed boat trips.

Anse Intendance

The beach of Anse Intendance is located to the south of Mahé, a beach perfect for those who want to enjoy the beauty of the Indian Ocean. A beach of almost a kilometre long aligning granitic rocks and coconut trees. Unlike most other beaches of Mahé, the beach of Anse Intendance has no reef, which makes the place most suitable for surfing for swimming. The beach of Anse Intendance is also very popular for sunbathing and seaside strolls.

Sunset Beach


As its name suggests, this beach is coloured every evening by beautiful sunsets. If you come to Mahe for honeymoon, this beach is for you. You will enjoys stunning views of the surrounding islands including Silhouette and the North Island. The beach is wild, granitic formations wrapped by coconut trees and the turquoise lagoon amazingly tranquil.

Anse Major

Photo credit: Juergen Feuerer http://www.jf-fotografie.biz/

The beach of Anse Major is certainly the most special of all the beaches of the island of Mahé. The only way to access it is hiking the Anse Major trail or by boat. Therefore, it is also one of the less visited beaches on the island, and if you are looking for a place out of the ordinary to spend the day, Anse Major is the place you need. Framed by ancient granitic rocks, this charming white white sand beach is a source of inspiration for any traveller!

Port Launay

Port Launay Marine Park
Port Launay Marine Park

Located on the northwest coast of Mahe, this beach is one of the hidden treasures of Mahé. The beach is part of a National Marine Park and is surrounded by a stunning coral reef with a variety of colourful fish. Protected by thr reef, the beach is very quiet, which is even better to enjoy water but especially for scuba diving. The beach itself is large and abundantly lined by trees. Like any other classified National Park places in the Seychelles, it is strictly forbidden to collect corals and other sea shells.

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It is often said that Mahe is the best place to start your holidays in the Seychelles!