The island of Mauritius is a destination that always evokes loads of dreams – a small corner of paradise with postcard landscapes, turquoise sea, a remarkable fauna and flora, a mixed culture, and many other attributes. Traveling to Mauritius remains a great and intense experience.

For as long as we can remember, Mauritius has been synonymous with holidays spent lazing on unearthly beaches with powdery white sands and warm azure waters. While it does have some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world, there is no dearth of offbeat things to do in Mauritius – it isn’t called Paradise Island for nothing! Even though you will have to tear yourselves away from your lovely hotel suite and maybe grab a rented car to visit the island. Hopefully this article will give you a peek into an oft-ignored, yet gorgeous side of Mauritius.

Hire A Car in Mauritius And Drive Around

Renting a car isn’t a very popular option in Mauritius. Most tourists prefer to move around in cabs driven by local drivers. However we would suggest renting a car if you’re even a tad bit adventurous. There is some serious fun to be had. Nothing compares to discovering a secret beach or stumbling upon an amazing restaurant does it?

Try The Street Food

Mauritian Street Food is amongst the best in the world – there, we said it! A unique mix of Creole, African, Indian, and Chinese influences, the dishes offer bursts of intricate flavours. Spices, colours, and flavours come together to form a scrumptious (yet little known!) cuisine. Where else would you find a French bouillon laced with Indian spices?

Spend a day at Casela Nature Park

Go have fun at Casela Park Mauritius! It is guaranteed that you will spend a day rich in discoveries and sensations! This is the main theme park on the island where one can observe among other giant tortoises, lions, giraffes, cheetahs, ostriches or multicolored rare birds in a natural environment of 14 hectares. You will also have the chance to do the zip line … about 400 meters above emptiness … And not once! It is really great; a sensational activity. There is also the possibility of enjoying a multitude of other activities such as canyoning, quad biking, buggy, the Segway PT, fishing for tilapia, etc.

Walk with tigers

Are you aware that there are more tigers that are kept as pets than exist in the wild ? Well, if you visit Casela Park as part of your itinerary during your beach holiday in Mauritius, these facts will soon become apparent when you visit their new attraction Walking with Tigers. Casela Park is a magnificent animal sanctuary in the South West of Mauritius containing over 1500 animals. The park offers a multitude of activities and environments that allow you to meet the animals in a variety of fun ways. You can traverse the park in buggies, quads or even by Segway, providing a unique approach to the animals in their habitat.

Swim with dolphins

Well to swim with the dolphins, you leave early in the morning to the departure point. From there you will sail off until you cross a huge pod of dolphins! A beautiful sight awaits you, a joy to see them free in their natural environment. As they arrive you can dive, and hear the whistle, it’s pretty impressive I must admit, and so magical at once.

Hiking – Le Morne Brabant

Wake up at 5 am, and go for a few hours walking and climbing! The ascent of Morne Brabant is quite sporty but the experience is so thrilling. Throughout your hiking a guide will explain its history, local flora, medicinal plants. But once you reach the top, you instantly become the masters of the world! The view of the lagoon and the coral reef is spectacular! Remember to bring appropriate clothing, good walking shoes, water bottles and small energy bars in case of fatigue – and of course do not forget your camera!

Around the Morne

We advise you to enjoy the beautiful beaches of Le Morne to admire this enchanting landscape and also make a sea trip to see Crystal Rock, a rock located in the lagoon, the typical postcard scenery. Off you have a beautiful view of the Morne Brabant, which contrasts with the turquoise and crystal clear lagoon. You can also put on fins, mask and snorkel to explore the exceptional seabed, the discovery of a remarkable ecosystem, to the delight of lovers of diving.

Blue Bay Marine Park

This 2 hours glass bottom boat trip departs every day at 10:00am from Pointe Jerome (south east of Mauritius) taking you for the ultimate discovery of the Blue Bay Marine Park. You will board the glass bottom boat at Pointe Jerome and enjoy a 20 minutes boat trip along the south eastern coastline until reaching the Blue Bay Marine Park.

The boat trip is done in the calm east coast lagoon where you would have about 1 hour to spend inside the marine park. Once you reach the bay of Blue Bay Marine Park, you will feast your eyes on some of the bluest waters you will ever see.

There, you can decide to see the underwater world onboard the boat through its glass bottom, or to jump into the water for some swimming and snorkeling which is highly recommended.

At an average depth of 5.5 meters, with crystal clear water offering great visibility, the snorkeling conditions are ideal. You will have a great view of the reef, fish and of large selection of corals (there are more than 50 different species of corals at the park!).

All these make the glass bottom boat trip at the Marine Park a wondrous experience.

Enjoy your visit of this wonderful holiday destination – Mauritius!