DCP Restaurant

Menu of the restaurant dispositive de concentration de poisons.

Sushi and makis

The sushi comes in different portions, 6 pieces, 12 pieces or 18 pieces. They varies from different prices. Sushi are homemade with fresh fishes, mostly marlin and thon. It is accompanied with soya sauce, gingers slice and wasabi. The 12 and the 18 sushi platters are accompanied with mashed carrots, basmati rice and salads.

Les Cassolettes

Les Cassolettes are served accompanied with mash carrots, rice, salads. It is made with fresh fish including the espadon, thon and dorage. However, it depends on the catch of the day.

Seafood meals

Calamars aux epice

The calamars aux epice is known as the spicy squid in English. The spicy squid is a copious meal consisting of squids and a mixture of different types of spices.

Fish soup

The fish soup is a dish prepare with fish and other ingredient such as water, coriander leaves and chilli (optional). The fish soup is served with an accompaniment of grated cheese and small crispy breads. It is served only from May to October.

Raw thon steak

The raw thon steak is one of the most served meals in the restaurant of DCP. 300g of raw thon is served with toppings including the Thai sauce and the soya sauce

Les tartares

Le classique DCP- it is a platter with two or three fishes cut into pieces and served with sauce.

Le provencal- a dish made with tomato and basil leaves.

Both are accompanied with mash carrots, basmati rice and salads.

Non-alcoholic drinks

The DCP restaurants offers drinks such as edena, elena, cilaos (75 cl) Perrier, coca zero, san pelligrino, orangina, coca cola, seven up and ice tea

Alcoholic drinks

Beer – phoenix fresh (33 cl) and phoenix panache (33cl)