You dreamed of these holidays in Mauritius and you have certainly planned them for a long time. But you never would have thought that mother nature would bring along a cyclone that goes straight on the island. Disaster? And what if we could assure that your holidays were far being a catastrophe!

The austral summer in Mauritius – from November to April, is the most anticipated season of travelers. Swimwear, sunscreen, hat and glasses are out, and sometimes cyclones too. But what about those days of heavy rains and wind blowing?

Well we have long though about that and here are some tips to avoid letting any cyclone ruin your holidays in Mauritius:

Stay positive and be careful

In this rainy weather, positivity will be your strength. It may not have been the vacation you dreamed of, but you certainly will not forget it! Be patient and above all, stay positive: remember that the basis of this holiday is to find you and create family memories.

With its gusts and powerful winds, a cyclone has the ability to worry and sometimes scare. Caution is highly recommended, but the holidays continue!


Focus on family time

What better than to enjoy a cyclonic and rainy day to learn the art of cooking good Mauritian meals, or perfecting his technique of preparing chocolate cake? Family games are also a good way to have fun with your family. Indulge in pleasant moments of conviviality, laughter, and develop your culture.

Stay warm and enjoy good movie or book

A comforting drink par excellence, tea and hot chocolate are in the spotlight in this bad weather. A cozy bed, socks on the feet, what to nibble, and a good movie or book: the ingredients of a perfect recipe for a day of cyclone.

Change your ideas by varying your activities

Put on your raincoat, and venture out to the beach to collect seashells at the water’s edge. This activity is likely to be reconciled with the rain. If weather still permits, go out and discover the region that welcomes you. Why not try restaurants and local gastronomy around your hotel?

Play in the rain

Return to childhood, or accompany your children to jump in the many puddles of water, chase snails or observe the sky until a rainbow appears. For those who are not afraid of the rain, head for the pool to have fun in the water. One thing is sure: you will not get wet in the rain!

Create your best memories

Using a diving camera, take pictures in the rain. Your photos will be more original when you compare them with your friends also went on vacation. Family with your holiday pictures, and start sorting them. Remember those good times shared and tell yourself that the holidays are far from over.

Take the time to pump up and recharge your batteries

Infusion and massage, are a perfect way to cut yourself off from the world. Remember that you are on vacation and it is important to make you happy. Relax and take some time to rest. The holidays also serve to regain strength and sleeping with the sounds of rain will do you a lot of good.

Stay informed and trust the locals

You may be on vacation, but it is always important to stay tuned to the weather and learn about the evolution of the cyclone. No radio? Your resort manager and the Horizon team are at your disposal to answer your questions.

Apply the safety instructions and be attentive to the advice of Mauritians: they know it when it comes to bad weather and cyclones! Warm and friendly, they will also be present to make you live the best cyclones possible.

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Happy Cyclone in Mauritius!