Chez Doudou & Alexandra Restaurant

A real taste of Reunion Island! Located at the heart of Piton Maïdo, chez Doudou is a must-stop for every traveller after visiting the mountain. Besides the amazing views and the true tasty creole cuisine, the owners of this place bespeak the warmest welcome you ever have in Reunion Island. Chez Doudou and Alexandra restaurant is situated at Saint Denis in the Reunion Island. The owner of the restaurant is Edouard. The latter is known as ‘’doudou’’ by the locals. The speciality of the restaurant is ‘’le carri de porc au bois de songe’’


Bouchon (5 pieces)

The Bouchon is a sort of Chinese ravioli accompanied with porc meat.

Acras de morue

The Acras de morue, known as cod fish cake in English is a copious snack which is alike a doughnut, stuffed with fish and species.

Beef and chicken samoussa (4 pieces)

The samoussas is a triangular form snack. It consists of deep fried fine dough stuffed with either beef or chicken.

L’assiette antillaise

The l’assiette antillaise consist of cod fish cake, 4 eggplant accra and pork.

Bonbon piments (5 pieces)

The preparation of the bonbon piments includes beans porridge, species and chillis.

L’assiette reunionnaise

The l’assiette reunionnaise platter consists of 1 beef samoussa, 1 chicken samoussa, 1 vegetable samoussa and 2 Pork samoussa.

Le Bora Bora (dorade coryphene)

The Bora Bora is marinated fish with lemon juice and coconut milk.

L’assiette des deux oceans

The platter consist of 2 cod fish cake, 2 eggplant accras, pork, 2 beef samoussa, 2 chicken samoussa and 2 bonbon piment.

The Fishes

Cari vindaye de seiches au coco

The cari vindaye consist of fish (the seiches), dip in a mixture of onions, ginger, turmeric and coconut.

Rougaille crevettes

The rougaille crevettes is made with fresh delicious prawns, tomatoes, ginger and onions.

Ouassous a la nage

Ecrevisse is known as crayfish on English. It normally lives in river water. The ouassous a la nage consist of giant crayfish and tomato and onion sauce.

The meat

Colombo de poulet

The Colombo de poulet is chicken accompanied with a delicious Colombo sauce.

Rougaille saucisses

The rougailles saucisses consists of grilled sausages with a mixture of tomato, chili, ginger and onions.

Briani d’agneau

The briani d’agneau is made with lamb, myth, coriander and turmeric.

Poulet coco

The poulet coco is a copious meal. It is a mixture of chicken, turmeric, ginger, onion and and for better taste coconut milk is added.

Canard vanilla

Known as the duck vanilla in English, the famous recipe consists of turmeric, ginger and vanilla.

Massale de cabri

This dish is a mixture of spices and goat meat.

The dessert

The restaurant offers a variety of desserts including Blanc mange coco, coconut ice-cream, gateau patates douce, gaterie speciale doudou, banana flambees and salads frais au rhum vanilla.


Beer-Lorraine beer, les digestifs, rhum vieux and bourbon beer.

Red wines-the red wine is sold per glass or per bottle of (25 cl, 37.5 cl, 50 cl and 75 cl).

Non-alcoholic drinks- the non- alcoholic drinks available at the restaurant are cocktail exotique, nectar de mangue, nectar d’ananas and nectar de goyave.

Coffee- the restaurant provides 3 types of coffee which is expresso coffee, vanilla coffee and creole coffee (normal coffee and rum coffee)