Mauritius: Chamarel

The south of the island of Mauritius is full of mystic landmarks. Chamarel, being one of the main village of this part of the island, is a must-visit while being in Mauritius. Enjoy your vacation in Mauritius to visit the plain of Chamarel in the southwest of the island. This place is known for its small traditional village, its waterfall, its seven coloured earths but also its “adventure” course.

The land of the seven colors of Chamarel

Next to the national park between Rivière Noire and the Pointe du Morne, the Chamarel region presents one of the main natural sights of Mauritius. Located in a private domain (access for a fee), the land of the 7 colors of Chamarel is a clearing which presents 7 variations of colors, oscillating between ocher, brown, red and purplish. This phenomenon is due to the presence of volcanic ash containing mineral oxides of different colors exposed by erosion for centuries.

The peculiarity of this land is that once mixed, the colors still end up separating. But you cannot take the soil or walk on it to preserve this unique place in the world. There, you will also come across an enclosure with giant tortoises that delights the little ones.

The Chamarel Waterfall

Chamarel_FallsBefore arriving on the land of the seven colors, you will take a path of ocher color that will lead you on a truly impressive waterfall. It is fed by two rivers and is about 100 meters high. The Waterfall has formed on Baie du Cap stream and falls over a wide, overhanging amphitheater cliff, formed by two basaltic lava layers.

The stream plummets over the rim and falls freely, striking the cliff only near the base. Then it flows into a small, oval basin. Further down, the stream flows through a scenic, forested canyon for 6 km until it reaches Baie du Cap.The beauty of waterfall can be appreciated from diverse viewpoints.

In summer the stream is weak and divides into two – three smaller trickles. After heavy rain you will have the chance to see a single, powerful stream. You can admire this unique scenere at the top of a promontory. It is also possible to go down and swim there.

The Chamarel Adventure Park

In a unique setting, in the Heart of a Tropical Forest of 12 hectares, in Mauritius, Chamarel Adventure Park, will introduce you to a new concept of recreational sports activities.

Young and old, sporty or not, can evolve from trees to trees, from paths to trails and enjoy the exceptional view that the site offers over the Chamarel valley and the peak of the Black River …

Chamarel Adventure Park has two air routes that can be successively attempted. The successions of situations more or less perilous always secured, are a particular attraction to this activity. Difficulties encountered on the different courses require no particular sporting dexterity, but only a few individual abilities such as: balance, motor coordination or control of their apprehensions.

The Chamarel Rhumerie (Mauritius)

rhumerie de mauriceSituated in the south-west of Mauritius, 300 meters above sea level in the heart of the fertile Chamarel valley, the Rumerie de Chamarel is an unmissable destination, lined with pineapple fields, sugar cane and tropical fruit . La Rumerie de Chamarel offers guided tours, tastings of local distilled agricultural rums, a Sugar Cane Spirit shop and an à la carte restaurant called “l’Alchimiste”, all in an authentic setting.

Rum Tastings

The Rhumerie de Chamarel is designed to produce an agricultural rum obtained by the fermentation and distillation of cane juice. It should not be confused with traditional rum or candy rum obtained by the distillation of molasses juice. Here you can enjoy a large selection of high-quality rum, including white rum, Chamarel liqueurs, flavored rums and old rum.

Rhumerie Chamarel Restaurant

Do not hesitate to try the restaurant-l’Alchimiste de la Rumerie – which can accommodate up to 80 people. It offers lunch from Monday to Saturday and dinner on reservation only, in a beautiful setting with a view of lush vegetation and mountains. The chef of the restaurant will make you discover a local cuisine prepared with fresh and local ingredients. For example, dishes based on deer and wild boar meat and exotic dishes. Do not forget that all dishes are accompanied by a list of wines from France and other continents.

Rhumerie Chamarel Shop

The “Sugar Cane Spirit” shop of the Rhumerie de Chamarel covers an area of ​​100 square meters. You can find various articles, to name only the agricultural rums of Chamarel obviously, a line “Sugar Cane” of clothing created by the Rhumerie, Mauritian handicraft products and a small collection of jewelry.

Curious corner of Chamarel

curious corners chamarelThe “Curious Corner” as its name suggests is for those of you who love to snoop and who are curious by nature. If you are tired of lounging in the sun on the beautiful beaches of the island of Mauriitus and you want to stimulate your brain, then the “Curious Corner” is definitely worth a visit.

Situated on a mountainous road in the village of Chamarel and just in front of the entrance of the 7 Coloured earth with a solemn facade, is a house filled with a variety of Delusional and amazing illusions.

The “Curious Corner” was passionately built by a professional team with as aim – surprising their visitors and curious minds overflowing with imagination. The “Curious Corner” will undoubtedly surprise you and awaken all your senses, with just under 40 exhibitions spread over 5,000 square meters.

Make sure you allow at least one and a half hours to get the most out of the adventure. As soon as you enter, you and your brain will be challenged by the riddles and artifices that have been set up to shake your elemental thinking.

“Curious Corner” is a home where you can find all of them full of illusions and fun adventures that are exposed for your entertainment and that you can enjoy with friends and family. This spot of Chamarel remains a fascinating and fun excursion, ideal for any age. You will not believe your eyes, literally!

Happy Trip in Chamarel!