Seychelles addictive

Peaceful sanctuary floating in the Indian Ocean, this pristine paradise has 40% of its territory classified nature reserve! The Seychelles are so unique and beautiful- The Seychelles, Another World!

If you are setting foot on the white sand for the first time in the Seychelles, you will have the impression to land in paradise. Hundreds of palm trees, beautifully carved white coves embedded in granite rocks, abundant underwater wildlife, flowers, birds … In short, everything here composes a hymn to beauty!

These islands are the haven of tranquility and depicts authenticity in its purest form!

Arrival On Mahe

When the plane lands, you will immediately feel the different vibes the Seychelles offer- the smell of holidays! The customs clearance is usually quite fast and what stamp on the passport- A coconut buttock- this will definitely make for a great souvenir!

When it is time to take the flight that ensures inter-island connections, it is a colorful airplane that awaits you for the holidays to really begin. Praslin is the first stop. You can reach the island either by the small airplanes, by regular ferries or simply on your own rented catamaran.

Praslin: Sanctuary for Nature Lovers

On Praslin you will have the chance to witness a true miracle of nature: The Vallée de Mai- World Heritage of UNESCO- where grows the famous and mystical Coco de Mer, a unique fruit in the world with suggestive shapes. Nearly 4,000 coconut trees grow in the garden of Eden which covers an approximate 20 acres. This seed takes 7 years to develop. After the 7 years it can weigh up to 25 kg and measure up to 50 cm.

Nature lovers… Brace yourselves… You’re going to be addicted!

The Seychelles Beaches

Seychelles is famous for its legendary beaches and coves lined with fine sand and clear water. Among the most famous: Anze Lazio and Anse source d’Argent!

Anse Lazio

Who does not know this beach! It is indeed here that are shot advertisements for fashion magazines, waddle beautiful models in swimsuit outfits or tourist brochures. This is also a favorite spot for filmmakers (this beach was the setting for “Pirates” by Roman Polanski.)

Anse Source D’Argent

Here, granite blocks stand like meteorites fallen from the sky in crystal clear water. This is the only payed beach (100 rs) which also allows you to visit the old colonial area, a turtle enclosure, the former oil mill, vanilla plantation, a small shipyard, and the old cemetery the first family that inhabited the island.

Seychelles Inland Islands

Sisters island

What is nice is that it possible to visit the nearby islands, always enjoying the incomparable scenery, and getting more and more acquainted to the island. Sisters islands remains the MUST visit neighbouring islets in the Seychelles. They, undoubtedly, offer the most beautiful scenery of the Seychelles– even better than Anse Lazio.

Just cross the island by a very short path, dotted with famous granite rocks, to arrive on a beautiful almost deserted beach and admire the beautiful scenery before you: a wonderful virgin cove, huge, with translucent water. No you are not dreaming- You are visiting paradise on earth!

La Digue: A Haven Of Peace!

It’s simple, it’s authentic, it’s peaceful, it’s La Digue!

La Digue has everything a paradise. This beautiful island is located 6 km south-east of Praslin. It joins within 15 minutes by boat. Its proportions are modest (5 km long by 3 wide), but they have all the beauty of the Seychelles archipelago. Beaches surrounded by granite rocks, hills covered with coconut palms, palmettos and takamakas.

No cars: easy to visit, you can wander around the island only by foot, bicycle or ox-cart. Serenity and absolute calm rules that island. On arrival, when you drop off the ferry, you’ll find plenty of bike rentals, for RS 100 (5 € per day) Double check its condition before you go! They are not in that great shape at times.

Do not forget to take the chance to cruise neighboring island of La Digue, such as Cocos Island, and Big Sister Felicity, are a marvel.

Seychelles: The Gates of Paradise for Divers!

If you are visiting the Seychelles mainly for diving, well you are going to love what the island has to offer. You will also very quickly realize that non-divers too can enjoy the spectacle of the sea while snorkeling (fins, mask and snorkel) in the beautiful azure lagoons of the islands. You will be able to contemplate a myriad of multicolored tropical fish. The best spot to dive remains Descroches Island.

Located at the centre of a coral atoll and natural marine sanctuary, Desroches Island is blessed with flourishing marine life and coral outcrops, presenting an aquamarine spectacle like no other. Glide between turtles and schools of multi-coloured fish within the vast virgin reefs.

Last but not Least

One of the most addictive part of the Seychelles it its cuisine! The cuisine that is uniquely Seychellois is actually a fusion of flavours from African, French, Chinese, Indian and English cooking. visitors to these islands fall in love with is the food. And there’s good reason for that. From freshly caught fish, to locally grown fruit, from spicy curries to sweet fried bananas, there is something here for every taste bud and palate.

Not only is the food great and unique but the drinks are must tastes! Palm wine or calou is an alcoholic beverage that is locally made from coconut sap. It is also used in the preparation of many Seychellois dishes. Bacca is another alcoholic beverage that is made from sugarcane liquor and used for ceremonial events. Coco d’Amour is a tropical coconut liqueur that is made with coconut extract. Local beer includes Ekyu and Seybrew. You should definitely give a try to the Seybrew and the Coco d’Amour. You’ll fall in love with them.

Have wonderful holidays in the Seychelles and let the addiction take over!