Why you should rent a car in the Seychelles?

Explore the Seychelles on your own and make the most of your trip on this lovely island. Hopping on a taxis or a public transport might not be a great experience. Rent your own car and go to your chosen places.

While renting your own car (Seychelles Car Hire) you will be able to travel on your own without depending on taxis or public transport. You may actually take all the time you want at a destination and enjoy at ease. Having your own mean of transport will help you to have some good private time with your family. Moreover, your own transport means that you are free from limits and need not to have a fixed schedule as buses are not in circulation 24 hours a day. You may go anywhere at any time whether its night or day.

Nelson’s Car hire

Nelson’s Car hire was set up in the Seychelles in 1969. Back up with more than 45 years of experience in the industry of car rental services, Nelson’s is a trustworthy car rental agency which you can rely on. The company obtained the U-First Award in 1995 for the leading Car hire in the Seychelles

Nelson’s Car hire offers delivery with no extra charges. They will also make sure to deliver your car on time. The different brand names of cars that the company proposes are Hyundai, Nissan and Daihatsu.

The Car rental agency also proposes the service of a Seychellois chauffeur who knows the Seychelles and the key points around the islands. You will find it much easier to visit places of interest with the help of their chauffeur.

The cars that Nelson’s will provide you are well maintained and you are guaranteed that you will not receive any types of problems with the rented cars.

Absolute car

Absolute car is a company which started in 2010 on Mahé islands. This ADA franchise provides 4 wheeled vehicles with or without drivers. You may rent your car and drive it yourself or have a chauffeur with you where you may enjoy and relax in the back seat. The company provides both manual and automatic vehicles.

The prices are according to the time taken, however it is not expensive. Hyundai10, Suzuki Grand Vitara Models and Suzuki Swift are the brands cars on dispose. The absolute car company accept cash (major international currencies), visa and master card as payments. The vehicles have facilities such as Air conditioner and baby seat. Absolute car pick up its customers at the airport without charging them any additional fees.

Maki car rental

The Maki Car Rental is a branded company providing four wheel drive vehicles. The driver must have at least 21 years and a licence of at least one year to be able to rent a car via Maki Car rental. Kia Soul, Hyundai10, Kia Picato, Daihatsu sirion and Darhatsu Terios are the different brands cars offered by the company. Both manual and automatic car are on dispose. The cars are well maintained and have air conditioner, free GPs Device, child seat (booster) and baby seat. The customers will not be charged for the delivery of the car at the Seychelles international airport.

Booking can be done online in Chinese, English, French or German. The company do not delay its work; you will get your confirmation within 48 hours and hence you can be assured of having your transportation. The prices are affordable and worthy. If you are planning to visit the Seychelles and willing to have your own transport then you should choose Maki rental Car as it offer good services.


Advantage cars

Advantage Cars is a company providing only 4 wheel vehicles. The cars are geared for relaxation and provide a pleasurable holiday experience. The Advantage Cars receives its customer 24hr/24hr, you may call and ask for any information at any time.

You have the opportunity to book in different languages such as English, French, Dutch and Italian. The acceptable methods of payments are American Express, Master card, visa and cash (major international currencies).

Atmosphere car rental

Satisfy your travel needs with atmosphere car rental! You may rent your own vehicle and rent a well experienced driver. You may also request for a whole day guided tour and enjoy the luxurious car while relaxing and enjoying the mesmerising views of the Seychelles.

The Atmosphere Car Rental offers services such as no payment for picking up at the airport, no excess deposit and free cancellation. The cars proposed are luxurious and reasonable prices are set up. Normally Seychelles car rental per day is at $ 9.47 and the other prices are according to the time taken on the rental vehicle. Atmosphere Car Rental accepts cash (major international currencies), visa and master card as payment. Rent a car at Atmosphere rental and have a once in a life time experiment holiday!

The Avis Rent a Car

Avis operates at international level and is one of the leading international Car rental agencies of the world. It has set up a head office in Mahé (car rental Mahe) and operates in the Seychelles as a car hire agency.  Avis Rent a car has been established in the Seychelles in 1972 and have since acquired 45 years of experience in the field of car hire in the Seychelles. Avis is among the most reliable car hire agency that you will find in the Seychelles. You can expect that you will get your chosen car at the delivery on time. Throughout your experience with Avis, the company will assist you in case of a breakdown.

If you want to rent a car in Mauritius, you can grab both manual and automatic transmission cars at Travelers Car rental Mauritius.