Need to rent a car in Mauritius for your next vacation? You are in the right place. In this article I will elaborate on important factors and other tips related to car rental in Mauritius. Fasten your seatbelts, embark with me on this ride. Vroooom!

Nowadays, renting a car (car rental Mauritius) on the other side of the world is done within a few clicks, which is not necessarily a bad thing, you just do it in the right tempo. Yet, before entering the digits of your credit card, here are some tips to get you into the right rhythm. For Seychelles car rental, you can visit

Your papers please!

I honestly hope you will not have to hear those words during your stay in Mauritius, but to be on the safe side, you need to know that roadside checks are quite common on the island.

To drive a car in Mauritius, the best would be to have an international driving license (readable in English or French). But a single national license (e.g. the French license) is valid enough. Same goes for motorcyclists. Other necessary documents will be provided by the renter. Note that some car rental agencies seek a minimum age of 21 and can charge an additional amount for young drivers.

The driving

In Mauritius, the direction of traffic is the opposite to that in France. Driving is on the left just like it is in Britain. However, there are no major concerns that you will encounter, you’ll just need some adaptation. At first, it’s normal to hesitate to keep left, after a few seconds you will automatically be guided by the flow of other vehicles. Speed limitations are 40 km/h in agglomerations and 80 km/h on the main open roads. On the Mauritius highway the average speed limitation is 100 km/h and at some parts it is 110 km/h – make sure to follow the speed signs.

The roundabouts

However, you should give a little more attention to the roundabouts and priorities. As illustrated below, we must take the first lane of travel in most cases. In terms of priority, you simply must stop at every roundabout to give way to traffic from the right already taking the roundabout.

Rond point Ile Maurice

Mauritian roads

The road network is very good with a highway that crosses the North Island to the southeast. Other smaller roads connect the different areas and coastal regions. When it comes to infrastructure, the road signs are relatively straightforward although most are displayed in English. Mauritius being a small island with many direction signs along the main roads and at every major interaction is pretty easy to navigate. With that, when deciding to go off the main roads you will find very little direction signs and you can easily get lost. This is why a decent road map can be very. If you’re really not sure where you are or where to go to, or in case you got lost, just ask the locals for directions. The Mauritians are very friendly and are always happy to help and show you the way to your destination.

Car Rental in Mauritius

Renting a car in Mauritius gives you the freedom and flexibility to truly enjoy your stay in Mauritius at your own pace. With all the attractions accessible by road way, we really do not have time to get bored on the island. If you are not the type to wait for hotel organized trips, get a map of the island Mauritius at the airport and travel at your own pace while saving money.

Cars provided by agencies may vary between providers, but generally, the vehicles are in very good condition and are fairly recent (between 2-10 years). Most leased cars are Japanese but there are also American sedans and cars. I recommend the Japanese small cars which are reliable and cost less. Anyway Mauritian roads are not designed for rapid cars.

The prices

Depending on the provider, the service and the type of car, renting a car in Mauritius can cost between 25 € to 75 € per day. This price normally includes expenses such as local taxes, theft and accident insurance. If you are looking for a car rental in Mauritius over a long period remember that the price drops; so feel free to rent for the duration of your stay.

The Gasoline

Gas is sold at about € 1.26/ $1.42 per liter. This is almost the same price as in France. However, in Mauritius you will be shorter trips, which should not greatly affect your budget. There are nearly one hundred service stations spread all over the island. You can find 24/7 Gas station at the following spots on the island: Bagatelle, La Croisette, Curepipe, La Preneuse, Pamplemousses(Engen Stations), Grand River North West and Callebasse(Indian Oil Stations).


Free parking is available almost everywhere in Mauritius except than in the main city centers. In the city centers of Port-Louis, Curepipe, Quatre-Bornes and Rose-Hills, there is a charge for parking on the street. The charge for parking is of 20 / 30 Rupees per hour depending on the exact location. In most cases you will find clear sign indicating the requirement for paid parking ticket and also the zone type (Parking Zone 1 / Zone 2). According to the parking zone type you will know which parking ticket to use. The parking tickets are sold at all the petrol stations and with some vendors in the city centers. Also available in all the city centers are private car parks where you can park your cars for charge of about 50 Rupees / hour.

Traffic jam

Traffic jams in Mauritius mostly occurs in the big cities such as Port Louis, Rose Hill, Quatre-Bornes and Ebene particularly during weekdays. However, this small glitch can be easily circumvented by avoiding peak hours (from 8 AM to 9hrs30 and 15hrs30 to 17hrs).

Useful info

· Apart from the entrance of the SSR International Airport, there is no toll road in Mauritius. All routes are free.

· The use of seat belts is compulsory

· No alcohol and mobile phones while driving

· Vigilance is recommended on coastal roads, corners are sometimes quite tight.

· Do not park under the coconut trees

· The rural roads are not all lit at night

· Avoid illegal car rental companies

· Never leave your passport to the landlord

· Always lock your vehicle even if car thieves are almost non-existent in Mauritius

Have a wonderful stay in Mauritius!

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