The small village of Cap Malheureux, a fishing village of about 5,000 inhabitants, has become a holiday resort, it houses luxurious bungalows and several hotels. It owes its name to all the shipwrecks that took place on its shores it is said that Britain soldiers, in 1810, landed to take permanent possession of the island. Cap Malheureux is 10 minutes away from Grand Bay, a must see if you are in the north of Mauritius. We are lucky to have a breathtaking view of the Coin de Mire, an islet a few kilometers north of the main island. All in front of a small sandy beach where fishermen return their boats. The view of the lagoon is amazing.


The church with red roof


The symbol of Cap Malheureux is its red-roofed church in front of the bay, Notre-Dame Auxiliatrice of Cap Malheureux. A real postcard landscape that makes it one of the most scenic excursions. In the evening the light is amazing and it is a festival of color between the blues of the sea, the green of the vegetation and the red roof of the church. Feel free to take the time and soak up this unique atmosphere at the tip of the island.

An emblematic figure of Maurice, this little church with the famous red roof stands on the north coast facing the lagoon, in Cap-Malheureux. The church was designed by Max Boullé and built by Raoul Lolliot in 1938, as a Marian chapel. It was consecrated on August 7, 1938 by Bishop Richard Lee, vicar general. 


Sunday morning Mass attracts a large crowd, but no matter what time you visit, do not hesitate to enter the church. You will discover a very simple interior, with white walls, exposed timbers and a carved stone altar where people go to consolidate their love in front of God through beautiful marriages.


The beach of Cap Malheureux


Cap Malheureux is a pleasant beach for swimming and a stroll in love to admire the beauty of the islands which is located a few meters from the shore a real show for lovers of landscapes postcard and tropical paradise. The beach has a crystalline sea, welcoming but somehow ideal for small swimming in a quiet place in the north of the island.


Cape Malheureux is as well the starting point for many catamaran and speed boat tours. Visitors can go on

a tour of the small islands, such as l’ile Plate, famous for its lighthouse, Round Island, a sanctuary for native animals and Coin de Mire.

Coin-de-Mire is an island located a few kilometers away from Cap Malheureux and inaccessible to tourists. You can however go on a tour with a catamaran to tour the small islands as the flat island with its beautiful lighthouse and its paradisiac beaches or the Round Island or Islet Gabriel. These nature reserves are full of native birds and animals. The best time to visit the beach of Cap Malheureux is early in the morning between 7:00 to 11:00 or in the afternoon between 13:00 to 17:00.


You can on top of that go fishing with the fishermen in the lagoon so you

 can grill some fish with family or friends in the evening! The beaches of Grand Baie or those of Mont-Choisy or Trou-aux-Biches are located near, but some kilometers only away.


Besides for those who love adventure, in Anse la Raie more precisely, quad activities can be done where Mr Gilbert and Caroline are very accommodating, friendly and offer a great service. You will have a unique and unforgettable quad experience. A break in the middle of the walk where Gilbert will tell with passion and humor about the history of Mauritius. You will be surrounded by a stunning view of the entire north of the island. At the end of the discovery there will be a little fresh snack that feels good around a little talk.


Accommodations in Cap Malheureux


Cap Malheureux is moreover famous due to the beautiful hotels that are found there. Paradise Cove Boutique Hotel is one among them and is located directly on a private beach. It is restricted only to adults, has a lush tropical garden with an infinity pool where guests can explore the ocean in the glass-bottomed boat.

The 4 restaurants of the hotel serve a variety of local and international cuisine. Guests are able to dine in one of the small huts for 2, raised on stilts amidst the coconut trees.. Cocktails can be ordered at the bar overlooking the swimming pool. 


Another hotel is the Coin de Mire attitude which is nestled between the fishermen’s village of Cap Malheureux and the lively village of Grand Bay. Its so genuine Mauritian atmosphere will make one immediately feel at home.


In the restaurants, every meal is a feast. With its relaxed and friendly atmosphere, the restaurant will welcome you for breakfast, lunch and dinner. At dinner time, Coin de Mire Attitude offers you the choice of live cooking buffet or a lobster menu upon request. To be noted that the restaurant Le Cap also serves vegetarian dishes.


As it can be seen, Cap Malheureux is truly a spot where you will be able to enjoy yourself with your family. You will see beautiful landscapes and will have the opportunity to takes beautiful photos also. So don’t hesitate to visit Cap Malheureux whenever you have the opportunity.