You thought you would never be able to make it to the Seychelles for your holidays? Well it’s total nonsense! Everyone can go to the Seychelles – even if you are un budget holidays – here are some tips for you!

What is the weather like in Seychelles?

The climate of Seychelles is typically tropical, pleasant year-round (24/30 °) but never too hot. The weather is punctuated by the influence of the trade winds that draw 2 “seasons”:

– The northwestern trade winds create a very humid climate, warmer and rainy from October to April

– The southeast trade winds blow from April-May to September with a cooler and drier climate.

You can visit the Seychelles all year long: the drier season is particularly conducive to water sports thanks to the wind while many beaches are very pleasant in the wet season. Intersections are generally perfect everywhere and ideal for snorkeling or diving.

Average temperatures

25/31 ° all year long

It’s raining when? From October to April with a peak in January which is the rainiest month. The archipelago is outside the hurricane zone.

When to book and go to Seychelles at the best price?

Neither in winter nor in summer!

The two tourist peaks of Seychelles are at the end of the year holidays (December-January) and the summer holidays (July and August). At these two periods, the rates are very high: it is certainly not there that you will find cheap offers for Seychelles!

If you intend to leave during these two peaks, however, remember to book well in advance because the rates can flambé sometimes very indecent way.

How to travel cheaper to the Seychelles?

Our advice for traveling cheaper to the Seychelles: take a packaged formula!

Given the high price of air tickets to Seychelles and if you do not leave long, it is often more advantageous to opt for a complete package with flight included with a tour operator or a tour operator. Afterwards, for the content of the stay, it’s you who chooses, there is a choice: from the hotel residence alone (without meals) to the large resort 5 * for a honeymoon … There is something for all tastes, for fans of standings or smaller budgets! The cheapest trips to Seychelles on the web are often 2/3 * hotels for breakfast. The “value-for-money” report is good anyway, provided you have a budget for the evening restaurants or take the optional half-board. Click here to read the article on hotels in Seychelles.

True luxury … But in private sale!

To stay in a big luxury resort or to spend your honeymoon in the Seychelles, you can do great bargains on private sales sites that are able to negotiate very low rates on 5 * and really high offers of range. Although it may still seem expensive and the budget to be released is obviously not suitable for all purses, the rates can be broken up to -50% and it remains the best deal in the market.

Stay in a Guesthouse

The guesthouses are numerous and surely represent the most economical mode of accommodation with, in addition, a good dose of authenticity. Many guesthouses in Seychelles also offer half-board, which is quite ideal (the restaurants are expensive, take away often close in the evening). We find quite a lot on the Internet (many have a site) and on large booking centers. Remember to book in advance your nights if you leave at the time of tourist peaks (end of year and summer) and to organize at least your first night, in general.

Budget very variable: 50/150 € the night, sometimes much more according to standard.

Tips and tricks for your holidays in Seychelles

To know budget side: the local currency is the Seychellois rupee (SCR). 100 SCR = 6 €

– Take masks and snorkels!

If you love snorkeling, do not forget to put the equipment in a corner of your suitcase: it is quickly expensive to rent on the spot! If you are not, you will inevitably become one! The diving in PMT (palms-mask-snorkel … To note that the fins are not essential) makes it possible to take full eyes without paying a centime: fish of all the colors, marine plants, turtles, dolphins… If you are in good health, no skill is needed, even children can get started! However, do not forget to take bathing shoes and put on a t-shirt (snorkeling is the perfect way to get a sunburn on your back in less than 10 minutes!)

Best spots for snorkeling in the Seychelles: Coco Island, Saint-Pierre Island, Anse Royale, Port Launay, Baie Ternay, Félicité …

– Eat in “take away”

They are the typical lunch of the Seychellois: the menu consists of a tray to go (with plastic cutlery and napkin) decorated with rice, fish, meat, salad, lentils … It is very economical (3/5 € the tray ), the dishes are plentiful and can be easily shared with a child. Budget: 40/50 rupees

The ideal is to watch for customers: if the queue is made up of locals, you can go there with your eyes closed. Beware, a lot of take away are closed in the evening, the food is usually quite spicy.

– Do not make too much change.

The ideal is to leave with € since one can easily pay in foreign currency in the hotels, the boats, the hirers … But it is necessary to pay attention to the applied rate which can be very disadvantageous. Remember to change as you go to pay in rupees restaurants, shopping, bus …

Victoria offices and banks generally charge a lower rate than hotels (Hotels in Seychelles).

– Take the bus!

In Mahé and Praslin, the bus network is dense and well organized, it runs from 6h to 20h approx. (much less after 18:30). You can go everywhere for a really low budget: 1 ticket = 5 rupees or 0.30 € whatever the destination and duration of the trip. In Mahé, there is a bus station in Victoria. There is none on Praslin. You can also rent a car in Seychelles with Seychelles Car Hire at affordable rates.

Enjoy your budget trip to the Seychelles!