Book your hotels in Seychelles 2023

For more than 2 months the Seychelles borders have been closed due to the Coronavirus but now the borders are open again to welcome the visitors. In fact, they have been waiting for a long time before being able to fly again after the pandemic. A lot of them had to cancel or postpone their trips especially those who wanted to visit the wonderful islands of Seychelles. Flights have resumed and the good news is that Seychelles has become even more beautiful.

However each passenger, whether arriving or departing will have to have in their possession a negative Coronavirus test for them to be able to go on board, this will determine whether they are positive to the virus. It is better to postpone if you are feeling sick, to avoid spreading g the virus all around.

 The hotels too are more than ready to welcome you back, with lot of surprises and lot of wonderful things.


The Domaine de la Reserve is a real gem for Praslin, having many surprises reserved for you, one thing is sure your stay will be memorable and it is with memories in your head that you will go back home. You can do many activities under the sun in this place that offers to you a wonderful setting.


Located high up on a steep hillside The Villas de Jardin overlook the coast. Simple, modern, and luxurious, a natural vibe with beautiful gardens and breathtaking sea views visible from every spot on the property.

Once they check in visitors are on their own in the owner’s home. Some activities can done on the premises for instance relaxing in the peace and quiet, although with a rental car, the villas are a convenient base for exploring the island beaches and sights.

There are ripe fruit trees, and visitors are permitted to pick and eat the spoils. The Villas de Jardin suitable for couples, friends, and families looking for serenity, calmness, and a good value.


No better place will make you capture the true essence of the exotic lifestyle than Le Domaine de l’Orangeraie. Found on La Digue Island this wonderful establishment is considered to be the best hotel of la Digue Island. Arund about 200 meters north of the small port town of La Passe, Le Domaine de l’Orangeraie is simply a Heaven on Earth.

Le Domaine de l’Orangeraie is only few minutes from the beach, covering several acres, this Zen-style resort faces the magnificent blue turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. Ideally position.

The hotel is one among the best ones offering amzing views over the lush greenery of La Digue Island. The journey will be a 1 hour trip from Mahé to Praslin by boat and 20 minutes from Praslin to La Digue. The trip will be 15 minutes flight from Mahé to Praslin by plane and 20 minutes boat trip from Praslin to La Digue.


One of the best addresses on Praslin in the Seychelles so far it offers quality service at very affordable prices is for sure The Duc de Praslin. In a luxury atmosphere in the tropics near one of the most beautiful beaches on this island, the rendez-vous should be taken with tranquility and appeasement. Irreproachable and flawless services is offered, with a diversification in its menu proposal both in its restaurants and in its accommodations.

Quite small thus giving a cocooning atmosphere especially in the rooms indeed a human-sized hotel. The welcome is warm and the staff always smiling. The decoration has been carefully designed with great taste to optimize the beauty of this establishment, the rooms have just been renovated and the result is quite successful. The relaxed atmosphere of the place brings a certain serenity to vacationers who have the impression of having landed on a cozy little cloud.


Opened in 1996, with a name derived from the French word for “mahogany,” an aude to the natural timber-themed design of its construction, the original Acajou Hotel first was cultivated in an ecologically friendly manner.

Few people meaning a quiet hotel with a nice beach, and early evenings to bed, probably the place for you if you are looking for peace and serenity.


Just 1 km from Cote D’Or Beach and 5 km from Vallee de Mai Nature Reserve 12 km frm Praslin Airport is 12 km away is located the Hotel L’Archipel.

Hotel L’Archipel features a swimming pool and tropical garden, situated ideally along the white and sandy Anse Gouvernement Beach with 2 restaurants.

The beachside restaurant, La Gigolette, offers international breakfast, lunch this is the place where guests can relax by the pool. A variety of dinner options is served at La Feuille d’Or in the main building serves.

Some Reviews of the hotels:

People said that this was one of the best holidays they have ever had and the best hotel have ever stayed in. The staff went above and beyond, knowing what they wanted in advance. Clean and bright and over looked a beautiful beach, the views were astonishing with a modern accommodation. They highly recommend this hotel! It was all perfect!


Helpful friendly staff, excellent food Beautiful location, lovely quiet beach, fabulous views, very private spacious and comfortable room with big balcony above the hotel with glorious views.

An efficient hotel offering first class service and a very relaxing holiday, discreet, understated but friendly and for holidays.

An amazing staff amazing, particularly the Director of Operations, Mr. Suren Venkaya. Helpful, kind, always available and ready to make your stay memorable. Visit Seychelles in 2022! And rent a car with Car Hire Seychelles Mahé for a pleasant trip experience.