Based in the south-east of the island, Blue Bay was affirmed to be a national park in 1997. It remains one of the popular places to stopover or live in Mauritius. It’s heaven-like lagoon and panoramic views, this place is the perfect place to settle down if you are looking for a quiet and peaceful environment. You will be delighted with the folkloric activities nearby in the village of Mahebourg. It is quite near the airport about approximately 10.6 kilometers that is 10 minutes away so if you are planning holidays there that’s a good thing to know for when you are going back home.


Blue Bay Beach and its treasures

Blue Bay beach is one of the most magnificent beaches of the South East coast and is a few kilometers away from the beautiful village of Mahebourg. It is easily accessible both by car and by bus where you can easily catch the bus in direction of Blue Bay from the bus station in Mahebourg. It is usually rated as one of the most beautiful and appreciated beaches of Mauritius by the locals and visitors. It is so far one of the best places to admire marine life where boats offering trips to the park can be found on the main beach.


You have to bear in mind that on the contrary of many other public beaches of the island there are not many places to eat out but it has all the usual facilities of a public beach in Mauritius, such as restrooms showers and police patrol near the beach area giving visitors a sense of security. The beach is quite busy and crowded during weekends as people come from various parts of the island to enjoy the beach. If you prefer a less busy beach, then it’s better to visit on a week day. 


Ile aux Deux Cocos

Blue Bay beach also offers an incredible view of the beautiful island Ile Des Deux Cocos. It is an island resort in Mauritius, located in the surroundings of Blue Bay and is an invitation for you to enjoy a day of pure indulgence with the highest levels of comfort and relaxation dedications offered by a dedicated and friendly staff.

Ile Des Deux Cocos offers a unique opportunity to experience authentic island living on your individual private piece of paradise. This mesmerizing destination will sweep you away on winding paths through the woods to a quiet place under a palm tree or a scenic spot near the ocean.


Blue Bay Marine Park

Blue Bay was declared a national park before being designated as a wetland site. The remarkable coral garden, which harbors hundreds of varieties of corals and its abundant fauna is the reason why the marine park is so famous. The bay boasts a coral garden with a remarkable surface area and biodiversity. Tourists usually go to Blue Bay to visit the Marine Park and it is without a doubt the main tourist attraction in the region and the best site to observe the coral life in Mauritius.




The fauna of this sub-aquatic paradise is as amazing as its flora. Scientists have identified 72 species – namely butterfly fish, surgeonfish, pennant coral fish, fusilier fish, comet fish, dam selfish, parrotfish, rainbow wrasse, sergeant-major and many others. They which live together and cross each other in a highly colored and splendid aquatic ballet and sea turtles also can be seen as they are fond of the meadows of phanerogamous plants that abound on the site.



Since the Blue Bay beach is highly frequented by tourists and Mauritians alike, several operators offers an output glass bottom boat with snorkeling on the site which is only 5 minutes by boat. The wonders of the marine environment without getting into the water through the glass bottom in which children and people who don’t swim can discover.


The Ferney Valley

Another famous attraction in the neighborhood is the Ferney Valley, the 200-hectare nature sanctuary is a forest and wildlife reserve. It is not only an excellent spot to discover the flora and fauna of Mauritius but you will be able to enjoy quality time by yourself or with your friends and family in a highly peaceful atmosphere.

You the opportunity to admire indigenous plant species through the hike. Many trees like Ebony trees, Coffea Mauritania, Takamakas, Eugenia Bojeria, Araucarias and other species such as the Ravenala, commonly known as the Traveller’s Tree are to be discovered.

The accommodations in Blue Bay

Among the assets of Blue Bay lie the hotels (mauritius hotels) that enhance its beauty. Particularly the Shandrani Beachcomber Hotel which is the first fully-inclusive 5-star resort in Mauritius. It is set on a private peninsula lapped by the Blue Bay Marine Park rich in sea life. Shandrani Beachcomber is one of a kind as it has three different beaches to discover. This is the best resort for an action-packed holiday with an extensive choice of land and water activities offering an attractive optional All-Inclusive package, an exclusive programme of sports and nature activities.


One more hotel is the Peninsula which is an authentic, small people-friendly hotel that awaits you around the best-preserved lagoon of Mauritius Island. You will be able to relax in a friendliness, charm and a lovely atmosphere, all combined together in order to make your holiday an amazing and memorable one. Many activities can be done whether it is on land or on sea. For land there will be activities like activities: table tennis, darts, carom, board games, beach volley, petanque, gym and optional extras like billiards and table football. For sea activities at their Case Nautique a variety of water sports activities are available: canoes, kayaks, laser sailing boats, pedal boats, and paddle Boards Park.


Blue Bay is a magnificent spot that need to be discovered by any means. It has a lot to offer so as your trip can be unforgettable and make you want to go back there again to visit other places that you could have missed.