Apart from being famous for its sea, sand and sun, another specialty of Mauritius is its food. Being a multiracial country, Mauritius has a wide variety of food from African, Indian, and Chinese to its own special “cuisine Mauricien”. It is very much appreciated not only by local people but also by foreign people visiting the place.

Dholpuri is one of the most famous specialties of Mauritius. Easily found at almost each street corner, it is the cheapest food available and still delicious. Low cost, ready availability and unique taste are factors that have turned dholpuri into the top ranking street food in Mauritius. One pair costs around 35p and you can easily eat your fill with two. It’s a full lunch with veggies at less than $1!


It can be eaten both with and without curry and it is also usually served with kheer on special occasions. Thus, dholpuri is famous not only in everyday life but also on special occasions, like traditional wedding. Similar to dholpuri we have roti, which is served with curries. Roti originate from India but it has been modified to fit into the Mauritian Cuisine.

Adapted versions of Indian curries like Tandoori are very popular in everyday life. They are available in famous restaurants and are also cooked in almost every kitchen all over the Island. In everyday life, people mostly consume rice and curries accompanied with other little delicacies. Dishes include butter chicken, paneer makhani and palak paneer among others.


Briani is famous for festive, family get-together, weddings and other special occasions. Although it can be cooked at home, people prefer to order it from famous places like “Star Deg”. Indian foods are popular but with a little touch of the Mauritian Cuisine which makes it different and special. These heavy meals are mostly reserved for lunch or dinner in the Indo-Mauritian society.


Samoussa and baja are fried snacks which are mostly eaten into the afternoon accompanied with some tea. Made of flour, they usually contain meat or vegetables inside and they are eaten with “Chatini”. They are available in little snacks/delis along streets and cheap. Snacks are usually accompanied by tea in the afternoon, when kids come home from school or people return from work.  There are more varieties of fried snacks like “du pain frire” and “tikka” .Though considered as quite oily, they are consumed on a near daily basis as the taste is irresistible. They can be made at home or can be bought and then fried at home but people prefer buying it from snacks as the taste is more delicious.


Chinese Cuisine is also very popular, especially on weekends when people want a change from the daily Indian cuisine and don’t want to cook. Fried Noodles, Fried rice, “bol renverse” are the most famous Chinese food available in restaurants or on the roadside at night. They are cooked and packed or served on the spot, as the person desires. Prawns, meat, chicken, eggs and vegetables are usually cooked along to enhance the taste. “Boulettes” are another Chinese specialty which is consumed in often, along with chili sauce.

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“Halim” is also one of the best and most often consumed foods. It is mainly available on roadsides, all hot and spicy according to taste of customers. Consumed along with bread, u can never have enough of it as it is appetizing and cheap.

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Mauritian Cuisine has used spices and vegetables to create its own special curries like “La Daube Poule”, “La Daube Poisson”. “La Daube” is like a red sauce in which chicken or fish is cooked. It can be consumed both with Bread and Rice.  Another of its created cuisine is “Rougaille”, it cooking Meat, Chicken, Prawns, eggs or Fish in a tomato paste. The most popular “rougaille” though, is “Rougaille poisson sale”. This is usually consumed with rice/bread and pickles. However, these are mostly homemade and are rarely found in restaurants.


When it comes to spicy stuff, Mauritius is popular for its “confit”, a mix of preserved fruits and chili. These are mostly available in the city of the country on the roadside and the fruits vary from season to season. “Alouda”, the famous drink is a mixture of milk and condensed milk. Drinking it in summer is more fun as it is cold and has a refreshing effect compared to the hot weather.


Mauritius is a multicultural country which is why the Cuisine is adapted from different countries with slight modifications which make it special. Other than that, over the years, the Island has tried to create dishes that are the specialties of the country. The amazing thing is that no particular dish is reserved for a particular culture. All citizens consume everything on different occasions and even the foreigners taste everything when they visit the country.

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