The country of Indonesia has some of the most amazing beaches in the world. This tropical paradise is made up of about 17,000 islands. Along with the tropical atmosphere, white sand, and clear water it’s no wonder that this country has some of the most spectacular beaches in the world. Here are some of the best beaches Indonesia has to offer.

Dreamland Beach, Bali

This beach is one of the most popular in Indonesia. Dreamland Beach is located in southern Bali on the Bekit Peninsula. Every year the beach attracts thousands of tourists and is particularly famous for its adventurous activities and water sports. Surfing, diving, and water sport enthusiast frequently visit this Indonesian beach. The beach is surrounded by pine and coconut trees and small beautiful cliffs. You can camp near the beach or stay at lodging nearby.

KutaBeach, Lombok

Kuta beach is located on the southern coast of Lombok and is one of the best beaches in Lombok. This destination is particularly great for surfing, and is less crowded than some other beaches in Indonesia. This picturesque beach has long stretches of white sand and rugged mountains can be seen in the distance. This beach use to be a fishing village and every year there is a huge fishing festival held here.

Jimbaran Beach, Bali

This beach is another popular tourist attraction in Bali. Jimbaran beach is characterized by its scenic beauty and numerous activities. This beach is a great place to go and relax. The beach itself is surrounded coconut and pine trees, and is full of amazing sparkling white sand. The gentle tides of the beach make it great for swimming. Due to the large amount of tourist that attend the island there are also lots of pubs, restaurants, and western cuisine venues near the beach.

Grajagan Beach, Java

This beach is located in the southern end of Banyuwangi. It is one of the most exotic beaches in Indonesia. Grajagan beach is surrounded by mangroves and teak forests. It is great beach for surfing in particular. The shoreline of this beach is scenic and visitors will find a picturesque fishing village nearby. There are places to eat and stay nearby the beach that ensure your visit will be pleasant.

Pulau Bintan Beach, Sumatra

This beach is located on the small island of Pulau Bintan which is the 3rd largest province in Indonesia. The beach is a great for tourist and holiday makers. Although the beach is modernized it still maintains it’s cultural and traditional values. This beach is particularly special due to its clear turquoise waters which make it especially attractive for divers. After spending time at the beach visitors can shop at the many nearby shops many of which accept the Singapore dollar.