The Caribbean island of Trinidad boasts some excellent beaches for swimming and lounging in the sun. Those nearest to Port of Spain offer stunning peach sand and a truly tropical setting, complete with palm trees and a gentle sea breeze. Many of Trinidad’s beaches are wonderfully secluded, so on weekdays you should be able to find one to keep all to yourself, and the island’s eastern coast is essentially just one great length of sand. Here are the best beaches in Trinidad.

Maracas Bay

A favorite among locals, Maracas Bay is widely regarded as the very best beach in Trinidad. Because of this, it can get awfully crowded on weekends, so visit on a weekday. The currents here can get strong, but there are lifeguards on duty at Maracas Bay to watch over swimmers and keep you away from the worst of them. Located approximately seven miles from Maraval, there is usually plenty of parking, and snack bars are all about, so you can make a day of it.

Balandra Bay

Balandra Bay, located on Trinidad’s northeastern coast, is another beach you should visit only on weekdays. Locals tend to crowd the beach on Saturday and Sunday. Swimming and body surfing conditions are excellent at Balandra Bay. The beach is situated off Valencia Road near Salybia.

Salibea Bay,

Off Toco Main Road you will find Salibea Bay, which offers exceptional swimming conditions. Again, the weekends tend to be a bit crowded, but the weekdays are perfect. Vendors will make certain you don’t go hungry.

Las Cuevas Bay

On North Coast Road, seven miles east of Maracas Bay, is Las Cuevas Bay. This is a tranquil beach where you will very seldom find crowds. Bring a disposable camera to capture its beauty, but be sure to remove any valuables from your vehicle since you will have to park it out of sight from the beach.

Grand Riviere

At the end of Toco Main Road you will find Grand Riviere. This beach is great for swimming, and you may even get to meet a few friendly turtles. At night, plankton cause the black sand to glow. Eerie but cool. Located on Trinidad’s northeast coast, this is one beach that is well worth the drive.

lanchisseuse Bay

If you are looking for a romantic spot to picnic, head over to Blanchisseuse Bay. After the picnic, check out the lagoon and go for a refreshing freshwater swim. Located on North Coast Road, just beyond the Arima turnoff, this beach is a bit narrow but beautiful.

Enjoy the best beaches in Trinidad.