Many of the beaches on the Caribbean island of Tobago are picture perfect, heavenly even. And you won’t find many crowds on Tobago. In fact, you may very well feel like a castaway who washed ashore on your very own private island in the tropics. Your very own paradise. Here are the best beaches in Tobogo.

Speaking of deserted beaches, check out Englishman’s Bay. A mile-long stretch of sand on North Side Road, east of Castara Bay, you will likely have Englishman’s Bay all to yourself. And it is magnificent, easily one of Tobago’s best beaches.

Across the street from the Grafton Beach Resort you will find Stone Haven Bay. Located on Shirvan Road, Stone Haven Bay is simply beautiful, and one of the best beaches in Tobago.

On Leeward Road, northeast of Black Rock, is Great Courland Bay. The waters of Great Courland Bay are calm and sparkling. And the soft sand beach is one of Tobago’s longest.

Between the months of February and June, hundreds of leatherback turtles lay their eggs on Turtle Beach. Turtle Beach is actually located on the southern end of Great Courland Bay between Black Rock and Plymouth.

If it is romance you seek, head out to Lover’s Beach. With stunning pink sand, it is also completely secluded. In fact, you will have to get here by boat from Charlotteville. Isolated and quiet, it’s the perfect romantic retreat for couples visiting the island of Tobago.

On Windward Road, east of Scarborough, you will find Bacolet Beach. Bacolet Beach is a dark sand beach that actually served as the setting for the movie, Swiss Family Robinson, and others. Located near the Blue Haven Hotel, you can access the beach by using the track next door.

Parlatuvier is located on the north side of Tobago, and here you will find villagers and fishermen. The beach itself is a beautiful crescent of sand that should not be missed.

If you are in the mood for a good swim in a beautiful setting, head over to King’s Bay. The magnificent crescent of sand is surrounded by steep green hills, and you will almost feel as though you traded in the Caribbean island of Tobago and its bays for a lake in the summer in New England.

At the end of the Crown Point Airport you will find Sandy Point Beach. A number of hotels line the beach, so you can enjoy meals in the area and make it a day at the beach.

Enjoy the best beaches in Tobago!