Activities in the Outer islands of Seychelles

The Seychelles is an archipelagos of 115 small islands found in the Indian Ocean. The islands of Seychelles are home to many species of animals and plants. It has major tourist attractions such like the Botanical garden, Aldabra Atoll, bird islands and many more. Tourists are warmly welcomed with plenty of activities such as fishing and golf. Spend a once in a lifetime holiday by exploring and experiencing new adventures in the Seychelles.

A wide range of bays and deserted beaches are aligned on the coastlines of the island. The beaches are blessed with long and shady palm trees allay, where you can have a good relaxation time. The warm temperature of the island is perfect to make your holiday a perfect one. Moreover you may also enjoy a scuba diving experience and explore astonishing undersea water creatures and discover multi-colour fishes and the other plant species of the archipelagos within a day only.

Besides its stunning beaches, it also offers plenty of interesting activities to its visitors. Let’s not talk about the white sandy beach and the clear lagoon for a while and think about the beauty of the undersea. Make the most of your holidays in the Seychelles’ islands! Surely the islands have a various number of tour operators which offers activities such as trekking, mountain biking and adventurous journeys. So what are you waiting to book your place and have a great holiday!

Aldabra Atoll 

Long ago the Aldabra Atoll was known as Al Hadra or Al Khadra (these names were given by the Arabian). 1,120 km afar from the south west off the capital of the mahe (Victoria) is found the Aldabra Atoll. Comprises of 4 large islands which encircle the central lagoon, the treasure of the Seychelles is now considered as the 2nd largest atoll in the worldwide.

For a visit to the Aldabra Atolls the visitor should firstly get the permission from the Seychelles Island Foundation. It is a well-protected area where there are severe laws attached to it and you are expected to abide by the laws.

There are multiple facilities such as cruises ships, a private yatch, live aboard dive boats and an educational and scientific tour visit for a maximum of 12 persons aboard.

The Aldabra Atoll is a wildlife beauty which was untouched by civilians for years. People who have been there consider it as a hidden paradise. While exploring this beauty, a guide will explain to you about the past story and the different types of species. Scuba diving can be breath-taking if you are lucky enough to see all the species at a time. Unique wildlife such as flying fox, rails and giant tortoises are found in abundance.

Bird islands

Bird islands also known as ile aux vaches is situated 30 minutes away from the mahe islands. As you can tell by the name, bird islands is popular especially for its population of birds. During the breeding season which is from May to October, there are at least 1,500,000.

The island is a major attraction for tourism especially photographers lovers. You may profit the time and take as much picture as you want. Visitors should bear in mind that no hunting is allowed. Nature lovers will adore the atmosphere, the pleasant sound of the birds is heaven to the ears. The island is stunningly beautiful with all its treasury belongings.

Aride Island is home to a wide range of species such as the cardinals and you can spot some giant land tortoises around. The island is known as one of the best place for fishing where you can find many varieties of fishes that comes in varying colours and sizes in the mesmerising blue marine.