Celebrities, businessmen, newlyweds and politicians spend their vacation on the island of Mauritius for a good reason: Mauritius offers some of the best holiday accommodations of the planet in one of the most gorgeous settings imaginable. Not only do tourists have a wide choice of Mauritian hotels where they can spend their holidays, but they can also have a wide choice of luxury private villas for even more intimate holidays.

Whatever tourists may desire on a holiday, the island of Mauritius can deliver: championship-quality 18-hole golf courses, world-class spas where tourists can relax in bubble baths, body wraps and get soothing massages, Michelin starred chefs and restaurants serving excellent multicultural food, dedicated and hard-working staff eager to please and above all, white sandy beaches and clear lagoons that tourists can enjoy all year long.

Not only can tourists usually find a beach right in front of their hotels during their holidays in Mauritius, but they can also have a wide choice among the many beaches all around the coast of the island. Let’s go on a tour of some of the most well-known beaches of the island of Mauritius.

What to do in Mauritius - relax at the beaches of Mauritius
The view from Grand-Baie beach in Mauritius


The beach of Grand-Baie is at the same time one of the most popular beaches of the island of Mauritius as well as paradoxically, one of the shorter ones. One of the reasons that it remains popular among locals and tourists alike might be because of the nearby village of Grand-Baie, where shopping centres, pubs, restaurants, night clubs, as well as big game fishing, kite-surfing, scuba diving, and catamaran operators can be found in abundance. The beach is just a welcome stop after a day of shopping or sightseeing.

A more beautiful beach can be found a little further at La Cuvette beach, also in the Grand-Baie region. Although it is only 80 metres long, it provides a beautiful setting for relaxation, with its rocks and cliffs that border it on each side and several hideaway mini beaches. Visitors will also find a parking area, restrooms and change rooms, shower facilities, benches and a few snack stands in the vicinity.

Pereybere Beach

Located near the village of Pereybere between Grand-Baie and Cap-Malheureux, the beach of Pereybere is a very popular beach among locals and tourists alike. People visiting this 150 metre beach will find all essential facilities nearby: restrooms, changing rooms, shower facilities, etc. Nearby there are souvenir shops, restaurants and some luxury villas.

Cap Malheureux

The beach of Cap Malheureux is famous for its red-roofed church, the Notre-Dame Auxillatrice,  and the view it offers on Coin de Mire island. It is a small and quiet stretch of sand that will be a welcome stop along the road during an exploration of the north.

An even better beach can be found just 300 metres away, beyond the rocks to the north-west: the beach of Pointe-aux-Roches, which will offer all the tranquility visitors need when the better-known beach of Cap-Malheureux is too crowded.

Mon Choisy Beach

Mon Choisy is a big quiet beach with white sand and crystal clear waters. It is conveniently hidden from the road by small forest that provides plenty of shade for visitors. It is less busy than the beach of Grand-Baie since no bars, pubs, hotels or restaurants can be found in the area.


The beach of Trou-aux-Biches can be found south from Mon Choisy. It is a 2 kilometre long stretch of white sand that is in a region that is more relaxed than Grand Baie. It should be noted that during high season and week-ends, the beach can get moderately crowded when people from the neighbouring towns of Triolet and Pointe-aux-Piments come for a swim.


Two beaches can be found in the region of Albion. One is near the Club Méditérranée Hotel and the other is further up, towards the north. Those beaches are rather calm and offer plenty of peace and quiet.


Flic-en-Flac is located in the district of Black River. The town is a highly-touristic area, and a lot of hotels can be found nearby. Most of the hotels in Flic-en-Flac have direct access to their own stretch of beach. Three stretches of beach can be found in the region and they are all within walking range from each other and from any point in town. Nearby, visitors will find lots of restaurants, snack stands offering delicious Mauritian street food, shopping centres, souvenir shops, a night club,  a casino, and tour operators offering various services like dolphin watching trips, water skiing, or big game fishing tours.

What to do in Mauritius - relax at the beach of Flic-en-Flac
The beach of Flic-en-Flac in Mauritius


Tamarin is widely known as a surfing and kitesurfing spot. The beach is of reasonable size, beautiful and clean, with rather lively waters due to a lack of coral reef to protect the lagoon. It is a good alternative to the busier beaches of Flic-en-Flac.

La Preneuse

The beach of La Preneuse is very popular with the locals. This 2 kilometre stretch of white sandy beach offers a relaxing experience with plenty of shade provided by the nearby casuarina trees. Nearby, one of the most preserved Martello Towers can be found.

Blue Bay

The beach of Blue Bay is the most popular beach of the south of Mauritius. It can be found close to the town of Mahébourg, the old capital of the island. It is a popular area for snorkelling and SCUBA diving, and a marine park can be found there as well. Visitors will find that all the necessary facilities are also available there.

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