A pearl that emerges from the bowels of the Indian Ocean … Among my travels, Mauritius is one of my favorite destinations. This is a colorful island located in the Indian Ocean, a few hours flight from Europe. Follow me, I will tell you more about this island that I particularly like.

The island in a nutshell

At every corner of the country, you are sure to come across a sublime beach lined with palm trees. Sitting on a lounger by the sea, you contemplate the sunset, sometimes a flying fish surface or a zebra turtledove walks on the sand.

The inner part of the island is covered with more than abundant vegetation, a real open-air museum where nature unfolds waterfalls, primary forests, but also plantations of sugar cane or tea.

Pamplemousses Garden

A visit to the garden of Pamplemousse is essential. This space is representative of the biodiversity of the island, you can admire more than 80 species of palms from around the world. Flowers of all colors, all the scents and happiness to walk along its paths.

Port Louis

food mauritius

Before heading south, we stop at Port-Louis with its market where you will discover color palettes over the stalls of traders. Exotic fruits and vegetables, but especially the best scents and flavors of the country. The market is famous and you will appreciate the different spices of the island. All these smells make us crack for mango and guava, even turmeric or curry (also called carry).


Our journey continues even further south, we stop at Chamarel to admire the magnificent waterfall. Then, a trail takes us to this surprising place where the earth is divided into 7 variations of colors, a unique spectacle. In passing, we stop at the Rhumerie de Chamarel, just to taste the different ways to prepare the rum.

The Mauritian culture feeds on the diversity of its population, no religion is official. In Mauritius, you will meet Hindus, Tamils, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists and other immigrants from around the world who live in harmony with the respect and free practice of their religions. You will pass by Grand Bassin, a sacred lake located in an old volcanic crater, in the center of the island. Each year, a pilgrimage sees an influx of people coming from the four corners of the island, often carrying tanks representing a Hindu deity.

The end of the day approaches, we return to the hotel, at the edge of the sea; so: sunset on the sea, a real treat! Click here to read the article on hotels in Mauritius.

Swim with the dolphins


The next day, departure for a boat trip! Hopefully we will have the opportunity to swim with the dolphins. These mammals are so sensitive, it’s a real pleasure to see them dive!

A little later, our guide drops us off on Île aux Bénitiers where we eat divinely good grilled fish! A little rum to relax, and we leave for a trip at sea! The end of the day is coming, but there are so many places to discover in Mauritius. This destination is easy to live with, people are welcoming and always ready to give you advice. The service is excellent, you will find both luxury hotels and apartment rentals. I hope I have given you the desire to discover this little corner of paradise where life is good.