Whenever love is in the air, no matter where you are, the atmosphere changes and fuses to your mood. Whether being in a bus, in your hotel room or admiring a magnificent sunset from your villa, Mauritius remains one of the most romantic islands on earth.

If you are looking forward to a little romance for your holidays or simply wants to enjoy a trip around the island after your honeymoon and still remain in the mood for love; Mauritius is the best romantic getaway. The island boasts inspiring vistas of love that will certainly dazzle you. Venture into the depths of the island and discover the most romantic places of the island and enjoy unforgettable moments in the arms of your lifetime partner.

Let the two of you become one and drift away into this peaceful haven called love in one of those superb spots on the island of love: Mauritius.

1. Flic-en-Flac

Situated on the western coast, Flic-en- Flac is one of the most romantic beaches of the island, since it is the only spot where you will contemplate perfect sunsets.

The first access to the beach is near the Villa Caroline hotel. Through this entrance you will head towards the most peaceful part of this never ending stretch of sand that makes up Flic-En-Flac: The longest beach of the island.

Flic En Flac Beach
Flic En Flac Beach

There you will be able to relax and enjoy a picnic in the company of your lover. Enjoy this stunning location on horseback and witness one of the most magical moment in the afternoon- a beautiful sunset where the blue sky turns golden until darkness arise.

Sunset Flic En Flac
Sunset-Flic En Flac

At night you can spend some time in a restaurant or simply enjoy the moonrise which turns the dark water into a silvery colour. And to beautifully end the journey, have a nice midnight swim.

2. Ile d’Ambre

Kayaking Ile D'Ambre
Kayaking Ile D’Ambre

Off the north east coast, between Grand Gaube and Poudre d’Or, lays Ile D’ambre. It is a tranquil islet covering 100 hectare inside the lagoon with mangrove-forested coastline perfect for peaceful exploration by two-person kayak. While discovering the small islet keep an eye out for endemic butterflies and take time to enjoy peaceful sunbathing. At the tiny neighbouring islet of Bernache snorkel in relative solitude and enjoy special moments together.

3. Pamplemousses garden

Victoria Water Lily
Victoria Water Lily

Pamplemousses Garden also known as Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical is the oldest botanical garden in the southern hemisphere and one of the most highly reputed in the world. The splendid 37 hectare garden offers plenty of opportunity for loved-up couples to spend some time together in a magical scenery. The garden is home to dozens of varieties of palm trees, baobab trees, as well as medicinal plants, fish ponds, and an amazing collection of Queen Victoria water lilies. Get lost amongst this array of plants and combine enjoy your romantic wanderings.

4. The Château De Labourdonnais

Chateau Labourdonnais

Situated in the middle of a splendid natural estate, the Château de Labourdonnais helps you to go back at the time where Mauritius was still a colony. This majestic mansion, built in 1859, can be explored by you, tender lovers. To revive those profound emotions in you, you can have a promenade in the Château’s garden, where you can stroll around and admire the picturesque surroundings.End the visit by having a look at its distillery to taste some of the Rhum locally produced at the Rhumerie des Mascareignes.

5. Alexandra falls


Located in the higher Plaines Champagne, Alexdandra falls is part of a vast National Park in the Black River district. The canyon is 700 feet above the sea level and the waterfalls is the highest waterfalls in the island, standing an incredible 500 feet. It is the paradise off those nature lovers. If you are a couple who love those amazing lush forest with as background a beautiful waterfall, Alexandra Falls will conquer you.

Goyaves De Chines
Goyaves De Chines

Its view point offers an unbeatable panoramic view to the canyon and valleys descending towards the south east with the sea completing the picture in the background. In clear weather condition, which is quite natural in this country you can see as far as the south and take some incredible pictures.

Strawberry guavas, lemon guavas or ‘Goyaves de Chines’ and wild berries can be picked freely on the spot during the spring season from March till May. It will be an enjoyable experience for young couples seeking adventure.

6. La Cambuse Beach

La Cambuse
La Cambuse Beach

Although located only a few kilometres from SSR International Airport, La Cambuse Beach is probably one of the least visited beaches in Mauritius – considering its size. Although virtually unknown to most tourists, La Cambuse Beach is a public beach that will just be perfect for young couples looking for some intimacy on the beach. At La Cambuse, you can enjoy a very nice, sandy beach with crystal clear waters and best of all; you will have it all to yourself-most probably. So if you are looking for a nice spot to cuddle up with your lover, this is the place to be!

7. Cap Malheureux

Cap Malheureux Church
Cap Malheureux Church

A history shipwreck gave its name to that coin in Mauritius- Cap Malheureux translates as‘Cape Misfortune’ . Yet, there’s nothing unfortunate about this stunning spot on the island’s northernmost tip. Well-known for its picturesque little church – the red-roofed Notre Dame Auxiliatrice – the petite fishing village, north of Grand Baie (Love letter: Grand Baie), is the ideal place for a quiet stroll or a picnic for two, with brilliant views over the offshore islands of Coin de Mire, Ile Plate and Ile Ronde- simple a dream-like scenery.

8.  Fort Adelaide, Citadelle

Fort Adelaide
Fort Adelaide

The fort built between 1834 and 1840 got its name from Queen Adelaide. At 240ft. above sea level, Forte Adelaide, also known as La Citadelle has been used to guard the harbor against enemy attacks and fires that broke in the city. Now a gorgeous and well preserved fort, you will have the opportunity to visit diamond shops there in the company of your lover while enjoying magnificent views from the top of this fort.

One thing is sure, Mauritius is a great place to enjoy the most romantic and magical moments with your partner. Yet, wherever you might be, there is no place better than your lover’s arms.