We’ve decided on only 7 best places to visit in Mauritius since the vast majority of tourists only have a week or so to stay in Mauritius. These 7 attractions can be visited at any time of year and if you’re lucky enough to stay more than one week in Mauritius, hold on, we’ve got many more attractions for you. Click here.

As most hotels in Mauritius don’t provide excursions to all of these places, you’ve got to plan your island exploration by yourself. The whole island has bus coverage but this might be time-consuming and taxis can get expensive really quick. The best thing to do is to bring your driver’s license, and rent a car in Mauritius, it’s inexpensive and you can explore the island when and with whom you want, at your pace!

  1. The west coast

Say hello to dazzling white stretches of white sand sandwiched between world-class resorts and emerald lagoons. Flic en Flac, Albion, Tamarin or La Preneuse beach are jam-packed with water sports and activities. Bath in the turquoise waters of Albion or La Preneuse, experience surfing or swim with dolphins in Mauritius off the bay of Tamarin or have an adrenaline rush in Flic en Flac with activities like deep sea fishing or scuba diving. Rempart Serpent and La Cathédrale located off the lagoon of Flic en Flac are two of the most appreciated diving spots of Mauritius. Ile aux Bénitiers is another attraction on its own, a small uninhabited island just few minutes from the coast.

Plage de Flic en Flac
Flic en Flac beach
  1. Discover Port Louis

Nothing you can read about Mauritian culture will be as accurate as visiting the capital city of Mauritius: Port Louis. The largest city in the Mascarene archipelago is an open-air museum to discover the unique culture and traditions of such a diverse population. Also serving as the main administrative and business centre of Mauritius, Port Louis is located in the north-west, easily reachable from most regions of the island. You’ll encounter colourful markets, a historic equestrian racetrack, religious structures & festivals, colonial houses, museums, shopping malls and amazing street food!

Port Louis Market
  1. Ganga Talao

Also known as the sacred lake of Grand Bassin, Ganga Talao is located inland and is a must for any true traveller. It is not really a tourist attraction, but a holy place for the Hindu community in Mauritius that you can visit. The 33 metres high statue of Lord Shiva guards the sacred lake, which is visited by more than 400, 000 Hindus each year. If you’re visiting Mauritius during February to start of March, you’ll have the chance to see the most colourful festivity of the Indian Ocean; Maha Shivaratri.

Ganga Taloa
Ganga Taloa
  1. Le Morne village

Le Morne is a small village located on the south-western tip of the island. A tranquil village that has a lot to offer to its visitors. First, its beach; le Morne public beach is known to be one of the finest piece of sand one can choose to lay his towel in Mauritius. Le Morne is also famed for its world-class surf and kitesurf spots located few minutes from the beach. The majestic Le Morne Brabant a UNESCO World Heritage Site adds to the beauty of the village. Le Morne Brabant offers outstanding views over the Indian Ocean and can be hiked all year round.

Actvities Standup paddleboarding  le morne
Standup paddleboarding in Le Morne
  1. Ile aux Cerfs

If you always dreamed of setting foot on an uninhabited island, we present you Ile aux Cerfs translated as Deer Island. This small piece of paradise pf 87 hectares is covered by luxuriant flora and is almost entirely surrounded by preserved white sandy beaches, ideal for bathing, snorkelling and many water activities. The island is located within the eastern lagoon and can be reached by boat from Trou d’Eau Douce or Grand River South East in 15 minutes.

ile aux cerfs ile maurice
Ile aux Cerfs

Numerous operators offer all-inclusive daylong catamaran trips to Ile aux Cerfs for a cheap price of around £40 per person. The trip includes food, drinks, sailing, snorkelling halts, and live entertainment. A must-do for most sightseers!

  1. Chamarel village

Located within dense vegetation in the south-western part of the island, Chamarel is the iridescent village of Mauritius. One can easily spend an entire day to see all the attractions of the village. The most popular one is the Seven Coloured Earth of Chamarel, an intriguing phenomenon due to the presence of volcanic ash containing mineral oxides of different colours exposed by erosion for centuries.

Seven couloured earth of Chamarel
Seven couloured earth of Chamarel

Your next stop is Chamarel Waterfall, one of the most beautiful and certainly the highest waterfall of Mauritius. Chamarel Falls (as it is called here) is fed by two impressive rivers which end up streaming an amphitheatre cliff formed by two basaltic lava layers. You’ll certainly be tempted to see the other attractions of the village like the adventure park, the old-fashioned rhumerie (rum factory) of Chamarel and its restaurant and shop. Chamarel’s Curious Corner is a great idea to have fun especially with kids.

  1. Grand Baie

Grand Baie or Grand Bay is the most touristic resort in Mauritius. The village offers kilometres of white sand beaches with the best climatic conditions of the island. It is a great place to start if you’re looking for a hotel or beach villas in Mauritius. The beaches of Grand Baie are highly appreciated by locals and tourists alike. Each beach of the village could occupy a chapter of any travel magazine, we suggest you visit at least 3 of them, the public beach, La Cuvette and Pereybere.

Seabob in Grand Bay Mauritius
Seabob in Grand Bay Mauritius

With its numerous beach restaurants, pubs, bars, casino and clubs, the village of Grand Bay is also the best place for nightlife in Mauritius. Reasons why many choose to stay in Grand Baie, it has everything from large shopping malls to small fishermen stalls. You can enjoy many activities in the village but it doesn’t stop there, Grand Baie is the ideal jetty to discover the northern groups of islands of Mauritius. You’ll sail to islands like Flat Island, Gunner’s Coin and Ilot Gabriel. Furthermore, the waters off the coast of Grand Baie are ideal for thrilling activities like Big Game Fishing or Deep-Sea Scuba diving.