5 Star Hotels in Reunion Island

reunion islandReunion Island has often been described as “L’ile Intense” due to its large volcanic activity present on the island. Also known as Sister Island, Reunion Island neighbours Mauritius in one of the most fabulous oceans – the Indian Ocean. Whether you are planning to do business in Reunion Island or for holidays. Finding a proper hotel is a must-do before you undertake your flight.

Here is a sneak peek at the five star hotels of the island.

LUX* Saint Gilles

lux saint gilles hotel reunionMember or the LUX group, LUX* Saint Gilles is located in the West coast of Reunion Island. Encircled by a crystal clear sea and an infinite stretch of sand – black, grey and white, it would be a pleasure to go for a walk on it. Why is the sand tri-coloured, you might ask? Well, this is due to the island’s composition itself. Indeed, Reunion Island is of volcanic origin thus the black sand and grey sand comes from decayed rocks or ashes. Although, it is beautiful to watch and hold in your hands, precautions should also be taken when walking on black sand during summer holidays.

Whether you want to live an adventure or replenish your inner energy, LUX* Saint Gilles is the perfect place.

Which element do you love?

With LUX* Saint Gilles, experience a multitude of activities depending on your favourite elements – Air, Water, Fire, Earth

You fancy high altitudes? Take a ride inside a helicopter and visit Reunion Island from above. Another must-do thing in Reunion Island is certainly Paragliding. Did you know that Reunion Island host the Paragliding World Cup?

For those of you who are feeling adventurous, you will surely love to explore the lava tunnels caused by the 2010 eruption of the Piton de la Fournaise or experience a dose of adrenaline rush with the 70 canyons present on the island.

You may also practice some kayaking inside glass bottom kayaks, stand up paddleboarding, diving ou paddle yoga in the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean.

Palm Hotel & Spa


Situated in Les Jardins De Grand’Anse, Palm Hotel & Spa stands proudly with its neighbouring luxurious vegetation. Surrounded by coconut trees, palm trees and white sand, a day at Palm Hotel.
& Spa will guarantees a heaven-like experience.

Imagine travelling to several countries just by tasting the different dishes in one of the 3 restaurants – an experience not to be missed provided by Chef Claude POTHIN. To further enhance your experience, Palm Hotel & Spa host multiple leisure activities, which will surely help you to create some beautiful memories with your family or partner. Speaking of partner, Palm Hotel & Spa would be more than happy to organise your marriage ceremony.

Following the same light, the rooms and suites of Palm Hotel & Spa will charm you with its creole style right in the centre of a tropical garden while its lodges nested near a cliff’s edge gives a spectacular view of Grande Anse Bay.

Akoya Hotel & Spa

akoya-hotel-spa-reunionConsidered as the pearl of the Indian Ocean, this hotel combines traditionalism of the creole heritage to the contemporary culture in which we live. Bearing its name from a famous Asian treasure which symbolizes purity, Akoya Hotel & Spa provides a place of luxury and serenity for its visitors.

Situated in La Saline-les-Bains, Akoya’s room are sumptuous – abstract décor, proper lighting, some beds inspired by ancient cultures, light wood, you could not search for better. These rooms inspire cosiness and a warm atmosphere and might be perfect if you are undertaking a honeymoon.

Similarly, the restaurant’s architecture is yet to surprise you with its central dome and atmosphere. The menus themselves varies from different cultures. Whether you want to eat French, Indian, Asian, Italian, etc all of that is possible at Akoya Hotel & Spa.

If you want some me-time, head to the 600m2 spa or Jacuzzi filled with French fragrances or the sauna for relaxation and to relieve joint pains after a long day’s walk.

If you are more of a fitness person, be sure to head to fitness center, practice some Surya Namaskar in the morning, undertake a good cardio to finish with some yoga or head to the aquagym.