Kite Surfing Mauritius

Mauritius evokes most of those clichés “Mauritians are nice.”, “The beautiful beaches.”, “The yellow sand.” These are true and everyone knows it. Indeed, this wonder of the Indian Ocean has some attributes that you will not find anywhere else in the world! On Mauritius, hospitality is legendary. Enjoy!

1. To Practice Diving in Mauritius

In Mauritius it’s what you want, when you want. In other words, you can enjoy many activities (kayak, snorkeling, golf, bike, boat trips, catamaran sailing, hiking, …) or do nothing at all! For diving lovers, you need to experience the charms of diving in Mauritius: warm waters, dives for all levels and skills – training for beginners. On the other hand you will rarely find an island in the world that will offer as much diversity in its dive sites: its coral reefs are protected by various associations and closely monitored by the Mauritian Federation of diving. But for those not yet familiar with diving in Mauritius, be aware that depending on the location of your dive center (East, West, North or South) there are many centers that offer you different spots in terms of wildlife, flora, ship wrecks, but also diving conditions or experience of the diver.

2. Tour the beaches on Mauritius

The majority of guests returning from their holidays in Mauritius will tell you: the beaches are beautiful, long, with fine sand, for relaxation, tanning, ideal for doing nothing at all- just lazing around! If you are planning on family holidays, you will be able to play with your children, with confidence. If you are more into solo traveling, you will finally be able to read the last novel of the year (choose well … it must be thick!). One advice is to let go of your smartphones: there is so much to see on a beach. The Mauritian families picnic on Sundays is one of the many examples. Others can be Indian ceremonies with women who file the surface of the lagoon with a few offerings of flowers or the beach fires lit by some hotels to provide guests with a dance show at nightfall. The beaches go all around the island, you have a vast choice. Our favorite? … That of Mont Choisy, in the northwest. But if you want to enjoy the sunset then Flic-En-Flac or Le Morne remains the best spots. And if you are more into tranquility, the beautiful beach of Belle Mare in the east, will not deceive. Visit Blue-Bay if you want to snorkel in its Marine park and if you are into island hopping, do visit Ile Aux Cerf in the east where the beach is exquisite!

3. Get out of your hotel in Mauritius and tour of the island!

One thing is certain, if you enjoy the hotel in Mauritius, you will not want to go out of its enclosure and you will enjoy the many options that it offers… inside its perimeter: beach, kitchen, water activities, well-planned trips. If you are one adventurer, you should definitely leave that hotel at least once and venture into the unknown around the island!

We recommend renting a car for a whole day trip around the island of Mauritius. One thing is sure! You will definitely return at your hotel tired in the evening because, yes, Mauritius is great if you want to walk around. One small piece of advice, do not forget your map before you go!

Another option would be to negotiate with a taxi driver the previous day, and ask him to show you his favorite spots on the island. Befriend the driver and you are sure to visit the best spots of the island! Avoid the famous Coloured Earths of Chamarel, it is too famous (you can go another time on tour with your hotel for a half day or three hours depending on your location).

Well to make your choice easier, here is a brief description of each corner of the island of Mauritius. In the south of the island you will see the villages of Mauritian fishermen. You can also go along the less crowded East Coast. Since frequent winds blow on the East Coast for a few months, hotel investors have long favored the West Coast to the detriment of the East Coast. Error that was corrected in recent years, due to lack of available land, and for the pleasure of privileged guests. Nowadays, the majority of luxury hotels are located on the East Coast!

While continuing your trip, if you feel a little hungry, buy a doll puree from a street vendor, tour the stalls selling everything and especially anything. The west coast is more spectacular on a windy day: then you will see the lagoons in a unique way. You can even spot the rugged coastline of the nearby sister island, Reunion. So if the wind comes up, go to the west coast to take some original photos.

We should not forget the center of the island! Do not miss the exploration of the Black River gorges and enjoying the wonderful view Trou Aux Cerfs has to offer.

4. Mingle with the population of Mauritius

Before leaving the island boasting a mixed population, check the calendar, you can probably have the chance to witness a national or cultural celebrations. Indian festivals are particularly rich in colors, scents and flavors. Special appeal to amateur photographers …

But if you really want it, it is very easy to get in touch with Mauritians, since they are of talkative nature. The easiest course is to befriend Mauritians, they will suggest you excursions places, recommend you the “real” restaurants – cheap and tasty. Who knows, maybe they will invite you to their table or their Sunday picnic.

5. Taste the cuisine of Mauritius

All those different cultures gave Mauritius some of the island’s most delicious specialties of the Indian Ocean and you will easily find them on small tables and great restaurants. I highly recommend the palm salad (a bit expensive, but rare) or banana flower salad. But you should also taste the fish curry, chicken curry, zourite stew or Indian Veg cuisine.

On the beaches or around, you will surely come across fried noddles(Chinese noodles) or boulettes- Chinese dumplings. Not to mention the small pineapple cut up and sold individually (your children will surely appreciate). Make a cure of tropical fruits, depending on the season. Nevertheless … the abundance of hotels in Mauritius also offers you the opportunity to test some excellent restaurants run by famous chefs.

Well, we hope we have convinced you to spend your next holidays in Mauritius!

Have fun!