Hotels in the Seychelles.

Here is our list of 5 best affordable hotels in the Seychelles for your next vacation holiday.

1. Domaine de la Réserve

On Praslin Island, viewing the exquisitely blue sea flanked by an equally impressive beach, you can find Domaine de la Réserve.

It accommodates around 80 to 100 people at a time, unwilling to compromise quality of service with quantity. You will be delighted to find snorkeling equipment provided to everyone. The possibility of snorkeling just below your bedroom window is one pretty exciting feature the hotel boasts of.

domaine de la reserve

There is live music every night until 10 p.m. with bar snacks to keep the customers happy and satisfied with a day well-spent. The staff is friendly and always open for a small chat.

In the rooms, the furniture are made of lovely wood, creating an antique and authentic feeling of the Islands.

During the day, fear not- boredom will not strike!

You will have access to bicycles and may cycle around the island, having your own adventures and explore the hidden corners. There are restaurants practically everywhere, so you need not worry about restraining your time because of lunch.

domaine de la reserve

Praslin is waiting for you with one of the best hotels in Seychelles.

2. Jardin des Palmes

Jardin des Palmes is located in Victoria, Mahé. One of the most sought after hotel in Mahé is small and leans towards the rustic theme. The décor is well-maintained and the staff prides itself of being much complimented by leaving customers.

The hotel caters to the privacy of customers all while making sure that the latter are made to feel comfortable. Staff is encouraged to mingle among customers, preserving an atmosphere of content.

jardin des palmes

Even the hotel restaurant comes well-recommended. The specialty is Tuna carpacio with olive oil and local spices and grilled red snapper. Jardin des Palmes is also renowned for its high quality house wines.

Jardin des Palmes restaurant in Seychelles

It is a hotel which endeavors to make customers yearn to be back after even the shortest of visits.

3. The Wharf Hotel & Marina

The hotel is the ideal stop for a weary traveler. It is located in the middle of the capital and the airport. Thus it makes for a perfect stopover.

Wharf Seychelles Marina hotel in Seychelles

The rooms are adequately large and equipped with the best amenities as well as a marvelous view of the wharf.

Customers have full time access to the majestic pool and also may hire yachts or other boats to see the sights of the marina.

Wharf Seychelles Marina hotel pool in Seychelles

4. La Digue Island Resort

The oldest resort in La Digue Island makes for perfect vacations according to majority opinion of vacationers!

It has a certain rustic quality that adds to the general charm and builds up the excitement with tiny chalets. These are quaint and private with their own baths which endear many. They have high ceilings, giving a rather church-like effect. The rooms themselves are spacious enough and may accommodate multiple guests. They can cater to families as well, being very appropriate to let children be rambunctious without disturbing the atmosphere at the hotel (Hotels Seychelles) for those wanting peace and quiet.

La Digue Island resort in Seychelles

Lunch often comprises of delicious grilled fish from day’s catch, complementing the menu for those who want more variety in their food. Meals are usually buffet-style, even breakfast and dinner. For those who want an early supper, the hotel arranges that with pleasure.

La Digue Island resort in Seychelles

5. Desroches Island

Desroches Island (the resort!) embodies those paradise hotels that you keep hearing about.

As soon as you enter, the staff is there to welcome you and make you feel at ease, steadfast in their wonderful service all throughout the stay at their hotel.

Desroches Island hotel in Seychelles

The minibar is always fully stocked (replenished everyday if need be) and the meal items include a lot of varied menus both affordable and delicious.

Desroches Island hotel pool in Seychelles

Snorkeling is definitely suggested, especially as you are almost certain to spot a turtle or more at this fine site.

If you are looking for a green, environment friendly hotel in Praslin – Seychelles, Les Lauriers is the perfect hotel for you. Les Lauriers Eco Hotel is a fully green hotel in Praslin that attract many visitors during their holiday in the Seychelles.