April 2014

Seven Colours Spa- Heritage Resorts
Seven Colours Spa- Heritage Resorts

Everyone goes on holidays to release all the pressure accumulated over time. To further help you to get rid of you stress, Mauritius offers top notch Spas all around the island for your betterment. Revive your senses with fine beauty and body care products. During a unique journey of serenity and harmony, you will certainly feel the difference. We can assure you that time will freeze during your visit in one of these havens of peace and tranquility.

Apart from possessing seemingly endless kilometres of beaches, the inborn hospitality of the Mauritian people and the unbeatable mashed up cuisine of three continents brought together in one location, Mauritius offers world-class spa services that will set you off on another journey of the senses.

Spa Oils

A trip to Mauritius without visiting one of its spa is like spoiling the whole holiday. It is a ‘must do’ excursion on any tourist itinerary. Sponsored by international leading-name brands such as Clarins, Givenchy, Guerlain, La Prairie and Shisheido, you will certainly benefit from one of the best service in the world.

Local well-being brand is also present with Seven Colours, the first and only Mauritian spa and cosmetics brand. The island’s mix of cultures also inspires an eclectic blend of therapies, with visitors able to choose from a range of Asian Ayurvedic massages, ocean-inspired treatments and age-old African and Creole remedies made from local herbs and flowers.

Garden Spa
Garden Spa

With the beautiful surroundings and the gorgeous year-round climate of the island, some wellness centres have also created dedicated outside treatment areas, for example in gardens or private gazebos on the beach, to allow for peaceful exchange with nature and your inner self.

Independent visitors staying in villas or in guests houses too will be catered for since most hotels and resorts welcome non-guests to their spas. There are also a number of independent health and beauty centres that are not affiliated with any resort.

Place of Haven- Beachcomber Spa
Place of Haven- Beachcomber Spa

Here is our selection of the 10 best Spas of the island. Step into any one of these havens and let expert hands pamper you…

7.  Chamarel Spa


Chamarel Spa
Chamarel Spa

Villas Caroline Hotel welcomes you to a world of wellness in the intimacy of its spa. A place to escape everyday life and retreat into a sanctuary filled with bliss and caressing aromas. Relax and pamper yourself, spend time with your soul-mate or treat your loved ones to a variety of spa treatments.

6.   Shandrani Resort & Spas


Adults staying at Shandrani for a minimum of four nights at the resort are entitled to a complimentary 45-minute massage. The resort features two spa areas affiliated to the prestigious Clarins brand, namely La Source Spa and La Source Wellness, both set amidst lush tropical surroundings.

As both names suggest, the facilities have been designed with the utmost care to invite guests to reconnect with nature and their inner selves.Located close to the hotel’s main facilities, La Source Spa provides an intimate and sophisticated setting drawing on an oriental-inspired lifestyle. In a soothing environment painted in neutral colours, professional and friendly therapists work their magic to gently revitalize the bodies of guests and soothe their minds.

5. Trou Aux Biches Resort & Spa



Covering an impressive 2897 m2 amidst lush tropical gardens, Trou aux Biches’ spa will meet expectations of the most discerning travelers holidaying in Mauritius.

Water features are recurrent elements of Trou aux Biches’ tropical design and the spa is no exception. Stretching over cool reflecting ponds, a wooden pathway will lead guests to the heart of the spa.
A beautiful pool occupies the centre of the facility and is bordered on one side by an extensive wooden deck. Comfortable loungers are set in the shade of frangipane trees for guests to relax after their treatment.

Trou aux Biches’ spa features two separate areas each different in appearance and feel. Upon arrival, guests are presented with delicious herbal tea and a refreshing towel; a welcoming ritual performed to slowly awaken their senses.

4. Kairali Aryurvedic Spa



The expert therapists, who are professionally trained in Kerala (India), deliver pampering and dreamy treatments, which are followed by relaxation and a cup of warm herbal tea. The Spa’s emphasis is on relaxation and rejuvenation, with a menu including different massages, facials, beauty treatments as well as more specialized slimming and body firming treatments. Meditation and yoga are also offered to ensure a complete healing of body, mind and spirit. People looking for a relaxing moment to recharge their soul will find the Spa to be ideally suited for their needs.

3. Iridium Spa St Regis


Iridium Spa St Regis
Iridium Spa St Regis

The journey will take you through a half an hour to half a day of sensory experiences in discreet, seductive and elegant surroundings. The time is yours to captivate and experience an uncompromising and professional service, from the time you enter the transcendental world of Iridium Spa to the moment you feel compelled to leave, as sun and sea may be calling!

2. Royal Palm Hotel



Step through the grand entrance of Royal Palm’s spa and you will feel relaxed at once! Past the threshold, an entire world of pampering awaits to be explored. The sophisticated spa design is a feast for the eyes and seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor spaces which center onto a series of cascading pools surrounded by a spacious sun deck. Natural materials including lava stone, granite, wood and slate blend with the environment while providing a strong visual statement.

1. Seven Colours Spa


Seven Colours Spa- Heritage Awali
Seven Colours Spa- Heritage Awali

The Seven Colours Spa Village of the Heritage Awali Golf & Spa Resort is one of the most beautiful well-being centres in the Indian Ocean and a haven of serenity in the heart of the Domaine de Bel Ombre. It has been awarded the World Luxury Spa of year 2014.

Set in an African village decor, the Seven Colours Spa Village of the Heritage Awali Golf & Spa Resort is immersed in a world of serenity and harmony. It provides a total well-being experience with a unique and personalised approach.

Covering over 3,000m² of lush nature, the spa village contains clay huts with thatched roofs, surrounded by water ponds and lush tropical vegetation. Its 20 treatment rooms and two beach kiosks are open every day between 9am and 8.30pm. The spa’s facilities include two hammams, a sauna, one pool with hydro jet massage and chilled pool, a hair and beauty parlour as well as outdoor spaces for relaxation.

The exclusive treatments designed according to the healing power of colours are tailored to the individual needs of each guest to rebalance the energies.


You have a lot yet to discover about the Seychelles Islands. For those willing to spend their holidays in a hotel or villa in the Seychelles, here are is what you need to know about the island.

The melting pot of the many different types of people who settled the islands makes up the colourful culture of the Seychelles. In the 17th century pirates and corsairs have been using  the Seychelles as a sanctuary to the French settlers and their dependents who established the archipelago’s spice and coconut plantations, from the Tamil and Chinese merchants who set up the region’s first small businesses to the British colonials who altered the Seychelles economically.

Each batch of new residents contributed uniquely to the notable blend of language, music, arts and religion that portrays the Seychelles. Seychellois culture mirrors the traditions of all the different races and nationalities that settled the archipelago, including the Islamic mariners, the French settlers, the British colonials, the Tamil and Chinese traders, and the African slaves.

Seychellois Creole

Creole refer to those native to the country of whichever ancestry. The majority of people living in the Seychelles are Creole. They are mainly of African and Malagasy origin. However, today it also includes people of mixed African, Malagasy, Indian, Chinese, French and British origins.

Seychellois Creoles
Seychellois Children

Africans and Malagasy were brought as slaves to work on sugar and coffee plantations. These slaves were the last to be introduced to the Indian Ocean.Their origins lie in East Africa, and, to a lesser extent, Madagascar.

Creol Seychellois is one of the official language of the Seychelles. Creole has been developed from the French dialects of the original settlers. Its vocabulary is mostly French, with a few Malagasy, Bantu, English, and Hindi words. Most Seychellois can speak and understand French although English is their principal languages.

Religions And Beliefs

Practically all the inhabitants of Seychelles are Christian. More than 90 percent are Roman Catholic. Like other Africans, many Seychellois Christians still follow traditional religious practices. These may include magic, witchcraft, and sorcery. It is a common practice to consult a local fortune-teller known as a bonhomme de bois or a bonne femme de bois and to use charms known as gris-gris to harm one’s enemies.

Magic in the Seychelles

Many Seychellois continue to believe in witchery, magic and sorcery. Shamans known bonom di bwa (from the French “bonhomme de bois” or “man of the woods”) are frequently consulted to provide supernatural guidance for solving everyday problems. African slaves brought over their traditions of gris-gris or black magic. In some ways, this Seychellois folk tradition is very similar to Haitian culture. The Seychellois believe in ghosts, and if someone dies in their families they regularly keep watch over the coffin in case the wandering soul turned into a “dandotia” or zombie.

Music in the Seychelles

The Seychelles has developed very typical musical traditions, which have made fans all around the world. African influences dominate, particularly in the moutia and sega music that is often accompanied by dance.

Sega Dancing
Sega Dancing

The Moutya dance was the typical dance back in the times of slavery. It is a slow, achingly erotic dance that is usually performed to the beat of a single drum. Moutya songs are, in fact, prayers that the early slaves adapted into work songs. Moutya was once seen as so rebellious that the British colonial authorities banned it.

In contrast, sega is a musical dance with a more Calypso-like rhythm. Sega is popular in many of the West Indian islands, including Mauritius and Réunion. The one rule of sega dancing is that the feet must never leave the ground. It is usually executed by swaying of the hips and moving the arms and hands.

The music of the Seychelles is diverse. The folk music of the islands incorporates multiple influences in a syncretic fashion, including African rhythms, aesthetic and instrumentation—such as the zez and the bom (known in Brazil as berimbau), European contredanse, polka and mazurka, French folk and pop, sega from Mauritius and Réunion, taarab, soukous and other pan-African genres, and Polynesian, Indian and Arcadian music. A complex form of percussion music called contombley is popular.

The Flag Symbolism

Seychelles Flag
Seychelles Flag

The Seychelois’ flag consists of wedges or rays emanating from the lower left corner. The colors are yellow, red, white, and green, with a blue wedge at the upper left. The flag symbolising the ocean, the link to Africa, and the multicolored nature of the population is proudly raised on the 29th of June, on thir independence day. The government that gained power through a coup in 1977 had Marxist inclinations and used rhetoric fitting that ideology. The country has used a national rhetoric of development and the innovative spirit, especially in regard to the development of the outer islands.

Seychelles Food & Drink

The favourite dish is curry and rice, which may be eaten two or three times a day. The curry may be either fish based or meat based. Coconut milk is often used in the curries. Some even consume curries comprising of both meat and fish.  Seychelles proposes a delicious cuisine with a blend of flavours that is definitely a feast to the taste buds. A typical drink is palm wine, fermented sap tapped from coconut palm fronds. And you will also have the chance to taste the famous Aphrodite endemic to the island- the Coco De Mer.

Coco D'amour- Alcoholic Drink made from Coco de Mer
Coco D’amour- Alcoholic Drink made from Coco de Mer

The Seychellois Creole cuisine merges an array of cooking styles, including English, French, Chinese, and Indian. Creole cooking is rich, tasty, hot, and spicy. Its fusion of fruit, fish, fresh vegetables, and spices is a pure bliss in the mouth. Basic ingredients include pork, chicken, fish, octopus, and shellfish. Coconut milk makes a good sauce for seafood meals.

Seychellois Cuisine
Seychellois Cuisine

Fish is served in severak ways: grilled on firewood, curried, in boullions or soups and even as steak. Turtle meat is called “Seychelles beef” and it is very famous on the island. People also enjoy salads and fruit desserts of mango, papaya, breadfruit, and pineapple which are tropical fruits available during specific seasons on the island. Locally made alcoholic beverages include palm wine(calou) and Bacca which is a powerful sugarcane liquor drunk on ceremonial occasions.

Festivals and Celebrations

Festivities Seychelles

The national day is celebrated on 18th June to commemorate the adoption of the constitution in 1993. On the 5th of June Liberation Day is celebrated in commemoration of the 1977 coup and on the 29th of June Independence Day is observed. Labor Day is on the 1st May and New Year is celebrated on the 1st and 2nd January. Christian holidays that are also public holidays include All Saints Day (1st November), Immaculate Conception (8th December) and Christmas Day (25th December).


Mauritius is surrounded by the immensity of the Indian Ocean. Those clear, warm colored, blue turquoise water enveloping the island adds up to its magnificence. Its endless white beaches shaded by coconut trees make Mauritius an ideal tropical holiday destination.

An array of spots is offered by the island commonly pictured as the paradise of the Indian Ocean. Its large lagoons bordered with fine white sand are the incarnation of paradise to those desiring to enjoy the sea, the sand and the sun. All around the island, large strips of beaches promises matchless relaxing possibilities.

Ever Stretching Beaches Of Mauritius
Ever Stretching Beaches Of Mauritius

With approximately 330 km of breath-taking beaches at every corner of the coastline, Mauritius ensures not only spectacular lagoons but also assures calm water conditions, ideal for swimming, bathing and snorkeling since the entire island is surrounded by coral reefs.

On many of these beaches you are sure to find hotels and beach resorts. However it is important to know that all beaches of Mauritius are public. Most Mauritius public beaches are safe for bathing and swimming, and ideal for coastal walks and scenic sightseeing. So whether you are lodging at a hotel or villa, all the beaches are accessible to each and everyone.

Beaches in the North of Mauritius

Famous for its outstanding number of activities proposed on its beaches, northern beaches offer water sports such as waterskiing, windsurfing, sailing, deep sea fishing, and parasailing. In the evenings you will have the opportunity to enjoy amazing views on the sunset while sipping a drink at any of the trendy bars and or restaurants situated along the coastline.

Mont Choisy Beach

The public beach of Mont Choisy is situated between Pointe aux Cannoniers and Mont Choisy and is almost 3 kilometers in length with white sand bends around the coast creating a bay of beautiful turquoise water, lined with the casuarina trees providing shade from the sun.

Mont-Choisy Beach
Mont-Choisy Beach

The beach might not be that busy during week days but during the weekend it is quite full. In case you are looking for a quieter and more intimate beach atmosphere make sure to visit the beach during the weekdays and not during the weekends.

Pereybere Beach

A small, but very busy, beach which is quite popular amongst Mauritian citizens for its cleanliness.  The beach will not disappoint! If you walk across the rocks on the right you will find more secluded spots to sunbathe in privacy and even spot many tropical fish such as the angel fish.

Pereybere Beach
Pereybere Beach

Pereybere beach is full of life with fast food stalls spread along the beach selling kebab, sandwiches and also fresh pineapple. Also, few meters from the beach you will find many bars and restaurants serving Chinese, Mauritian and International cuisine.

La Cuvette Beach

La Cuvette Beach
La Cuvette Beach

The public beach of La Cuvette is the closest center of Grand Bay. The beach might be small but intimacy is maximized and you will be able to fully enjoy the beach. The water is very tranquil and the beach is clear of rocks and corals.

Grand Bay Public Beach

Grand Baie Beach
Grand Baie Beach

The Grand Bay public beach is situated at the very center of Grand Bay. Due to active boat and catamaran traffic inside the bay, the public beach has only a small area in which you can enter the water and you will surely not come across waters that are as clear as in other beaches.The Grand Bay public beach is easily accessible by walk and you enjoy range of facilities offered on and along the coast like fresh juice stands, fast food stalls, ice cream parlours and restaurants.

Anse La Raie Beach


Anse La Raie Beach is located near the village of Calodyne, in the north of Mauritius. Several things can be said about Anse La Raie beach, but few visitors would probably consider this area as a beach as such.

Situated northwest of Calodyne, this area enjoys the same stunning views of the north Indian Ocean in a more peaceful and quiet environment. With clean and clear waters the lagoons offers great opportunities for both snorkelling and perhaps a bit of Mauritius kite surfing al dente!

For a better beach spot, head east of Anse La Raie. Park at Anse La Raie beach, cross the rocks to your northeast and walk along the coast, and you will find shallow waters and a small sandy beach. But still remain cautious the tide rises quickly there.

Poudre d’Or Beach

Poudre d'or Beach
Poudre d’or Beach

Poudre d’Or Beach is located in the village of Poudre d’Or, in the north-east part of Mauritius, near the rocky grounds on the northeast coast. You will have to look hard to find any sand here at all, and the waters tend to be rather muddy and brown most of the time throughout the year.

Yet, the area is a good spot for a quiet lunch under one of the many trees, and you will not have to struggle to find a spot of your own. There is also a monument of the world famous (and fictional) story of the two friends and lovers Paul & Virginie.

Beaches in the West of Mauritius

Beautiful beaches and magnificent sunsets are the best thing you can wish for your holidays, and the west coast is the perfect place for the best sunsets. The western part of the island is the ideal destination for surfers where the waves and wind conditions provide ideal conditions for surfing.

Flic en Flac Beach

The beach of Flic en Flac is located between the village of Albion and Tamarin and remains one of the longest beaches of Mauritius. It is a fantastic corner for bathing, swimming, snorkeling and for spending a day relaxing. With its white sand and a turquoise blue lagoon, Flic en Flac is protected by coral reefs and offers best swimming possibilities without strong sea currents.

Flic-En-Flac Beach
Flic-En-Flac Beach

Flic en Flac is the place to be at sunset- you will witness the sky fill with range of colors-which is a feast to the eyes. The sight of the sun disappearing in the sea with the remarkable scenery of the beach all around is quite breathtaking.

Tamarin Beach

The sights of the Tamarin beach with the Black River mountain range in the background are stunning and make the visit to Tamaran beach worthwhile. With its yellowish sand consisting of soft sand mixed with little stones, Tamaring beach remains unique in its own way and is clear from corals, stones and sea urchins.

Tamarin Beach
Tamarin Beach

You will also have the chance to cross the river of Tamarin, which cuts the beach in two parts, from one part to the other by crossing the river by foot. The only problem there is that no coral reefs are present and sometimes strong currents can drag you away and on many occasions you will see waves reaching all the way to the beach which can be ideal for those surf lovers.

Le Morne Beach

Le Morne is situated on the south west tip of Mauritius and its beaches are located on the west part of the Le Morne peninsula on the foot of the Le Morne Brabant. The public beach of Le Morne is a lush beach surrounded by very clear waters providing great visibility without forgetting a magnificent landscape with Le Morne Mountain as an imposing background.

Le Morne Beach
Le Morne Beach

The Le Morne beach is particularly popular for windsurfing and kite surfers. The perfect wind conditions almost all year-round makes this beach one of the top kite and windsurfing destinations in the world. Swimming is also possible but you should always be cautious since kite surfers and surfers are always gliding on this lagoon.

South Coast Beaches of Mauritius

The south of Mauritius is considered to be a more virgin region of the Island providing wilder scenery and is also known for its high sea cliffs and for the dramatic sights of the big waves crushing against the rocks. Since there are breaks in the coral reef at that area, waves can reach all the way to the coast thus making the sight of Mauritius south coastline very dramatic and picturesque.

Riviere des Galets Beach

The Riviere des Galets beach is located between Souillac and Bel Ombre and is easily accessible when driving on the southern coastal road. Riviere des Galets beach is a great place to enjoy relaxing big waves crashing on the shore. The unique smell of the sea and the light breeze brushing your cheeks are unique experiences you will encounter there. There sand is barely visible, the only thing  visible are “galets” and this makes this beach quite unique in the world.


Ilôt Sancho is yet another surprise this southern coast reserves for you. The island is reachable by walk from the beach of the Riviere des Gallet by crossing the very shallow sea on this spot. Ilôt Sancho  might be small but the walk around it will last some minutes and is worthwhile since you will have an unparalleled view of the southern coast from there- Swimming is not allowed near the island.

St Félix Beach

St Felix
St Felix

The beach of St. Felix is located near Bel Ombre and Souilliac. It is one of the most beautiful beach of the southern coast and actually consists of two small separated beaches of which the more eastern beach is most recommended. The beach itself is very beautiful and the trees and vegetation along the coastline provide a dramatic colors contrast to the beach and sea. Swimming and bathing is not possible at St Felix due to the strong sea currents and the many corals scattered along the beach but is still worth a visit for relaxation.

La Cambuse Beach

La Cambuse

La Cambuse Beach is located near the village of Mon Desert, in the south east part of Mauritius, in the Grand Port district. It remains one of the least visited beaches in Mauritius – considering its size.

Although virtually unknown to most tourists, La Cambuse Beach is actually a public beach. It is east of the airport towards the Shandrani Resort and Spa complex. After the narrow rocky road leading to the beach, you can enjoy a very nice, sandy beach with crystal clear waters that you will usually have to yourself.

A word of advice: The currents in the area are very strong, and this is definitely not a beach for the little ones.

Gris Gris Beach

Gris Gris La Roche Qui Pleure
La Roche Qui Pleure

Gris Gris is the must place to see. Gris Gris beach offers the visitors a magnificent view from the top of its cliffs. This part of the island is not surrounded by coral reefs which causes the thick waves crash directly on the cliffs creating big splashes of water. The most spectacular part of Gris-gris is “La Roche Qui Pleure” where the constant squashing of waves against the flanks of the cliff gives the impression that the cliff is crying.

East Coast Beaches of Mauritius

The east of the island remains the wilder and the less developed part of Mauritius and offers a spectacular view of wild nature. As you walk the eastern coast, the beaches are more virgin yet less crowded. This is what makes those beaches quite attractive.

Blue Bay Beach

The South East coast is different from the rest of the coastline because of its wide public beach for which the place is known and is a popular attraction.

Blue Bay is one of the most popular beaches in the South East. It derived its name from the clear azure sea. Ancient governors of the island were fascinated by Blue Bay and spent a lot of time there.

Blue Bay is next to Pointe d’Esny if you arrive from Mahebourg and go towards the south. The middle part of the bay has a characteristic changeable blue palette, made up of anything from dark blue to royal blue. The luminosity of the place seems k to be trapped in a lagoon and it is renowned for its corals, most of which are still alive.

The beach owes its popularity to its calm waters conducive to numerous aquatic activities like snorkelling and diving. Swimming, fishing, boating, water polo, skiing, boat racing and even walking on the sea bed where the waters are shallow tantalise visitors and other sea lovers who marvel at the glistening, scintillating blue water or the white foamy chasing earn other to the shore or the small fishing boats sailing back from their trips.

A choice destination for locals

Blue Bay is always packed with people during the weekend and on public holidays. Tourists and Mauritian families alike flock to the place to enjoy ‘a day at the beach’. In the summer, the sea is always luke warm and it is a real delight to take the plunge and swim or dive at leisure. Because of its shallow water and vast public beach, Blue Bay is a favourite place with families with kids who never tire of playing on the beach or in the water under the watchful eye of their parents.


Many people tend to indulge in various activities – generally playing their favourite games to pass the time. So, while a few people would read a book under the shade of filao trees, others play boka or rummy or scrabble. Many, often after drinking a few beers, would start singing and dancing.

The Marine Park

Blue Bay has a marine park. The lagoon is surrounded by coral reefs and has unique coral gardens. The marine ecosystem provides a rare beauty with its many different species of fauna and flora. The area accommodates seventy-two different types of corals and thirty-two different species of fish. It is said that some of the corals in Blue Bay may be up to 800 years old.

It is easy to get to the coral gardens and admire them in glass bottom boats. Sometimes, when the sea is extremely calm, people take a dive in order to go and have a better view of the underwater world.


But there is more. Not far from Blue Bay, there is an islet called île de Deux Cocos which is close to the marine park. The coral reefs protect this little island from oceanic waves. The marine park is also home to mangroves, algae, sea grasses and weeds, corals and other marine organisms. There is also a wide variety of fish species namely the Damselfish, Surgeonfish, Butterfly fish, juvenile Sailfish tangs, as well as tiny Pipefish and large Trumpet fish. All these help to make the glass bottom boat trips to the park an enjoyable and memorable experience.

The Blue Bay Marine Park was proclaimed a National Park under the Wild Life and National Parks Act in October 1997. It was then declared a Marine Protected Area and designated a Marine Park in June 2000.

It is to be deplored that the National Coast Guard at the Marine park is unfortunately too lenient and the number of boats near to the park might soon damage the corals.

Last but not least Blue Bay is blessed with a very cosy and quiet environment. Two hotels, namely Shandrani and Blue Bay Hotel add to the importance of the village. They are both 5-star hotels offering a range of services in addition to accommodation and wining and dining: they also cater for conferences and weddings and is a favourite destination for honeymooners.


Blue Bay Marine Park
Blue Bay Marine Park

Its marine park which one of the biggest marine park of the island is one of its major attraction. Blue Bay Marine Park is an ideal destination for snorkeling trips and it is easily accessible and provides magnificent underwater scenery for those passionate of snorkeling.

Blue Bay is a great place to stay during your vacation in Mauritius, whether you are opting for a self catering beach villa in Blue Bay, hotel, or bungalows.

Belle Mare Beach

The beautiful beach of Belle Mare is located on a coastal region in the east of Mauritius This beach is famous for its particularly fine and white sand and for its calm waters as there is a great deep lagoon that runs between the shoreline and the beach. The Belle Mare beach sand is very white and pristine.

Belle-Mare Beach
Belle-Mare Beach

Because of its length the beach of Belle Mare is perfectly suited for sport activities like jogging and walking along which can be a real treat for those sports lovers.

Poste Lafayette Beach

Poste Lafayette Beach
Poste Lafayette Beach

Poste Lafayette Beach is located in the north east part of Mauritius. It is also known as Jalsa Beach. Poste Lafayette offers a peaceful surrounding.To the south of the beach you will find little but shallow waters and small islands dotted with mangrove trees.

During the weekends you will find a few snack vendors around, selling burgers and similar stuffs. The scenery varies from pristine white beaches with powder sand, to kilometre long black rock landscapes along Poste Lafayette beach.

Ile Aux Cerfs


Ile Aux Cerfs is an outer island that can be visiting in the east of Mauritius. The beach there is great for relaxation, but the lagoon is quite shallow, being an ideal spot for smaller children to swim, Adults will have the opportunity to enjoy water sports like para-sailing, kayaking and many more.

Ile Aux Cerfs Beach
Ile Aux Cerfs Beach

Operators there offers packages comprising of a visit to the GRNE Waterfall followed by a visit to Ile Aux Cerfs and lunch on Ile Aux Margini where Mauritian Specialties is proposed. This is a great place to spend a day just before ending your holidays on the island.

Beaches south of Mauritius

Hotel ReunionVous préparez vos prochaines vacances et vous vous demandez comment trouvez un hôtel sur l’île de la Réunion qui vous conviendra le mieux ? Voici la réponse à cette question. Nous vous proposerons les hôtels de l’île de La Réunion adapter à différentes situations et vous pourriez optez pour un hébergement de standing en hôtel ou une location de villa sur l’île de La Réunion avec piscine, en bord de mer ou à la montagne!

10 conseils pour bien choisir son hôtel à La Réunion!

Sportif, fêtard, jeune couple en lune de miel, famille avec enfants, adepte de la remise en forme… quel que sois la situation, aller à l’hôtel doit toujours être un plaisir. Pour faire le bon choix et profiter au maximum de son séjour, prendre quelques petites précautions avant de partir n’est jamais superflu. Il est souvent très difficile de choisir ; entre les étoilés, les petites auberges et les autres, ce n’est pas facile de s’y retrouver, pourtant c’est simple les critères sur lesquels s’appuyer sont basiques :

  1. La première chose à faire est de se renseigner et de connaitre les offres des hôtels situés aux alentours de l’endroit où vous souhaiter aller. N’oublier pas d’étudier les tarifs et les services.
  2. Deuxième élément les étoiles, elles renseignent le client, sur la qualité des services proposés. Bien peu d’ hôtels non étoilés, proposent des services de choix.
  3. L’architecture et l’aménagement ne comptent pas pour du beurre dans le choix d’un établissement. Les bungalows disséminés dans un grand jardin tropical offrent un indéniable charme mais restez vigilant et essayer de savoir a quand remonte la dernière renovation.
  4. Réserver son hôtel à l’avance permet d’avoir un choix étendu sur les  prix et les chambres (lit double, vue sur la mer, baignoire …). Mais si ces conditions importent peu, de nombreux hôtels font des promos de dernière minute, vous n’avez qu’à garder les yeux ouvert.
  5. Les tarifs «basse saison» sont toujours plus avantageux que ceux en dits de « haute saison ». Mais attention, ils varient aussi d’une destination à l’autre !
  6. Pour des réservations «Affaire» en semaine, pourquoi ne pas tenter la formule «appart-hôtels»? Souvent bien situés, en centre-ville, ces petits appartements proposent tous les services habituels des hôtels (lingerie, conciergerie …). Une kitchenette est à disposition pour ceux qui frôlent l’overdose de restos ou ont envie d’une soirée tranquille « comme à la maison ».
  7. Partir à l’hôtel en famille n’est pas toujours facile. Pour rester groupé tout en sauvegardant un peu d’intimité, penser à demander des chambres communicantes ou des «junior-suites». Elles sont souvent très pratiques et vous aidera surement à profiter pleinement de votre séjour.
  8. La différence entre une chambre standard et une chambre «de luxe» n’est souvent qu’une question de superficie et non de service comme l’appellation pourrait le laisser croire. Alors faites un bon choix malin, dépendant de la superficie dont vous fera usage.
  9. La plupart du temps, les tarifs annoncés n’incluent pas le petit-déjeuner dont le prix varie de 10 à 20 euros en moyenne par personne selon la catégorie de l’hôtel. Prendre son petit-déjeuner à l’extérieur permet de faire des économies et de manger « local » ou vous pourriez gouter plusieurs nouvelles saveurs pour bon marche.
  10. Les plaisirs de la table représentent un critère déterminant, Il serait dommage de découvrir un pays sans goûter à sa cuisine. Certains établissements disposent de leur potager et tout ce que vous mangez provient de l’agriculture locale, y compris le rhum locale. Si la plupart des buffets sont internationaux, veillez à ce que des spécialités soient toujours représentées, ou qu’une soirée à thème soit organisée au moins une fois durant le séjour.

Notre Sélection D’hôtels à la Réunion

Voici une selection des meilleurs hôtels de l’île de la Réunion  pour que vous puissiez préparer vos vacances en toute tranquillité. Les hôtels proposés proposent les services de location de voitures et peuvent mettre leur clientèle en relation avec des collaborateurs touristiques (excursions, sports nautiques, etc…) pour profiter pleinement de ce que l’île propose- Ils sont normalement tous ouverts pendant toute l’année.

  1. Résidence Tropic Apart’Hotel***

    Residence Tropic

    Hôtel situé à quelques pas du lagon de l’Ermitage, la Résidence TROPIC Appart’Hôtel vous accueillera dans ses 20 studios (25m²) et 20 duplex (45 m²) élégamment aménagés en bois massif et climatisés.

    Residence Tropic
    Residence Tropic

    Afin d’améliorer votre confort, ils disposent d’une télé rattacher  à une option satellitaire, d’un accès Internet en WIFI gratuit, d’un téléphone, d’un coffre-fort et d’un sèche-cheveux. Chaque appartement jouit d’une terrasse privative équipée d’une kitchenette avec réfrigérateur, plaques vitrocéramiques, four combi micro-onde/grill et kit vaisselle complet. Cet appart-hôtel est bien tenu et  comprend une petite piscine si le lagon est trop loin pour vous. Bonne situation pour rayonner dans toute l’île et profiter du lagon.

  2. L’hôtel Résidence Les Créoles ***

    Situé au cœur de la station balnéaire de l’Ermitage, à 10 min du port de Saint-Gilles-les Bains, des bars, des night clubs, du casino et du Mail de Rodrigues qui regroupent une vingtaine de commerçants, elle vous ouvre les porte à la culture Réunionnaise.

    Hotel Les Creoles
    Hotel Les Creoles

    L’hôtel dispose de 22 studios spacieux de 27 m² dont 2 accessibles aux personnes à mobilité réduite, de 10 duplex de 51 m² dotés d’une kitchenette équipée, d’une varangue privative, d’un balcon de 4 m² avec vue sur piscine et de 10 chambres supérieures twin de 28 m² plus balcon de 4 m². Toutes les chambres sont équipées d’ écran plat, téléphone et coin bureau. Pour toute réservation un chèque de caution sera demandé. La taxe de séjour n’est pas comprise dans le tarif indiqué.
    Côté loisirs une piscine de 100 m² avec transats et solarium, un espace ping-pong, cours d’aquagym, vélos elliptiques à disposition. Sans oublier les activités à proximité comme l’hélicoptère, le parapente, le golf, la plongée, la pêche aux gros, le surf et le jet ski.


  3. L’ Archipel Résidence Hôtel***

    La résidence hôtelière l’Archipel, à Saint-Gilles les Bains, propose 52 studios et 12 duplex. Chaque hébergement dispose d’une kitchenette équipée, d’un balcon ou d’une terrasse privée. Les studios peuvent accueillir jusqu’à 3 personnes et les duplex jusqu’à 5 personnes.

    L'Archipel Residence
    L’Archipel Residence

    Service snack pour le déjeuner. Un accès aux personnes à mobilité réduite est mis à disposition. Une connection WIFI est disponible gratuitement dans toute la  résidence et un service de pressing est aussi disponible.
    Des loisirs comme la piscine, le tennis, ping-pong, billard (payant), jeux de société, babyfoot (payant) et vélos elliptiques (gratuit) sont disponible sur place. La Résidence l’ Archipel est l’hôtel a choisir pour un séjour pratique et accessible en toute liberté sur la côté ensoleillée de l’île !

    Bonne Vacances!

Port Louis At Night
Port Louis From Top At Night

 Mauritius, one of the pearl of the Indian Ocean, is marvelous at night. Warm, starlit evenings provide an idyllic setting for al fresco dining, dancing and romantic strolls on the beach. Contemplating a magnificent full moon brightly shining while admiring the glistening and enthralling dark lagoons- perfect for a midnight bath- will simply makes your holidays on the island more than perfect.

Whether you are lodging in a hotel or villa or just hanging around at some parent’s place, you should not miss whatever Mauritius has to offer to you.

Moonrise At Dusk- Mauritius
Moonrise At Dusk- Mauritius

As dusk replaces daylight, a lively atmosphere engulfs the island – especially on the north and west coast, where many nightclubs, pubs and restaurants can be found. Still those seeking a peaceful night will be satisfied too. The island proposes various activities, for various tastes, so as to please everyone.

Twilight Trips In Mauritius

Sunset at Flic-En-Flac

Sunset Flic-En-Flac
Sunset Flic-En-Flac

You should definitely not miss a sunset in Mauritius. You will usually witness the best around Flic-en-Flac. To make sure you don’t miss the sunset, you can enjoy a day at the beach until the grand moment arrives. In summer you will witness sunset at around 19h00 and in winter at around 17h45 Do not forget your camera; it will surely be one of your best shots.

Port-Louis by Night

The facet of Port-Louis completely changes by night. The lively colours of the Caudan Waterfront will surprise more than one. Of the entire island, one of the most living places the night, is of course the Caudan. If you feel like it, you can spend some time at the casino and who knows you might win a fortune!

Casino In Le Caudan Waterfront
Casino In Le Caudan Waterfront

Going deeper into Port-Louis, you can visit the Jummah Mosque which is simply stunning at night. It is the biggest mosque without minaret of the world and is a very beautiful building. During certain period of the year, you can also visit China Town where traditional food is prepared and sold on the spot and where you will be able to admire traditional dances and fireworks.

Jummah Mosque At Night
Jummah Mosque At Night

To end the trip around Port-Louis beautifully, an escapade to La Citadelle is required. On one of the highest peak of the town, you will have the opportunity to witness a breath-taking view of the illuminated city from top.

Clubbing In Mauritius

A big advantage of the nightlife in Mauritius is that most of the clubs offers free entrance, while others charge a very low entrance fee of 100Rs (about 3.5 Dollars), which make it ideal for club hopping, where you enjoy some time in different clubs while never running out of money until ending the night at early morning the next day.

Since the entrance fee is not consequent, you will only have to pay is for the drinks. Drinks prices vary from club to club, but in general beers can cost around 90-120 Rs (3-4 Dollars) and a cocktail about 200-350 Rs (7-10 Dollars)

Flic-En-Flac Nightlife

Nightlife in Flic En Flac
Nightlife in Flic En Flac

Flic en Flac is a very lively village where night life is present almost everyday. Events are usually planned on the beach and most of the time the parties are well organized: Whilst at other times they are just some spontaneous bond fires with some ‘ravanes’ and joyous sega typique all around.Famous nightclubs, known by all the revelers and night owls, border the sandy beach of Flic-en-Flac on the West coast of Mauritius making it one of the perfect spot to enjoy clubbing.

Grand Bay Nightlife

Banana Beach Club Grand Bay
Banana Beach Club Grand Bay

Grand Bay nightlife has evolved significantly during the recent years. From a city housing 1-2 clubs, today one will come across about 10 night clubs and many more active pubs. It is very easy to find clubs in Grand Bay, as almost all of them can be found on the main road in the center of Grand Bay. So you just have to start walking along the road until you see a club.

The weekends are usually full of activities. Every club organizes something special and you will surely find something fitting your personality. You just have to wander around Grand Bay and just sneak into every club until you find the perfect one suiting your needs.


 Some Tips While Clubbing in Mauritius

  • Wear the right clothes – It all depends on which nightclub you are choosing. Those high-class nightclubs will definitely ask for a classier dress code whilst those with lower reputation will ask for no specific dress code. Just inform yourself before heading towards a nightclub, since you might not get admitted with the wrong clothes
  • Go to different clubs during the night- You will not regret it
  • Advice for the Smokers – make sure you bring enough cigarettes with you, because they can be hard to find at night and many of the clubs do not sell them and ifthey do, the price is usually exaggerated compared to the normal price.
  • Bear in mind that the doormen can be quite tuff at times, so just be as cool as possible, else getting in will become a nightmare.

Some other clubs around the island:

  • Executive Club, Royal Road (Coronmandel)
  • Illusion disco Ltd (Sivananda Street, Curepipe Road, Curepipe)
  • Paradox Club (MCB Building, Rue John Kennedy, Rose Hill)
  • Port Louis Gymkhana (Frere Felix de Valois, Port Louis)
  • Queen’s night Club (Route St Jean, Quatre Bornes)
  • Sai Toong, 17 (Jummah Mosque street, Port Louis)
  • SHOUT -SHOTZ (The terrace) (Royal Road, Flic en Flac)
  • Summer Beach Club (Coastal Road, Flic En Flac)
  • The Ritz Club (Gentlemen’s club) (Royal Road, Baie du Tombeau)
  • Xindix Nightclub (Joomun Building, Curepipe)

Other Plans

Hotel Sega Animation
Hotel Sega Animation

If you are not one of those who love clubbing, you can still enjoy a nice evening in your hotel or in a restaurant where live shows are usually organised. You will have the chance to enjoy some good sega music and some beautiful ladies dancing in their colourful dresses. Mauritius is just the perfect holiday destination.


A family on holiday in the Seychelles.

This small piece of paradise is one of Africa’s hidden gems. With its white powdery beaches and contrasting crystal clear waters, you will surely enjoy one of the best of holidays there. The resorts and villas in the Seychelles feature the best in sumptuous holidays – impeccable service and dream-like locations.

The Seychelles will have you speechless from the minute you step out of the plane… The beaches are so stunning that you have to see them with your own eyes to believe it. The dramatic rock formations and incredible sunsets will have you relentlessly snapping away with your camera. One obvious thing is: Mother Nature was kind to this island. Seychelles will definitely drag you away into another world.

Where are The Seychelles?

Seychelles on a map
Seychelles on a map

Seychelles Island is located to the northeast of Madagascar, and about 1640km east of Kenya. It is an archipelago nation of islands located in the Indian Ocean consisting of about 115 islands. The Seychelles has the smallest population of any African state and the principal islands are Mahé (55 sq mi; 142 sq km), Praslin (15 sq mi; 38 sq km), and La Digue (4 sq mi; 10 sq km). The Aldabra, Farquhar, and Desroches groups are included in the territory of the republic.

Life in the Seychelles islands differs by grandiose seascapes, incomparable beauty and temperate weather. These are few of the factors that make this nation such a preferred paradise for holiday seekers. Adding to the perfect, dazzling, white sands and welcoming, lapis-lazuli, waters, this spectacular country is also home to a vibrant diversity of cultures.

Top Attractions Of The Seychelles


Sailing in Seychelles
Sailing in Seychelles

With its azure oceans, Seychelles’ lagoons are world famous and provide innumerable opportunities for memorable sailing around its isles. The archipelago consists of a myriad of channels and safe quays at different spots, which means that opting for hiring a yacht will prove enjoyable. It is a perfect place for leisure cruises or boat tours.


Snorkeling In Seyche;lles
Snorkeling In Seyche;lles

With its incredible variety of marine life beneath the soft ocean surface, diving becomes a whole new and memorable experience. The warm safe waters houses a vibrant array of fish, turtles and coral, providing snorkelers and scuba divers with unparalleled opportunities to contemplate endemic species.


Seychelles hosts a number of well-attended annual fishing tournaments. Big-game and fly-fishermen opt for these waters as there is an affluence of marine life rich in prize catches without forgetting the beautiful and tranquil environment adding up to any angling adventure.


Hiking in the Seychelles
Hiking in the Seychelles

With its beautiful, peaceable and dream-like landscapes, hiking is a pure bliss in the Seychelles. The basaltic structure of the environment, with its lush dense forests makes it the perfect place for those nature lovers seeking adventure.

Island hopping

Seychelles is a melting pot of cultures and each one of its hundredth of landmasses has their own magical and unique allure. Be it architecture that fascinates you or be it nature, you’ll find a wealth of inspiring discoveries by visiting the different islands of the archipelago.

Sunbathing and Swimming

Swimming in Seychelles
Swimming in Seychelles

Having a walk along the many truly superb coastlines of these islands, relax on their soft sands or swim in those enthralling lagoons is one of the best experiences you will have in your life. Any Seychelles experience is incomplete without having a trip around those distinctive rocky shores and immaculate white beaches.

The Hidden Treasures Of The Seychelles

Restaurants you should not miss in the Seychelles

Restaurant La Perle Noir

If you’re looking for a romantic restaurant with great food on Mahé, this is the place to visit. Situated in the Beau Vallon area, you will enjoy your meal outside the restaurant after the reservation. Who wouldn’t want to sit outside in a tropical paradise? Its fresh catches are highly recommended- you will definitely enjoy an exquisite feast there.

Café des Arts

This place, situated on Praslin, has it all – a gorgeous setting, yummy food at a decent price and friendly service- quite a unique spot. Seafood is, of course, their forte! You should not miss having dinner or lunch there, you will certainly be conquered.

Kaz Zanana

Found in Victoria, Kaz Zanana proposes delicious Creole seafood served in a former Seychellois house that’s been skillfully restored and ornamented with local artisans’ wares. Its location being a little off the beaten path makes it a perfect place if you are looking for tranquility.

Must Visits in the Seychelles

The atoll of Aldabra

Atoll Of Aldabra
Atoll Of Aldabra

The Aldabra atoll, situated in the most isolated part of the Seychelles is Made up of 4 main islands. It is there that you’ll find the largest raised coral atoll in the world – now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With its untouched coral reef and over 100,000 giant land tortoises, it’s a must-visit for those interested in ecology. You will also have the opportunity to come across frigate birds, giant crabs and the white throated rail, the only flightless bird left in the Indian Ocean.


Sainte Anne Marine National Park

Snorkeling at Sainte Anne Marine National Park
Snorkeling at Sainte Anne Marine National Park

Easily accessible and a boat-ride away from Victoria Harbour, this marine park is made up of 6 islands. The marine park offers superb snorkelling conditions in clear waters where you’ll see  as many as 900 species of fish found in the Seychelles. Hawskbill Turtles are another big draw for visitors to these islands.


Vallée de Mai on Praslin Island

Vallee De Mai
Vallee De Mai

Lying in the heart of Praslin Island, Vallée de Mai is a national park, UNESCO World Heritage Site and houses the highly revered Coco de Mer seed. Vallée de Mai is the sole place in the world where you’ll come across Coco de Mer. You will be able to wander through the national park, beneath giant palm trees and do keep your eyes open for the rare Seychelles Black Parrot.

Most Idyllic Beaches in the Seychelles

Curieuse beach
Curieuse beach

Across the Seychelles, you’ll find stunning beaches complete with huge granite boulders, soft white sand and breathtaking views across the calm turquoise waters.

Some of the most praised beaches are:

1. Anse Source d’Argent (La Digue)with its dazzling powdery-sand beach framed by naturally sculpted granite boulders lapped by luxuriously warm waters.

2. Petite Anse (La Digue) which is the perfect place to to play castaway on a deserted beach.

3. Anse Georgette (Praslin) is the place for those sunseekers. You will definitely love this spot.

4. Anse Lazio (Praslin), one of the most idyllic beach in the Seychelles, with its long stretch of silvery sand framed by granite boulders and shaded by coconut palms and takamaka.


Top Diving spots in the Seychelles

Diving in Seychelles
Diving in Seychelles


1. Trois Bank
The maximum depth at this site is 23 meters. With nice granite rocks formation, coral formation raised nearly to 4 meters to the surface and a fantastic visibility; you will enjoy a great diving experience.There are grey reef sharks most of the time and groups of octopus, eagle rays, school of barracuda, bat fish, reef fishes and morays.

2. National Marine Park, Cap Ternay
A calm bay with beautiful coral reef  with a lively marine life, starting from its shallow reef (about 1 metre) to a maximum of 24 meters. Beautiful reef fishes, morays, lion fish, turtles, humphead parrot fish, trumpet fish, clown fish, and many other species can be observed there. And during the period of August to September, you can easily get a glance of the giant whale sharks and sometimes also the dolphins.

3. Dredger Wreck
This site is better suited to divers with experience of open water diving. The ship was sunk on purpose for divers and lies at 27 meters depth near to a nice reef. The dredger wreck has created a nice hiding place for cat fish, morays, lobster, stone fish, lion fish, and scorpion fish. Sometimes giant puffer fish and school of bat fish can be spotted along with sting rays in the sand.

Seychelles: A hidden gem

While enjoying your stay in the magnificent islands of the Seychelles– be it it the hotels or villas there are many more landmarks that you can visit during your holidays in the Seychelles.

You just need to hire a car, hit the road and enjoy a memorable journey along the streets of Seychelles. As you will come to see, the Seychellois have come to realize that the environment is their country’s most valuable asset and that they are determined to preserve it at all costs. Let’s go on a tour of more of those places.

The Sanctuary at Roche Caiman

The Sanctuary at Roche Caiman is located on the east coast of Mahé. It is the only artificial freshwater wetland of the Seychelles. It is a very popular bird watching and wildlife observation spot with school children and adults alike. There, you will find:  palm spiders, water skaters and crabs, various species of freshwater fish and frogs, skinks and eleven species of birds. People won’t have to wade into the water either during their visit there, as there are boardwalks all across the sanctuary. Yoga classes are also organized there.

Port Launay Coastal Wetlands

The Port Launay Coastal Wetlands can be found near Port Glaud in Mahé and their surface area is of 121 hectares. Those wetlands are very important for the reproduction and growth of fish and harbor two endangered bat species. Nearby you will find the Port Launay Marine National Park which is renowned for being a spot where whale sharks can be observed.

The Morne Seychellois National Park

Le Morne Seychellois
Le Morne Seychellois

Also in Mahé, the Morne Seychellois National Park is named after the highest mountain of the Seychelles. There, you will find a dense secondary forest and shrub woodland, punctuated by cliffs and large granite boulders. Some parts of the primary forest can be observed above 600 meters. The site is an Important Bird Area as several endangered bird species nest there such as Seychelles Kestrels, Seychells Blue Pigeons, Seychelles Scops-owls, swiftlets, Bulbuls, White-eyes and Sunbirds.

The Kreole institute

The Kreole institute is situated at the Domaine de Val des Près in Mahé in an old colonial house which was formerly known as the Maison Saint-Joseph built in 1920. Its purpose is to promote local Creole culture and tradition. Various activities are also organized there, such as traditional French song recitals, cultural exhibitions, language and literature workshops, etc.

Ile Cocos Marine National Park

Ile Aux Cocos Seychelles
Ile Cocos Seychelles

Ile Cocos Marine National Park is also a favorite spot for snorkeling and diving. The park consists of 3 small islets bathing in shallow water: Ile La Fouche, Ilot Plate and Ile Cocos, surrounded by coral reefs.

Seychelles Natural History Museum

The Seychelles Natural History Museum houses exhibits about the flora, the fauna and the geological history of the Seychelles. Its purpose is also to raise awareness about environmental issues and encourage good environmental practices.

Aride Island

Aride Island
Aride Island

Aride Island is the northernmost granitic island of the Seychelles. It was bought in 1973 by Christopher Cadbury who converted it into a nature reserve. The only human inhabitants there are the reserve staff and volunteers.  The island is a breeding ground to more than 1.7 million birds and is home to several species of skink, three species of gecko and three species of poisonous snakes. Green turtles and Hawksbill turtles also visit the island regularly.






With its palette of cultures, Mauritius has the best to offer in terms of delicacies. Some restaurants do provide Mauritian foods, but leaving your hotel or villa might prove wonderful if you want to discover one of the hidden treasures of Mauritius. If you are one of those willing to hire a car and wind through the Mauritian roads, during your sojourn, to the city centres, markets and street corners, you will discover some of the best eats on the island.