In this article, I tell you how my two days trip around the Seychelles turned out.  If you are planning on having a short trip on those beautiful islands of the Indian Ocean, well you can follow my route or simply create a route all by yourself, but avoid making the mistakes I did. Have fun during your trip in the Seychelles guys!

7:10 a.m. – Arrival on Mahé

Arrival on Mahe
Arrival on Mahe

After my long and tiresome flight, I am finally flying above the magnificent Seychelles archipelago and its vibrant colours reflect a dream like landscape. Mahé, the largest of the 115 islands is the main entry point of the Seychelles with its international airport located in the North-East of the island. The airport is relatively small. Yet, it is cheerful and really gives the impression of being the door to heaven on earth, a place with a peaceful rhythm.

Time to get my luggage and a coffee! After landing and meeting with the country, you already feel acclimated to this beautiful country and its friendly inhabitants. Before starting my journey, I drop at  EchoCars stall to retrieve a car that I had the foresight to hire. And drive to Mahe!

9 a.m. – Victoria

After a 15 minutes’ drive, I finally arrive at Victoria(or Port Victoria), the largest city of the Seychelles and at the same time the smallest capital of the world. The city of Victoria is home to the administrative centres and official institutions. It is the main gathering place of the island; here it is not a difficult task to notice the great diversity of the Seychellois’ culture that we often see mentioned in travel books. At first glance, the Seychellois are very cooperative, friendly and enthusiastic people.

The Sir Selwyn Selwyn Forain Market Clarke Market

Victoris Market

The boys at EchoCars advised me to go to the open market of Victoria and frankly I was not disappointed. A colourful market, very noisy indeed, but i enjoyed the visit with the smiles of each other. It is very easy to find local products and exotic fruits in this market. Traders are friendly and unlike other countries, they do not try to harass you with their products. In any case, if there is a place where all the flavours and exotic scents of the Seychelles meet, it is there! And the market even has a tourist area where you can find souvenirs- beautiful handmade products and many other stuff. For my part, at the market, I’m more focused on the gastronomic touch it offers, Seychelles cuisine is a real treat!

11.30 a.m. – Beau Vallon beach

beau vallon
Beau Vallon Beach

Located on the North-Western part of the island, Beau Vallon beach is certainly the most beautiful of the whole island. Kilometers of white sandy beaches spreading in ahead in the shades of coconut and uniting with an emerald lagoon; a true natural setting. The beach is spacious and deserted with fine sand where I can extend my beach towel and relax. Just a few minutes later, I could not help but to go and immerse myself in these warm alluring waters! The lagoon water is deep and if you like diving or enjoy water rides, you’ll be astonished by the abundance of aquatic life in Seychelles’ waters. Everything is made for the welfare of the traveler and the beach never fails to entertain, there were even some restaurants (very exotic)!

2.00 p.m. – I get lost (Ironically)

When I was back on the east of Mahé, I found myself (somehow) at the Sunset Beach! Then I realized how ridiculously easy it is to find a deserted beach in the Seychelles, even in Mahé! In fact, there are over 50 beaches to relax on this magnificent! Sunset Beach suited me well, it was almost like a discovery to me and I spent two long hours before joining back the capital Victoria.

4.30 p.m. – Island hopping to Praslin

Baie Ste Anne Praslin
Baie Ste Anne Praslin

I was done with the car now, I took my flight to the island of Praslin. The connection between the main island and Praslin (the second largest island) is provided by Air Seychelles several times a day. The fare is € 85, which is slightly higher than the ship. But nothing beats the view from above, to fly for 15 minutes over an emerald tide and hundreds of beautiful islands in an environment where summer seems to last forever. Arriving on Praslin, the small airport (just an aerodrome) makes me feel good that I’m on a natural island. If you are one of those who prefer to avoid the crowds and tourist influx, Praslin is the perfect place for a privileged holiday.

5.30 p.m. – Arrival at the hotel

Since I will not spend much time on Praslin, I prefer to get around by taxi to get to the hotel. The roads are less maintained than those on the island of Mahé, but we quickly forget this little flat road when crossing the beautiful landscapes of the island through the Praslin National Park.

My friends from TripAdvisor advised me to stay at the Domaine La Reserve Hotel, and frankly there is no possible disappointment, I received a very friendly welcome and gracious service. The room overlooks a breathtaking view of the lagoon in the colors of a beautiful sunset. What a beautiful day!

My day on La Digue

La Digue
La Digue

If there is an island for which the Seychelles archipelago is famous, it is La Digue with its huge granite elevations. The island is even smaller than Praslin and it is said to be the most beautiful of all. Well I went to La Digue on boat this time, I wanted to test every means of transport! The island of La Digue is a real example of untouched nature, a true paradise – Fine sand, coconut palms, millennia granite elevations overlapping the lapis lazuli lagoon; simply a dream coming true. The most amazing was to have a trip around the island in an Ox Cart, which felt quite primeval but great. The beaches of La Digue are undoubtedly living postcards! In fact, two beaches (Grand Anse and Anse Source d’Argent) rank first and second in the top 100 of the most beautiful beaches in the world! There is no doubt about it, I was in one of the most beautiful places in the world! And stayed there all day!

Have a nice trip in the Seychelles!