Whitewater Rafting in Réunion Island

It is hard to imagine anything more exciting than the feeling of adrenalin pumping through your arteries while practicing your favorite extreme sport during your holidays in Réunion Island.

More and more tourists come to the island for this reason alone and it is possible to practice a whole range of extreme sports in Réunion Island.

Whitewater Rafting. Photo by Wikimedia Commons.
Whitewater Rafting. Photo by Wikimedia Commons.

One of the extreme sports that are prized in Reunion Island is white water rafting. People are attracted to the sport because it puts them in direct confrontation with the forces of nature. White water can best be described as a portion of turbulent water, generally flowing down a slope. The rapid movement of the water makes it difficult to navigate in, because of the speed and the obstacles that can get in the way. This span of water is generally navigated with the help of a PVC or rubber inflatable raft. These rafts can carry up to twelve people thus making rafting the ideal group extreme sport that can be practiced with friends and family.

Even if the sport is very exciting and rewarding, nobody should under-estimate the forces of nature and the sport can become dangerous if people are not careful. The rapids are thus classified according to their difficulty and so that they can be chosen by according to the rafter’s experience.

When someone starts rafting, it’s best to start on an easy course and then progressively move on to the more difficult ones.  For new-comers, it would be best to seek out the services of experienced guides that can be found near their hotel to ensure their safety during the trip. They also offer courses for those who want to go rafting on their own around during their holidays in Réunion Island.

Waterfall in Réunion Island. Photo by Wikimedia Commons.
Waterfall in Réunion Island. Photo by Wikimedia Commons.

Despite some saying that rafting is a very dangerous sport, it’s actually becoming more popular with locals and tourists alike. It’s mainly because of the use of modern equipment and techniques that practitioners can be safe during their trips down the rapids of Réunion Island. Practicing in the easier levels should be able to help you get prepared for the more difficult levels.

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re on holidays in Réunion Island and are looking for something new and exciting to do, why not try white water rafting?



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