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Tropical bliss: beaches to visit in Mauritius

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Whether you are from the UK, France, India, Italy, Germany or China, chances are that you heard about Mauritius’ beautiful beaches on travel magazines or on online booking websites. The main island Mauritius is almost completely surrounded by warm white sand beaches.

Mauritius is a relatively small in size, 2040 km² (nearly the size of Luxembourg) but the island offers more than 100 public beaches in the most appropriate tropical décor one can imagine. For sea, sand and sun lovers, here is our top 5 beaches in Mauritius:

1.    Flic en Flac

The small coastal village of Flic en Flac is located on the west coast of Mauritius, which is also the island’s warmest shoreline. The beach is lined by casuarina trees providing some shade and also serving as props for beautiful sunsets photographs. Flic en Flac is much appreciated for its turquoise water measuring the ideal temperature of 26°C.

Stretched over more than 4 kilometers, Flic en Flac one of the longest beaches of the island, and is divided into four parts. Flic en Flac beach begins in front of Villa Caroline Hotel and is ideal for snorkeling enthusiasts. The 2nd and 3rd parts of the beach are quite commodious if not deserted, especially on weekdays. Wolmar beach is the 4th and last part of the beach of Flic en Flac.


Activities: 10

Atmosphere: 9

Safety: 8

Facilities: 8

Cleanliness: 8


2.    Grand Baie

Grand Baie beach

If Mauritius is a tropical paradise, Grand Baie is its living postcard. With its wharf, water sports, hotels, numerous shopping malls and beaches, Grand Baie is the touristic capital of the island. People love Grand Baie for its milky white sand and azure lagoon and its lagoon calm offers several aquatic activities live glass bottom trips, water ski and undersea walk.

Grand Baie (Grand Bay) owes its name to its bay, the island’s largest. Whether it is visiting a religious temple or have lunch on a beach restaurant or an eagle-eyed view on the bay when parasailing, there is always something to do in the small village of Grand Baie. The touristic village neighbours some other popular attractions like the Cap Malheureux church and Chateau de Labourdonnais.

Activities: 10

Atmosphere: 9

Safety: 8             

Facilities: 6

Cleanliness: 7


3.    Le Morne

Le morne Brabant beach

Located in the southwest, the two public beaches of Le Morne are without a doubt the favoured beaches for relaxation. Far from roads, cars, and touristic influx, Le Morne is the most pristine beach of Mauritius. The water is so clear that you can easily see fish circling around or the reflection of Le Morne Brabant.

In between the two beaches, you will find a small beach restaurant, which is probably the best-placed restaurant of Mauritius. You will be able to enjoy local cuisine without leaving the beach. Le Morne beach is the best choice for honeymooners, couples and those who just want to repose on the beach.

Activities: 7

Atmosphere: 10

Safety: 7             

Facilities: 6

Cleanliness: 10


4.    Belle Mare

belle mare Mauritius

The beach of Belle Mare is an invitation take a break and activate your senses. The eastern coast is home to some beautiful beaches. Belle Mare & Palmar are the two main beaches of this region that exudes charm. The extensive beach of Belle Mare represents best the wild beauty cloaked by a green hinterland combining privacy and comfort.

The idyllic beach of Belle Mare is shaded by natural casuarina trees and is enclosed by flourishing coral reefs ensuring safe and calm waters. In respect to this serene and relaxing atmosphere, motorised water sports are discouraged inside the lagoon.

Activities: 6

Atmosphere: 10

Safety: 6             

Facilities: 6

Cleanliness: 9


5.    Ile aux Cerfs

Parasailing Ile Aux Cerfs

Mauritius is surrounded by several small islands and one of them is the wonderful Ile aux Cerfs, located within the eastern lagoon. Like its main island, Ile aux Cerfs is bordered by beautiful white sand beaches, a complete change of scenery for tourists. The beaches are very spacious and whether you are planning family, couple or honeymoon holidays, the island is a must-see in Mauritius.

Ile aux Cerfs is a small paradise for lazing around & strolling along untenanted beaches. The beaches of Ile aux Cerfs are ideal for sunbathing. Though, in some places around the island, due to the south-east trade winds, the lagoon invites to the discovery of more sensational sports like kite-surf, parasailing and windsurfing.

Activities: 8

Atmosphere: 10

Safety: 6             

Facilities: 3

Cleanliness: 8



Some other famous beaches of the main island Mauritius:



  • Pointe aux Piments
  • Trou aux Biches
  • Mont Choisy
  • Pereybere
  • Cap Malheureux
  • Grand Gaube


  • Roches Noires
  • Bras d’Eau
  • Poste Lafayette
  • Palmar
  • Trou d’Eau Douce



  • Balaclava
  • Pointe aux Sables
  • Albion
  • Tamarin
  • La Preneuse


  • Riambel
  • Bel Ombre
  • La Prairie
  • St Félix
  • Gris Gris
  • La Cambuse
  • Blubay
  • Pointe d’Esny


For beach lovers, we would recommend choosing hotels or villas located on the beach itself. Scout using websites like Google Maps, TripAdvisor, Trivago etc. to find reviews on hotels services and their front beaches.

For travellers, who would want to discover the island in its every nook and cranny, we suggest renting a car in Mauritius for coastal road trips. You will be amazed by the number of hidden beaches in Mauritius.

There is a beach for every activity in Mauritius. If you like thrilling aquatic activities, check out our previous articles on Big game fishing and diving in Mauritius. Have nice beach holidays in Mauritius!


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