Tax Benefits

It’s time to retire or you want to start over on a fresh page? Why not take advantage of this opportunity to become a resident of Mauritius? This island has all the assets to please, whether in terms of sumptuous surroundings, quality of life or tax advantages.

According to the study of a firm specialized in expatriation, reported by BOI (Board of Investment), Mauritius is not far from claiming the first three places of tax havens. What would be the tax benefits of this island in the top 10 best destinations?

Mauritius tax incentives

According to BOI (Board of Investment), Mauritius has become a welcome area for investors in search of tax havens. The country’s tax system imposes easily circumvented regulations. In the first place, there is no tax on capital gains, estate inheritance taxes or wealth taxes. Income taxes in Mauritius are set at 15% (income of companies and individuals combined), while in some countries income tax varies from 15% to 50%. In addition, Mauritius has a double taxation treaty with 34 countries. Similarly, tax laws of the tax haven do not impose an import tax on materials and equipment under the IRS and RES regimes.

The framework and the quality of life: a paradise where life is good!

With its dream landscape, Mauritius is an invitation to escape. Its crystal clear waters, magnificent white sandy beaches, diverse flora and fauna offer a sumptuous charm. Over the years, Mauritius has been modernized, offering infrastructures similar to those of the developed countries. Its good quality of life, the warmth and generosity of the residents and gastronomy is an ideal and pleasant living environment.

Real estate: a paradise for investing!

Investing in real estate in this corner of paradise is a real boon for a foreigner, retired or not. If the language spoken is French, this island is independent and politics is completely opposed to French politics. The purchase of real estate allows a retiree to reside on the island all or part of the year. By renting unoccupied housing, the pensioner makes a supplemental income. The policy of tax exemption on inheritance tax is a boon. The residence permit is granted when a real estate purchase exceeding 500 000 USD and entering the IRS policy.

Taxation: a tax haven

Contrarily to the tax policy in France, Mauritius has opted for a simple and advantageous tax policy. Thus, as a resident of Mauritius, the taxpayer has no property taxes to pay or inheritance tax. It will simply have to pay income tax, which represents 15% of income. There is no wealth tax or dividend.

Economy: a constantly evolving paradise

Mauritius has a dynamic and stable economy that evolves every year by 5%. Many foreigners invest in this island or create their companies there. Tax exemption and framework are the main advantages of this island. The most common area of ​​activity is the hotel industry.

Living permanently in Mauritius

Living and investing in Mauritius is the choice of more and more retirees and investors. The government encourages foreigners to come to its land in order to participate in the development of the island. The economy is prosperous; thanks in particular to tourism, sugar, textiles, finance and real estate. Political stability is good and many benefits are offered to those wishing to embark on adventure. Several cities in Mauritius possess their trade, their activity.

Tax optimization

– No wealth tax (TFR)

– No tax on capital gains

– No property tax

– No residential tax

– Maximum taxation 15%

A proper and enabling environment.

Beyond the paradisiacal clichés of an island with many attractions, Mauritius has succeeded within a generation to transform its economic fabric, to establish itself today as a destination of choice of international investors.

More than 130 million euros are invested each year in new real estate. This craze for Mauritian real estate is the result of several factors:

In the first place, the environment is idyllic, this island is a real paradise: the mild tropical climate, the landscapes of intense beauty, the turquoise water of the lagoons and their immense white sand beaches.

Mauritius is one of the safest countries in the world, and the political climate is stable, with a booming economy that encourages investment.

The low jet lag, the legendary hospitality of the Mauritians and the fact that they speak French have always made this island paradise one of the favorite destinations of the French. But the fact that more than 1,500 of them have already invested in real estate on Mauritius is mainly due to the fact that Mauritian taxation is one of the lowest in the world!

One unique country

The Mauritian government has developed its economic strength through a policy that encourages investment while respecting international standards. The signing of double taxation agreements and treaties with many countries, including France, has allowed the OECD to classify Mauritius as one of the most virtuous countries in terms of taxation. Thanks to the bilateral agreement of 1980, amended in 2011 between the two countries, Mauritian taxation is particularly advantageous for French taxpayers. An investment in Mauritius is therefore carried out in a perfectly legal framework and represents a particularly interesting “tax optimization”

Similarity of Legal Framework with France

Another important advantage for an investor is the similarity of the legal framework and guarantees with France. The acquisition of a property in Mauritius is similar to that of a new property in France. Sales are governed by the rules of the VEFA. Money payments are made to a notary’s escrow account according to the progress of the work and the promoter must have a Financial Guarantee of Completion (GFA) issued by a bank ensuring the perfect completion of the real estate project.

Are you still wondering whether or not to invest in Mauritius?