visiting mauritius


This small island paradise is full of treasures of all kinds and has everything to please: its lagoons, sandy beaches, culture, colors … Well, fortunately, this is not bound to stay a dream, for you vacationer. Instead of lazing all day on the beach, we have concocted a list of activities to enjoy! Visit those magical places to discover all the beauty Mauritius has to offer. You will absolutely no longer want to leave this little paradise!

1. Valley of the Colors


One of the most incredible places on the island is the Valley of Colours! You will be able to admire this place where the earth is of 7 different colors, due to the presence of volcanic ash containing mineral oxides of different colors. This place is located in the Chamarel area, right next to the national park. Often visited on foot, this site becomes grandiose when you go higher up! This is why we recommend that you give a try to the zip line circuit in the nature park, in the middle of the cliffs, waterfalls, vegetation and park of animals. You will embark with the team in a 4 × 4 to go up a part of the park while getting the opportunity to say hello to the harmless beasts of the forest. Arriving on site, you will get your equipment and a safety brief will be given to you. Then it’s all up to you to let yourself slide along the line, over the pristine landscapes.

2. Via Ferrata on the West Coast

via ferreta mauritius

To stay in a sensational activity, the Via Ferrata is a climbing route, that is to say a cable is hung all the way to the rock, and so you can climb safely. At the heart of the Yemen Nature Reserve, this park is home to the two longest rivers of Mauritius (Rivère du Rempart and Tamarin River) and extends over 4,500 hectares. The first part of the route consists of climbing the mountain “Mamzel Zabeth” to the summit. At the top, the panorama is breathtaking since you will have a full view over the entire west coast. The route then continues with a trek of thirty minutes to the suspension bridge, for a little adrenaline-push. Cherry on the cake,  the circuit ends with zip lines ending directly in the pond, allowing you to end the journey with a little swim!

3. Belle Mare


Everywhere on the beaches of Mauritius, you have the possibility to indulge in parasailing. But for a more spectacular view and fewer tourists for the same, it is advisable to go on the beach of Belle Mare. Parasailing involves a parachute flight pulled by a boat along the coast. At over 60 meters high, like a bird, you will discover an incredible view of this beautiful island. All your senses will be alert and you will feel light and free. A good alternative to parachute jumping, as you get off the boat and climb as the boat moves slowly. But for those who want more sensations, it is possible to unhook the parachute for a gentle free fall in the water.

4. Casela Adventure Park


Casela is the main adventure park of Mauritius hosting various species of animals living in quasi-freedom in the heart of 14 hectares of vegetation. By taking a shuttle, you can safely roam among wildlife and get in touch with it. For an hour, walk in the heart of the forest, surrounded by these kings of animals, the lions. A walk that looks like a canine ride, with the exception that the animal weighs 200 pounds and could kill you in a stroke. Despite some fears that some may have, the animals are not drugged or beaten, nor tied. An experience, which is yet again incredible to do.

5. Grand Bassin


Mauritius is strong in its Hindu culture and Grand Bassin remains a sacred place for their pilgrimage for Maha Shivaratree. Located in an ancient volcanic crater in the Savane region this lake is surrounded by a temple dedicated to Shiva, Hanuman and Lakshmi. Once a year, around February / March on the occasion of the Maha Shivaratree (Great night of Shiva), thousands of pilgrims walk from their home for a grand ceremony in Grand Bassin which lasts all night. Ten days before this night, believers refrain from drinking alcohol or eating meat. A place that exudes a true mystical and relaxing atmosphere, a haven of peace and well-being. Also, one will certainly not miss one of the tallest statue of the Indian Ocean at the entrance of the sacred place – Mangal Mahadev.

6. Port Louis Market

market p louisIt is impossible to go to Mauritius without visiting its capital and its incredible market. It is also called the bazaar and contains the wealth of Mauritian culture. Located on Queen Street and being one of the oldest markets, Port Louis Market offers a large selection of fresh and typical products, grouped by category. On one side the color palette of fruits and vegetables: pineapples, mangoes, turmeric, calabashes, passion fruit … but also plants to make herbal teas. On the other hand, the meats and seafood. And finally an exclusive part where you can find souvenirs with artisanal products: Embroidery, tablecloths, teas, jams, clothes … A walk to do late in the morning, to awaken your taste buds and taste, quietly on the go local produce!

7. Meet the dolphins

meet dolphin mauritius

An excursion generally made early in the morning (around 7 am), where you start by having breakfast on the beach. Then embark on boats on the beach of Black River for a gentle awakening with the dolphins in their natural habitat. Fins and snorkels are provided to see these magnificent creatures. Be careful not to get too close, do not forget that these are wild animals moving in schools and can have impulsive and violent behavior. The day is followed by a barbecue, followed by another dive called the Natural Aquarium, we let you guess how much it will make you dream!

8. Gabriel Island


From Grand Baie, embark in the early morning on a Catamaran destined for the Ilot Gabriel located at 17 kilometers from the Mauritian coast. During this excursion, you will pass by the Coin de Mire, a whale-shaped island that houses the famous Paille-en-queues at the top of its cliffs. It will not be surprising during the journey to cross groups of Dolphins playing in the water. Once you arrive at Ilot Gabriel, you can walk around and bathe for an hour or two before enjoying a good barbecue on the Catamaran. Then in the beginning of the afternoon, you will make the opposite way to get back to Grand Baie around 16/17.

9. Blue Bay Marine park


The dreamed place of the divers, Gunners coin has the paradise of the seabed. The question is why diving in the South East rather than elsewhere? Simply because this area is subject to wind, which means that diving is not ideal every day, and therefore no boats in the water, but when the weather is fine, the marine fauna is more important, a veritable garden of Eden (turtles, clown fish, barracudas, morays, rays …)

10. Tea Route

tea route mauritiusThis time a trip of three stages, of another nature since it is based on the Mauritian gastronomy. You will start by the Domaine des Aubineaux, a typical colonial residence of the 19th century located on the high plateaux. On the program, the visit of the gardens, the old stables transformed into distillery and in the shop of essential oils but also a break in its tea room. Then, direction Bois Cherie, an area known for its tea. You can visit the manufacturing plant by following the various stages of manufacture. The visit is continuous in the tea museum of the estate and ends with a tasting. Finally, stop at Saint-Aubin, north of Souillac to discover an old colonial estate specialized in sugar. This place, today has been transformed into a table d’hôte and will offer you typical dishes based on local products. But also visit the distillery of agricultural rum from which you can follow its manufacture, as well as a small sugar factory that has been recreated for visitors to follow the manufacturing steps.

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Nous partageons nos conseils dans nos billets sur l’île Maurice, sur la meilleure façon d’y arriver et les périodes idéales pour visiter, mais nous ne fouillons pas trop dans pourquoi il est tant aimé.

Destination Mauritius

L’île entière de l’île Maurice est entouré par des récifs coralliens, créant des lagons vitreux hors de portée des gros poissons. Le récif de corail sain attire la vie de la mer, ce qui en fait un endroit parfait pour la plongée en apnée et en bas de verre des excursions en bateau. L’eau calme fournit également des conditions idéales pour le kayak, et même apprendre à naviguer pour la première fois.

Nous voyons rarement les étoiles de mer dans la plupart des régions du monde, de sorte que la pensée de visiter une île couverte en étoile de mer est généralement un rêve devenu réalité. Ces étoiles de l’océan peuvent être trouvés sur l’île inhabitée de l’île aux Cerfs, juste un court trajet en bateau de la côte.

mauritius travels

Sur la chasse pour la solitude et les étoiles de mer, nous avons pris l’avis d’un membre du personnel de notre hôtel à l’île Maurice et suivi d’un petit chemin de terre, qui a conduit à une plage tranquille sur le côté opposé du petit port. Ceci est où vous trouverez des centaines d’étoiles de mer le long du rivage, sur les minuit couleur rochers, dans l’eau jusqu’aux chevilles. Je recommande fortement le port de chaussures sur la plage parce que cette région dispose également d’une population oursin florissante!

Il ne manque pas de stations balnéaires luxueuses pour se détendre avec votre bien-aimé. Maurice attire les couples recherchant un peu de temps calme pour se reconnecter et il est aussi un endroit idéal pour une lune de miel romantique. Cela dit, nous avons vu quelques jeunes familles au St. Regis, mais il n’a pas envahi par les enfants énergiques. L’ambiance relaxante de cette île tropicale semble envelopper les visiteurs à partir du moment où ils débarquent à l’aéroport.

Je me sens chanceux que nous n’avons pas manqué une visite à cette merveille naturelle. Ce ne fut pas sur notre ordre du jour initial, mais notre guide mauricien a proposé de faire un arrêt ici sur notre chemin de Mahebourg à The St. Regis Mauritius. Cette formation géologique est composé de dunes de sable avec sept couleurs distinctes différentes – rouge, brun, violet, vert, bleu, violet et jaune. Les dunes étonnamment jamais érodent et les couleurs sont causées par la décomposition de la roche volcanique. Si vous prenez une poignée de sable et mélanger les couleurs ensemble, ils finiront par se séparer à nouveau – il est vraiment un phénomène étonnant.

Juste une courte distance de Seven Colored Terre, vous trouverez la Rhumerie de Chamarel – l’une des attractions les plus populaires de l’île Maurice. tours de demi-heure de cette distillerie de rhum sont disponibles du lundi au samedi pour environ 350 roupies. On me dit que le restaurant – L’Alchimiste – est l’un des meilleurs endroits pour manger le déjeuner sur l’île et sert une cuisine unique, préparée avec des produits locaux provenant de la succession.

chamarel mauritius

Chaque section locale que nous avons rencontrés sont sortis de leur façon de nous aider. Ils sont fiers de leur île et semblent heureux de la partager avec les visiteurs. Un de nos amis qui vit à l’Ile Maurice parle très bien de la population locale et a des dizaines d’histoires sur les Mauriciens de sortir de leur façon de l’aider – dans le supermarché, dans la rue, etc.

Quel est votre sport nautique préféré? Nous les aimons tous, donc nous avons passé la plupart de notre temps dans l’eau chaude. Nous avons visité l’île en hiver – le temps le plus venteux de l’année – ce qui est idéal pour la voile et la planche à voile. Maurice est la maison à un spot de planche à voile de classe mondiale – juste à côté du St. Regis – même si vous ne voulez pas l’essayer pour vous-même, il est un diable d’un spectacle. Les matinées sont généralement calme, même en hiver, de sorte que c’est lorsque vous aurez envie de prendre un kayak, ou bateau à aubes.

Ski nautique et wakeboard peut être fait l’année, cependant, les stations ne pourront prendre le bateau si la marée est suffisamment élevée (sinon vous pourriez vous retrouver l’atterrissage sur une parcelle de corail forte). Snorkeling peut évidemment être fait toute l’année, mais la température de la visibilité et de l’eau est à son meilleur en été. Summertime – quand les vents meurent vers le bas – est aussi la saison idéale pour le surf.

Le meilleur moment pour visiter l’île Maurice est de Mai à Décembre quand le temps est frais, sec et ensoleillé. Attendez-vous à quelques-unes des plus belles plages de l’Afrique, des fruits de mer et de longues journées ensoleillées un jour férié Maurice. L’île a un climat tropical classique avec un temps chaud toute l’année. Même en hiver, de Mai à Octobre, la température chute du chaud au embaumée. Pendant l’été, de Novembre à Avril, les journées sont chaudes et humid. Nous ne recommandons pas visting Maurice durant la saison cyclonique humide, de Janvier à Mars, et d’éviter la côte est en Juillet et Août, lorsque le vent est à son plus fort .

Même après quelques jours de l’acclimatation à la différence de temps de douze heures, nous avons fait encore sûr de se réveiller avant le lever du soleil tous les jours. Voici pourquoi….

Nous ne voulions pas manquer un seul lever ou le coucher du soleil tout le temps que nous étions sur l’île, car ils étaient tous de façon unique magnifique. On n’a jamais été déçus.

Kite Surfing Mauritius

Mauritius evokes most of those clichés “Mauritians are nice.”, “The beautiful beaches.”, “The yellow sand.” These are true and everyone knows it. Indeed, this wonder of the Indian Ocean has some attributes that you will not find anywhere else in the world! On Mauritius, hospitality is legendary. Enjoy!

1. To Practice Diving in Mauritius

In Mauritius it’s what you want, when you want. In other words, you can enjoy many activities (kayak, snorkeling, golf, bike, boat trips, catamaran sailing, hiking, …) or do nothing at all! For diving lovers, you need to experience the charms of diving in Mauritius: warm waters, dives for all levels and skills – training for beginners. On the other hand you will rarely find an island in the world that will offer as much diversity in its dive sites: its coral reefs are protected by various associations and closely monitored by the Mauritian Federation of diving. But for those not yet familiar with diving in Mauritius, be aware that depending on the location of your dive center (East, West, North or South) there are many centers that offer you different spots in terms of wildlife, flora, ship wrecks, but also diving conditions or experience of the diver.

2. Tour the beaches on Mauritius

The majority of guests returning from their holidays in Mauritius will tell you: the beaches are beautiful, long, with fine sand, for relaxation, tanning, ideal for doing nothing at all- just lazing around! If you are planning on family holidays, you will be able to play with your children, with confidence. If you are more into solo traveling, you will finally be able to read the last novel of the year (choose well … it must be thick!). One advice is to let go of your smartphones: there is so much to see on a beach. The Mauritian families picnic on Sundays is one of the many examples. Others can be Indian ceremonies with women who file the surface of the lagoon with a few offerings of flowers or the beach fires lit by some hotels to provide guests with a dance show at nightfall. The beaches go all around the island, you have a vast choice. Our favorite? … That of Mont Choisy, in the northwest. But if you want to enjoy the sunset then Flic-En-Flac or Le Morne remains the best spots. And if you are more into tranquility, the beautiful beach of Belle Mare in the east, will not deceive. Visit Blue-Bay if you want to snorkel in its Marine park and if you are into island hopping, do visit Ile Aux Cerf in the east where the beach is exquisite!

3. Get out of your hotel in Mauritius and tour of the island!

One thing is certain, if you enjoy the hotel in Mauritius, you will not want to go out of its enclosure and you will enjoy the many options that it offers… inside its perimeter: beach, kitchen, water activities, well-planned trips. If you are one adventurer, you should definitely leave that hotel at least once and venture into the unknown around the island!

We recommend renting a car for a whole day trip around the island of Mauritius. One thing is sure! You will definitely return at your hotel tired in the evening because, yes, Mauritius is great if you want to walk around. One small piece of advice, do not forget your map before you go!

Another option would be to negotiate with a taxi driver the previous day, and ask him to show you his favorite spots on the island. Befriend the driver and you are sure to visit the best spots of the island! Avoid the famous Coloured Earths of Chamarel, it is too famous (you can go another time on tour with your hotel for a half day or three hours depending on your location).

Well to make your choice easier, here is a brief description of each corner of the island of Mauritius. In the south of the island you will see the villages of Mauritian fishermen. You can also go along the less crowded East Coast. Since frequent winds blow on the East Coast for a few months, hotel investors have long favored the West Coast to the detriment of the East Coast. Error that was corrected in recent years, due to lack of available land, and for the pleasure of privileged guests. Nowadays, the majority of luxury hotels are located on the East Coast!

While continuing your trip, if you feel a little hungry, buy a doll puree from a street vendor, tour the stalls selling everything and especially anything. The west coast is more spectacular on a windy day: then you will see the lagoons in a unique way. You can even spot the rugged coastline of the nearby sister island, Reunion. So if the wind comes up, go to the west coast to take some original photos.

We should not forget the center of the island! Do not miss the exploration of the Black River gorges and enjoying the wonderful view Trou Aux Cerfs has to offer.

4. Mingle with the population of Mauritius

Before leaving the island boasting a mixed population, check the calendar, you can probably have the chance to witness a national or cultural celebrations. Indian festivals are particularly rich in colors, scents and flavors. Special appeal to amateur photographers …

But if you really want it, it is very easy to get in touch with Mauritians, since they are of talkative nature. The easiest course is to befriend Mauritians, they will suggest you excursions places, recommend you the “real” restaurants – cheap and tasty. Who knows, maybe they will invite you to their table or their Sunday picnic.

5. Taste the cuisine of Mauritius

All those different cultures gave Mauritius some of the island’s most delicious specialties of the Indian Ocean and you will easily find them on small tables and great restaurants. I highly recommend the palm salad (a bit expensive, but rare) or banana flower salad. But you should also taste the fish curry, chicken curry, zourite stew or Indian Veg cuisine.

On the beaches or around, you will surely come across fried noddles(Chinese noodles) or boulettes- Chinese dumplings. Not to mention the small pineapple cut up and sold individually (your children will surely appreciate). Make a cure of tropical fruits, depending on the season. Nevertheless … the abundance of hotels in Mauritius also offers you the opportunity to test some excellent restaurants run by famous chefs.

Well, we hope we have convinced you to spend your next holidays in Mauritius!

Have fun!

The last time I took this road was at least 10 years back and driving on that road again brought back a bit of folklore. Since then, the road has been significantly improved, expanded and secured: To the delight of visitors, because I recommend, if you live in a hotel south of the island not to forget to go explore the South West beaches halfway up the island. No doubt why part of this Roadtrip has been awarded one of the best roads in the world – Macondé.

Mauritius, the Observatory of Baie Du Cap!

I left my hotel around 10:00, took off in my rented car, on that magnificent road going all along the Southern coast and turning right at Baie du Cap towards the Western coast of the island of Mauritius. Baie-du-Cap is a small village located along the south coastal region of Mauritius. The southern coast of Mauritius is known for its natural beauty because of which you will be tempted to go for a drive around the coast from Bel Ombre down to Baie du Cap.

This region, stretching itself from Bel Ombre to Le Morne, from one point to the other, is exceptional. From small coastal villages to the township, the coast is wild and the open sea is never sea off. After the sandy beaches, the coast becomes more and more wild and rocky and the climate more and more breezy. Rain is very frequent in this part of the island and so are the cascading waters that travel down the picturesque landscape, forming canyons by deeply cutting into the soft soil where hiking, canoeing and other nature activities thrive.

So I spent the day on the road, and on the beaches. Also under the mountains at the foot of Morne Brabant, majestic cliff whose caption – or the story? There is always a bit of history in a legend – claims that many slaves who wanted to escape their condition jumped from the top of that cliff.

Le Morne Brabant

Le Morne Brabant is one of the most iconic hikes on the island with spectacular views of southwestern corner of the island. It was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008 in recognition of its function as a refuge for freed slaves in the 19th and early 20th century. It served as a vibrant hub for Creole culture for over two centuries. The history of the area is very interesting; more information can be found at UNESCO.

Quick lunch on Road

At noon I had lunch at the Ritz! Finally say that I reconnected with my habits, buying a bowl of mines (Fried Noodles) and fried chicken in a truck on the beach for a few rupees. Then I sat down to eat while facing the lagoon. Like other Mauritians gathered there for a few hours or for lunch. Imagine you lunching in a unique spot, facing a lagoon which is one of the most beautiful beaches you have ever seen … This is really special, and this is a really unparalleled moment one appreciate fully.

I stopped many times on the road, to admire, to seek, to chat too. In southern part of the island everyone says hello. One gentleman even asked me “Are you alone?”. I answered in the affirmative. And he said “why?”. It was not indiscreet, it was not his intention. He just does not understand that a woman is walking alone with her backpack through a village. I laughed.

My Stopovers!

Stopping at Le Morne Beach was a must. Once you’ve turned on the road leading to Le Morne, and you’ve passed the little roundabout (see Le Morne beaches page), the road carries on straight for a little while, with the mountain on your left and the hotels on your right. After the Dinarobin hotel, the road turns sharply to the right and then left again.

Just after these sharp turns, look at the mountain and see if you can see the ‘one eye’ spot on its right edge. Children especially love searching for this man’s profile in the rocks. The first access to the beach is right there on your right, opposite the monument for slaves. You enter little sandy roads leading you to the sea. Casuarina trees offer nice shade all along this beach, where there is a lot of space to get comfortable!  

I stopped on the salt road too. Salt production dates back to the French period and today the tradition of its making almost two centuries later on has not changed much. Salt production in Mauritius is made in salt pans; these are small, square, shallow basins made of cobblestone that are filled with sea water. Most of the salt pans can be seen in Tamarin on the west coast of the island where the hot and dry environment provides the ideal conditions for salt making. They cover an area of about 30 hectares and can be seen right on the road side during a drive. The water is pumped directly from the sea which is not far away and allowed to evaporate in the basins. Simply Fascinating!

The end of the Road Trip: Flic-En-Flac!

My final stop was at Flic-En-Flac. It seems fitting that a place with such a great name has an equally impressive get-up. The public beach sets the bar high. Its white sweep of coral sand is one of the longest and loveliest on the island. Plus, it’s got a lagoon, protected by coral reefs. In recent years, the place’s A1 setting has attracted high-end hotels like bees to a honeypot. They’re bolstered by a good mix of restaurants and souvenir shops.

I took almost 8 GB of photos and some videos. And I also took a lot of notes on my notebook. I concluded this day with the best venison stew I’ve eaten here in Mauritius since 15 years I’ve regularly; this is the restaurant Annabella’s Hotel. 100% truthful and non-residents at the hotel can book to dine there.

I had a great day. I did not tell you everything, I saved some for later.

Do you feel invaded by the “blues” of staying at the same place all the time? The lack of sun makes you grumpy? Revitalize your spirit with an exciting adventure during your holidays.  If you were looking for an extra excuse to plan that coveted island getaway, 2016 provides many motivations to fly off somewhere remote, exotic, and wondrous. Whether you want to be amongst the first to experience newly minted resorts, are in search of a good fun-in the-sun party, or are eager to grab the best vantage point for an upcoming solar eclipse, here are the hot islands to hit this year.


Mauritius is an island nation in the Indian Ocean, approximately 560 miles east of Madagascar. It is further south than the Maldives and perhaps a bit less well known, but just as much of a paradise as any of those neighboring islands up north. The tropical beaches lined with palm trees are not only beautiful, but also much more pristine and relaxing than many other vacation hotspots. A blend of British, Creole and French cultures and languages make for an unforgettable land of traditions and contrasts. In Mauritius, take the opportunity to relax, sunbathe and, why not, deep sea fishing!


With its hundreds of islands scattered in the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean, Seychelles embody a destination synonymous with paradise.

Wherever the pupil poses, the charm operates: lush vegetation of an intense green, white sandy beaches shaded by coconut trees and often deserted, turquoise waters of the lagoon, rich and diversified funds submarines. Seychelles also invited to the meeting with the local gastronomy made of the exotic flavor of Creole dishes and the freshest local treasures, including fish and seafood. Many luxury hoteliers have set up in Mahé, Praslin, La Digue, Silhouette, Fregate and Denis Island, exceptional resorts in harmony with the surrounding environment. Private villas on the hills wooden stilts or on the beach, masterfully revisited colonial houses and contemporary buildings largely open to the outside are all perfect places to stay, ideally with family, composed of moments of contemplation, of ‘sensational experiences and deep relaxation. An ideal destination for an elite willing to spend the New Year holidays under the sun … exactly.

Reunion Island

In Reunion, enjoy traditional meals preceded by a typical appetizer prepared Reunion based prepared rum and local fruits. Lychees, in full bloom will bring water to your mouth. Located in the middle of the Indian Ocean, Reunion Island is a French authority. The island offers exceptional beaches, volcanic mountains and landscapes, fascinating traditions and culture to discover.

The Canary Islands

With over 1500 kilometers of beautiful coastline, the Spanish Canary Islands offers an abundance of sandy beaches inviting you do that attempt. Say goodbye to the blues and hello to the constant sun and postcard scenery. Relax in the water while enjoying one of the exceptional wines from indigenous grape varieties, or for visitors who crave adventure, visit the towering volcanoes surrounding islands. The warm weather and the hospitality will make you forget all your homecoming.


Barbados offers hot gifts, relaxation and pure beauty. Swap your bulky winter boots, scarf and Canada against an appointment with your summer wardrobe. Barbados welcomes its visitors with plenty to see and do. Discover the many historic houses of the island, explore its mysterious caves or just relax on the beach.


Dream destination throughout the year, Hawaii such an exceptional getaway. Visitors will find the best of two worlds: temperatures of 26 ° C and ideally temperate waters. The icing on the cake is that you can top off the with some wonderful activities like surfing, volcanic exploration or attend a luau.

Bali, Indonesia

The beaches of Bali are certainly dream! Lively, seaside living on this island will charm you with its energy and all possibilities of activities for the family. All coasts of the island have their peculiarities. You prefer majestic sunsets or surf the waves, make your choice!


Belize is paradise of diving. Less known than its Latin American neighbors, the country has everything to please the more adventurous, as well as more cautious. The deserted beaches are still existing and you’ll find something to satisfy your craving for a perfect getaway holiday.


Tahiti is located in the southern Pacific Ocean, French Polynesia. Postcard The landscapes are impressive and exhilarating. The white sandy beaches and glorious sunshine warm your heart. The mountainous interior is adorned with deep valleys, clear streams, and high waterfalls, all bathed in green iridescence of Mother Nature’s light. The coastal lands, edged with a rugged coastline, are home to fields of tropical flowers and most of the island’s population.

Bora Bora

Undoubtedly the most celebrated island in the South Pacific, Bora Bora is French Polynesia’s leading lady. Her beauty is unrivaled and her fame, unwavering. Bora Bora is one of the few places on earth that everyone hopes to witness in their lifetime—and once you see it, you are forever enamored. Bora Bora is an island of Tahiti famous for its turquoise waters and luxury hotels. However, you will find a roof to put on your head, no matter your budget. Lagoons, volcanoes, exotic fish, houses on stilts…


Fiji’s reputation as a destination for sun excellence is second to none. But Fiji is not only limited to its extraordinary beaches. Its flora and fauna are full of surprises and culture is rich and fascinating. Fiji’s white sand beaches and pristine, crystal-clear ocean waters offer an ideal vacation destination for divers, honeymooners and families– or simply, those looking to relax and get away from it all.

Enjoy a wonderful holiday getaway, wherever you go around the globe 😉

The island of Mauritius is a destination that always evokes loads of dreams – a small corner of paradise with postcard landscapes, turquoise sea, a remarkable fauna and flora, a mixed culture, and many other attributes. Traveling to Mauritius remains a great and intense experience.

For as long as we can remember, Mauritius has been synonymous with holidays spent lazing on unearthly beaches with powdery white sands and warm azure waters. While it does have some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world, there is no dearth of offbeat things to do in Mauritius – it isn’t called Paradise Island for nothing! Even though you will have to tear yourselves away from your lovely hotel suite and maybe grab a rented car to visit the island. Hopefully this article will give you a peek into an oft-ignored, yet gorgeous side of Mauritius.

Hire A Car in Mauritius And Drive Around

Renting a car isn’t a very popular option in Mauritius. Most tourists prefer to move around in cabs driven by local drivers. However we would suggest renting a car if you’re even a tad bit adventurous. There is some serious fun to be had. Nothing compares to discovering a secret beach or stumbling upon an amazing restaurant does it?

Try The Street Food

Mauritian Street Food is amongst the best in the world – there, we said it! A unique mix of Creole, African, Indian, and Chinese influences, the dishes offer bursts of intricate flavours. Spices, colours, and flavours come together to form a scrumptious (yet little known!) cuisine. Where else would you find a French bouillon laced with Indian spices?

Spend a day at Casela Nature Park

Go have fun at Casela Park Mauritius! It is guaranteed that you will spend a day rich in discoveries and sensations! This is the main theme park on the island where one can observe among other giant tortoises, lions, giraffes, cheetahs, ostriches or multicolored rare birds in a natural environment of 14 hectares. You will also have the chance to do the zip line … about 400 meters above emptiness … And not once! It is really great; a sensational activity. There is also the possibility of enjoying a multitude of other activities such as canyoning, quad biking, buggy, the Segway PT, fishing for tilapia, etc.

Walk with tigers

Are you aware that there are more tigers that are kept as pets than exist in the wild ? Well, if you visit Casela Park as part of your itinerary during your beach holiday in Mauritius, these facts will soon become apparent when you visit their new attraction Walking with Tigers. Casela Park is a magnificent animal sanctuary in the South West of Mauritius containing over 1500 animals. The park offers a multitude of activities and environments that allow you to meet the animals in a variety of fun ways. You can traverse the park in buggies, quads or even by Segway, providing a unique approach to the animals in their habitat.

Swim with dolphins

Well to swim with the dolphins, you leave early in the morning to the departure point. From there you will sail off until you cross a huge pod of dolphins! A beautiful sight awaits you, a joy to see them free in their natural environment. As they arrive you can dive, and hear the whistle, it’s pretty impressive I must admit, and so magical at once.

Hiking – Le Morne Brabant

Wake up at 5 am, and go for a few hours walking and climbing! The ascent of Morne Brabant is quite sporty but the experience is so thrilling. Throughout your hiking a guide will explain its history, local flora, medicinal plants. But once you reach the top, you instantly become the masters of the world! The view of the lagoon and the coral reef is spectacular! Remember to bring appropriate clothing, good walking shoes, water bottles and small energy bars in case of fatigue – and of course do not forget your camera!

Around the Morne

We advise you to enjoy the beautiful beaches of Le Morne to admire this enchanting landscape and also make a sea trip to see Crystal Rock, a rock located in the lagoon, the typical postcard scenery. Off you have a beautiful view of the Morne Brabant, which contrasts with the turquoise and crystal clear lagoon. You can also put on fins, mask and snorkel to explore the exceptional seabed, the discovery of a remarkable ecosystem, to the delight of lovers of diving.

Blue Bay Marine Park

This 2 hours glass bottom boat trip departs every day at 10:00am from Pointe Jerome (south east of Mauritius) taking you for the ultimate discovery of the Blue Bay Marine Park. You will board the glass bottom boat at Pointe Jerome and enjoy a 20 minutes boat trip along the south eastern coastline until reaching the Blue Bay Marine Park.

The boat trip is done in the calm east coast lagoon where you would have about 1 hour to spend inside the marine park. Once you reach the bay of Blue Bay Marine Park, you will feast your eyes on some of the bluest waters you will ever see.

There, you can decide to see the underwater world onboard the boat through its glass bottom, or to jump into the water for some swimming and snorkeling which is highly recommended.

At an average depth of 5.5 meters, with crystal clear water offering great visibility, the snorkeling conditions are ideal. You will have a great view of the reef, fish and of large selection of corals (there are more than 50 different species of corals at the park!).

All these make the glass bottom boat trip at the Marine Park a wondrous experience.

Enjoy your visit of this wonderful holiday destination – Mauritius!