Rodrigues Island, untouched by massive development, shows a landscape and a natural population. This gives Rodrigues a touch of authenticity to discover without precipitation and calm. The green shades of lush hills contrast with the brightness of the sandy beaches and blue lagoons. The landscape of the island of Rodrigues reveals the same intense beauty from the sea to the heights. Rodrigues Island is ideal for those seeking tranquility. A visit to Rodrigues, is a stay filled with authenticity and charm.

Rodrigues in a nutshell

Located in the Indian Ocean 650km north-east of Mauritius, Rodrigues, with an area of ​​108 km, is 18 km long and 8 km wide. It it is a small volcanic formation of the Mascarene Islands, formed through basalt flows dating back 1.3 to 1.5 million years.

Rodrigues Island experiences a drier and warmer climate compared to Mauritius. The wind conditions feed it and regularly blowing Southeast confers low rainfall making the island often subject to long periods of drought. The island enjoys a favorable climate for the practice of offshore activities either during summer or winter, except for periods of hurricane.

As always in the tropics, the sun is relatively up early and out late: between 18h and 19h, depending on the season.

Rodrigues Island is an isolated island on which you can spend a quiet stay, away from the bustle of modern life. A trip to Rodrigues, is an immersion in the heart of the Mascarene through its landscape of mountains, hills, beaches and circuses, while discovering its unique cuisine.

Exploration and discovery lovers will find wonders in Rodrigues with its many interesting sites to visit. On land, the villages seem to be frozen in time while in the ocean, the profusion of colorful fish will satisfy the most enthusiastic scuba divers. The island especially has the distinction of having a shallow lagoon.

Its inhabitants – Rodriguese

Arriving for your first trip to Rodrigues, you will be delighted by the incredible friendliness of its people. At each corner of the way, your eyes will cross a smile, a different look that will make you quickly forget the stress accumulated in your home country. Rodrigues is the paradise of kindness. Charming and welcoming, the Rodriguese island may invite you to come and taste the typical dishes of the island and to share moments of conviviality with them!

Rodrigues, an authentic island

This island of 109km² located 560km east of Mauritius is a jewel still very well preserved Mascarene. The absence of mass tourism and industrial activities associated with a leisurely life favoring local tradition, has contributed to the preservation of Rodrigues of natural resources and protection of the entire ecosystem. A trip to Rodrigues combines scenery, adventure, escape, discovery and meeting an ever enthusiastic friendly people. Do not forget your smile, universal passport to go to meet people so welcoming!

The gastronomic flavors

Rodrigues Island is also popular with visitors who come to arouse and satisfy their taste buds. Discover a wide variety of authentic dishes and take time to savor specialties made from fresh local produce. Tasty dishes combining recipes from Indian, Creole and Chinese origin await you during your stay in Rodrigues. Dishes such as pork with honey, traditional corn soup, salad cono-cono, octopus curry and broths … white fish, served with rice, peppers and pickles – miam miam!

Places to visit in Rodrigues

As small as it may seem, Rodrigues is home to a multitude of natural sites whose state remains preserved. Whether on foot, bike, car or diving, the discovery of Rodrigues is done at a leisurely pace, far from the concerns of modern civilization. Anse Trou D’Argent, Anse Ally, English Cove, Potato Cave, Mont Limon, Banana River, the Topaze Bay … are all gems that deserve to be discovered during your trip to the island of Rodrigues.

Rodrigues has many activities in addition to its beautiful beaches and lagoons. It has that little extra thing that will charm travelers on holiday on the island. Among the many activities and hours of relaxation on the beaches, you will not get bored.

Turquoise lagoon, with many coves and white sandy beaches, invites to sail in canoes and enjoy small-scale fishing. There are also Rodrigues beautiful underwater dive sites. Also do not forget the numerous trails through the island that will allow you to really discover the charms and secrets of Rodrigues.

Between Kite surfing, diving and big game fishing you will be spoiled for choice for your stay there. Our advice is to first cross the island on foot, by bicycle or motorbike to realize the geography of the place. Do not miss visiting the famous Potato Cave, which is one of the best sights for visitors on vacation in Rodrigues. In exchange for entrance fees, professional guides on the site will show you the six hundred meters of unique stalactites and stalagmites in the Indian Ocean.

Its varied landscape and its relief are the delight of hikers, with its lush vegetation, caves, cliffs and mountains up to 390 m. The nature lovers are not left out, with rampant heritage of the island which, after environmental degradation (like the brown coffee or Solitaire – extinct bird emblem of the island) is subject to special surveillance. Conservation work of the local flora and fauna demonstrates the commitment of local authorities to make an ecological island of Rodrigues for ecotourism.

If you like climbing. Rodrigues is the island to be! The efforts of the more adventurous will culminate with a picnic on a deserted island, such as Cocos Island, which is actually a natural refuge for colonies of birds that nest there.

Discover a treasure hidden among the rocks, The Silver Hole-Anse trou d’Argent, which is ranked among the 30 best preserved beaches in the world. Feel free to enjoy the scenery in peace, rocked by the waves crashing on the cliff. Plan your next vacation in Rodrigues where time seems to stand still.

Have great holidays in Rodrigues!

Indian Ocean The Indian Ocean covers approximately one-fifth of the total ocean area of the world. It is the smallest, geologically youngest, and physically most complex of the world’s three major oceans. It stretches for more than 10,000 km between the southern tips of Africa and Australia and, without its marginal seas, has an area of about 73,440,000 square km. The Indian Ocean’s average depth is 12,990 feet (3,960 metres).

The Indian Ocean is full of treasures bathed in exotic and sun. It is also home to various exotic islands that are worth a visit. These include Reunion, Seychelles, Maldives, Mauritius and Rodrigues. They are all essential destinations for a holiday in the Indian Ocean.

The Lush nature

Fancy a trip to the Indian Ocean? Incredibly diverse, Indian Ocean islands are distinguished by their different characters and breathtaking scenery. Renowned for its beautiful beaches and seabed and its rich fauna and underwater flora, the Indian Ocean is home to beautiful islands: Mauritius, Madagascar, Rodrigues, Mayotte, Seychelles, Reunion and more. Popular destinations for tourists. But that’s not all: the Indian Ocean is also a dive in the heart of cultures and peoples with renowned hospitality.

Ideal temperatures

During summer and winter, the temperatures are mild, sometimes very hot: it actually averages to 25 ° C all year. Some areas are sometimes affected by tropical cyclones. However, these weather events are very rare and hotels are built to withstand these climatic variations and allow you to spend a holiday in peace.

A stay in the Indian Ocean, for the pleasure of your taste buds

An amalgam of French Indian, African and Chinese culinary arts, local cuisine will delight gourmets in search of spicy and tangy flavors. A quintessential dish of Creole cuisine normally consists of cooked meat, fish or vegetables, all seasoned with saffron, coriander, ginger and chilli. While visiting the Seychelles, do not leave without trying the chatimus, fruit purees and vegetables with spices and vinegar. Indian and Chinese food enthusiasts, you’ll find it with a stay in Mauritius and Reunion. The holidays in the Indian Ocean is also the opportunity to taste tropical fruits: mango, papaya, pineapple, guava, passion fruit and coconut are also on the menu of your stay.

Island of the Indian Ocean


A trip to the Maldives is the guarantee to discover a true paradise! Warm turquoise waters, white sand and lush tropical vegetation, The Maldives is an ideal destination to fully recharge yourself. Spending your holidays in the Maldives will leave an ever-lasting memory. Explore the underwater beauty of a breathtaking lagoon, go to Kayak on the clear waters surrounding the islands and take part in a multitude of sports activities for children and adults.

The Mascarene Islands

From Reunion to Mauritius

Combine you trip to the Mascarene Islands to make it even more unique and memorable. Mauritius and Reunion are two Indian Ocean jewels which combine perfectly. Meander along the roadways of Reunion island and then relax on the beautiful white sandy beaches of Mauritius.

Reunion volcanoes oppose Mauritius lagoons to form a truly charming duo. Add in a mixed population of extreme kindness and vistas of breathtaking diversity, and you get the trip you’ve always dreamed of. Combining discovery, comfort and well-being, is the ideal trip for couples on honeymoon, lovers of nature or simply tireless active.

Reunion is a vibrant and enchanting destination that leaves no one indifferent. That’s why after a few days of active holiday in this land of contrasts, a stay in Mauritius will be welcome. Less than 45 minutes by plane from one another, these two neighboring islands guarantee a change of scenery.

The circuit Freedom in Reunion (with rental car) which allows you to travel around the island at your own pace and visit the best sights of the Reunion island! Hikers, meanwhile, will be amazed by Small Island Crossing, an exceptional hiking tour through the Salazie, Mafate and Cilaos circuses.

A trip to Mauritius is an experience to do at least once in his life! Mauritius is full of natural treasures that you can explore by boat, during a session of diving or simply by visiting the lush vegetations and natural features of the island. Spending holidays in Mauritius will leave an indelible memory.

From Mauritius to Rodrigues

You are looking for an exotic destination? Direction Rodrigues. Neighboring Mauritius, Rodrigues offers totally different sensations. Real island out of time, the heart of Rodrigues remained intact. Variety of landscapes, nonchalance and daily tranquility are what make the island unique. Its inhabitants will share their lifestyle and you will love their kindness.

At about one and a half hour from Mauritius in small plane, you land in a land where one feels good: a warm welcome by the inhabitants of the island, glad you made the trip up to them and proud to have some visitors…

When leaving Mauritius for Rodrigues, you will have the feeling of having gone from one world to another…It is an authentic island with unique scenery: hidden coves and turquoise lagoons.

The Seychelles: Island Hopping

The Seychelles is yet another jewel of the Indian Ocean. Let each island tell you his story. They all have something special to offer to the traveler.

Active or relaxing, inhabited or isolated, rocky or lush, the many Seychelles islands contain treasures that remain to be discovered by you. For a complete holiday, combine the main tropical islands, Mahé, Praslin and La Digue, to discover the most beautiful sites in the archipelago!

Experience a perfect little getaway on these Robinson island unspoiled natural … A non-ostentatious luxury that thrills. Come and meet the famous Seychelles sea turtle! Snorkeling sites are almost everywhere … Around La Digue, Anse Severe and Anse Patate you will discover many surprises. If you venture a little further, discover Cocos Island: a unique spot where you can see turtles, rays and colorful fish …

Whether for a discovery of the Seychelles, a quiet stay, a homecoming or a dive trip, whatever your desires, a trip to Seychelles is the perfect way to spend holidays.

Have fun in the Indian Ocean!

You can read more about the Indian ocean here. (French)

Rodrigues Island

Rodrigues is a mountainous island which lies in the Indian Ocean. Being of volcanic origin, it offers a varied landscape. Rodrigues is home to many valleys leading towards a beautiful lagoon of 300 km² in beautiful shades of blue. Authentic, warm, Rodrigues has passed on his own philosophy to travelers.

Rodrigues, the story of an island

Rodrigues kept the name of the Portuguese navigator Don Diego Rodrigues who had discovered the island back in 1528, he only added the island to its navigation map. Around 1598, the first settlement occurred in Rodrigues. The island was, then, governed by French François Leguat who took refuge on this beautiful pristine island after the revocation of the Edict of Nantes.

The French occupation of the Mascarene Rodrigues lasted almost a century, the English fleet then took possession of the island in 1807. The first modern developments in Rodrigues intervened in 1972 with the arrival of the first flight of Air Mauritius. Until then the island was rather isolated. The island gained independence in 2002. Rodrigues is a land of tolerance and cordial welcome: visiting Rodrigues is a trip that will conquer your heart.

Despite its successive occupations, Rodrigues has preserved its traditional virtues. Attached to his principles, Rodrigues has today a nursery of native species. The conservation and restoration of the original nature is part of a broad program in Rodrigues – iron wood, olive wood among others were rescued. Rodrigues is a mountainous island with mild tropical climate which is perfect for holidays. Temperatures vary between 28 and 35 ° C all year.

The visits and the wonderful sites of Rodrigues

On this charming island many activities are proposed such as beautiful mountain tips to discover beautiful scenery, either on foot or mountain bike. Mont Limon is a perfect site for a hike to the heart of the island. This mountain is the highest point of the island Rodrigues; when you’ve reached the top you will have the opportunity to enjoy an exceptional view.

Other treasures are to be explored on this beautiful island. Caverne Patate, is a must visit on the island. There you will explore the meters and meters of stalactites and stalagmites in the heart of the charismatic island. If you are followers of natural discoveries, a walk in the reserve for turtles will delight you.

Rodrigues obviously seduce all those in search of tranquility or beach activities, Trou D’Argent Beach is one of the thirty most pristine beaches in the world. In the middle of a creek a few meters from the reef surrounding the island of Rodrigues, this beach offers a unique feeling of serenity. Rodrigues’ lagoon is open to several types of sports or other activities, these shades of blue makes you want to swim peacefully.

Rodrigues, a culture to share

Long isolated from the world, the population of Rodrigues has withstood the difficulties of daily life. Smiling and sharing have become strong values ​​for Rodriguese. Good humor and joy of life is contagious when you are in Rodrigues. Life goes slower there and you should take the time to live at their own pace.

Port Mathurin, the capital, is lively and on Saturdays (market day), you will be pleased to discover the crafts made in Rodrigues. Beautiful memories in the heart of a friendly atmosphere where the upbeat music of Sega accompany your walk.

Caverne Patate, Rodrigues

Caverne patate is located in the southwest of Rodrigues, opposite Port Mathurin, the capital. Rodrigues Island has 25 caves but this is undoubtedly the most visited and most interesting. Its name comes from its elongated shape reminiscent of a potato. This incredible cave extends over 1,000 meters making it the longest in Mauritius and Rodrigues.

The cave leads down to over 100 meters underground, it goes below the level of the ocean. This cave remains pleasant to visit because of its height (25 meters) you will not have to bend down to progress further inside.

To enter the Cave, one should go down a staircase which was carved in stone to allow visitors to reach the interior of the cave. The descent is very impressive as well. Once inside, you’ll have time to contemplate this incredible place dug over the centuries.

The many stalagmites and stalactites are very impressive and reliefs marked the cave are sometimes think of animals or even to the islands!

How to visit the Caverne Patate?

The visit is usually pre-organised and to benefit from this privilege onemust stay in a hotel that has obtained the authorization by the Rodrigues administration to visit the cave. The visit of the Cave is also time, special guides for the visit are available 4 times daily (9h, 11h, 13h and 15h).

You are in Rodrigues and therefore forget any idea of ​​classic business: you’ll be in very small groups or you can even be alone with your guide. The latter will accompany you and answer all your questions. You should wear helmets during the visit. They will be provided at the entrance. This is a visit that you can do as a family, small helmets are available too.

Rodrigues in a nutshell!

The bright colors of the fabrics, exotic scents of typical dishes, fresh fruit at the market that bewitch you, do not hesitate to taste the flavors of Rodrigues. The amalgam of cultures of this beautiful population is also its strength: European, African and Malagasy give Rodrigues a magical and authentic culture.

A trip to Rodrigues is the opportunity to participate in local events such as the Kreol Festival every year during the first weekend in December. 5 days of activities take place everywhere on the island: music, sport, concert and animated shows, nice moments to share with the locals.

Rodrigues Island is a fabulous destination when combined with Mauritius, you will live a divine journey to the heart of the Indian Ocean.

Spend Wonderful Holidays in Rodrigues!

L’océan indien est le troisième plus grand océan du monde, prenant approximativement 20% de l’eau de la terre. Il regorge de petites iles paradisiaques qui sont très populaires parmi les touristes ainsi que des iles moins connues pour partir en vacances. Nous faisons un résumé des iles où vous pouvez passez des vacances formidables et agréables. Étant vastes, les splendeurs des iles de l’Océan Indien seront discutées en partie mais vous pouvez en lire plus sur les autres articles de notre site.


Les 3 iles des Mascareignes.

Les 3 iles des Mascareignes

Maurice, La Réunion et Rodrigues forme les trois iles des Mascareignes. Il y a trois millions d’années approximativement, ces iles volcaniques ont surgi du fond de l’océan. Au fils des années, avec le développement, ces iles sont devenues un paradis pour  les vacanciers qui adorent la plage, le soleil et la mer.

1. Maurice

Maurice mix

Maurice faisant 2,040 km2, est l’ile la plus fréquentée des étrangers, que se soit pour le plaisir ou pour du business. Entourée de belles plages, d’hôtels et de villas, l’ile Maurice abrite tout ce dont vous aurez besoin pour un séjour relaxant ou plein d’activités adrénalines de pointe. Ayant été occupée par les néerlandais, français et anglais, l’histoire du pays est très intéressante.

D’autre part, l’ile est un pays multiracial. Les musulmans, hindous, tamil, chrétiens et chinois vivent tous en harmonie, partageant leurs cultures et traditions qui font la beauté de Maurice. Le mélange de cultures a atteint la cuisine donnant suite aux plats exotiques et une panoplie de saveurs locales.

Visitez The best Food in Mauritius pour découvrir la cuisine Mauricienne.

Avez-vous besoin d’une voiture lors de vos vacances à Maurice ? La location de voiture à ile Maurice vous est proposée par Avis Maurice.

Vous trouvez que les hôtels sont trop impersonnels? Louez une Villa de luxe à un prix justifié à Maurice avec Exclusive Mauritius villa.


2. Ile de la Réunion

Reunion mix

La Réunion, située  à 170 kilomètres au sud-ouest de Maurice, est une ile tropicale de 2512 kilomètre carré, un peu plus grand que Maurice. L’ile de la Réunion forme partie de l’état de la France. L’hiver apparait de Mai à Novembre et l’été est de Décembre à Avril.

Les plages sont très jolies et offrent des opportunités pour faire du « snorkeling » et surfer. Cependant soyez prudent car les mers de la Réunion sont réputées pour abriter des requins. L’Australien Mick Fanning, a été attaqué par un requin devant les caméras durant la compétition de surf dans les eaux de la Réunion.

De plus, la Réunion est la seul ile des Mascareignes  à être habitée par un volcan actif, il s’agit du Piton de la Fournaise. Les éruptions fréquentes du volcan fait gagner du terrain sur la mer. Piton de la Fournaise est la principale attraction des touristes. Ils ont l’occasion d’admirer les tunnels de lave, cratères et sol de lave durcie et faire d’inoubliables randonnées pédestres.


Vous voulez allez à la Réunion mais vous n’arrivez pas à vous décidez quand partir? Consultez notre article Quand partir à la Reunion.

3. Rodrigues

Rodrigue mix

Rodrigues forme partie de l’état de Maurice. Avec une taille de 109 kilomètres carrés, l’ile Rodrigues est d’origine volcanique tout comme Maurice et La Réunion. La majorité de la population sont chrétiens et parlent la langue Créole. Les secteurs principaux de l’économie sont la pêche, l’agriculture et le tourisme. Si jamais vous décidez de visiter Rodrigues, vous devez impérativement faire un tour à Maurice. Utilisant le même visa,  vous pouvez profiter des bénéfices des deux iles.



Seychelles mix

L’archipel de Seychelles inclut 115 petites iles dont Mahé est le capital. Seychelles est réputé pour ses plages magnifiques. Vous pouvez surfer sur les vagues que produisent les vents à Anse Intendance ou simplement vous baigner dans les eaux calmes de Beau Vallon.

Il y a beaucoup d’hôtels qui se sont éparpillés sur l’ile de Mahé, Praslin et Le digue. C’est facile et rapide de prendre la mer pour voyager d’une ile  à une autre. Donc, c’est plus pratique de réserver un hôtel parmi ceux que nous vous proposons.

Nous vous proposons les hôtels suivants : La reserve et Chateau Seychelles; des hôtels sur Praslin, ainsi que Le jardin des Palme et Le wharf hotel; des hotels à Mahé island et La digue hotel sur la digue.



Maldives- mix

Maldives se situe au Sud Est de l’inde et de Sri Lanka. Le capital de Maldives est Malé qui a une dimension de seulement 5.8 kilomètre carré. Cependant il est abondamment peuplé et entouré de hauts bâtiments. Malé est très connue pour ses lieux religieux historiques qui datent du 17th siècle, des trônes des sultans et de l’ancienne arme.

Territoire majoritaire des musulmans, l’économie du Maldives est dominée par le tourisme et la pèche. Evidemment, l’archipel est entouré de belles plages et de lagons idéals pour se relaxer. Il est aussi enrichi d’histoire qui est lié au sous continent indien.




Selon L’Onu, Madagascar figure parmi les pays les moins avancés du monde. Avec une dimension de 587 000 kilomètre carré,  c’est la 5iem plus grande ile du monde. Un large réseau de cour d’eaux se trouve dans la partie Est de Madagascar tandis que de longues rivières sont étalées dans la partie Ouest.

Les aventuriers peuvent explorer la savane pour  découvrir la nature avec les animaux alors que les amoureux de la plage and de la mer  peuvent se baigner sur les côtes qui sont protégées par des récifs de corail. Qui dit ile dit beaux plages et lagons. Madagascar en a largement bénéficié comme vous pouvez le constater sur les photos


De décembre à avril, la région reçoit des pluies annuelles torrentielles au nord et nord-ouest d’où les températures varient de 15 à 37 °C.

Sur la côte est, du nord-est au sud-est, l’endroit est exposée annuellement à des cyclones catastrophique, de janvier à mars.

A l’Ouest de Madagascar où il pleut rarement, les températures peuvent toucher les 10 à 37 °C.

Le  climat au centre de l’ile est  de type subtropical avec des pluies habituelles et des amplitudes thermiques moyennes de 20 °C.

Au sud de l’ile, c’est très sec et la pluie tombe moins fréquemment. La température est très élevée allant de -6 °C à 40 °C. Le climat est de type subdésertique.


Rodrigues is a charming little holiday island located about five-sixty kilometers east of Mauritius in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Measuring only eighteen kilometers long and eight kilometers at its widest point, Rodrigues is entirely surrounded by coral reefs and azure lagoon which offers endless possibilities for diving and snorkeling.

Named after the Portuguese explorer Diego Rodrigues, Rodrigues is the smallest of the Mascarene Islands and is also a dependency of Mauritius.

Rodrigues is a place that is strikingly beautiful. The island is hilly and is surrounded by beaches and islets, such as Cocos Island. Its highest point is Mont Limon, which reaches 395 meters above sea level. The rest of the island is made of basaltic rock. On the coasts lie many coves, creeks and cliffs.

The landscapes vary from hilly lands to steep volcanic hills. The lagoon and coral reefs of Rodrigues are twice the size of the island and the islands abound with marine life.

Life on Rodrigues

The island is a melting pot of people from different cultures, religions and ethnicities. The people there live simply; hence explaining the fact that time seems to have stopped since ten or twenty years ago.

Its charm and relaxed pace of life and simplicity attract celebrities from around the world who come to enjoy the tranquility of the island and its natural beauty. Rodrigues is certainly one of the best places on earth to spend a peaceful and memorable stay. Those who love the beauty of nature will be fascinated by seeing the picturesque scenery of this quiet island.

The tropical vegetation of the region is extremely enchanting. In addition, the island offers the perfect settings for honeymoon couples and for families seeking tranquility.

Geography of Rodrigues

This beautiful island is the result of volcanic activity that took place there about 4 million years.

Over time Rodrigues has developed a unique environment and is home to many endemic species: 42 species of trees; The Rodrigues rousette; The two species-birds Rodrigues foudie and Rodrigues Warbler; and on the reef coral species, two species of damselflies and many new species of crustaceans.

Other endemic animals such as giant tortoises and Solitaire are now extinct.

Population of Rodrigues

With its 38,000 inhabitants Rodrigues is very authentic. The special charm of the island is mainly calm and harmonious way of life of its inhabitants. Kindness and simplicity are the main features of Rodrigues.

The population is made up of more women than men and about 90% of the population are Creoles – descendants of African slaves and Malagasy- and a minority of mestizos, descendants of the first European settlers.

Religions on the Island

The Catholic faith is predominant. The Catholic Church is deeply rooted in the Rodriguese society. The Anglican Church, the Adventist Church and the Assemblies of God are also present in Rodrigues.

There is also a small number of Hindus, Muslims and Buddhists. Religion, respect for tradition and family are the pillars of Rodriguese life. There is a very beautiful mosque in Port Mathurin and in the village of Creve-coeur, Hindus have a temple dedicated to Shiva.


English is the official language of the island, even if it’s Creole and French that are the most widely spoken.


The climate is pleasant in Rodrigues; generally warmer and drier than Mauritius. Rodrigues is subject to regular winds blowing from the southeast. Rainfall is fairly low. Seasonal temperatures are variable. Being subject to a tropical climate, there are only two seasons:


From November to April with an average temperature of 24-34 ° C during the day.


From May to October with an average temperature of 16-27 ° C during the day.


Most festivals and celebrations in Rodrigues are the same as those celebrated in Mauritius. The major festivals are Diwali, Holi, Chinese New Year, Christmas, Easter and Eid.


In the 10th century, Arabs visited the Mascarene Islands. A map of the 12th century by the Arab geographer Ash-Sharif al-Idrisi, clears Rodrigues. The island was named after the Portuguese navigator Diego Rodrigues Dom in 1528.

During the 18th century, several attempts were made by the French to develop the island. African slaves (ancestors of the present population) were brought to Rodrigues to develop animal husbandry and agriculture. In 1809, after a brief battle with the French, British troops took possession of Rodrigues. With the British occupation, slavery was abolished.

L’Ile aux Cocos, Rodrigues

Ile aux Cocos is located 4 km west of Rodrigues.

This small island, emerging from the lagoon is a beautiful nature reserve and became one of the main attractions of Rodrigues. The island is covered with coconut palms, casuarinas and boasts a long sandy beach.

The water is shallow in the lagoon surrounding Cocos Island and in some places it is possible to see corals and rocks above the water surface. This is the reason why the boat trip to Cocos Island is an adventure in itself, and in addition to the boat ride you will have the pleasure of admiring marine life from the boat.

On Cocos Island, you can see thousands of birds. A small path through the center of the island allows us to discover the different species of birds. The best time to see most birds is during the summer.

To visit the Cocos island, it is necessary to obtain proper permission. This authorization is generally obtained by tour operators as part of organized tours. Part of the Cocos Island cannot be visited and is closed to the public.

Have a nice trip to Rodrigues!


Travelling to Mauritius-Rodrigues takes you on a unique experience combining relaxation and discovery. Indeed you can relax in a luxurious hotel where you will enjoy the sandy beaches and turquoise waters of Mauritius. Then you will live a charming adventure, alone in the world, on the picturesque and authentic island of Rodrigues, surrounded by lush greenery.


You will experience a truly luxurious experience on the island of Mauritius whether you are lodging in a beautiful renowned hotel or staying in one of its various villas around the island. You can relax under a straw hut on the beach or on your private terrace and admire the beautiful landscape that surrounds you.

In addition to this, you will enjoy tasty cuisine prepared by a chef that will make you embark on a savoury journey combining world cuisine and tropical products, all complemented by spices and exotic flavors.

Finally, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a plethora activities such as scuba diving, jet skiing, kite surfing, zip-lining and much more. You can also enjoy a moment of pure pleasure and relaxation at the hotel’s spa center or playing golf on one of its various championship golf course.


The capital, Port Louis, is a bustling city. Its impressive business district, the Caudan Waterfront, with its huge shopping center, is one of the peculiarities of the city. Do not miss the photography museum, the cathedral, the mosque and especially the Champ de Mars, one of the oldest race course of the Indian Ocean. Take the opportunity to also wander the streets of Port-Louis to admire the different beads of Creole architecture. If you want to enjoy an unparalleled view of Mauritius, head towards the Citadelle and enjoy this breathtaking panorama that stretches in front of you.

Yet, Port Louis is mainly known for its Grand Bazaar with its colorful stalls teeming with spices, seafood, meat, medicinal plants and crafts. Stroll amid the stalls and enjoy the very special and lively atmosphere of this world famous market. Do not miss tasting the various street foods you will find at every corner- The Dholl Puree, Roti, Boulettes and so much more.


He who dream of discovering an exceptionally mild climate during the European winter will certainly be filled if he chooses to stay in Mauritius near Port Louis or along the Mauritian coast. During your stay you can actually discover exceptional landscapes made of a mountain range and a beautiful bay. Marvel particular contemplating the famous central market Champ de Mars, where horse races are held in summer and autumn. Strolling through the mountains that surround Port-Louis, you can also admire the fantastic blue of the Indian Ocean.


One of the most beautiful beaches of the island is located in Flic en Flac. Fine sand, coconut palms, and turquoise waters have not finished charming you. Diving enthusiasts will also find their happiness, Flic en Flac is one of the most famous spots of the island.

You can also visit the Casela Nature Park to observe several species of animals like lions, zebras, giant tortoises, monkeys, tigers and more than 1500 birds. Casela also offer various new activities like Zip-lining, 4D Cinema and various activities for the old and the young.


Rodrigues, picturesque island filled with authenticity, offers an extraordinary adventure to each visitor. Enjoy your hotel, charming and unusual, with beautiful views of the crystal clear waters of Rodrigues.

Guests enjoy a quality service in an atmosphere undoubtedly recalling the Creole culture. And if you want total relaxation, do test the Spa there… They can be better than those in Mauritius! Finally, you can exercise your talents in kite surfing in Rodrigues, since the island boasts an internationally renowned spot.


Rodrigues offers natural breathtaking beauty. Through different marked trails, you can explore different varieties of landscapes from deserted beaches to lush forest. For water sports lovers, know that water sporting is incredible on the island’s unique blue gradient.

The most beautiful hiking trail on the island takes place on the slopes of Mont Limon, the highest point of the island at 398 meters altitude. You’ll be blown away by the view of Rodrigues and his immense lagoon, twice as large as the island.

Finally, you can’t go to Rodrigues without going on Rodrigues Ile aux Deux Cocos! In the shoes of Robinson Crusoe, you will feel alone in the world on this beautiful island where you will observe different species of spectacular birds.


The Rodriguese cuisine is renowned in the Indian Ocean, and this for a very good reason! You will have the pleasure of tasting recipes passed down from generation to generation, all accompanied by fresh local produce. You will have the pleasure of enjoying a Kono-Kono salad (mollusk), a traditional corn soup, pork in honey or sizzled goat to local tastes, all complemented by local spices and exotic fruits.

For your dessert, you will fall under the spell of frosty papaya, coconut pie and honey cake or even sweet potato.

Finally, we advise you to go to the capital, Port Mathurin, in order to stroll among the stalls of spices, jams, honey, fruit and vegetables from its bustling market.

Enjoy your trip to Mauritius and Rodrigues!


Rodrigues est une charmante petite île de vacances située à environ cinq-cent-soixante kilomètres à l’est de l’île Maurice au beau milieu de l’océan Indien. Mesurant seulement dix-huit kilomètres de long et huit kilomètres à son point le plus large, Rodrigues est entièrement entouré de récifs coralliens, d’un lagon bleu azure qui offre des possibilités infinies en plongée et snorkeling.

Nommé d’après l’explorateur portugais Diogo Rodrigues, elle est la plus petite des îles Mascareignes et une aussi une dépendance de l’île Maurice.

Rodrigues est un endroit qui est d’une beauté frappante. L’île est vallonnée de flore et est entourée de plages et d’îles autour de lui, comme l’île aux Cocos.

Son point culminant est le Mont Limon, qui atteint 395 mètres. Le reste de l’île est faite de roche basaltique. Sur le long des côtes se situent de nombreuses criques, calanques et hautes falaises.

Les paysages varient de terres vallonnées aux collines volcaniques abruptes. Le lagon et les récifs coralliens de Rodrigues font deux fois la taille de l’île des îles et abondent de vie marine.

La Vie sur Rodrigues

L’île est un melting pot de gens de différentes cultures, de religions et d’ethnicités. Les gens y vivent simplement; d’où le fait que le temps semble s’y être arrêté dix ou vingt-ans de cela.

Son charme et son rythme de vie tranquille et simple attirent les célébrités du monde entier qui viennent profiter de la tranquillité de l’île et de sa bauté naturelle.


Rodrigues est certainement l’un des meilleurs endroits sur terre pour passer un séjour calme et mémorable. Ceux qui aiment la beauté de la nature seront fascinés en voyant les paysages pittoresques de cette paisible île.

La végétation tropicale de la région est extrêmement enchanteresse. En outre, l’île offre des réglages parfaits pour les couples en lune de miel ainsi que pour les familles souhaitant se détendre.


Cette belle île est le résultat d’activités volcaniques qui ont eu lieu il y  environ 4 millions d’années.

Au fil du temps Rodrigues a développé un environnement unique abritant de nombreuses espèces endémiques: 42 espèces d’arbres; La rousette de Rodrigues; deux espèces d’oiseaux- Le foudie de Rodrigues et La fauvette de Rodrigues; et sur le récif une espèce de corail, deux espèces de demoiselles et de nombreuses nouvelles espèces de crustacés.

D’autres animaux endémiques tels que les tortues géantes et le Solitaire sont maintenant éteintes.


Avec ses 38 000 habitants Rodrigues est très authentique. Le charme particulier de l’île provient principalement du mode de vie calme et harmonieux de ses habitants. La bonté et la simplicité sont les traits principaux des Rodriguais.


La population se compose de plus de femmes que d’hommes et environ 90% de la population sont des créoles – descendants d’esclaves africains et malgaches- et une minorité de métis, descendants des premiers colons européens.


La foi catholique y est prédominante. L’Eglise catholique est profondément enracinée dans la société Rodriguaise. L’Église anglicane, l’Église adventiste et les Assemblées de Dieu sont également présents à Rodrigues.

Il y a aussi un petit nombre d’hindous, de musulmans et de bouddhistes. La religion, le respect des traditions et la famille sont les piliers de la vie Rodriguaise. Il y a une très belle mosquée à Port Mathurin et dans le village de Crève-Cœur, les Hindous ont un temple dédié à Shiva.


L’anglais est la langue officielle de l’île, même si c’est le créole et le français qui y sont les plus largement parlées.


Le climat est agréable à Rodrigues; généralement plus chaude et plus sèche que l’île Maurice. Rodrigues est soumise à des vents réguliers soufflant du sud-est. La pluviométrie y est assez faible.

Les températures saisonnières y sont très peu variables.

Etant soumise à un climat tropical, il n’y a que deux saisons:


De Novembre à Avril avec une température moyenne de 24 – 34 ° C pendant la journée


De Mai à Octobre avec une température moyenne de 16 à 27 ° C pendant la journée


La plupart des festivals et célébrations à Rodrigues sont les mêmes que ceux célébrés à Maurice. Les grands festivals sont la Diwali, le Holi, le Nouvel An chinois, la Noël, la Pâques, et l’Aïd el-Fitr.


Au 10ème siècle, les Arabes ont visité les îles Mascareignes. Une carte du 12ème siècle par le géographe arabe Ash-Sharif al-Idrisi, montre clairement l’île Rodrigues. L’île a été nommée d’après le navigateur portugais Diogo Rodrigues Dom en 1528.

Au cours du 18ème siècle, plusieurs tentatives ont été faites par les Français pour développer l’île. Esclaves africains (les ancêtres de la population actuelle) ont été apportés à Rodrigues pour développer l’élevage et l’agriculture. En 1809, après une brève bataille avec les Français, les troupes britanniques ont pris possession de Rodrigues. Avec l’occupation britannique, l’esclavage fut aboli.

L’Ile aux Cocos

L’Ile aux Cocos est  situé 4 km à l’ouest de Rodrigues.

Cette petite île, émergeant de la lagune est une magnifique réserve naturelle et est devenu l’une des principales attractions touristiques de Rodrigues. L’île est couverte de cocotiers, filaos et vante une longue plage de sable fin.

Ile aux Cocos Rodrigues
Ile aux Cocos

L’eau est peu profonde dans le lagon entourant l’île aux Cocos et à certains endroits, il est possible de voir les coraux et les rochers au-dessus de la surface de l’eau.

Ceci est la raison pour laquelle le voyage en bateau vers l’île Cocos est une aventure pour lui-même, et en plus de la promenade en bateau vous aurez le plaisir d’admirer la vie marine à partir du bateau.

Sur l’île Cocos, il est possible de voir des milliers d’oiseaux. Un petit chemin qui traverse le centre de l’île nous permet de découvrir les différentes espèces d’oiseaux. Le meilleur moment pour voir la plupart des oiseaux est au cours de la période estivale.

Pour visiter l’île aux Cocos il est nécessaire d’obtenir une autorisation appropriée. Cette autorisation est généralement obtenue par les voyagistes que dans le cadre des visites organisées. Une partie de l’île  aux Cocos ne peut pas être visité et est fermé au public.

Sega Dancing Mauritius

Apart from its world class mauritius hotels, the island has a lot to offer in terms of culture. One of the most interesting aspect of the Mauritian culture is its music, the Séga. A music born at the time of slavery. Suffering endured by slaves, brought without their consent, who worked in harsh conditions in the sugar cane fields.

The roots of the Séga

The first slaves, brought from Madagascar, showed ingenuity in the way they adapted their musical heritage to the local context.

Uprooted from their beloved motherland, the only way they could express themselves were through chants and ditties.

To accompany such chants, usually performed at night in their camps, they had the ingenuity to transform objects used in their everyday lives and elements from their surrounding environment into musical instruments.

These instruments were however often confiscated and destroyed. Fortunately enough, the instruments were made with such a simplicity that they could easily be replicated.

According to Jean Clement Cangy, author of the book “Séga Des Origines… à nos jours” literally translating to the “Origins of the Séga”, “The rather big calebasse used to make the jegyiava was replaced by a coconut and took on the name of the bobre, bob or bom. The jegy became the zez and had only one chord. The pitilanga was known as the makalapo”. Some of these instruments such as the makalapo and the bobre take their unique resonance from the ground or even from the human body.

Music played a salutary role against colonial oppression. It gave the slaves a certain emotional and intellectual freedom while transmitting part of their history through their lyrics.

 “You can reduce a person to a state of slavery but this person will never be 100% dehumanized. The Séga is a salutary music which holds a certain universality within it. It is a symbol of freedom…”, says Emmanuel Richon, curator at the Blue Penny Museum and author of a book entitled Séga, ancient and recent testimonies (2009).

The Ravanne

One of those instruments built by the slave and without which the Séga doesn’t exist is the ravanne. The Ravanne is built from dry cattle skin. The skin of the ravanne must be heated to make it taut and this can be a major concern for all ravanne players.

Nowadays, Ravannes are mostly made from synthetic material while the traditional ones have the best sound.

Marclaine Antoine has designed a ravanne using artificial skin. And today, synthetic ravannes are widely used. Zul Ramiah created a kit with tension regulators and Menwar has made a ravanne with its skin stretched with cords from behind.

Alphonse Ravaton, also known as ti-frer, remains an emblematic local figure and is known as the father of the “Séga typique” in Mauritius. When a friend of his showed him a ravanne with two holes in it, he answered: “I have a remedy for this. Boil an aubergine and peel Cook up some flour to make glue. Then stick the aubergine skin over the holes with the glue and there you are!”

“The ravanne generates an energy which transforms me, that galvanizes me.” Menwar.

The Origins of the Séga

Blues Music and the Séga are the results of the same historical circumstances, Originating from the south of the United States and Mexico, the blues erupted from the daily toil imposed on the slaves working in cotton fields in the 19th century. The songs they chanted while working mingled with the rhythms of digging and harvesting gave birth to this now famous musical genre. Likewise, the bal zarico from Rodrigues was so named after the melodies sung by the bean workers.

The ravanne played an essential role in the reunification of the slaves after the abolition. “The ravanne beat sounded in Chamarel, tike a call to arms, can be heard from Coteau Raffin to the Morne and even in Case Noyale”, says Cangy. In the 19th century, European instruments like the harmonica and the guitar and later on the piano were integrated into the Séga. For many years, typical Mauritian Sunday family picnics, particularly within the Creole community, have been accompanied with the beat of the ravanne and the rhythmic clapping of hands. The original Séga is characterized by plaintive melodies sung in rather hoarse tones of voice, but nowadays there exist some modern versions of a much more light-hearted nature.

Séga in Modern Literature

Many expressed their views on the Séga with a fascination that sometimes had a touch of paternalism. Writings which make the heart of Séga amateurs and enthusiast tremble with emotion.

The séga is the rhythm that beats like the heart of the island. The trance-like state of Incantation, it is prayer and praise, it is the joy and the pain of living.” Pierre Renaud (1972), L’île Maurice.

“Their instrument is the tam-tam: It is a type of arc onto which a calebasse is fixed. They get a sort of gentle harmony out of it, which accompanies the songs they compose: love is always the theme of these songs.” Jaques Henri Bernardin de Saint-Pierre (1772). Voyage à L’île de France, Paris

“They have an excellent musical ear, their songs which are accompanied by the bobre, a type of guitar with a single string that Is pulled tight over an arc attached to an empty calebasse and by a tam-tam, a with the hands, are played in perfect rhythm and great  Harmony.” Baron d’Unienville (1838). Statistics of Mauritius.

Instruments of the Séga

·         Bambou

·         Banc

·         Bloc

·         Bobre

·         Crapeau

·         Dholack

·         Jembe

·         Jerry-can

·         Kalimba

·         Katchia Katchia

·         shaker

·         kordéon

·         mukalapo or makalapo

·         maravanne or kaiam or kayamba

·         mayoches

·         ravanne

·         serpe tl ros triangle

·         zèse or zez


Only a few days to go before Christmas and you are still wondering how you are going to spend the holiday seasons? Why not leave snow or extreme heat for holidays in perfect conditions? Ever dreamt of exotic Christmas holidays? Why not spend those holidays sipping on a cocktail of a dream-like beach in the exotic sun of the Indian Ocean. Here is our list of top destinations for those Christmas Holidays!

Christmas in Mauritius

Santa Mauritius

Mauritius discerns itself as a single large, volcanic island with uneven mountain peaks leading down to an azure lagoon enfolding the island. With its numerous high-class resorts raising the standards of luxury in Mauritius you will always come across greater levels of service and amenities at any time of the year, especially during Christmas period.

Mauritius is home to great culture and diversity. Influences from around the word melted to create a pot of cultures. This cultural diversity has brought about an awesome and unique cuisines along with an interesting culture.

Spending Christmas in Mauritius is a great experience. It’s definitely not a white Christmas awaiting for you there since Christmas occurs during summer in Mauritius. If you are planning on making some Xmas Shopping, then Mauritius is an ideal destination providing you with an array of shops where you will find all kind of products from clothing to jewelry. All cultures celebrate Christmas in the island and you will definitely enjoy a unique moment during the fireworks and fire crackers time both for Christmas and New year.

Christmas in Maldives


Maldives is a group of 1,200 small, flat, coral islands that offer outstanding beaches and memorable snorkeling and diving. There are no hills or mountains in the Maldives and the pristine islands are bordered by lagoons and coral reef. Maldives is mostly about beach, sun, water sports, restaurants, and relaxation.

Each resort in the Maldives is on its own island, which collectively boasts the world’s best over-water villas, innovative resort features, and first-class spa facilities. Some of the nicest, most creative, unique resorts in the World are in the Maldives: So If you want to spend unique Christmas holidays head towards the Maldives! Enjoy your turkey and Christmas pudding on the beach with an unforgettable Christmas holiday trip to the Maldives.

Christmas in Seychelles

Xmas Seychelles

The Seychelles striking tropical scenery is due to its unique granite-island group. Huge granite boulders lining white-sand beaches craft breathtaking views that you will find only in the Seychelles. In addition to splendid coastlines, island hopping will bring you to discover rare flora and fauna, pristine rain forests, and wonderful people.

The 3 main islands of the Seychelles each have luxury resorts while there are also a number of private islands. On this festive occasion, every family member usually hosts a lavish dinner which is then followed by gift-giving and evening parties. Discover the various corners of the islands and how Christmas is celebrated in your rented car. Enjoy the beaches, giant tortoises, Coco de Mer (World’s largest coconut), rare birds and vegetation amid the granite hill surroundings will make a perfect setting for a unique Christmas holiday in a beautiful hotel.

Christmas in Seychelles is the time for sumptuous feasts and family gatherings. With delicious food, games, and fun-filled activities, the celebrations in Seychelles are no less exciting than that in any other part of the world during this festival.

Christmas in Rodrigues

Rodrigues is a hilly island with a chain of valleys plunging to the 300 km2 lagoon, bringing an exciting feeling of lightness whilst meandering through the steep cliffs and terraced fields towards its 80-km coastline. One of the most distinctive features of this fascinating island is its relief.

If you are planning on a secluded and peaceful Christmas holidays then a trip to Rodrigues via Mauritius is a great way to enjoy tranquil festivities away from the usual bustle of cities.

Christmas in Reunion

xmas reunion

As one of the Mascarenes jewels in the Indian Ocean, Reunion Island offers its extreme landscapes for extreme Christmas holidays. From its beaches and beautiful waterfalls to the sharp peaks and sometimes snowy summits, you will definitely enjoy a unique seasons holiday on Reunion Island.

If you want to keep that very essence of Christmas: Snow, you will be amazed by the scenery that is dominated by the Piton des Neiges, a 3071-meters-high extinct volcano that is sometimes covered by a snow cap. To feel more like spending Christmas on another planet, do not miss the lunar landscape of Plaine des Sables, a desert buffer zone before the enclosure to the Piton de la Fournaise. This active volcano attracts many specialists and visitors on each spontaneous eruption, with lava rivers flowing down its slopes.

Experience the magic of Christmas on a magical ride on the island of Reunion in one of its hotel or apart.

Christmas in Sri Lanka

Sri lanka

The Christian population in Sri Lanka is much less when compared to Buddhist and Hindus. Yet, the preparation for this great day begins several weeks prior to the festival, and celebration with great enthusiasm in true Sri Lankan style.

It all starts with sound of fire crackers at dawn of 1st December and is this is the first sign of intimation that Christmas in round the corner. Christmas spirit can be seen everywhere in Sri Lanka: the hotels and shopping malls wayside boutiques  are decorated by Christmas trees bells, angels and Santa clauses statue lit up in most of the country sides.

Sri Lankan peoples consider Christmas the perfect time to sharing kind, loving compassion hearts with others. Christians invite relatives, friends to their Christmas parties and share with them seasonal cakes, wines and other Christmas foods. That engages hearts of one and all. No one can feel that Christmas is a minority in the nation .Other Sri Lankan people treats the Christmas festival as their own festival and spending wonderful Christmas holidays days there is a definite must for those looking for a magical Christmas!

Christmas on Christmas Island


Christmas Island is one of natures most impressive feats, an island full of natural wonders: from the unique annual red crab migration to rare and unusual birds and glorious deserted beaches where the only footprints in the sand are those made by nesting turtles.

With so many endemic species, the island is often referred to as the Galapagos of the Indian Ocean. Yet it also displays a curious amalgam of cultures, history and industry, emerging as a place where all these elements create a truly unusual travel experience.

Why not spend Christmas on one of the island discovered the very day this festival is celebrated around the world? With the various wonders you will come across on this beautiful island, you will without any doubt enjoy one of the most unique Christmas of you life.

Well, hope you have finally made a choice for your XMAS HOLIDAY DESTINATION and we wish you enjoy a wonderful Christmas in one of those dream destinations!


Merry Xmas Holidayers!!!!