reunion island


The Reunion islands is a French department ideally situated in the Indian Ocean, 500 miles east afar the Madagascar islands. The island is popular for its mesmerising beaches, coral reefs and specially known for its volcanic and rainforest interior. Saint- Denis, the capital city of the island is the best place to shop on the island. Having an actual population of 843, 617 of inhabitant, the Reunion Islands still welcomes a thousands of tourist to visits some of the major tourist attractions. The Piton de la Fournaise however remains the major attraction of the Reunion islands. It is a massive and it is also considered as the most active volcano in the world which lastly erupted in 2014.

la fournaise reunionArriving at Reunion, you will probably think that you landed in Hawaii, based on the scenery of the volcanic islands. The huge population is a mixture of culture; there are people who are originated from Africa, European countries as well as India! Besides its volcano, let’s talk about water! The islands offer breath-taking diving and snorkelling with 150 of coral, all in different size and forms, 500 different types of fish, whales, amazing giant sea turtles and dolphins also. If you are a great fan of water activities then you will be really amazed by how mesmerising the reunion island is.

Best and worst time visit the Reunion islands

Peak season:

The peak season starts from June and end at September. It is the ideal time to visit the Reunion islands as the weather is cool and dry; you may enjoy your holiday and make the best out of it. During the peak season, the French also get their summer holiday hence they come with large number of families or friends for vacation. Hiking is a great idea during the peak season; you can walk through the part with no difficulty while enjoying the sun as the road will be dry.

Off season:

The worst time to visit the reunion island is during December! This is the time where there are the minimum person visiting the island. The temperature reaches upwards to 85 degrees and of course there are heavy rain falls and the atmosphere is always humid and the island is not pleasant to spend a holiday at. The cyclone is fully underway by this off season hence you won’t be able to do water activities as well and land activities including hiking, and mountain climbing.

Shoulder season:

The shoulder season is from April to May and in the month of October! Towards the end of the winter and the summer, the reunion island is the most beautiful place to be. All the plants become lively and the flowers blooms and bring a pleasant atmosphere! You will have the opportunity to taste some of the best tropical ripe fruits. October is when the worst season ends, you may enjoy your holiday and without a big crowd as there are least visitors during that time. Make sure you make the best decision of your vacation.

Types of accommodation in the Reunion Islands

Guest house

The guest house is probably not the best ideal to spend your holiday but depending on your budget, some desperate ones might want to opt for it. To book a guest house, you just have to contact a Reunionese which has one. The owner of the house and you will have to share the house and sometimes you may not have the privilege to a private bathroom. It is generally cheap and if you cannot afford one, you would be better off postponing your vacation until you have a more lenient budget.

Furnished flats or apartment

Furnished flats ReunionTo rent a flat or an apartment is the most cost-effective method of accommodation where you will have a full privacy as there will be no one else in the house except you and your family or your friends. You will feel more comfortable than the Guest House. This accommodation is ideal for families especially with babies while it is more expensive than the guest house. If your budget allows you then the flats or the apartment is recommended.

Bungalows, cottages and chalets-

The bungalows, cottages and the chalets are exactly like small houses where you can stay very comfortably. You will not have to interact with other person and may also party in your house without disturbing other people. In the small luxurious house you will be totally independent where you will have to make your own breakfast, lunch or dinner. However these are quite expensive, make sure you are on budget before booking your bungalow.


Here is the best and most comfortable place to be during your stay at the reunion islands. Book a hotel room and enjoy the luxury! You will have your bed ready and you don’t have to bother about cooking food as you will be served on time by the hotel itself. You may go out and make the best of your holiday then come back to eat. You may also get a swimming pool but you won’t be the only one using it. The hotels are rented at a reasonable price.


The villas also are the best idea to spend your days and nights at except it cost way more than any other accommodation! As a matter of fact the villa is just like a house which is fully equipped and it has furniture all over the place. You will feel comfortable and will be in an absolute privacy. Most of the villas in the reunion islands offer a swimming pool! However you will have to do your laundry, prepare your food and do any other house chores yourself.

Things you should definitely do in the Reunion islands


Ile De La ReunionThe volcanoes eruptions have carved some of the most wonderful tropical landscape on earth. Hiking all way up to a mountain where magnificent scenery awaits you at the top. Take as much picture as you want to bring home souvenirs.

Visit the undersea-

From parrot fish to humpback whales, from turtles to dolphins, the undersea water of the reunion islands are paradise to snorkelers! Diving though the sea with all these species is really a great and unique feeling.

Go to a spa-

Surrender yourself to the masseuse; let the masseuse take you to another world with a luxury treatment under the shiny sun. Just relax and enjoy your spa.


Want to buy some gift for your family and friend? Well, the reunion islands offer many colourful handicraft product representing different cultures including the Indian, African, and Asian.

Tiptoe through the vanilla-

The reunion island is also well known for its 100 species of vanilla orchids. The nature lovers will definitely need to find a day to visit the mesmerising intense bright flora of Reunion.

2017 is coming to an end and 2018 is coming way too fast. Even though the year is not yet over, it does not mean you should not think of the inevitable upcoming holidays. During a trip to Reunion Island, you can certainly have a really great time. But if we had to remember 10, here are the unavoidable experiences that I would advise you and do not miss.

Get up early and enjoy some hours’ out Hiking

If you want to see the peaks of the island clear, you must get up early and especially be there for sunrise. This is the best moment to enjoy the most wonderful and unforgettable moment while enjoying the lush environment that mother nature gave to Reunion Island.

You will see that it will not be obvious especially at the beginning of your stay if you come from Metropole Reunion is so magical in all aspects. For those who go on guided hikes, you will notice that most of the times, the time of departure is around 4am.

Enjoy a wonderful creole meal!

One thing is sure when it comes to visiting the island of Reunion – food is exquisite. Enjoy a Dodo (the local beer of Bourbon) with samousas, chilli sweets, and other local specialties. The must tastes while being on the island remains the Chicken Curry, the famous Sausage Rougail and the Curry Bichique. As dessert you can enjoy a plethora of delicious local fruits: pineapple, mango, Passion Fruit, litchi, dragon eye fruit, banana and many more.

Yet, a Reunionese dinner remains incomplete with the famouse Rhum Arranger or commonly known as Rhum Charette – which is a local concoction made with Rhum a tropical fruits left to rest over months or years. Yet, remain caution while drinking – No abuse!

Snorkeling in the lagoon


We do not advise you to swim in the Indian Ocean because of the sharks, but in the lagoon it is 100% safe. And besides, it’s of such a beauty that you will not be able to resist plunging into the water calling upon you. Unfortunately, corals are not all alive. It seems that a few years ago, there were far fewer deaths, yet the fish are still numerous and beautiful!

Swimming in the Reunionese lagoon is as if you have fallen into a giant aquarium with the water at 30 ° C. And if you go to the Hermitage, you just need to go some 5-10 m to see the fish.

Spend some time on the beach and have a barbecue with friends

You will surely need to get to know the premises, but Reunion is a small island and you’ll surely meet up with people who will be ready to help you out. If you want to enjoy an afternoon chilling at the beach and enjoying food and drinks – just enjoy a BBQ on the beach with your friends or family. Enjoy a swim and chill by the beach while contemplating a wonderful sunset.

Go to visit St Paul on Friday morning


Go round the Rocks, continue by the Hindu temple, then go to the fairground, have lunch before going for a walk in the city center and then take the car to discover the beautiful black sand beach and the marine cemetery: these five hours of your stay will remain the most splendid one you will spend on the island – visiting St Paul is one thing not to be missed while visiting the beautiful island of Reunion.

Go swimming at the foot of a waterfall

Bassin cascade Grand Galet

Are there waterfalls in Reunion? Well, just peep outside the window pane when you are still on the plane – and you’ll see how many waterfalls the island boasts. There are hundreds and dozens where you can bathe underneath like the Cascade Biberon and the Cascade des Aigrettes. The water is not only fresh but soft and with the vegetation around, you will feel like you are in paradise! Swimming at the foot of a waterfall remains a must try experience in Reunion.

Take a helicopter ride

Seeing the island of Reunion from the sky and especially its 3 circuses and the volcano is simply a magical and indescribable experience. This is a one in a lifetime experience that you need to do at least once even though the budget is pretty consistent. We should not omit the impressive view of the Lagoon and the coral reefs. A delight not to be missed during your stay in Reunion.

Discover the South and the Lava Carvings

Roads like this will definitely not be seen anywhere else in the world than here. To pass from a road in the middle of the pretty Creole huts, to tropical vegetation and to arrive on immense fields of lava having flowed from the volcano, well that’s a drastic change of scenery – you suddenly leave earth for a moonlike scenery.

Visit Piton de la Fournaise

la fournaise reunion

Walking on a volcano that is still active and especially one of the most active in the world- does that tempt you? It’s not every day that you can do that. In addition to this, you will see that the trip is worth the detour when arriving on the top, it is just fantastic. An absolute discovery no one should miss during their trip on this island of the Indian Ocean.

Go discover the circuses of Mafate

What would be the island of Reunion without its magnificent circuses. 70,000 years ago, a subsidence of the caldera merged to an erosion at the base of the digging of the 3 circuses of Reunion. Today there are 3 well-defined circuses: Salazie in the North, Mafate in the West and Cilaos in the South. You can visit Cilaos and Salazie by car and of course by foot, but Mafate is only accessible by helicopter or by foot. The 3 are really worth visiting as they are simply unique in the world.

We hope this guide will help you for your 2018 holidays!

Have fun in the Intense island of Reunion!

Despite being in the Indian Ocean, Reunion Island is a French Island. 3 adjectives to describe Reunion Island are lively, dynamic and surprising. Being in the same area as Mauritius, the climate is sunny and warm most of the time but might be prone to rainy seasons and natural calamities. It is also to be noted that the surface area of Reunion Island increases from time to time due to lava reaching the sea during powerful eruptions. Therefore, if you are curious and want to embark on a life-flourishing journey, Reunion Island is the perfect place for you, especially if you are adventurous in nature.

Travelling throughout the island

Are cars indispensable?

One of the main advantages of renting a car on Reunion Island is that a car allows for flexibility. By flexibility, I mean that public transport does not take you to every location; they have a specific route to follow, while on the other hand, taxis are usually expensive.

Remember, planning and organisation are the keys. To save money, public transport would be more suitable even though you would have to walk a little to get to your destination at times but apart from that it is not quite a hassle provided that you do not bring loads of items or bags with you. Driving a car somehow requires experience also, due to the narrow mountain road present near the cirques. You will also have to look for parking lots compared to public transport, which can thus be much of a hassle during busy days.

What to see and what to do during your stay?

The Piton de la Fournaise

Originally one of the most active volcanos amongst the world, it is believed that if this volcano stops erupting, dormant volcanoes of neighbouring islands such as Mauritius would wake up because they are connected to each other. However, the Piton de la Fournaise remains one the most popular attraction on Reunion, allowing for great hikes. For instance, its eruption always provides a mind-blowing spectacle for youngsters and elders.

The Cirques

Another famous feature of Reunion Island is the three cirques formed inside Piton des Neiges – the “mother” which gave birth to Reunion Island. Despite being formed by the same volcano, each one of them; Mafate, Salazie, Cilaos, has their own essence which will of course capture your attention.

Cirque of Mafate

One of the aspect of the Cirque of Mafate is both an advantage and disadvantage. Why? Well, to access the Cirque of Mafate, you will have to travel by helicopter or on foot. Either way, both would be an enriching experience for the family. The main characteristic of the Cirque of Mafate is mostly the wild aspect, which once served as refuge for slaves. Hence, the inhabitants are very attached to this land and keep some of the traditions going despite a lack of modern communication.

Cirque of Salazie

The Cirque of Salazie contains several villages and a Commune. Neighbouring St André and being the most accessible of the three cirques, the Cirque of Salazie is home to several waterfalls with rather strange but original names – “Pisse en l’air,” Voile de la Mariée, Cascade Blanche and others. One of the benefits of visiting the Cirque of Salazie first is that you will have the opportunity to access Mafate by going through the forestry.

Cirque of Cilaos

Originating from the word “Tsilaosa,” meaning “a country that you don’t leave.” The Cirque promises to provide you with a whole new level of experience; clearly different from Mafate and Salazie. One of the main advantage of Cilaos is that it can be accessed by car yet, you would have to pass through a road composed of 400 turns – certainly worth it, due to its beauty.

Reunion Island’s Gastronomy

How would gastronomy be described in Reunion? Well, in some words, the Reunion Island’s gastronomy is the fruit of different combinations of cuisine – Malagasy cuisine, African cuisine, Indian cuisine, Chinese cuisine and French cuisine. Appetizers are important to the Reunion cuisine. Similarly, some of the most traditional ones are also common to Mauritius. With their spicy taste, these snacks make the pleasure of youngsters as well as elders – “Bonbon piments” known as “Gateau piments or Gato Dhall” in Mauritius, Samosas and “Piments farcis.”

The most conventional dish found in Reunion Island is the curry.  Served in a plate with rice at the bottom, grains and the curry at the top and chutneys served separately, this dish can also be found in Mauritius and observes the same pattern. It is probably due to the fact of having common ancestors.

Where to stay during your trip to Reunion Island?

So you have already booked your flight, now is your time to think of the place where you would stay for your holidays. We would like to recommend TROPIC Appart’Hotel which is a hotel at Saint Gilles. Situated just 80 meters away from the sea, you will not have to travel too far from home. Also, you will find loads of services surrounding the area varying from sports clubs, restaurants, stores, pharmacy, laundry, nightclubs, casino and bakery.

Ideal for holidays, the atmosphere at the hotel is sure to help you relax yourself and take away the accumulated daily stress. The hotel for instance has 20 studios and 20 duplex apartments, all of them being modern, spacious and comfortable.

Who said that an hotel is monotonous in nature? Well, with TROPIC Appart’Hotel, your overall enjoyment and well-being is the aim. Do you still want to work while on holidays? Free high speed WIFI is available for your use. There is also a swimming pool inside the complex. However if you want to undertake more activities such as helicopter, golf, paragliding, mountain biking, canyoning, diving, big game fishing, catamaran trips, kayaking, paddling, the reception would be happy to provide you with some advice.

reunion coast

The island of Reunion – hustling rocks, lava and magma – is a unique island in the Indian Ocean. from the high point of its pitons its languid shores of beach, everything here is dominated by an impetuous nature that have an unparalleled force. If you are wondering why you should visit Reunion? Well, we got the answer for you!

Its inhabitants

Everywhere, the extreme kindness of Reunionese will surprise you and make you want to come and live on that beautiful island. They are always ready to help – to indicate the road, give a curry recipe or simply talk on the terrace of a cafe.

The circuses and volcano

With 3 circuses listed as UNESCO World heritage, you will succumb to this sumptuous vision of raising sun over Mafate, Salazie or Ciloas.  Sublime, majestic peaks, Circuses are the place to be for those who get up early. Just as the Volcano, one of a kind, which, even in regular activity, will make you dream with its plains resembling a lunar landscape over a few kilometers.

Its cuisine, a blend of world flavors

Reunion is an island where all the cultures and all the colors blend. This mix of cultures is also reflected in the dishes of the island. The specialties; the rougaille, bouchons, samosas, sweets peppers, jams, sweets coconuts … all accompanied by a ti punch or local rum aranger.

The climate

The island of Reunion has a near to perfect climate all-year round. This tropical island offers temperatures ranging between 20 and 33 ° C most of the time. The climate is suitable for swimming throughout the year, and the trade winds are very present in the east of the island.

Its Unique Beaches

Boucan Canot Beach

One of the finest white sandy beache of the islands remains Boucan Canot. It is located between Saint-Paul and Saint-Gilles-les-Bains. Surrounded by beautiful hotels bordering coastline, this popular beach invites you to enjoy a breakfast on the oceanfront.

Boucan Canot swimming area does not have a coral reef, which gives it a greater depth in the lagoon. However, there is nothing to fear if you think you won’t be able to swim during your holiday in Reunion, since a safety net was installed so as to ensure safe swimming. To the delight of children and adults wishing to wade in the water, a natural pool formed by volcanic rocks is also easily accessible.

You can enjoy your stay in Reunion in one of the accommodation and hotels in the vicinity of Boucan Canot for easy access to the beach and enjoy this stretch of white sand to relax. Besides swimming, many aquatic activities can also be practiced in the blue waters off the beach. It is quite nice to enjoy a drink, ice cream or lunch on one of the terraces that you cannot missed during a stroll along the beach to the south. The evening is pretty quiet compared to the Hermitage. Near the beach of Boucan Canot, you also have shops and art galleries where you can find articles that will be beautiful memories of your trip on the island of Reunion.

Although being one of the most tourist beaches and featuring a supervised bathing area, Boucan Canot remains a dangerous beach. A strong current can be formed very close to the edge, one must be very careful, watch the color of the flame (the flag) and do not hesitate to request information from the lifeguards.

Hermitage beach Reunion

Edging a turquoise sea, on the south coast of Saint-Gilles-les-Bains, the Hermitage beach is a long and sumptuous shady beach lined with casuarinas. This is a corner no one should miss during a stay on the island of Reunion. Extending over several kilometers, this beach of white sand, contrasting with the lush vegetation that surrounds it, is an extension of the South of Roches Noires beach. Offering prime locations and popular with Reunionese families, the beautiful beach of the Hermitage is of incomparable beauty and genuine charm.

Supervised swimming area, the Hermitage beach (or Hermitage) borders a lagoon nature reserve because of the aquatic wealth and geography. Feel free to take with you a snorkel because the underwater fauna and flora is very rich!

Ideal for relaxation, this pristine beach is ideal for long hours of relaxation on a towel or on a deck. Besides swimming, this blue lagoon protected by a coral reef is also a diving spot not to be missed on a trip to Reunion. And if you feel a little hungry, you will easily find restaurants and snacks available near the beach.

Grand Anse Beach

Edenic setting, worthy of a postcard, this beach will remain an unforgettable memory of your trip to Reunion. Grand Anse is an exotic place of unparalleled beauty. The swimming area of ​​the beach is considered dangerous but it should not prevent you to spend pleasant hours, staring into the waves. A small artificial pond of black rock was also constructed to allow children to swim safely .

Ideal for relaxing and various outdoor activities, Grand Anse Beach is primarily a place where the South Reunion families and tourists on vacation to the island of Reunion like to get together and share good lunches. Reunionese often come to picnic on Sunday and enjoy a family curry in the shade of casuarinas and Vacoas … Why? Because the site is beautiful!

A real “must-see” to discover especially on working days if you are not a follower of the crowd. Guests can enjoy the freshness of a small recreation area in the shade of coconut trees. You can also discover the flavors offered by the restaurants in the vicinity of the beach or those snack bars. The Grand Anse beach also has many places for barbecues. To enhance your stay on reunion island, you can also take a trip to Lime Kiln located in Grand Anse after spending hours at the beach and end your day beautifully.

Have a wonderful time on the island of Reunion!

The island of Reunion is lively, surprising and continuously moving. Under a sunny and warm climate, its population is accustomed to cyclones and other mishaps of nature. La Fournaise sometimes spits gush of lava flows so powerful at times that they manage to reach the sea to create new territories.

Much of the island became a national park in 2007 and the pitons, cirques and ramparts were in turn registered in the UNESCO World Heritage in 2010. On Reunion island, nature seems to explode in all directions – a myriad of waterfalls, lost in a wild circus, beside a green and blue lagoon or above the famous volcano.

The coast

On the one hand a dominant side, little windy and lined with shady casuarina beaches that delight fans of relaxation and water sports. The other a coastline exposed to the trade winds, tougher green face that appeals to lovers of raw nature. Choosing one or the other is not the question, no one can claim to know Reunion without having seen these two seaboards, each having their charms.

Hiking on the volcano ….

It is not coincidence that the Grand Raid, the famous mountain race in Reunion, starts rushing towards the volcano. Mineral landscapes of Piton de la Fournaise indeed offer some great opportunities for hiking. The usual visitor join the crater rim from the Bellecombe. Other prefer the road down to the sea, crossing a surprising succession of landscapes and vegetation

… And in circuses

So green that the area around the volcano are minerals, Cilaos, Mafate and Salazie offer an exceptional space to practice the queen activity of the island: hiking. Each year, thousands of visitors soar on countless trails, revealing in passing the particular lifestyle of these separate spaces. In the center, the Piton des Neiges, the highest point of the island, is also a nice playground for hikers.

St Denis

If she rarely immediately raises the enthusiasm of the newcomers, who often prefer the attractions of the west coast, the first town on the island nevertheless has a charm of its own. The Barachois, its historical remains, dawdling in the aisles of the garden state is simply a wonderful journey. With its religious sites, markets and neighborhoods, Saint-Denis is also an excellent introduction to the island particularities

Surfing and kitesurfing

Do you know the the famous wave of Saint-Leu? The reputation of the city with surfers. The island has many other popular spots for surfers and bodyboarders. Aficionados of the “kite”, will also find excellent conditions along the west coast.

Piton Maido

At 2200 meters above sea level on the hills of the West Coast, the name of the Piton Maido sounds like a promise to visitors’ ears. Accessible by car, on a beautiful winding road through a forest, Piton Maido reserves an exceptional view of Mafate and its islets. The opportunity to embrace a glance – if the weather permits!

The Grand Brûlé

South of the island, the lava flows are the witnesses which now stand still like statues right by the Piton de la Fournaise. Past Saint-Philippe, the coast guard, indeed, many traces of the most recent eruptions of the volcano. Black basalt extending to the sea, the landscape reminds some of the most “hot” episodes in the history of the island, such as the eruption of 2007, which cut the RN2 .

Canyoning and white water sports

A steep terrain, ravines, waterfalls, ponds … the island has all the turnkey to seduce lovers of canyoning and white water sports. You will delight either in the Cilaos and Salazie or in St. Benedict, which concentrates clubs offering rafting, snorkeling and canoe-raft.

Paragliding in Saint-Leu

Paragliders not raving about the conditions offered by the western resort of the island beauty of the setting, spot protected from the wind by the relief, conditions for almost fly 300 days a year … The site is ideal for a baptism, in tandem with an instructor, but confirmed will also find their account.

Bathing in the pools

Their names are evocative: Niagara near Sainte-Suzanne, Bouteille in the high plains, Peace Pool and Sea Basin just outside Bras-Panon and many more remain havens of freshness. Ponds and waterfalls of the island, often hidden in the bend of the cane fields, to the delight of fans of picnic and swimming … in total privacy.


Main resort of the island, Saint-Gilles-les-Bains draws crowds with its finely tuned cocktail of beaches, activities and restaurants-bars. Decidely casual and trendy for others, the city is the epicenter of the Western part of Reunion, less than an hour from Saint-Denis.

Paradise of fruits

Besides the delicious Victoria pineapples, bananas and coconuts that grow all year, every season brings a lot of vitamins. December and January is the season of lychees, mangoes and papayas, which are often present until February. The passion fruit appear in March and April. As for the guava trees, small and tasty red fruit, can mainly be found during the months May and June.


Hermitage-les-Bains, the family beach par excellence, has a trump card: a long series of casuarina trees that provide shade along the coast. Quiet beach, it is the favourite spot picnic lovers, who flock there every weekend. A Creole family tradition…

Sugar, and rum distilleries

Industrial tourism? Not only. Because in Reunion, sugar is also a culture, a history, a heritage. Throughout the visit of the distilleries on the island, and its two gigantic sweets still in business, you will learn about the production of alcohol and cane sugar industry that shaped the economic destiny of Reunion and opens new opportunities. A significant part of the electricity consumed on the island comes from sugar cane.


A must for hikers! At the heart of Reunion, Mafate can only be approached on foot or by helicopter. No road leads into this vast basin bordered by peaks and mountain walls, home to a few hundred inhabitants. Rare are those who regret the effort required to get there, as they are offset by the peaceful and quiet and beautiful scenery.


In 1841, a young slave of Reunion, Edmond Albius, discovered the process for manually polinating vanilla, giving the so-called vanilla “Bourbon” name. Production has had its ups and downs, but the Reunion vanilla remains one of the most popular among connoisseurs. Several sites, especially in the east of the island, you can discover how this delicate orchid Vanilla planifolia is cultivated.

Tamil ceremonies

Colorful and festive, Tamil ceremonies reveal a surprising facet of Reunion culture and its melting pot. During Teemeedee, the faithful walk on glowing embers, while celebrating the Cavadee, penitents pierce their tongue and cheeks with needles. As for Divapali, the festival of light, it takes place in the light of hundreds of candles lit to illuminate the return from exile of Rama …

We hope that you enjoy your holidays on the Island of Reunion!

Located 9200 km from Paris in the Mascarene Archipelago, the island of Reunion, former French colony called “Bourbon” is displayed as one of the most unique areas of the departments and regions oversea. Reunion, usually called “intense island” is not a tropical island like others because it offers travelers a concentrate of what the world’s best. With over 40% of the island classifies as World Heritage Site by UNESCO, it is one of the few destinations where you will experience many emotions in a single trip.

The lagoon

Vibrate through the conquest of the ocean in an exotic snorkeling outing or an intense diving expedition. Marvel at the breathtaking spectacle of coral reefs and their uncountable colorful fish species. For lovers of water sports, it is a haven of happiness with activities such as surfing, canyoning, snow sports, deep sea fishing …

The Circuses

And since between land and sea it is only a step, discover a rich nature with spectacular reliefs containing an extraordinary tropical garden with endemic fauna and flora. Reunion has many treasures including the three natural amphitheaters shaped by erosion – Piton des Neiges, the highest peak in the Indian Ocean. Cilaos, mineral circus; Mafate, wild circus and Salazie, green circus. A timeless setting allowing nature lovers to marvel at the grandiose views of the island, either through a successful ride in the mystical forest or a hike in the immensity of ramparts and breathtaking waterfalls. For more intensity, fly over the island by helicopter and discover the island through a bird’s eye.

The Volcano

Surprise yourself with the panorama of the volcanic massif in penetrating the heart of the Piton de la Fournaise, one of the most active volcanoes in the world. During your meteoric rise, experience the extraordinary experience of the Plaines des Sables filled with slag, into a lunar and desert landscape.

Here is an exciting adventure that awaits you. An open-air paradise that allows you to spend your time to experience a multitude of sensations. With its infinite charm, exotic sweetness, warm atmosphere, lush nature, let yourself be carried away by the magic of this unique island.

Mountain Island nestled in the middle of the Indian Ocean, Réunion is an island like no other. Like any tropical island, there are of course the inevitable lagoon and coral reef, favorite playground of colorful fish and other divers. But this overseas department is primarily a land of volcanoes. The Piton de la Fournaise and Mafate are natural wonders recognized worldwide.

While walking there, all of our senses awaken, the smell of vanilla and singing tec-tec complementing the beautiful picture that unfolds before your eyes. Mixture of France and elsewhere, Reunion, we can never say it enough, is made of contrasts and interbreeding. And this exoticism is reflected everywhere on the island. Here “zwa de viv”(Pleasures of life) and pleasures of taste buds will be the basis for a successful holiday in the creole island … One word: enjoy!

Beaches of Reunion Island

Reunion Island offers no less than 22 km of remarkably well-preserved lagoons, where anyone can enjoy themselves in complete serenity or enjoy swimming, snorkelling, kayaking in a vessel and even paddleboarding…  This magnificent island in the Southern hemisphere invites you to relax on its warm, sandy beaches, in an exceptional setting. With its turquoise waters protected by a 30 km long coral reef, the lagoons of Reunion Island will guarantee you can swim safely. The clear waters of Reunion Island’s lagoon means that the visibility is great for discovering the shoals of multi-coloured fish, that you will meet while snorkeling or diving around the island.

The most beautilful beaches of Reunion are located on the Southern and the western coasts of the island. All year long, many Reunionese go to relax on the various beached. Boucan-Canot, a real paradise for surfers, in Roches Noires (Black rocks), is an outstanding beach of white sand where the color of the water is the one you only find in the Indian Ocean.

Other beaches we recommend are Saint Leu, Etang Salé, Saint Pierre, Grand Anse or Manapany les Bains. We must admit that the ambient temperature is rather cool in the summertime (an average of 30 degrees) and in the wintertime (an average of 26 degrees).

The landscapes of the coasts are varied. You will realise that a sudden change in relief can occur – from white sand to black rocks cliffs. While strolling these cliffs, one can see “souffleurs” (blowers). These are holes in the cliff where the sea water enters and makes big white geysers. When you get nearer to Saint Pierre (south of the island), the sea becomes a dark blue and the Vacoas makes it even wilder. The leaves of the Vacoas trees are used to make bags, baskets and various other stuffs… Finally, going east, the cliffs come back and there you will be marveled at the beautiful waterfalls that stream down the cliffs – among them, in Sainte Suzanne, you will have the opportunity to contemplate the Niagara Falls.

Reunion Island waterfall


– Discover this veritable Garden of Eden, a paradise for 1st explorers.

– Pacing the heart of the island, with its arduous mountains, primeval forests, deep ravines and its lunar plains …

– Marvel at the beauty of circuses (Salazie, Cilaos and Mafate) which are landlocked in the heart of the island.

– In search of the best views of the island. Photographers, experienced or not, will be in heaven there.

– Visit the beautiful traditional buildings of old large plantations, historic buildings inherited from the East India Company or the rum distilleries.

– Enjoy a varied gastronomy and culture of authentic Creole terroir. Cari (reference food) rougail, gratin chouchou, pie jujubes, and even cheeses and local wines are in the spotlight!

– Participate in a kabar (these large convivial holidays), and attempt to dance a few steps of the Sega or the Maloya.

– Discover the hospitality of the islanders.

Have fun in Reunion!

Partir en vacances à la Réunion est un quasi rêve devenu réalité et afin d’améliorer cela, voici des consignes pour vous aider a avoir des vacances parfaites!


La première chose à considérer lors de la visite d’un pays étranger est la différence de mode de vie et cette règle applique pour Ile de la Réunion comme sux autres. Le système selon lequel ils vivent est certainement différent de, par exemple l’île Maurice. Habituellement, ce ne serait pas un problème, mais si le vacancier sera en interaction avec les habitants de l’île, certaines choses doivent être prises en considération. Une différence majeure est  l’allocation d’aide au retour à l’emploi que les résidents reçoivent. Il est assez considérable pour décourager  à se trouver du travail. Les amateurs de vacances peuvent trouver cela injuste, mais ces opinions provocatrices doivent être conservées à soi-même, pas besoin de ruiner les vacances pour une telle chose.

Nature Reunion

Le gouvernement a interdit la natation et autres activités nautiques dans la mer sauf dans les zones spécifiquement désignées dans une tentative pour empêcher les attaques de requins. Un garçon de 13 ans a été tué en Avril cette année dans une zone hors-limites à La Réunion. Ceci est exactement ce que personne ne veut qu’il se passe à eux pendant les vacances à l’île pratiquement sans critique de chez les vacanciers. Le requin avait arraché ses deux jambes et un peu de son estomac. C’est une image horrible, pas du tout ce que l’on envisage lors de la planification d’un voyage agréable et le risque est bel et bien trop élevé. Il devient une priorité de savoir comment empêcher cela. Ainsi, en faisant nos valises en chemin pour la petite île pittoresque, il faut aussi s’assurer que les dangers de la mer ne soient pas négligés.

reunion helicopter

La sécurité à l’aéroport de l’île de la Réunion est ne rigole certainement pas, il y a plusieurs exigences pour les vacanciers à s’adhérer et ceux-ci comprennent des éléments interdits. Quand ils ne disent pas permis, il n’y a pas d’ambiguïté. Par exemple, il est interdit d’apporter le fromage dans ses bagages quand on part pour ses vacances. A l’aéroport, ils vont saisir rapidement tout élément restreint qui sera incinéré à un stade ultérieur. Nous pouvons ainsi conclure qu’essayer de contourner ces règles ne servirait à rien d’autre qu’un gaspillage d’argent grave. Peu importe combien on peut manquer sa nourriture préférée, cela ne vaut pas la peine de la voir aller en flammes à la fin de la journée. Ce serait un début plutôt terrible à ce qui était censé être des vacances parfaites.

Map of Reunion Island
Map of Reunion Island

Les questions d’argent sont une grande préoccupation lorsque vous voyagez à La Réunion compte tenu du taux d’inflation élevé – étant donné que l’île importe la grande majorité de ses produits; il est très probable que les vacanciers finiront par payer plus pour le même produit pendant leur séjour là-bas. Les dépenses ne sont pas limités à de simples achats toutefois car les soins médicaux sont également assez cher pour les touristes en provenance des pays non membres de l’UE. Ceux de l’Union européenne sont couverts automatiquement par leur sécurité sociale, mais les autres ont besoin de prendre des dispositions pour l’assurance médicale car en cas d’accident, il serait assez difficile de couvrir les coûts pour le voyageur comme les factures médicales sont estimés légèrement inférieures à celui aux États-Unis où ils sont assez exorbitants pour dire le moins.

Saint Gilles Reunion

Pendant les vacances, il devient très facile pour les tiers de faire de l’argent sur vous grâce à de légères hausses de prix ici et là, les jugeant comme «prix pour touristes”. La nourriture à la plage coûtera plus cher pour le touriste peu subtile et même la banque se réjouit de la possibilité d’augmenter ses profits. Payer avec sa carte de crédit est certainement plus pratique et plus sûr que d’avoir à transporter de grosses sommes d’argent sur soi dans un pays étrange et les banques profitent de cela. Charges engagées aux cartes de crédit auront des coûts cachés dus à l’usage internationale. Ils ne sont pas des frais très élevés, mais ils continuent à s’additionner conduisant à une découverte facheuse quand on est à la maison.

Reunion Island
Where is Reunion Island?

Une erreur facile que les touristes peuvent faire est de présumer que tout le monde parle le Français. Alors que même si la plupart des habitants de l’île comprennent le français, ils ne peuvent pas toujours le parler. En fait, il est un signe de l’enseignement supérieur de couramment parler la langue. Ainsi, les barrières linguistiques peuvent créer un problème de communication. La solution serait d’investir dans un guide et éviter de laisser dans des endroits peu fréquentés. L’île est certainement sûr pour les visiteurs mais comme toute autre zone touristique, souvent en proie à des petits voleurs. Il vaut mieux être prudent que désolé ainsi bien préférable de ne pas prendre de risques.

Nature trekking Reunion

Les documents d’identification sont très importants, pas de doute à ce sujet, mais les accidents se produisent  et documentations cruciales peuvent se perdre. Lorsque l’on n’est pas en son propre pays, la chose la plus fondamentale devient plus compliquée que jamais. Quand vous allez à Ile de la Réunion, il est nécessaire d’avoir sur vous une preuve de résidence à être occupé – qui peut être une invitation de la part d’un habitant ou hôtel arrangements mais sans cela, aucun touriste ne serait autorisé à quitter l’aéroport. Perdre ses documents est le plus grand non-non pour les voyages à l’île. Cela signifierait la fin des vacances avant même qu’ils aient la chance de commencer.

Reunion Beach
Reunion Beach

Lors de la visite d’un nouveau pays, la nourriture est certainement très haute sur la liste à faire. Les restaurants deviennent un incontournable à visiter et pour les touristes, il est important qu’ils soient conscients de certaines différences dans le palais – comme l’amour pour les escargots des Français, par conséquent, les réunionnais … Pour l’homme aventureux, cela présente une grande opportunité mais autrement, cela pourrait être une expérience cauchemardesque. Après tout, tout le monde n’est pas assez courageux pour vouloir consommer limaces pour le déjeuner!

Surfeur Réunion
Surfeur Réunion


Aujourd’hui, personne ne se trouve loin de leur téléphone mobile. Les médias sociaux est pratiquement indispensable avec les gens sur les séjours téléchargeant constamment la dernière photo artsy de leur nourriture, de la vue ou de la paroi la plus aléatoire dans la rue sur Instagram. À la maison, ce ne gros inconvénient, cependant financièrement lors de l’utilisation de données en itinérance plans, les choses peuvent prendre un virage pour le pire. Les charges, à l’insu du visiteur de vacances continuent accumulant alarmante menant à une découverte choquante quand il est temps de débourser de l’argent. Île de la Réunion a des factures de même cher pour une utilisation internationale de l’Internet. Des recherches antérieures sur les paquets disponibles est une nécessité pour éviter certains réfectoires.

La Réunion, cet affable morceau de la France qui se chauffe tranquillement aux rayons d’un soleil tropical.

Un aperçu de luxe est prompt à séduire le voyageur imprudent, telle est la tentation d’un chauffeur de limousine promettant des tarifs identiques à d’autres taxis à l’aéroport. Même si faire une entrée dans le pays avec une telle pompe est une perspective attrayante, il est souvent accompagné de factures beaucoup plus élevées que le taxi normal ferait payer. Inutile de dire, ce qui est un mensonge blanc pour accroître l’activité et ce que peut faire un touriste naïf, mais payer? Les amateurs de vacances devraient être prudents pour éviter de telles escroqueries de toutes sortes et d’attendre un taxi agréé comme tout le monde.

LaReunion golf

Mais en fin de compte, tout cela est facile à réaliser pour le touriste qui arrive pour des vacances en soleil. Vous allez vite remarquer que vos vacances iront à merveille à l’ile de la Réunion.

Maloya Reunion

reunion island beach

Right in the heart of the Indian Ocean, 800 km east of Madagascar, Reunion Island, together with Mauritius and Rodrigues, forms the Archipelago of Mascarenes. Reunion is like a mountain resting on the surface of the Indian Ocean, just like the Piton des Neiges, rising to 3,069 meters.

With an active volcano, the famous Piton de la Fournaise which wakes up periodically, gives you the opportunity to admire the magnificence of the lava flow in total safety. Obviously the most striking is that you are on a tropical island in the Indian Ocean, where it’s 30 degrees during the month of December, and this place so strangely distant is still a part of France.

The language, the currency, the highway code (and gendarmes who monitor): everything is authentic and 100% French, and if you took a direct flight from the city of Paris, you won’t even need your passport (identity card is sufficient). This is same for most European countries.

Landing in Reunion Island

Due to the thermal shock, the first step is to remove all the layers of unneeded clothes and get into your shirt. What a pleasure to walk and enjoy the warmth of the sun! Do not forget that hiring a car is what you should do as to be able to explore the island and enjoy everything it has to offer for a wonderful and complete holiday.

Finding accommodation close to the sea is no big deal. When you’ve found your hotel in Reunion, sit back on your terrace and relax to the sound of the waves. When you feel like you want to do something, head for the beach! And if you are wondering what you would do on Reunion Island, we have some advice for you.

The magnificence of circuses

The day after our arrival, we decided to offer us a little tour of the island by helicopter, just to identify well locations. And that is truly magical: the Reunion Island is a volcanic island, and is very mountainous in the center: it climbs very quickly and in a short drive, you can switch from sea level to over 800 meters altitude. There are 3 circuses that have their peculiarities and yet have in common to be sublime.

Summer in winter

Obviously, given the summer temperatures and bright sunshine (at least on the West Coast), the island of Reunion is the perfect place to practice sports or just fun activities: hiking, diving, paragliding, boating, surfing, island tour, visiting distilleries (with tasting), beach and relaxation, the list is long and you should take full advantage of this wonderful destination!

The volcano and its lava flows

Obviously, visiting the volcano is a must in Reunion, as this is one of the few still active volcanoes in the world and it is not dangerous at all: if on eruption, its lava flows slowly towards the coast, leaving ample time to evacuate all persons on its way. The Piton de la Fournaise has had well-publicized eruptions in recent years that have left huge lava flows in the southeastern part of the island. This has surely contributed to a small extension of the island’s area.

Reunion: A Unique place to be

Reunion is a beautiful island, which combines both the beauty and fun of a tropical sea and volcanic mountains. The island also enjoys a warm and sunny climate all year round. The fact that it is an overseas department of France allow locals to benefit both from a tropical environment while speaking their native language and benefiting from similar currency, institutions and level of equipment that you are used to in your country (including medical care). Furthermore, regional culture is still strong and different from those that may be in Europe, but of course, lovers of radical changes of scenery should rather go to Africa or Asia. Reunion is near Madagascar, Mauritius and South Africa, it may nevertheless constitute a good base for exploring the country.

In any case if you are looking for an island paradise combining sublime scenery and wildlife with whatever you are used to in France and for many sports activities, while having a time difference that does not tear your head, Reunion should seduce you and make you want to return with its unparalleled charm.

Hidden gems of Reunion Island

An island of true contrasts, the French department of Reunion is yet unknown to many world travelers. This unique island in the Indian Ocean is yet one of the most fascinating places on the planet.

Less famous than its neighbor Mauritius or the British islands of the Seychelles, the tiny island of Réunion seems drowned in the Indian Ocean, overshadowed by Madagascar. The French know the island well, but there are in fact few of them who have visited the island of the Indian Ocean. Here are ten activities to be that you should not miss while being on the island of Reunion:

–          Enjoy the splendor of the Three circuses;

–          Take some altitude to enjoy panoramic views of the island;

–          Be active, Reunion island just waiting to be explored on foot, by bicycle or by car. The thrill seekers will be served by the many canyons.

–          Taste the creole specialties based curry and try the local rum.

–          In St. Paul, enjoy the amazing displays of goods along the beach;

–          Discover an active volcano: a visit to the Piton de la Fournaise is needed as well as a visit of the Grand-Brûlé route to admire the lava flows.

–          Do not miss the various markets on the island.

–          Relax on the most popular beaches of the island: Saint-Gilles and Boucan Canot.

–          Soak up the local life in Creole villages such as Hell-Bourg, Entre-Deux or Les Makes.

–          Put on your scuba gear to go to the discovery of colorful fish and beautiful coral carpet.

–          Take a boat to accompany the local dolphins or whales.

–          Finally, do not forget to enjoy!

Have fun in Reunion island!

reunion in a nutshell

The description of Reunion island, in a nutshell, would surely be a French island in the Indian Ocean, a volcanic rock, a subtropical land, a riot of blue and green, of sea and mountain. However, these words and figures will never suffice to describe the complete nature of such an intense island. The intense landscape in which strong, ubiquitous green contrasts with delicate blue. The intense life with its harmonious mix of races and cultures…Let yourself be guided “intensely” while discovering the magnificent Reunion Island.

Visiting Reunion Island

We have shortlisted the many sites present on the island and we are bringing you on a trip around this island full off hidden gems! You can use public transport on the island, the yellow cars, or simply hire a car with or without chauffeur to get to the many corners of the island.

There are indispensable places to visit and you certainly have already heard about them but you should not miss seeing them during your holidays on the island! There are also so much things to do in this island. If you’re the kind of person who likes to soak up the sun with a book in your hand from sunrise to sunset all holiday, you’ll be more than happy relaxing on the white sands along the lagoon. If you travel to experience new cultures and flavours, you’ll love the interesting mix of European French and vibrant Creol that give the island it’s melting pot vibe. If you’re an active traveller, you’ll be spoilt for choice, between hiking one of the hundreds of trails that criss-cross the island, running along the beach, kite- or wind surfing, jumping down waterfalls and canyoning along one of the many rivers, or even cycling the epic road up to the peak of the volcano. There literally is something for everyone.

A journey to the heart of an exceptional nature

The island of Reunion covers 2500 square kilometers and 40% of its land is classified as World Heritage of UNESCO. The real beauty of the island is hidden in its interior. Still wild, often difficult to access, the mountainous surroundings are full of big surprises: volcano peaks, waterfalls, dense forests, isolated villages, plains and spectacular circuses.


Perched at 1,200 meters above sea level, Cilaos is surrounded by peaks oscillating between 2000 and 3070 m of height (Le Piton des Neiges, the highest point of Reunion Island). This single point remains one of the best spot for passing hikers and lovers of breathtaking views.


Salazie is the largest and greenest of the three circuses and is accessible by car from Saint-André. Not far away, you will also discover the most beautiful waterfalls of the island: Cascade blanche, Grand Etang and Takamaka.


Mafate is the wildest of the three circuses and the less visited. It can be reached only on foot or by helicopter. Mafate is accessible from Salazie, St. Paul (Maïdo) or Cilaos.

High Plains

Wedged between the circuses (Cilaos and Salazie) on one side, the Piton de la Fournaise on the other, the high plains are a natural corridor between the southern and northern coasts. Accessible through St. Benedict or St. Peter.

The Volcano

Get in touch with the Piton de la Fournaise, one of the most active volcanoes in the world. An immersion in the heart of intense Reunion island. While being there, you will have the feeling of walking on the moon

From Plaines des Kaffres, joins Plaines des Sables, where a stunning lunar landscape created by the hardened lava awaits you … The road to the Piton de la Fournaise offer you a strange landscape and you will be amazed by the beauty of the wild and natural surroundings …

You will be stunned while being here in the heart of Plaine des Sables and the Pas de Bellecombe where you can admire the view of the vast enclosure around the volcano. Be prepared to engage on a descent to the heart of the enclosure and join the small crater, this part is indescribable – you will have to see for yourself.

For the more energetic, a 6 hour hike (round trip)will take you to the foot of the Piton des Neiges crater. Those images will remain etched forever in your memory. Others attractions also lie in its rugged coastline and its forests.

Shortly after St. Joseph and towards St. Rose, cliffs replace the beaches and villages are fewer. The lava becomes ubiquitous. We enter the territory of the volcano. The sea is bubbling beneath the cliffs. St. Philip is the main town of the Southern Wild Island. You will discover the sublime wild black sand beaches, the most famous being that of Etang Salé.

And the Indian Ocean!

Reunion island also has a very protected lagoon on the west coast of the island. You’ll enjoy the warm sandy beaches and enjoy real relaxing moments. The reef stretches over 30 km and protects a beautiful lagoon with turquoise waters. Thus, you will have the opportunity to discover the coastal village of Saint-Gilles and the beautiful beach of the Hermitage. There you will find the best accommodation of the island.

In the evening, enjoy the gorgeous sunset that follows the lagoon. The turquoise waters of the lagoon are home to schools of colorful fish to discover with mask and snorkel. Do not miss enjoying the marine nature reserve, created in 2007, which will provide divers with stunning discoveries during their deep water exploration.

From June to September, you will have the chance to admire the whales off the coast. You can even watch them from the seaside. And finally for the brave and sportier, fishing boats take you out to meet the blue marlin, barracuda or even swordfish. Going to Reunion also means staying in the heart of the ocean …

Have a great time in Reunion!

Reunion Island is an example in diversity when it concerns the island as a whole, with a great variety in ethnicity, culture and race. People came to Reunion Island over the years through different means and for different purposes. Through time, they have created a united country with its own identity. It’s a place just waiting to be explored and when you are holidaying there, take the time to admire its beautiful wonders of nature as well as its marvellous cuisine. Reunion Island has such a diverse cuisine that you are bound to be astounded, exploration is an absolute must!

Les Letchis

Les Letchis restaurant is in Saint Benoit, owned by a family who make it a must to serve customers with a smile so that they leave satisfied with the service provided to them. The owner is personally involved in the day to day running of the restaurant and often drops by to make sure that the restaurant’s diner are enjoying their meal or require something else. This adds a nice personal touch to the service and is bound to endear to certain visitors. The restaurant specialises in a more rustic style creole cuisine, providing a varied menu of Reunion’s classics and favourites. This is a good first stop for the curious tourist. The view is sublime as well as Les Letchis restaurant is just by the river and you can even see people kayaking at times. Provision has been made for customers who want to sit by and enjoy the view with confortable lounge chairs overseeing the river.

les letchis restaurant reunion


The restaurant’s special menu includes palm tree heart pickles with fish. The Mascarenes Islands often pickle seafood but adding the palm is a unique Reunionais touch. For less food shy people, it has bizarre plates such as eel curry. Imagine that- eel cooked in curry served with a salad with rice or bread as you wish it. It’s definitely not to be missed if you want a more complete tour of Reunion Island including its fine (and maybe more shocking for tame eaters) cuisine of its own. If you are going to Les Letchis, just prepare yourself to eat the best of creole cuisine’s offering. Everything from the classic rougaille to a Bouillon de coquilles is to be tasted with utmost pleasure!

L’instant Plaisirs

This restaurant is located, of all places, you won’t guess it- in the Cilaos! The great caldera is a great source of attraction for tourists and reunionnais alike, they stand tall and shelter so many unique species of flora and fauna, many endemic to Reunion Island, the little town and commune also known as Cilaos is located right in the middle. L’intant Plaisirs restaurant hence affords a great view to its visitors whether they are around for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The name Cilaos is of Malagassy origin, meaning “the place one never leaves” and quite honestly, there is something about its atmosphere that simply makes you want to stay. The little restaurant enamours its customers with its impressive view and allows taking your meals outside all while enjoying a light fresh breeze with your food, making the items on your plate doubly more tasty and intriguing.

linstant plaisir reunion

A French restaurant by name, this restaurant of the humble island seems to mark all of its customers with its galettes. What’s always on the menu is pancakes. Not the british style pancakes but thin, soft and buttery pancakes. They are usually plain and eaten with some jam or chocolate but L’instant Plaisirs offers a wide array of choices to its customers given how this ended up being its speciality. Keep in mind though that this restaurant in question is usually open only on week ends and it’s not only tourists who are  fan of the restaurant but locals drop by for a nice lunch as well. So if you feel like this is your place to be on a fine Saturday or Sunday, do not get stuck in the traffic!

Le Manta

Le Manta Restaurant, don’t go by the weird name, tourists! is a beach side little wonder. Located in St Gilles, very near Hotel St Gilles Reunion, it is very accessible for a meal during your day out. It is a very calm restaurant, quite appropriate for a date with a certain romantism in the air but also alright for a family outing or a meal en solo. St Gilles is a busy place and very many hotels in Reunion Island are found there. It is the touristy part of Reunion Island as some may say. Don’t be afraid to strike up conversation with either a fellow diner or the staff members so long as they are free for a chat. The restaurant aims at providing service with excellence and the menus definitely supports that. Le Manta is actually a seafood restaurant. Hardly a surprise given its location right next to the beach so that you can admire some white sand beaches during your meal but it also has meat on the menu.

le manta reunion island

If seafood is not your cup of tea, you can still hang around and expect to be surprised by La manta. Its menu is kind of the unexpected style. From a rather normal tuna tartarre to fish lasagne, the menu is diverse in nature but seeks to center mostly around the theme of seafood. But if you are a fan of kangaroo, you have come to the right place as well. Nope, that is not a typo, the restaurant also specialises in tender kangaroo flesh, when better to broaden your horizons than when in a restaurant serving kangaroo flesh as if it was the most normal dish on earth? We encourage to to try not to flinch back and instead actually enjoy the dish in good humour and with an open mind. You might find yourself a new favourite dish! It can’t always be bacon and eggs for breakfast after all! Variety is very important for a saner life.


Le QG restaurant is one which prides itself on its diversity, mirroring Reunion Island itself. The Chef Andre is accompanied by Abdou, the waiter who hails all the way from Senegal. It is ranked as the Number 1 restaurant in Plaine des Caffres on Trip Advisor. A quaint little building with yellow and white plain paint, nothing fancy on the outside to be quite honest but still this restaurant manages to demarcate itself with the good food. As an international style restaurant, the menu can be either eccentric or your normal everyday fare depending on where you are from. The restaurant is technically open for breakfast as from 07.00 but try making a reservation if you plan on arriving that early- after all, it’s a tiny place on a tiny island. It doesn’t actually open up that early on regular days. So if you just drive by on a fine Sunday morning, prepare yourself for a long wait if you haven’t bothered making a reservation in advance. Reservations are also necessary for other meals as well. Remember how it’s the number 1 restaurant in Plaine des Caffres? Yes, many people want to eat there. Sure, you may get lucky on a slow night or day but better be on the safe side and ensure that you will not return to your hotel hungry.

le qg reunion

If you feel like a steak, then Chef Andre will make you a mouth watering steak. If you feel like a plain rougaille saucice reunnionais style, he’ll be equally happy to serve you that instead. The restaurant implements local flavours in fine cuisine and classic creole dishes all while maintaining a great standard to astound customers and make them want to come back again and again. They have their menu in several languages such as English and German, so worry not, non-French speakers! Chef Andre and his little army got you covered!

La Perle du Lac

This is where you go when you haven’t eaten all day and are ready to eat a horse. Well, they don’t have horse on the menu but I think I got the point across indeed! La perle du lac is a buffet style restaurant, where you can choose either the buffet menu or the menu a la carte. Depending on your preferences, both offer great value for money and good food. With a warm welcome and smiling staff, your time at La Per le du Lac restaurant is bound to go smoothly. The place is clean with warm tones, giving a very homey atmosphere to customers who can relish their food in such a great atmosphere. A buffet at 20 euros per head is a bargain in Reunion island and with the level of service provided, you might as well wallow in regret if you miss it. The buffet menu, which is La perle du lac’s speciality includes entree, salads, main dishes and dessert. The menu is of course ever evolving to accommodate diners without boring them but client favourites always make a reappearance as well as special salads of the house and succulent dessert items.

perle du lac reunion

Certain things will surprise you as is the habit of most reunionnais restaurants with some outlandish menu item and for la perle du lac, it is the lentils cake. What most people would restrain to being a soup, they went and made cake out of it. Once you taste it though, you will most definitely keep wanting more! Other items on the menu are no less intriguing and await for visit during your holidays in Reunion Island. You can’t help but like the restaurant with its great location and welcoming atmosphere, it begs for an encore once you have been there. It is hard to find fault about La perle du lac, it is also very easily accessible even for those unused to the roads of Reunion island.

Le Kedai

Another weirdly named restaurant in Reunion Island, you should learn to expect no less with its wonderful mix of cultures! It is not French, don’t worry, your French is likely not that rusty yet. It is a creole word of unsure origins but in most contexts, it means a cooking utensil. One of the most important ones apart from the wok in Chinese cuisine. It is a rather common word in creole actually, be it Mauritian, Rodriguais or Reunnionais creole. Just another word from the average person’s daily lingo in a tropical island. However, what’s most interesting about Le Kedai restaurant is not the linguistic mystery of its name but rather, wait for it… it’s a Chinese restaurant. On the east coast no less! It makes for a good break from all the formal cuisine you have been indulging in most likely since your plane landed in Reunion Island. Serving generous portions of Chinese and creole cuisine, Le Kedai restaurant is a plain but efficient eatery.

le kedai reunion

The main objective is to get you fed with the least fuss aiming at maximum satisfaction. Unfortunately, the restaurant doesn’t have a trip advisor page but you should find it without much difficulty. It is one the the few restaurants open in the evenings on the east coast- a rarity in over there as the usual visitors will attest to. On its usual menu, you will have sandwiches and classic Chinese dishes such as noodles and rice items with pork, shrimp or chicken. Whatever floats your boat, you are likely to find it there to sate that little special hunger for a chow mein. Do tell them how spicy or not spicy you want your food when ordering! You can also take your food as take away and find a nice spot in nature to enjoy it either by yourself or with a companion or two.

Le Massalé

Le Massale is where you will taste the authentic flavours of India. Sweet or savoury, this little café wants to make you fall under its spell. Oriental smells of very very many spices such as but not limited to cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, bay leaves and so forth permeate the place and you cannot help but want to taste each and every one of the delights on display. It is a rather quaint place with nondescript green and white paint with the name simply written high up. The interior resembles more a little snack bar with the prices stuck on the inside of the display cases. The menu is composed mostly of single cakes, similar to amuses bouches but believe me, one can lunch on a few dozen of these happily. Cakes such as samousas and pates are the more usual fare. And pate is not the meat pate that comes in a can and is spread on crackers but rather a delicious little savoury cake made with pate feuillete and folded like a cute rectangular envelop filled with delicious things such as cheese/corn/onions or chicken curry. Depending on what’s available for the day, feel free to broaden your horizons and give the cute little indian patisserie a go. You might end up loving their spiciness. These savoury cakes are served with a chutney or chilli paste which can be tangy with a lemony flavor or sweet and fruity if tomato base. There are even green chutneys for those who relish a less sugary experience sometimes!

le massale reunion island

Otherwise, if you have more of a sweet tooth, the restaurant can accommodate that as well. With gato banane or as it’s called at the restaurant- galette de banane, you will be a very happy person. This one is a simply batter of mashed overripe bananas, flour, sugar and some spices such as anis seed (the little ones) with all of that fried until dark brown. It is crispy on the outside and the inside melts in your mouth. If you are looking for a snack, you will like the kebab sticks which are heavily spiced with a more middle eastern touch- not to be missed!

Ile de La Réunion est sans aucun doute l’une des îles les plus aventureux dans l’océan Indien. C’est un pays qui présente un vacance complet pour n’importe qui à la recherche d’une véritable poussée d’adrénaline. Bien que, l’un des facteurs le plus impressionnant de l’île est de posséder le seul volcan actif dans la région, il a aussi quelques autres caractéristiques qui le distinguent de ses îles voisines. Les forêts d’émeraude, des cascades, des paysages montagneux et les routes tourbillonnant ainsi que la nature amicale de son peuple et la mer scintillante sont ce qui attire les touristes surtout pour découvrir ce caractère unique de l’île. Bien sûr, vous pourriez déjà vous imaginer sur la plage avec le sable réunionnais or scintillant à travers vos orteils, vous devriez déjà penser comment arriver a ce lagon calme et attirant.

Dina Morgabine

Situé sur la côte ouest aussi connue comme Saint Gilles les Bains, de l’île rocheuse se niche un grand hôtel trois étoiles, Dina Morgabine. La côte ouest est souvent dominé par les éclats du soleil et un climat tropical chaud tout au long de l’année. Les clients sont enchantés par la vue sur la mer turquoise visible du balcon privé. Dans un premier temps ses intérieurs peuvent sembler un peu hippie et un peu trop fort à votre goût, mais vous ne seriez pas déçu d’avoir cet hôtel. À des prix abordables, vous pouvez réserver une chambre size « standard » ou une suite avec sa propre petite cuisine charmante. Un énorme piscine est le centre de l’attention une fois que vous êtes dans cet hotel charmant avec style moderne. De plus, l’hôtel donne un accès sûr et privé à certaines zones de la plage du patrimoine. Ceci est l’endroit où vous pouvez vous imaginer être sous l’ombre fraîche des arbres, le sable blanc et la mer vous entour.

dina morgabine


Accro de sports nautiques? Ne vous inquiéter pas. L’hôtel propose de nombreux sports nautiques de la manière la plus en sécurité. Bien sur, vous ne seriez pas en mesure de résister à cela. L’hôtel fournit à ses clients de nombreux services: Un salon calme, terrains de golf, des cours d’aquagym, des salles de conférence, la gestion des événements, et le soin absolut de votre séjour. Saint Gilles les Bains a aussi quelques caractéristiques les plus étonnantes, comme le jardin Eden, aquarium, et Roches Noir, place de dauphin et le surf. Le personnel amical et souriant personnel vous guide à travers les meilleurs endroits à visiter dans l’île et fait tous les arrangements, même vous réserver un guide personnel. Pas besoin pour vous de vous fatiguer pour profiter d’un séjour mémorable.

Archipel, Résidence Hôtelière

Saint Gilles les Bains accueille un autre hôtel 3 étoiles, l’Archipel. Cet hôtel est ce que vous appelleriez moderne et accueillante. Devant la plage magnifique, l’hôtel se dresse dans toute sa grandeur majestueuse. Les prix peuvent vous surprendre, mais il est tout ce qu’il vaut vraiment la peine pour un séjour joyeux. Les salles de séminaires, cours de fitness, une piscine et un terrain de golf ajouter à l’ensemble d’une chambre studio ou un duplex. Pourtant, la caractéristique la plus attrayante de l’Archipel est son jardin tropical.

L'Archipel Residence
L’Archipel Residence


Construit dans les alentours de l’hôtel, le jardin tropical vous emmène à travers une phase d’un moment de détente et de paix. En effet, il est utile pour la planète, mais il est aussi un coin de notre goût. Les touristes qui n’aiment pas les gestes brillants et plus les choses exagérées, mais plutôt simples et modestes qui les déconnecte du monde matériel et qui peut toucher le cœur vont vraiment adorer ce jardin. Inutile de dire que l’hôtel offre de nombreux autres services tels que la réservation de vos voyages à travers l’île et la provision d’une liste de choses à faire, ne pas rater et même à ne pas faire.

 Tropic Appart

La station balnéaire de Saint Gilles les Bains abrite les 3 étoiles de Tropic Appart’Hotel. Son infrastructure moderne donne une touche sophistiquée à l’édifice et se distingue ainsi de autres hôtels autour de lui. Il symbolise aussi le développement des infrastructures de l’île de la Réunion et sa façon d’adopter un mode de vie moderne. Le concept moderne de l’hôtel nous lie en permanence à la réalité du monde extérieur, contrairement à certains dont l’architecture nous fait oublier tout concernant d’où nous venons. C’est un paradis pour nos vacanciers réalistes !

Tropic appart

L’hôtel semble mélanger l’intérieur d’un appartement et d’un hôtel dans une chambre simple avec balcon privé et mini cuisine très utile en temps de besoin inattendu ou pour rester connecté même pendant ses vacances a l’art de cuisiner. Dans les locaux, une piscine et des chaises longues sont faites à disposition. L’hôtel ajoute comme si un supplément impressionnant à la ville. Les clients peuvent ainsi aussi visiter les localités, restaurants, casino, faire du shopping et découvrir la vie nocturne réunionnaise. Le lagon est malheureusement peu accessible aux gens car ils n’ont que quelques mètres où ils peuvent nager, bronzer, se détendre, les sports nautiques de la pratique ou même aller pour la vision sous-marine. Tout cela pour assurer la sécurité des vacanciers.

Hôtel Les Créoles


La côte ouest de l’île basaltique a un encore autre bel hôtel 3 étoiles. Comme son nom le présume, l’hôtel offre un aperçu de la culture créole par son architecture traditionnel en même temps possédant un intérieur et extérieur modernes. La nourriture, les chambres et la célèbre danse sega ajoute un peu d’épices bien nécessaire pour colorer ses vacances a la traditionnel. Il est vraiment un bonheur à l’âme lorsque votre hôtel a visiblement conservé la culture et les valeurs de l’île. Il vous donne l’opportunité d’admirer les environs si vous êtes a l‘intérieur ou a l’extérieur de l’hôtel. L’hôtel est également équipé d’une grande piscine et un coin salon en face. Vous pouvez jouer au billard, tennis de table ou tout simplement lire un roman tout en sirotant votre cocktai. Cela va vous intriguer de savoir que la localité vous permet de magasiner et profiter de toutes les installations dont une ville moderne peut offrir. Les visites de l’île peuvent également être organisées par l’hôtel sur demande.

L’hospitalité des hôtels réunionnais à Saint Gilles est remarquable. Ne perdez pas du temps et réservez votre billet d’avion dès maintenant!

Mafate Reunion

Right in the heart of the Indian Ocean, 800 km east of Madagascar, Reunion, along with Mauritius and Rodrigues, forms the Mascarene Islands. Reunion island is like a mountain resting on the surface of the Indian Ocean, just like the Piton des Neiges, rising to 3,069 meters. An active volcano, the famous Piton de la Fournaise wakes up periodically, and you can admire the magnificence of the lava flow in total safety. Reunion is the ideal destination if you are a fan of nature! Here is why:

The beautiful countryside of Mafate

The circus of Mafate is a natural site of the island of Reunion. In Reunion, they call it the caldera which is is a volcanic depression surrounded by mountains. Mafate is located in the communes of Saint Paul and Possession. It is one of three the wild circus on the island (Mafata, Cilaos and Salazie).

Mafate is classified as World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The beauty of its sites is renowned. It is ideal for nature lovers because it is essentially within walking distance. Good walkers will create wonderful memories in this magical place. This place offers beautiful landscapes for hiking in the heart of unspoiled nature. There are nearly 140 km of trails with cottages for possible overnight stays. It is bounded by the wall of Maïdo, the peak Salazie to the east and south and the bulwark of the plain of Affouches in the north.

Hiking enthusiasts will enjoy the wild side of nature and stunning vegetation found there with trees and unique shrubs, ferns or orchids. Nature evolves depending on the location of the circus. In other sites we find agaves, lantana or wild mango.

Note that most of the hiking is along the entire surface of the circus. So if you come to tire along the way, know that the helicopter is the only way to pick you up. It is therefore advised to prepare your hiking when attempting the discovery of Mafate. There is plenty to see and do in Mafate. You can discover the fantastic forest of Tamarins, Roche-Plate, the church of the New, the gateway of Oussy arm, bell cayenne or Plaine des Sable among others.

The best places to visit in Mafate

Mafate has many places to show you. However there is the unavoidable site. The plain of Tamarins is a hiking trail that connects several islets to fork collar. You will discover the forest Tamarins where trees and mist are one.

Mafate Reunion

Three Rocks is a natural form of rock mass that turns into the abyss where the river empties itself resulting in beautiful cascades. The lookout Maido is located on the heights of Saint Paul. It offers stunning views of the islets on the west side circus. The plateau is a rather wooded site with the presence of waterfalls located southeast of the circus. The Bronchard is a highest peak at over 1250 meters above sea level in the heart of the Piton des Neiges.

Mafate is the wildest but also the most isolated among the circuses. The islets, residential group are still present on the circus trays. There are about 800 inhabitants. You can, during your hike, stop there and meet the Reunionese people which are great persons.

The Reunionese of Mafate still live according to the traditions and in harmony with nature. The difficulty of access is such that very few doctors move there. They then use plants as natural remedies. Each plant has its function and virtues and these therapy are transmitted from generation to generation.

This place, remains one of the most authentic of the island of Reunion. Yet, do not conclude they do not have modern comfort! Mafate is an ideal place for expert hikers. This getaway in nature ensures wonderful memories and photos.

The Iron Hole (Trou de fer), a beautiful canyon

Trou de fer Reunion

Magnificent, gorgeous, Those words are not enough to describe this marvel of nature! The Iron Hole is considered the most majestic canyon of the island! If its strange name appeals to you, this is normal: the Trou de Fer is actually a geological depression of the Piton des Neiges, which as its name suggests, form a gap (or “hole”) over 300 meters depth. It is surrounded by many irregular rivers and many waterfalls, with the most spectacular falling at 725 meters, a record for the French territory.

The Iron Hole trail

To discover the Trou de Fer, you can take a path through the forest whose starting point is at the lodging of Belouve. If the path appears not too difficult to access, it remains a long one. Keep in mind that you will need at least 3 hours for a walk round trip, so avoid to hike in the afternoon.

The path was entirely done by the workers of the N.F.O (National Forestry Office). Already four kilometers of the 6 kilometers that make up the path are covered walkway. Its wood slabs allow adventurers not to slip because the path is often covered in mud. Anyway, in the end you will still have muddy shoes, so strap on yourself accordingly!

Moreover, after 20 minutes of hiking, take the time to make a slight detour. You can contemplate the impressive “Reine des Tamarins” which is 300 years old. When you finally reach it, you feel like you’re being rewarded after such a walk –the long awaited lookout where you can admire the Iron Hole background and beautiful waterfalls. But you should know that the Iron Hole is often covered in mist, which can sometimes ruin visibility. A little patience, clouds are capricious.

The helicopter Ride

Sometimes the beauty is unattainable when you are exploring these lands on foot. And yes, Reunion Island hides a lot of secrets and Iron hole is well guarded. To enjoy its charm, it is essential to watch it from above. Do not miss the helicopter ride if you have the occasion to try it! Flying over the site will give you a better view of the huge canyon! So think about it!

Have fun in Reunion Island!