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White sand, coconut trees and blue sea, Mauritius cultivates tropical postcard and remains the perfect destination for a holiday. If Mauritius has kept traces of Dutch, French and British colonial adventures, it is nevertheless a country that has is mostly influenced by the Indian culture. Here is a summary of everything Mauritius has to offer.

Located in the Indian Ocean, this paradise destination has already made many travelers dream! And the reasons for this enthusiasm are justified. Symbol of luxury, relaxation, charm and authenticity, a trip to Mauritius is the guarantee of a successful holiday! If you want to discover an entirely different culture, idyllic landscapes and warm people, Mauritius is for you.

Why visit Mauritius?

The beaches

A holiday in the Indian Ocean island is also to admire the Postcard landscapes and when it comes to this, Mauritius will not disappoint! With its white sandy beaches, blue lagoons, coconut trees, and endless sunshine, Mauritius will keep its promises. Enjoy every moment, every sunset, every perspective and each experience that you will enjoy during your holidays in Mauritius.

Its inhabitants

One aspect that makes Mauritius so attractive is the kindness of its people. Indeed, a natural welcoming, Mauritians love to share their rich culture and traditions. Smiles, warmth and simplicity are the words that best characterize this mixed population. And this is surely the most beautiful reasons that should push you to visit Mauritius.

Its cuisine

Mauritius is also popular with visitors for the culinary journey it offers to their taste buds. You will discover a wide variety of authentic and spicy dishes that will immerse you in an ocean of flavors. Mauritian cuisine alone accounts for various cultures: Chinese, Indian, Creole that have been brought together to offer you typical dishes, prepared with the best local produce. Also enjoy a visit to the markets to taste Dholl Puris, Rotis, Sweet delicacies and many other delicious foods, not found elsewhere than in Mauritius.

The climate

On this aspect, it seems that Mauritius is close to perfection. With temperatures between 20 and 30 degrees throughout the year, to live in Mauritius is to live in heaven! These temperatures allow, among other, daily swims regardless of the season. With trade winds very present in the south of the island, kite surfers will enjoy the ideal conditions for this sport.

Beaches of Mauritius

At Trou aux Biches, kilometers of fine sand and a lagoon adapted to the delights of swimming awaits you. Moving away you will come across Mont Choisy beach, with its white band of powdery sand and trees for relaxation and Pereybere, popular beach among the youth since it remains one of the best places to swim. The small and intimate beach in Grand Bay Basin is divine to walk along the shore.

On the east coast, Belle Mare, is the most popular for its tranquility and its charm. The beautiful beach of Saint-Félix is ideal to sunbathe and enjoy quietness because swimming is prohibited there. Going to the West, one can enjoy surfing in Tamarin Bay, a legendary spot for its perfect waves at Pointe Morne where conditions are ideal for surfing all year.

Must taste in Mauritius

Mauritian cuisine is a mix of African, Oriental and European.

Main Dishes: The vindaye – fish or octopus based recipe, oil, mustard, onions, garlic and ginger is a pure bliss. The rougail – Creole specialty made with tomato, garlic, onions, spices and fish or meat is a must taste too. The curry a subtle preparation mixing nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves , ginger and other spices with meat, fish or octopus is another dish you should not miss. When it comes to snacks, the samosas, triangular donut stuffed with curry and vegetable, meat or fish is great. And the most popular among all remains the  dholl puri and roti, thin pancakes with curry sauce and vegetables are not to be missed while visiting the various markets of the island.

Sweet delicacies: Taste sweet potato cake, a sweet potato fritter stuffed with sugar and grated coconut cake. Also do not miss the various tropical fruits of the island of Mauritius: mangoes, litchis, guavas, papayas, coconut, pomegranate, without forgetting the famous Victoria pineapple.

Famous drinks of the Island: the Alouda, made of milk, Mauritian basil seeds, agar and vanilla is a must while visiting the Bazar Port Louis. Fan of tea, do not miss tasting Bois Cheri tea and if you are more of a coffee lover, the Café Chamarel is a must taste. For fans of alcoholic beverages and its variations: fruit rum, vanilla rum, spiced rum, distilled beer of the Island, the Phoenix and Blue Marlin are not to be missed. And if you are looking for something fresh, why not have some tamarind juice or fresh coconut juice.

What to do on the Island?

If you are coming on holidays with your family, have fun visiting the island of Mauritius. Do not miss the large Frederica nature reserve with an unbeatable guide to know everything about the flora and fauna of the island. Do the zip line in the tropical jungle at Vallee des couleurs, rent a boat and head towards Ile Aux Cerfs, or simply rest on the perfect beach. You can also visit the Casela Adventure park where various activities are proposed for young and for old.

Couples traveling to Mauritius, enjoy a fly over the turquoise immensity of the Indian Ocean by seaplane or helicopter. Enjoy a romantic dinner while admiring the sunset! Feet in the water, indulge in some beauty treatments and massages by the ocean or simply explore hidden coves scattered around the island with your loved one.

After visiting Mauritius, Mark Twain said, Mauritius was made first, then heaven was copied from it. After visiting Mauritius, you would feel, that if Mark Twain had not said that, these words would have been yours. Mauritius is indeed among the most beautiful island you will ever visit for your holidays.

Enjoy those magical moments to the maximum and have great holidays in Mauritius!

Casela Adventure Park

Mauritius, a former British colony, became independent in 1968 and now belongs to the Republic of Mauritius also composed of Rodrigues and some neighboring islands. Between mountain ranges, plateaus and beaches lined by the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius offers a wide variety of beautiful landscapes. Rich in a culture marked by centuries of colonization, Mauritius is a land of exception. Traditions characterized by local music, Creole flavors and rich cuisine are not to be missed during your stay in Mauritius.

Top tourist attractions in Mauritius

Before you leave, prepare your journey to Mauritius, well in advance, in order to avoid missing any of its many outstanding natural and tourist sites. The capital, Port Louis, home to notable landmarks such as Government House, Adelaide Fort built by the English and Aapravasi Ghat World Heritage of UNESCO. Each side of the island offers a lot of surprising discoveries. Leave the capital and head towards the rich North for its beautiful beaches with amazing names: Trou aux Biches beach, Mont Chosie beach and Pereybere beach … This region hosts many tourists attracted by its leisure centers, restaurants and nightlife.

In the South and Southeast, you can admire the cliffs being hit by waves of surprising power. Located between landscapes of mountain and sea. In the East of Mauritius you will be disoriented for a moment and enjoy a quiet moment on one of the most secluded beaches of the island Belle Mare. The West offers many opportunities for beach recreation and fishing. You can also admire the Morne Brabant Mountain, World Heritage of UNESCO. In the center of Mauritius, finally discover the completely different landscape of Trou aux Cerfs, ancient volcano, the Tea Route, highland houses and the Ganga Talao, a center of Hindu pilgrimage.

Leisure in Mauritius

Your holiday in Mauritius are the opportunity to practice many leisure activities. Besides discovering the sights, enjoy your trip to Mauritius to learn about local cultural specificities through the various festivals and events offered. Guests can enjoy the sun while lying on the sand and water activities – diving, fishing, sea excursions – or sports such as golf, 4×4, horseback riding, skydiving and mountain biking. To relax, thalassotherapy centers awaits you. Finally, restaurants, bars and nightclubs on the island, grouped primarily on the West Coast and in the North, are waiting for an evening full of fun.

Casela Adventure Park

Go to the west of the island, three kilometers from Flic-en-Flac, within the Adventure Park of Casela. 14 hectares of lush area where you can unleash your sense of adventure in the proposed activities like zip-lining, canyoning, quad biking and much more. You can also encounter wild animals, observe many species of birds and discover the tropical flora of the park.

What to do during your day at Casela?

Come face-to-face with zebras, ostriches, deer, antelopes, African giraffes… during a safari. This African Reserve is all yours during this 45 minute trip on a completely open 4X4, to be closer to the animals. Beware of the very curious ostriches, they will not hesitate to pinch your fingers.

For now you will see mainly zebras and ostriches. Segway or quad improve that experience since they are more fun and the scenery is amazing!

The Big Cats

The Big Cats game remains one of the most unforgettable moments. You will discover a number of activities devoted to the big cats including walking with the lions, the drive-thru and the meeting with the cubs.


On board of a 4X4, enter the heart of the park home to lions and tigers … grrr! Watch them climb trees, chase rabbits or doing what cats do best: Laze around! If you are lucky you might witness a game between the keeper and a griffon. All you have to do is remain alert camera in hand! But be careful, tigers have a habit of marking their territory on the back of the bus, you are warned!

Walking with lions

What a feeling to move alongside the king of the jungle! This one-hour walk takes place near the Rempart River. Enter the territory of the lions in the enclosure where they rest after walking and get your photo taken while you caress the beast, kneeling behind her, memorable! The team of professionals and supervisors of the park will never leave you alone.

Meeting the Cubs

Lucky you, if you visit Casela after the births of cubs you will have the chance to play and caress those big and cute kittens!

The Mini Farm

This dedicated space allows children of all ages to interact with animals such as fawns, rabbits, wallabies, giant tortoises, ducks, guinea pigs … Look, touch and cuddle these gentle animals. The smaller one will also have the opportunity to feed or bottle feed babies, a real moment of sharing.

The Aviary

Casela Adventure Park

Since the recent transformation of the park, you also have the opportunity to stroll in the heart of the aviary among 1500 birds such as parrots, lovebirds, cockatoos of coffins, parakeets great alexander.. You will certainly be amazed by those wonderful feathers of all colours flocking together.

Extreme activities


Jump head first to explore “the three canyons of Rempart” (Papaya River, Rempart River and Pigeon Hole). This tour takes place on a half-day picnic break at the edge of the falls.

Quad Biking and Segway

You can enjoy two different visits via two modes. The quad bike for the bigger and the Segway for the small ones. Unique experience await you on a predefined path where you will meet animals of the park or share fun times on muddy roads.


Casela Adventure Park

Fan of adrenaline rush? Casela holds one of the longest zip line in Mauritius (400 meters). Experience breathtaking scenery animated by cheerful monitors who will surely make some jokes! Cross Nepalese bridges, let the dual zip lines carry you, upside down over rivers! All in the middle of a really exceptional environment. The first jump is very impressive!

The Tubby Slides

Novelty in the park – “The Tubby Slides” (Avalanche Slides) where you slide with buoys. One is 80 meters, with bends accessible to children from 6 years old, and the other (from 10 years) is 30 meters, with a springboard to take off. We assure you the adrenaline rush is waiting for you, especially during take-off, before landing on the giant mattress. Do not hesitate to repeat the experience!

Have fun at Casela Adventure Park!

Mauritius’ marvellous blend of cultures—its diverse, welcoming people, varied cuisine and Hindu temples—is evident the moment you arrive onto the island, not to mention its sandy white beaches and lush landscapes. Once the home of the flightless dodo bird, now extinct, this tropical island in the southern Indian Ocean still has moderate temperatures, gentle trade winds and ample sunshine, offered up alongside natural history, bustling markets and vivid festivals.

Excursions in Mauritius

The beaches are kings in Mauritius, but there are also a lot of excursions and adventures to live on both sides. We advise you to rent a car in Mauritius to be able to visit the various corners of the island. Virgin forests, forgotten islands, cultural or aquatic adventure travel; here are the most beautiful excursions of Mauritius.

The escalation of Le Morne Brabant

There are not many places in the world as exciting as climbing Le Morne Brabant. Splendid views, wonderful discoveried – endemic species such as the Trochetia Boutonania – and also a touch of sadness.

Indeed, this site is a cultural landscape classified by UNESCO. It is a bookmark for a sad chapter in the history of the island. While climbing the mountain, relive the tour through the route of slaves who took refuge in Le Morne peninsula. Yanature, pioneer of exploration in the island, offers a hike during three to four hours.

Diving in Mauritius

Mauritius is protected by a barrier reef that will for sure deliver some great diving! Off the reef you’ll find some nice drop-offs, a few caves and several shipwrecks. It is out there in the blue that you’ll have a chance to spot big pelagic sharks, rays, turtles and swirling schools of barracudas. You just have to chose what you fancy the most and what’s more appropriate to your level and experience: wrecks to the north west, beautiful corals on the west coast or big fauna off the south east side!  Yet, all the coasts boast excellent scuba spots like Le Rempart Serpent, The Garden of Corals or the famous Stella Maru. Most hotels and villas around the island offers the possibility to tourist to enjoy this activity through their operators.

Sugar Adventure

Sugar Adventure is a place not to be missed in Mauritius, even for those on diet! This former sugar factory reconverted in museum offers an educational visit to the ancient techniques used to grind sugar cane. The museum also has a restaurant to taste to local dishes and products, and a shop offering a variety of sugar-based products. This shop is an excellent choice for buying souvenirs of Mauritius.

The SSR Botanical Garden

Although this botanical garden is open to everyone, it tends to attract many married couples and youth. Under the palm trees, amid the endemic species, a stroll in the SSR botanical garden offers the most romantic corner in the world.

This landscaped garden was created by the famous botanist Pierre Poivre and exists since 1770. The park covers an area of 37 hectares and it is here that we find the famous giant water lilies of Mauritius.

Swim with dolphins

All year round in Mauritius, nature lovers can experience the most exciting encounter in Black River or Tamarin Bay: Meeting and swimming with the dolphins! Both Spinners and Bottlenose dolphins are seen playing in the bay in the early morning before going back to the open sea. If you’ve always wanted to rub shoulders with the dolphins, enjoy this wonderful trip during your stay on the island.

Several operators offer trips to see and even swim with dolphins. However, while swimming with dolphins you need consider the regulated distance issued by the Mauritian tourism office. Find out more here.

The Deep Sea Fishing

Surrounded by flourishing waters of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is the destination for sport fishing by excellence. Big game fishing is an experience for thrill seekers. In the Mauritian lagoons you will have the opportunity to fish bigger predators such as swordfish, blue marlin. Do not miss this wonderful opportunity if you are a sea lover.

Ile Aux Cerfs

For those who dream of deserted beaches with coconut palms facing an azure lagoon, be reassured, Ile aux Cerfs is the place to be. The island is located in lagoon East of Mauritius and is the delight of thousands of visitors each year.

The tour of Ile aux Cerfs often begins with a visit to the cascade of GRSE by boat. The crossing takes 5 to 15 minutes depending on the type of boat, but whatever the duration, Ile aux Cerfs is definitely worth the visit. Besides swimming, you can practice a lot of water activities such as, snorkeling, wind surfing and parasailing.

Ile aux Aigrettes

Facing the bay of Mahebourg, Ile aux Aigrettes is an open air museum for the lovers of nature. Unlike other islands and islets, Ile aux Aigrettes is of coral origin. The island is classified as a natural reserve and its ecosystem is devoid of any human activity.

Ile aux Aigrettes is a refuge for many species of birds unique to the world such as the Pink Pigeon. The island is under the protection of the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation and the latter itself organizes the tours.

Visit the South of the Island

The south of Mauritius is very different from the other regions of the island. The towering cliffs make you forget the postcard beaches of Mauritius. Le Souffleur, La Roche qui pleure and Gris-Gris better characterize this wild side of the island. Although being different, the south has charm and appeals to lovers of wide open spaces and those seeking privacy. The southern region offers an enchanting setting to visitors.

Black River Gorges National Park

The Black River Gorges National Park is the largest park of the island. On more than 67 km², the national park is the longest hike you will find on the island. If you like hiking discovery, there is no better place to entertain yourself.


The small village of Chamarel located in the south of the island area is home to the famous land of the seven colors and the longest waterfall in Mauritius. Almost all hotels and tour operators organize outings to discover the village of Chamarel.

The site has a large restaurant, a lodge and even a distillery perched over 400 meters. The village of Chamarel is the ideal to cut the rest of the world for a weekend.

Enjoy your visit of the island of Mauritius!

things to do in mauritius

For thirty years now, Mauritius has built itself a dream destination image. Ignored by all until then, this little piece of land in the south of the Indian Ocean, a former British colony, became a luxury exotic holiday destination. It is the dream destination for all retired stars, lottery players and newlyweds seeking the ideal Honeymoon destination.

Mauritius in a Nutshell

Whatever you hear about Mauritius is real. The exquisite  beaches of Mauritius keep their promises: sun, palm trees, white sand and turquoise lagoon! Yet the country has much more to offer, and the tourist who leaves the hotel for one or two organized excursions will not perceive what makes the charm of Mauritius and distinguishes it from other Indian Ocean destinations.

mauritius in a nutshell

The curious traveler will realize, in the early days, that the greatest wealth of the island lies in its people. Mauritians always smile: They are naturally serene and welcoming. Is it the ability to share and live together in spite of the extreme diversity of their origins (African, Indian, Chinese and European) which allowed them to acquire such wisdom? Wherever you are on the island and whenever you cross the gaze of a passerby, you will never read animosity or disdain on their face. It is not uncommon to be invited to a meal or a big Sunday picnic on the beach…

In Mauritius, one learns to open up to each other, but also to nature, lights, scents and sounds: unmissable scent of frangipani flowers, light rippling cane leaves in the breeze and rustling dry coconut palms. Mauritius is the ideal destination for the pleasure of the senses: The Tropical island is nor too wild nor too civilized.

Visit every corner of the Island!

The first thing to do when you are in Mauritius is find time to visit every corner of the island. Each part of the island is unique and will deliver unparalleled experience to each visitor. Here is what you should not miss when visiting:

South Coast of Mauritius

This corner of the south of the island offers a breathtaking and wild beauty; the view over the ocean is incredible and the land is lapped with sugar cane fields. Authentic fishing villages follow each other. They are sparsely populated but all travel guides recommend a visit to those beautiful spots where the best villas of the island are nestled.


Souillac is a typical village whose population consists of fishermen and cane workers. This modest fishing villages with colorful flower boxes is nestled between mountains and sea.Along the coast, you reach the cliffs of Gris-Gris, where the raging waves come crashing to jump on steep rocks. The road from Souillac to Morne Brabant winds along the coast.

Le Morne Brabant


This imposing mass of basalt, rising to 558 m, jutting into the ocean at the extreme southwest of the island  is surrounded by several kilometers of beaches lapped by a turquoise lagoon. The seabed teeming with a rich aquatic fauna will convince those passionate of diving. Le Morne has recently been enlisted as UNESCO World Heritage. After the abolition of slavery in Mauritius, on 1 February 1835 a police expedition traveled there to inform the slaves that they had been freed. However, the purpose of the expedition was misunderstood and the slaves leapt to their deaths from the rock. Since then the date is celebrated by Mauritian creoles as the Annual Commemoration of the Abolition of Slavery.

West Coast of Mauritius

The west of Mauritius is wild and beautiful since this area has not been overly developped. Beautiful white sand beach bordering a shallow calm and protected lagoon await you there. You can also find many hotels and villas in this corner or the island at very good prices.


This small preserved village of Tamarin becomes the surfing capital in July and August with its world famous waves. If you are passionate of surfing, this is the place to be.

Flic en Flac


Flic en Flac is bordered by a beautiful golden sandy beach that stretches to infinity. Planted casuarina trees provide shade for picnickers. The village itself still has an authentic atmosphere. The coastal plain that dates back from the shore to the central plateau is an agricultural land. Large tracts of canes are lined with small roads with blazing bloom from November to January.

North Coast of Mauritius

Enjoying a particularly mild climate and a calm, warm and welcoming sea, this coastal area has become over the years the tourist mecca of the island. Beautiful beaches dotted with black rocks follow one another to offer all the pleasures and joys of beach holidays.


Once a small fishing village with colorful boats, Trou-aux-Biches now extends over several kilometers between lagoon and casuarinas. Along the long beach of coral sand, you will contemplate beautiful villas and big hotels. It is now one of the main coastal village of the island.

Mont- Choisy

When you go further north of Trou-aux-Biches you will come across Mont- Choisy, one of the most beautiful beaches of the island. The beach here opens like an arc and offers nearly 3 km of white sand to enjoy sunbathing and swimming.

Grand Bay

This once small quiet town has now become the tourist mecca. Many shops and trendy restaurants now occupy almost the entire city center. The quiet and bright waters of the bay are home to a marina of popular browsers. At night, Grand Bay never sleeps, it is also the mecca for those party lovers- nightclubs and bars are the only thing you come across all along the main road.


The village of Pereybere has preserved a bit of authenticity, although it is currently under development. The public beach is a popular and lively place where you can enjoy the atmosphere of good-weekends barbecues.

Cap Malheureux

Cap Malheureux is recognizable by its red roof church bay front. A real postcard landscape! It enjoys stunning views of the Coin de Mire, an island a few kilometers north of the main island. The view over the lagoon is incredible: a small sandy beach with fishermen docking their boats.

East Coast of Mauritius

Huge bougainvillea with multiple shades of pink, yellow and orange punctuate this coastal area stretching from Poste de Flacq to Trou d’Eau Douce. Quieter than the villages of the north, the coast is a tourist center of the highest order. Sumptuous luxury hotels line the beaches shaded with casuarina trees and lapped by crystal clear lagoon waters. The Village of Trou d’Eau Douce is also the meetup point for a visit of the famous Ile Aux Cerfs.

Domaine du Chasseur

This private estate is home to one of the last primary forests of the island. Out of nearly 1,000 hectares, you can stroll amid ebony, eucalyptus, cinnamon, or trees of the traveler. This lush forest is inhabited by an important fauna: deer, wild boar, monkeys and especially some rare endemic birds like the kestrel.

Must visit places

When you are spending holidays in Mauritius, renting a car can prove very useful. This will allow you to visit those must visit sites anytime you want at your own pace. Here is a list of must-visits you should do while visiting the island of Mauritius.

Pamplemousses Garden

The Pamplemousses garden is famous around the world for the large collection of indigenous and exotic plants that grow there, including giant water lilies, Victoria Amazonica and many species of palmiers. Letalipot or coryphe umbrella is of particular interest : legend has it flourish once every sixty years before dying.

Chamarel- The land of seven colors

A winding road brings you to the land of the seven colors of Chamarel. This volcanic curiosity that bequeathed a hill in color contrast of blue, green, red and yellow will surely amaze both the young and the old. The neighboring waterfall of Chamarel emerging from the moor and natural vegetation is surprisingly beautiful. Also do not miss a visit of the village of Chamarel to discover the products of artisans and local restaurants.



Chinatown in Port Louis, is quaint, folkloric and surprising. It surprises with its teeming neighborhood merchants of “boiled noodles” and “fish balls”and its shops selling everything you can buy. Strolling in this neighborhood is a pleasure because the surprise is on every street corner. Do not miss the printer who always made his newspaper using the ancient method. Do visit the various Chinese pharmacies that heal … everything!

Grand Bassin

Grand Bassin Mauritius

Grand Bassin, also called Ganga Talao, is a lake nestled in an old volcanic crater. It is in the heart of Mauritius, in the district of Savanne. It represents the most sacred Hindu place and best known in the country. There you will find a temple dedicated to Shiva and other gods like Hanuman and Lakshmi. During Maha Shivaratri (the big night dedicated to Lord Shiva), many Mauritian pilgrims walk barefoot from their home to the lake. This procession is truly impressive.

The place is beautiful with its lush greenery and small monkeys swinging from tree to tree. On site, one can feel a certain spiritual energy that emanates from this place of worship. You will also have the chance to contemplate one of the tallest statue in the world there- this will surely impress you!

The journey that leads to Grand Bassin is remarkable: it allows to travel the heart of Mauritius, beyond the beautiful beaches and resorts.

Naval Museum of Mahebourg

A must to discover! Visiting the naval museum will allow you to discover the rich naval history of the island of Mauritius. Relics of the largest naval battle won by the French against the English and the Saint Geran, made famous by the novel by Bernardin de St Pierre.

Visit the Neighbouring islands and Swim with the Dolphins.

Ile Aux Benitiers

What slender as flat Morne facing it, the island Benitiers is one of the best-kept secrets of the south coast. With the pace characteristic of a font, elongated shell, this small piece of land is hemmed by splendid beaches that sink in translucent waters. Largely preserved, the island does not allow water sports, but it offers however idyllic conditions to relax in Robinson. On the Mauritian coast, from the village of Tamarin, fishermen will be happy to make sure the crossing to the island. There you will also have the opportunity to swim with the dolphins and at times you can even spot whales during the trip!

Ile Aux Cerfs

Located inside the lagoon of Trou d’Eau Douce, Ile-aux-Cerfs is a beautiful island where Mauritians flock in large numbers every weekend. The island has an extraordinary panorama with its large palm trees and clear waters. There’s really no reason to leave this little paradise because you can find everything there, from restaurants to water sports.


In order to reach the island and enjoy its paradisiacal setting in peace, just get there early in the morning and walk a little, because the further away from the pier, the more chance there is to find deserted beaches. Boarding is at Pointe Maurice, in a small boat. The island is covered with dense vegetation that gives it an air of Eden. No development of tourism infrastructure here, apart from Touessrok, one of the most famous five star hotels on the island.

There you will have the opportunity to taste fresh fish there, exciting and delicious lobsters that contribute to wonderful experience you spend on the legendary Ile-aux-Cerfs. This is the ideal place to enjoy the holidays.

Ile aux Aigrettes

Ile aux Aigrettes is a small coral island (25 hectares) located offshore from the town of Mahebourg. The island was declared a natural site and is preserved today by the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation. The tour of Ile aux Aigrettes takes about 15 minutes. As part of this tour you will discover the island and enjoy an original nature with an experienced guide at your side.

Discover endemic plants and animals- some of which are close to extinction such as the Pink Pigeon, a bird that was in danger of extinction for many years. Visit also the native plant nursery. Then, go in search of rare pigeon, the kestrel, the endangered skinks and of course giant turtles.

Amber Island

The island is a small jewel of biodiversity and history, placed a stone’s throw from the northeast shore of Mauritius. This is one of the last wild lands of the country with its dense mangrove belt. Sea kayaking is the perfect way to enter and understand the role of mangroves in a fragile marine ecosystem it takes more than ever to protect.

Flat Island

Flat island is located near the ilot Gabriel, separated by a lagoon of approximately 200m. Most catamaran trips head to the islands surrounding but the island is also a nice site. It is quieter since it is less visited. Laze, picnic lunch or barbecue, dive and snorkel- enjoy the island! Also enjoy the new restaurant “The Governor’s House” installed on Flat Island, for a gourmet meal!

Ilot Gabriel

Ilot Gabriel is located near Round Island and Flat Island, at the extreme north of Mauritius, about 10 kilometers north of Cap Malheureux. The distance between Gabriel Island and Flat Island is just 750 meters. The Gabriel Island is a protected nature reserve. The island is famous for its beautiful beaches and crystal clear water that surrounds it.

Round Island

It is an uninhabited islet, 22.5 km north of Mauritius. It has an area of 1.69 square kilometers and a maximum altitude of 280 meters. The island is a nature reserve under the jurisdiction of the Mauritian Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources. The rare reptiles, endemic to the Island include the gecko and Round Island boa.

Visit The Local Markets

Colourful and convivial, the markets are to be visited in the morning, when the animation is in full swing. There you will come across Mauritians who come to do their daily vegetable shopping. The market of Port-Louis is close to the seafront of Caudan.  The market is divided in various parts, it includes a section devoted to food, another to clothing and a third to souvenirs. If you have a sensitive stomachs avoid visiting the opposing market where meat and fish is sold: the smell is a bit strong. However, displays of fruits and vegetables are a treat for the eyes. There is even a market for traditional herbal corner which offers all kinds of teas to cure various ailments.

Taste the Mauritian Cuisine

Mauritian Cuisine

Mauritian cuisine has undergone the influences of all the populations that make up the island. Nevertheless, it is essentially based on curry that comes with most meat dishes, fish and even vegetables. The rougaille can also serve as accompaniment for all dishes. This is a sauce prepared from tomatoes- Love tomatoes (variety of local tomato), onions, garlic and other condiments. The specialties also come from other horizons such as the Indo-Muslim kitchen with briyani (prepared with rice) and Chinese cuisine with fried noodle. As side dessert, you must taste the Napolitaine, with two jam filled biscuits. The whole is topped with a pink icing! Last but not least do not miss the famous dholl puri- it a must taste on the island!

Try the Various beverages of the Island!

Mauritius has long been known for its sugar cane industry and when there is sugar cane there is Rhum. Do not miss the opportunity to taste the local rhum while visiting Rhumerie de chamarel or Rhumerie de St Aubin or the Rhumerie at Chateau Labourdonnais. You will find rhums with various flavours- Vanilla, melon, coconut… You should also taste the local beer which have been winning various prizes since its existence on the island.

Try Fishing – Big Games Fishing

Fishing Mauritius

Fishing is an art practiced mostly by the people of Mauritius. The activity is not well developed in tourism. One can observe fishermen boats on all coasts of the island. This resource allows the tourists to enjoy delicious fish like Marlin, Dorado or the Emperor. However, big game fishing is much more prevalent in the tourism sector. Many companies and hotels offer this sport activities around the island.

Does trekking tempt you?

The mountains on the island of Mauritius cannot compete with those of Reunion island. Yet, they nevertheless allow beautiful walks accessible to all. Near Port Louis, Peter-Both, Le Pouce and the Signal Mountain form a protective circus around the capital. Lost among the hill you will come across many waterfalls where it is safe to swim. Rochester falls, near Souillac, will marvel you with its rocks carved by water stairs. In the south, the road of Black River Gorges offers unique views of the south of the island. If you love nature then you’ll love walking through Mauritius to discover its mountain scenery of the center, its exotic vegetation and rich fauna.

Practice Water sports in Mauritius

As for sports, Mauritius obviously attracts water sports lovers: diving, windsurfing, kite surfing … gliding enthusiasts are found on this island in the Indian Ocean to enjoy the trade winds blowing all throughout the year and particularly favorable in winter.

Diving in Mauritius

diving mauritius

The passionate of diving can discover the underwater spots of Mauritius of exceptional beauty. Whether you are a beginner or already have your PADI level, you can make diving trips on the various sites of the island. For the more cautious, you would not be able resist to snorkel the Mauritian lagoon … Equipped with fins, masks, snorkels … One spot you should not miss if you love snorkeling is the Blue Bay Marine Park! You will be subjugated by the breathtaking scene that will extend in front of your eyes under water.

Winter sports in Mauritius

If you prefer skiing, the island is full of kite surfing spots known worldwide … among others the famous waves of One Eye spot …

Surface Mauritius

With its protected lagoons, the trade wind regime provide a steady wind almost all year and its waves generated by the island’s Barrier Reef is now a sports stage appreciated for windsurfing, accessible even to beginners.

Water skiing is also a very popular activity in Mauritius and offered in all hotels and on all the beaches. Besides skiing, the range of activities proposed in Mauritius extends to sports such as windsurfing, sailing (hobby cat, lazer, dinghy, catamaran) but also canoeing, kayaking, pedal boating, glass bottom boat … activities to discover during your stay in Mauritius.

Cruising around Mauritius

To complete your holidays on this paradisiacal island, a catamaran cruise along the coast of Mauritius is a must. There is nothing better to discover this island in a completely different light and visit the various islets surrounding this floating gem of the Indian Ocean.

Swim with the Dolphins!

Explore the spectacular lives of these magnificent marine mammals in their natural aquatic habitat. Immerse yourself in the adventure of a lifetime and swim with dolphins in crystal clear waters. Swimming with dolphins is an incredibly moving experience which will bring you into contact with strikingly beautiful scenery, unspoiled landscapes and wonderful animals

You’ll plunge into the remarkable world of these powerful marine mammals and come face to face with the dolphins. Unlike many other dolphin facilities that limit a swim with dolphins program to pools or shallow water encounters, we provide the unique opportunity to enter the dolphins’ natural environment and enjoy an encounter with the dolphins in open sea.

Once you get on board the speed boat, the skipper will brief you on the experience you are about to have.

Reserve your Dolphin Trip here: http://nager-dauphins-maurice.indian-ocean.com/

Golf in Mauritius

golf mauritius

An activity holding the upper hand in Mauritius remains golf. Enthusiasts from around the world compete on the greens mowed between mountains and sea, in paradisiacal sites near the lagoon or the famous Ile aux Cerfs. No less than eight 18-hole courses (the ninth is underway) and four 9-holes can be found on the island. Something for all golfers, who canpleasantly occupy their stay in Mauritius!

Discover the Flora and Fauna of Mauritius

Many “adventure” Parks settled on the most beautiful endemic ecosystems of Mauritius. Activities proposed in the various parks are very well secured and supervised by competent and attentive staff. They welcome young and old, athletic or not.

For lovers of nature and its wildlife, it is possible to visit beautiful wildlife parks in Mauritius such as Casela Adventure Park or Vanilla Crocodile park. Besides the spectacle of thousands of birds, you can approach crocodiles, monkeys and giant tortoises. Go as a family to feed Bengal tigers and walk with lions during your stay in Mauritius.

Without getting wet, you can admire many species of fish in a submarine at Pointe aux Biches. Always dry, you will walk on the seabed aboard a small submarine comfortably in a transparent cabin, heated and at atmospheric pressure. You will enjoy ideal conditions to discover and admire the extraordinary underwater landscapes of Mauritius outside the lagoon.

In calm and shallow water, a unique and exciting experience is offered to all: walking underwater. Ideal for children and those who cannot swim to observe aquatic life.

Enjoy Wellness in one of the Mauritian Spa

Whether you opt for Givenchy spa or the Six Senses Spa, Mauritian hotels abound of wellness center. All as beautiful as the other. Mostly using Clarins products, those temples of wellness offer a range of impressive care and ayurvedic reflexology. Well-being is no longer restricted to five-star hotels. Even the lower categories hotels have such infrastructure today. However, the often so called “spa” is often only a massage room – beware!

Enjoy your holidays to the max!

We hope you loved our ideas for excursions, sports and walks around Mauritius. There’s something for everyone. Do not miss our article giving you tips about how to spend perfect holidays in Mauritius.

Enjoy wonderful holidays in Mauritius!