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Porlwi By Light (2nd Edition)

Welcome to Porlwi 2

Before talking about Porlwi By light which took place between the 2nd and the 4th of December 2016, we want to introduce to you how Port Louis looks like at night on a normal day. Since Polwi by Light occurs once a year and not everyone has the chance to enjoy those wonderful illuminations, you can still spend a cool time hanging around the City of Port Louis, at night!

Port-Louis at night

Mauritius, the dream destination of holiday seekers and wanderlusts, invites you to discover or rediscover the capital city; Port-Louis.

But here we will look at the town of Port-Louis in a different angle. We heard about the hectic hustle and bustle of this popular city during the day, however, the busiest town in Mauritius transforms itself at night to wear a more resourcing atmosphere. One can feel the sensation of well-being in Port-Louis at night.

Port-Louis, the lively capital did manage to preserve its authenticity and simplicity through time, a city merging tradition and modernity in a unique way.

Port-Louis history

Capital city of Mauritius, Port-Louis has a rich history. Founded in 1735 by the French governor Mahé de Labourdonnais, Port-Louis became the business and administrative center of Mauritius. Being protected against strong winds during cyclone by the Moka Mountain Range, Port-Louis was the perfect location to house both the harbour and fort.

Given the status of City in 1964, Port-Louis has continued to expand till now. One of the major factor contributing in the development and expansion of the capital city is the Tourism Industry, leading to more shops, hotels, restaurants and the Caudan Waterfront construction.

Top things to do in Port-Louis at night

After a heavy schedule, one might think about relaxing while enjoying a delicious and refreshing dinner. So, here is a list of the best restaurants & bars in Port-Louis.

Lambic Restaurant, Café and Beer shop (Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor)

The first gastro-pub of Mauritius, Lambic, is situated in the heart of Port-Louis. Set in a refurnished colonial home, Lambic is a popular restaurant and beer spot amongst both locals and tourists. From imported to locals beers, Lambic offers a great variety – notably 130 imported beers and 46 whiskies, they are known to be beer specialists.

In terms of dishes, the Lambic restaurant will not disappoint you, they propose mouth-watering foods. They are among the best restaurant to discover the famous Creole cuisine and their well-versed waiters will make them a pleasure to help you match your meal to your beer.

Address: 4, St. Georges Street, Port Louis

Phone   : (230) 212 6011

The Courtyard (Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor)

The Courtyard restaurant is a fine dining spot boasting a unique and calm atmosphere, they are reputed for serving French cuisine with a Mauritian twist. Foodies will surely love this place, the Courtyard offers delicious and fine foods with a range of international dishes. The décor of the restaurant is simply superb with its classy interior decoration. The hospitality of the staff is quite remarkable as well, they will willingly cater for your slightest needs and wants.

The Courtyard Restaurant guarantees a unique gastronomic adventure.

Address: Corner of St Louis and Chevreau Street, Port Louis

Phone: (230) 210 0810

Sailors Restaurant

A beautiful restaurant nestled in Port Louis city, the Sailors restaurant offers a wide range of dishes, starting from seafood, European, Cajun & Creole, Mediterranean, Asian and ending to vegetarian cuisine.

The trés chic restaurant guarantees a selection of rich and gastronomic experiences with its expertise of different taste. The Sailors restaurant offers a journey of taste to its customers, excellent foods all wrapped in a serene atmosphere with a friendly staff.

Address: Mer-Rouge, Port-Louis

Phone: (230) 575 72172

Keg and Marlin Pub

The Keg and Marlin pub is a traditional English pub located on the Caudan Waterfront. A very popular spot among both locals and tourists, the lively pub offers relaxing moments accompanied by some delicious foods with chilled beers.

The place to be at evening, the Keg and Marlin pub offers an amazing view over the Ocean. They regularly organise live music on Saturdays and Sundays.

Address: Coaster Shed, Le Caudan Waterfront, Port Louis

Phone: (230) 210 2050

Street Foods

Mauritius is a blend of different cultural background, religions and ethnicity, this mixture did create the unique Mauritian cuisine and La Rue Deforges reflects the gastronomical diversity of the island.

Port-Louis can be really lively at night especially at La Rue Deforges, this particular area burst out with all kinds of foods, from fast foods to ice cream. If you want to get in the Mauritian mood, then you should try the street foods at La Rue Deforges.

Port-Louis street foods is very delicious and the best of all; it is cheap! Those tasty foods will definitely trigger your taste buds.

After dinner you might want to hang out around Port-Louis, but where to go? Below, we have listed some interesting places for your convenience.

Marie reine de la paix

Located on the slope of the signal mountain, the Marie Reine de la Paix church is surrounded by lush greenery, the church is a popular place of worship for devotees and a serene place for those seeking tranquillity.

Marie Reine de la Paix offers a panoramic view over the capital city and at night – it can be quite picturesque. If you want to visit the actual monument, you will have to climb up the 82 rock-cut steps, once at the top you can contemplate the beautiful city of Port-Louis and breathing the fresh air of Marie Reine de la Paix ornamental garden.

Champs de Mars

Champs de Mars is a famous place where families, couples and friends meets to enjoy some peaceful and relaxing moment. If you want to mingle with the Mauritian culture, then Champs de Mars is a location not to be missed. Try out the ice cream available there before leaving Champs de Mars, it is really delightful.


The 2nd edition of the Porlwi by Light Festival was held from the 2nd to the 4th December. The event, this year was spread over 50,000 m2, from China Town to St. George Street, and the main theme behind the event was “People”. This charming story was told in 9 chapters. Here is a guided tour of this, now, annual event that we all wait for impatiently.

"Attitude" by Nirmal Hurry

Chapter 1 – The port: the arrival of the first men in Mauritius

The starting point of the festival was at the Port, a place that is so symbolic in history. It was the privileged witness of the arrival of the first men in Mauritius. To pay tribute and especially to celebrate the coexistence of these immigrants who later founded the Mauritian nation, the port was dressed in projections. And a gigantic jet of water was laid out.

The Port

Chapter 2 – The attic: Enter the Porlwi lab

Once in Mauritius, these immigrants learned to work together. That is what you saw while visiting the attic, located near the Caudan. Festival-goers discovered the Mauritian know-how, through what is called the Porlwi Lab. Indeed, this place was an artistic crossroads for the occasion. There were projections, paintings and photography.

The attic

Chapter 3 – The Aapravasi ghat: living the diaspora

The Aapravasi Ghat was the place to be to celebrate the Mauritian diaspora. And for good reason, the projections and performances were there to greet Mauritians and visitors alike from here and elsewhere.

The Aapravasi Ghat

Chapter 4 – The theater of Port Louis: interior travel

After a long journey, the theater of Port Louis offerd an introspection to the Mauritians. It is the director Azim Moollan who took care of the dressing of the theater of Port Louis. With projections that showed an old man who wanted to relive his precious memories. We were transported into another world and were impressed to see a majestic performance on the balcony of the theater.

The Theater of Port Louis

Chapter 5 – The old prison: for the love of letters

This year the old prison gave pride of place to the authors of the country. The artists were given the opportunity to show imagination while representing all the beauty of the letters.

The Old Prison

Chapter 6 – At the garden of the company: a sound and light show

The garden of the Company is certainly one of the few green spaces of the capital. It symbolizes the connection of man with nature. This year again, the public was able to discover a sound and light show. Yet, it was very different from what it was last year.

Garden Of The Company

Chapter 7 – IBL parking: interactivity at your fingertips

This year, the festival is more interactive. This interactivity was experience by the festival-goers and they were able to live it on the parking area of ​​IBL. Indeed, the public were able to interact with the projections which changed shape to the touch.

IBL Parking

Chapter 8 – The Caudan Waterfront: the artistic crossroads

The Caudan Waterfront represented the crossroads for this festival. There were animations by the water. All Caudan lived to the rhythm of art and culture. It was indeed an extraordinary sight.

The Caudan Waterfront

Chapter 9: The Place d’Armes: the eyes of the giants

The Place d’Armes celebrated e coexistence. Once again, the light were at the rendezvous. Giants were invited to the party and it was indeed massive and majestic to see those giant illuminations boarding the Place D’armes.

The Place d'Armes

Must Porlwi

Porlwi is not without its famous street foods and arts. Well this time too, tasty food and majestic designs and good music were there to impress the young and the old.

Street art

Just like for the first edition, the streets of Port-Louis welcomed Mauritius and foreigners, slamers and musical entertainment. The public was spoiled for choice.

Street Art


This year the number of restaurants was tripled and everything was much more organised. They were in the vicinity of St Louis Cathedral, to satisfy the taste buds of the festival-goers.

Street Food

Behind the Scenes

Indeed, behind Porlwi by light, there has been quite some preparations, and these were up months before the event. Here is a sneak peak of the behind the scenes of this wonderful event that drew so many people to the Kapital of Mauritius!

Nu Kapital – A Story of Youth

Who on the island of Mauritius has not travelled to Port Louis or should I say “Porlwi”? Indeed, no one can say they have not. Being the city of Mauritius, every trader, businessperson, youngster has come to Port Louis at least one time – Whether it is to replenish their supplies, for shopping, for trading, for hanging out with friends and families – every Mauritian has experienced the wonders of Port Louis.

Yet, for you, Port Louis might still be a mystery – a sweet mystery!

Sometimes we love it and sometimes not. Indeed, we, Mauritians has a very indistinct emotion regarding Port Louis. Too hot and too crowded but a got-it-all place, very cheap items and delicious food, that is our main description of Port Louis.

Do you know Port-Louis? A question raised by Nu Kapital, whereby, our own knowledge of the city is to be re-examined; whether you are a Mauritian or a tourist. Similarly, after several years, Port Louis became somewhat “old-fashioned.” Due to the opening of several malls, youngsters became much more interested in cosy cinemas and luxurious restaurants, which are already available on site. The team which is composed mainly of University students, aiming at redefining the city by enabling people to learn and rediscover the different facets of Port Louis through a new angle; all of these through means of photography and videography.

This year, Nu Kapital introduced a whole new concept – 5 rubrics, each different, sharing the different wonders of Port Louis through different angles and perspectives.

Kot to baz (Hang out)

Most of you tourists are normally on holidays in Mauritius, especially during this festive season due to our mild temperature – an alternative to the chilly weather of European countries.

If you settled down recently or have already settled down for some moment, you might want to know more about Mauritius and its most appreciated places in order to experience it yourself. The only thing is that Nu Kapital is mostly centered on Port Louis but that is not a problem since Port Louis is a treasure coffin in itself.

In this rubric, Nu Kapital brings to you interviews of different people to determine their favourite place to hang out, drink some tea or even repair things. As a result, you will be able to find out the different places which offer exclusivity and win the hearts of Mauritians due to their devotion, effort and passion. For example, Nu Kapital filmed a video concerning the favourite romantic places of Port Louis. So if you want to bring your other half to a nice restaurant or an isolated place, it would be perfect!

Kot To Baz

Dan coulis (Behind the scene)

What makes Port Louis without its people? Bearing in mind the theme of this year, that is “people,” Dan coulis lays emphasis on all the important persons who contributed to the overall cultural diversity and economy of Port Louis. Despite their presence, people do not know whether they are important. For example: A scavenger picking up trash every week, a caretaker cleaning the offices or even the person sweeping the floor after the local horse race at Champ de Mars. Each and every one of them brings their heart and soul to work and becomes one with Port Louis. If Port Louis could talk, it will certainly thank them for everything.

What makes them different from us? You see, often we crave for white collar jobs and forget that all the smaller jobs are important also. They contribute in your whole well-being and social harmony.

Dan Coulis

Dan sulye (In one’s shoes)

Summer is already here and the scorching sun is up. Why not taste an Alouda to refresh yourself? You would have loved it, isn’t it? What Nu Kapital propose on the other hand, is literally putting yourself in the shoes of the vendor himself. Often we believe that these kind of jobs are easier than ours. In some recent videos whereby two teams were helping the owners; Alouda Pillay and Mr Vaden, seller of salted fish respectively, Nu Kapital discovered a whole new world and is ready to share it with you.

One of the benefits of this rubric is surely that these businesses will become more popular but for the teams itself, you would have seen in the videos that the experience in itself was enriching. Why enriching? Because these youngsters grew up with a silver spoon in their mouth, they do not know what it means to work really hard to bring the daily bread on the table and have a minimum of luxury.

Dan Sulye

Ti zistwar (Short stories)

Again, this question still comes back, what would be Port Louis without its people? Most of us being digital natives, we often do not know the history or Port Louis or we do not know people who would tell us more about it. In this rubric, Nu Kapital meets people and interviews them for an anecdote, they have of Port Louis, which is inserted on a background picture – A beautiful way of sharing knowledge and history!

Ti Zistwar

Special article

Now this gets more intimate and creative. Special Article is mostly the Nu Kapital team setting themselves free. They tell us in the form of music, articles and other wonders, what they understand of Port Louis, how it makes them feel inside their own soul while at the same time sharing their passions to us.

Special Article

PORLWI 2 in a Nutshell

This year again, even though the weather somehow disturbed the festival – it was a success. We were all impressed by the magical scenery and awesome feelings the various light arts gave to us. We expect to be more thrilled during the next edition – we hope there is yet another one -  and well as usual we’ll review it for you.

If you missed Porlwi 2, here are some snapshots for you!

IBL Parking

Conservatoire Francois Mitterand

The Caudan Waterfront

The Caudan Waterfront

The Port

The Caudan Waterfront Casino

The Caudan Waterfront Casino

And if you missed Porlwi 1, do not forget to check out our article!

See you for the next edition!

Mauritius: An island full of wonders!

wonders mauritius

Often, the word Mauritius remains unknown to several people. Being a small island compared to large countries such as the United States of America and France, Mauritius is somehow left behind. If you are wondering where Mauritius is situated, the Indian Ocean is the sea which surrounds it. Neighbouring both Reunion Island and Rodrigues, Mauritius is classified as a developing country. However, Mauritius has achieved greatness in every way possible, whether economically, ecologically and technologically.

First of all before coming to Mauritius, remember to book your flight as soon as possible due to the vast inflow of tourists at this period of the year. Secondly, you might want to book your hotel in Flic en Flac, which is especially well-known for its beach. You might also expect hawkers selling some of the best food specialties of Mauritius – Roti, Samoussa, Gato Piment, as well as American fast foods. To sum up, Mauritius is a mixture of several cultures making it easy for everyone to adapt.

To help you in your visit, let’s break everything down to 4 main features of Mauritius:

Activities in Mauritius

Feeling adventurous or curious? Mauritius is certainly the best place to discover new experiences and feelings. The Casela Nature Park for instance is an absolute must. With surface of 250 hectares, the Casela Nature Park is home to several species of fauna and flora. Imagine yourself patting a white lion or undertaking a walk in the nature with it. It would of course be a dream-come-true for wildlife lovers.

Moreover, thrill lovers, you might want to undertake a trip on quads or buggies. For more intense sensations, ziplines or canyon swing would certainly give you some adrenaline rush. There are also other places such as La Vanille Crocodile Park, providing these activities. Besides, you will also find crocodiles being the main centre of attraction of the psrc

Finally, you might to undertake some hiking or trekking on our beautiful mountains – Pieter Both, Le Pouce, Lion Mountain as well as places such as “7 cascades, Eau Bleu and Black River Gorges.”

Beaches in Mauritius

Coming to Mauritius without going to the beach is definitely a waste of sun. Despite an unpredictable weather, the temperature remains quite warm in Summer. The sun is up, no clouds passing by, a gentle breeze lift – a perfect day to go to the seaside alone or with your family. If you are a fan of sun tanning, kindly bring in sun screen especially if you have a fair complexion. This will help to protect you from dangerous UV lights.

Top 5 beaches include:

Trou aux Biches

Being the top one, Trou aux Biches is ideal for snorkelling or swimming. With a clear and calm water, Trou aux Biches provides families a nice relaxing moment while also enabling accessibility to food stands, cafes and restaurants lined up along the coast.

Belle Mare

Do you wake up early? Why not go for some jogging and take a dips in the cool water? However, do take some precautions, as the currents are somehow unpredictable. Windsurfers on the hand, there are breezier times enabling the practice of your favourite activity.

Ile aux Cerfs

One of the most idyllic place of Mauritius is certainly Ile aux Cerfs. After a few minutes’ boat trip, the island will offer you the privilege of taking part in water-based attractions. You can also practice snorkelling in the lagoon. However, you should note that being a popular destination, it tends to get busy on weekends.


Neighbouring Grand Bay and Cap Malheureux, Pereybere has won the heart of several Mauritians, specially students. This is because Pereybere is much deeper than any other beach across the island and due to its crystal clear water, marine life can be contemplated much more easily.

Flic en Flac

Located in Black River, Flic en Flac is known for its white warm soothing sand – a pleasure for those feet. Flic en flac beach is close to several bars and if you are hanging by at around 6p.m, you might end up swimming in a multi-coloured sunset water, a unique opportunity which is not to be missed.

Festivals in Mauritius

Mauritius is home to several festivals due to its multi-ethnic aspect. However during this period, most of the important festivals have already been celebrated. Rest assured, Christmas and the New Year is approaching and celebrating it in Mauritius will surely be breath-taking. Christmas in Mauritius is often rainy, so prepare your umbrellas, but who knows, maybe this Christmas will be a sunny one. Also, if you have not yet bought any gifts for the children, shops often remain opened till late on the eve. During the Christmas week, animation is often done with music and games in the malls, namely Bagatelle Shopping Mall. It might be a good opportunity to bring your spouse or husband and even the kids to enjoy some quality time.

If you ever dreamt of lighting firecrackers, you are at the correct place. Compared to bigger countries, Mauritius has no laws restricting people from lighting up firecrackers on New Year’s Eve. Hence, you will find them available at almost any shop or hawkers around the island.

Mauritian Cuisine

The Mauritian Cuisine is simply one of our favourite.  As a main description, the Mauritian Cuisine is simply a blend of all cultures. As a result, the choice is always wide open and it will surely make you feel at home. From the piquancy of the Indian Cuisine, the gastronomic approach of the French cuisine, the crustiness of the Italian pizza to the savouriness of the Chinese cuisine, Mauritius is combined with all your favourite tastes. Hence, your trip to Mauritius will make you at home by providing you with different food alternatives. However, some must-taste experience is mostly our refreshing Alouda which can be found across the island, or if you are travelling to Port Louis, Alouda Pillay would suit you. As mentioned earlier, our famous fast food is certainly not to be missed; the “Roti”, “Dholl Puri” or “Ti Puri” mixed with some Indian curries. If you do not want Indian curries for instance, the “Roti” is also served with fish curry or chicken.

The Mauritius Backpacking Guide

backpaking mauritius

Over the years, Mauritius has become quite popular among other countries despite its small size. However, during conversations with foreigners, perplexity is the expression written on their face when encountering the word “Mauritius.” As a small summary, Mauritius is a volcanic island situated in the Indian Ocean with climate temperature ranging from 17 oC to 33 oC (winter to summer) and neighbouring islands – Reunion and Rodrigues. Still reluctant to visit Mauritius? According to Mark Twain, Mauritius is incomparable to heaven because the latter is far better than that. With its mesmerising azure seawater and sandy beaches, multicultural as well as multilingual society and eye-catching flora and fauna, the word “regret” will not ever cross your mind.

Backpacking lovers, Mauritius did not forget you. It offers a large variety of sites namely:

Port Louis

Speaking of places for backpacking in Mauritius, we cannot forget Port Louis itself – the capital of the country. Situated in the west coast of the island, it is characterised by sophistication while at the same time maintaining orthodoxy, demonstrated by the reflection of the colonial era in urban architecture – buildings with French stylistic approach from the 18th century, a fortified citadel, a catholic cathedral, as well as a mosque.

Fort Adelaide – bearing the name of Queen Adelaide, was constructed between the years 1834-1840, 240 ft. above sea level. Due to this elevation, you backpackers will have the pleasure of contemplating the large panoramic view of the city, the harbour, without forgetting the famous place of horse races; Champ de Mars.

Besides, last year’s event “Porlwi by Light” which was a huge accomplishment, will once again take place in December. To recapitulate, the face of Port Louis was brought back to life with street lighting, artists, hawkers, food at almost every street corners, screen projection except that it was projected on buildings itself. Therefore, for everyone visiting Mauritius in December be sure not to miss it on the 2-4 December.


Seven wonders assembled in the same place or more accurately, a seven-coloured earth. History states that the decomposition of basaltic lava into minerals caused the evolution of the colours. What is more surprising is that these colours remain intact despite torrential rainfall. If you want to visit Chamarel, the best time to benefit from its full beauty is at sunrise. Besides, those who love swimming in shallow water, Chamarel Falls – a waterfall of 272ft tall, awaits you while for alcohol lovers, there is a rum distillery available in the locality.

Plaine Magnien

Mystery lovers, this area is the absolute place to visit. Located between Mont des Créoles and Mont du Lion, Plaine Magnien hosts seven pyramids which origin is still being questioned until now. Some believes that these were the works of the Mayan civilization while some states that these pyramids can be found only in Egypt, leaving them perplexed. A more rational theory by a local historian on the other hand claims that a sugarcane company named “Mont-Desert-Mont-Tresor” was refining the land in 1944, amassed the stones together making a pyramid.


Did you know that Curepipe hosts a volcano – Trou aux Cerfs? You have no reason to be afraid; it is a dormant one although it can wake up at any time. Are you still feeling adventurous? Trou aux Cerfs serves as a health track for Mauritians who want to do their regular physical exercise. In addition to that, you will get a beautiful view of the crater from the viewpoint available. If ever you are lucky enough, you might be able to contemplate a beautiful sunset in the evening.

Furthermore, if you love floras and faunas, the Botanical Garden is a place where you can spend some family time or enjoy a romantic moment with your partner. However, be sure to bring an umbrella because Curepipe is usually rainy and unpredictable.

Ile aux Cerfs Island

Obviously when visiting Mauritius, you should not forget surrounding islands. Also called “Deer Island,” Ile aux Cerfs is located in the eastern part of Mauritius – close to Flacq district. Constituting of 100 hectares of land, the island were once the shelter of deers. This island is perfect for a family trip or for relaxation and it is free from noise pollution and air pollution unlike urban areas. Local companies might also offer packages involving boat excursions, lunch, and snorkelling. While at the same time, you can also benefit from a five stars hotel with a golf course, and several restaurants present on the island itself.

Tips for backpacking in Mauritius

  1. 1.      Always plan

It is said that one who fails to plan, plans to fail. Similarly, remember to plan your budget accordingly. Avoid buying everything such as expensive clothes, jewellery, etc. in advance since they can be available in Mauritius at cheaper prices. In short, pack lightly and wisely.

  1. 2.      Flight saving

Regularly visit travel agencies or airport companies’ websites for deals and promos. If you want to save money on flights, try the economic class instead of the first class one. It might be less comfortable but as a result, you will save money, which in turn will enable you to use it elsewhere.

  1. 3.      Accommodation saving

Websites such as TripAdvisor are very useful to help you find a suitable accommodation for the budget you will allocate to this service. A little piece of advice: If hotels are too exorbitant, opt for beach guesthouses – they use ceiling fans instead of air conditioning.

  1. 4.      Transport Saving

Try to be eco-friendly when travelling short distances by hiring a bicycle. Although, buses are usually crowded, prices tend to be relatively low while if it is a taxi, always remember to ask for the price and bargain with the driver in advance. For those able to afford car rentals, google might come in handy to find rental companies.

  1. 5.      Food Saving

One of the best ways to save money in Mauritius is avoiding restaurants. They will often be overpriced while serving you the same food westerners eat. Instead, opt for street food or small snacks. For example places selling our famous dish the “Farata” which is at most Rs20.

Mauritius: A romantic getaway!

romance mauritius

Haven of beauty in the heart of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is the perfect place to enjoy love more intensely than elsewhere… From north to south and from east to west, Mauritius offers an extraordinary diversity of environments and landscapes. Beaches with idyllic sights, “nature” tours and peaceful corners – this Eden is the setting for an adventure to share together with your lover!

Enchanting Romantic walks in Mauritius

The Pamplemousses Garden in the north, is the pride of the island, and is perfect for an enchanting and romantic walk with your lover. A feeling of well-being and serenity grabs you from the moment you enter this magnificent garden. Unique plants inhabit this little paradise. Stroll hand in hand, between giant nénuphars(Water Lilly) pool and lotus flowers. This is enough to make you fall under the spell of the island’s charm … In the far north, Cap Malheureux is a must visit for your romantic stroll. This charming fishing village lends itself to its escape. It hides a poetic marine cemetery and a Tamil temple in pastel colors. Further, the star attraction: Notre Dame Chapel. Its famous red roof is a classic postcard picture scenery. Facing the lagoon a few moments with your loved one. The sea and the sky merge on the horizon in a mosaic of colors while a fairytale atmosphere pervades the place…

Your romantic getaway…

If you are wondering where to go for your romantic getaway, why not head to Ile Aux Aigrettes? The excursion on the spot begins with a short cruise on a turquoise-blue water. The island offers groomed trails through dense forest. You will discover some of the treasures that abound this nature reserve: the pink pigeon, the Aldabra giant tortoise and a multitude of endemic plants – while enjoying the company of your lover in an idyllic setting.

Pleasure in Duet

Isn’t it the dream romantic holiday, a beach paradise, perfecting your tan under a blazing sun? Yet, Mauritius still reserve some surprises … Riambel Beach is the perfect place to live a moment out of the ordinary. Several equestrian centers allow vacationers to indulge in horse riding by the sea. You who dreamed of magic moments with your beloved, difficult to imagine a more romantic! You begin to doubt that all this is real? Your suspicions are likely to persist even more after having indulge in one of the most famous activities of the island: swimming with dolphins in Tamarin Bay. In the distance, the mountains of Trois Mamelles and the Rempart crown this wild array. The sea air invigorates you! Enjoy the lagoon of Mauritius on a double kayak. Sail in the heart of the crystalline lagoon without missing a beat of this natural spectacle. A stroll through the mangrove is for you the opportunity to admire unique plant species in the world!

Nature, an invitation to romanticism

Finish off this romantic stroll by visiting the higher plains of Curepipe. After a walking tour you will find yourself at Trou aux Cerfs. In the hollow of this impressive volcanic crater lake nestled at the heart of Curepipe, you will find its surroundings populated by a rich fauna. There you can contemplate the ocean surrounding the island – it is even said that when the weather is clear, you can even see the island of Reunion … Further south you can visit the village of Souillac, near which the Rochester Falls are located. In this place still preserved from mass tourism, a waterfall of 10 m high pours its waters. Why not take advantage of this intimate setting for a swim with your significant other? The land in Chamarel mark the final step of your trip with your lover in Mauritius. This vast bare clearing reveals its floor painted in 7 colors, from ocher to purple through red. This place looks like the moon in brighter colours. One of the most beautiful places on earth for a passionate!

Relax in Grand Bassin

If you still want to relax, how about a zen and exotic ride with your partner? Grand Bassin, southeast of the island and near Bois Chéri, offers a relaxed environment. This natural water reservoir in the heart of an ancient volcano is also a sacred place for Hindus. An imposing statue of the goddess Shiva overlooks the lake, around which monkeys often come to steal the offerings brought by the followers near the temples that line this mystical place.

Your Romantic holidays in a nutshell…

When to go? If you want to spend an unforgettable moment while having a perfect tan, visit Mauritius at the beginning of the year. But fear not: the climate is very pleasant on the island regardless of the season. How to get there? Book your airline tickets online and take advantage of the best deals on flights to Mauritius! To save even more, book your flight and hotel in Mauritius well in advance. How to move around the island? The ideal is to opt for the car rental to be completely free to move. Warning: here, we drive on the left. Enjoy the best rates by hiring your car in Mauritius with Avis. Where to stay ? In a romantic hotel in Mauritius! The north and west of Mauritius offer many boutique hotels for you and your loved one (s). Why not opt ​​for a hotel in Flic-en-Flac, where the beaches are more beautiful than others? What combine comfort and relaxation! Where to eat ? At Linda’s Place: Royal Road, Calodyne (north), world cuisine, from € 5 Saffron Grill: Grand Bay, River du Rempart (north), Indian cuisine, count 5 € to 10 € * Chamarel Restaurant: La Crête, Chamarel (southwest), Indian and Creole cuisine, dishes from 15 € to 35 €* Have a wonderful romantic holiday in Mauritius!

Mauritius: Shopping Paradise!


After many years, Mauritius has changed faces so many times. Hence for some, it might be unrecognisable yet Mauritius has achieved wonders despite being classified as a developing country. Whether technologically, economically or socially, Mauritius has distinguished itself among countries of South Africa.

During your trip to Mauritius, you might want to buy some items for your own use or as a souvenir for your loved ones. Well, Mauritius is the perfect place suited for you; with its currency being of lower value compared to the dollar or euro. For instance, 1 dollar = Rs 36 and 1 euro = Rs 40, approximately. This is definitely an advantage to you since you will find most of the products available much cheaper than in your local country

Here’s some places you should definitely go to for shopping:

Bagatelle Shopping Mall

One of the most successful craze among youngsters is surely the Bagatelle Shopping Mall. With more than 150 shops, this shopping mall has long attracted people since its opening. As soon as you will enter the mall, an atmosphere of modernity will prevail.

Were you awaiting a specific movie but cannot watch it because you are not home? Well, worry not, Cinema Star is here to provide you with the latest movies to enjoy with your family or friends. It is one of the favourite place of youngsters mainly. Another spot would the food court of course, which reflects the multi-ethnic aspect of Mauritius. Indeed, you will find various dishes varying from “faratas,” “dholl puris, fried rice or noodles to French fries, steaks and pizzas. In other words, you will also find your favourite dishes as well as Mauritian ones.


Are you planning your dream proposal or dream wedding? Adamas is certainly the best place to look for jewellery. Their craftsmanship is simply excellent. Expect to find gold and diamonds of 24ct at a competing price especially if you are looking for genuine and beautifully crafted designs.

Grand Bay Coeur de Ville + La Croisette

Grand Bay has always been one of my favourite. Having a nearby beach and neighbouring Pereybere, Grand Bay has always been the favourite place of tourists and Mauritians. With a warm and welcoming atmosphere, Grand Bay Coeur de Ville a modern food court, a well-known French shopping centre – Super U and American food chain; McDonald. Do you like bowling? Le Lucky Strike offers packages varying from Rs 120 to Rs 180 for an hour of pool or bowling – Ideal for a good moment with friends and family.

Gran Bay La Croisette in contrary, is somehow similar to Bagatelle in terms of size and services offered. One aspect which I personally liked about

Phoenix Commercial Centre

Phoenix Commercial Centre originated mostly from Jumbo which was known as “Continent” in the past. Over the years, the infrastructure has changed a lot. Now renamed to “Jumbo,” the shopping centre has just undertaken renovation purposes transforming the food court in a more open infrastructure and aligned to modernity while also fixing the problem of customer influx. It is believed that Phoenix Commercial Centre could outweigh Bagatelle, if only a cinema hall was present – this question still remains unanswered.


The town of Curepipe is located in the Plaines Wilhems district. It is the second largest city in size and importance after Port Louis. Curepipe is a great place for shopping, and it is the place where you will find many duty free shops, modern clothing boutiques, Indian clothing shops and much more. There is a shop of ships models and large arcades, commercial complexes and the market of Curepipe, where you will find things at affordable prices.


The town of Floreal, also located in the Plaines Wilhems district, offers a selection of local handicraft workshops and factory outlets, such as the wool factory, a workshop on boats model (the largest qnd the most famous of Mauritius), a diamond and jewellery shops. Many boutiques and outlet stores in Floréal offer a wide range of products.

You will be able to buy handicrafts, watches, paintings, the best designer clothes and many more at competitive prices, all directly from the factory.


Phoenix is ​​famous in Mauritius mainly for its beer, with which, Phoenix also offers plenty of shopping opportunities. The ‘Mauritius Glass Gallery’ is where artisans create unique pieces of hand-made, glass art. The glass gallery is where interesting glass products can be found and bought. You will observe the traditional glass blowing process or have a glass pattern made from an imprint of your hand or foot in the sand. Beautiful lampshades, photos of stained glass windows and assorted vases and drinking vessels are displayed at the glass shop gallery.


Quatre Bornes is located in the high Plaines Wilhems district. It is considered by many to be the most lively city in Mauritius. Quatre Bornes is known for its nightlife and its wide selection of nightclubs. The main shopping activity takes place in the city center on its main street (rue Saint-Jean) and the central market of Quatre Bornes.

The Chinatown of Port Louis

The very picturesque Chinatown of Port Louis allows you to find all sorts of items at a reasonable price. You should not miss a visit to Chinatown, not only for its shopping traits but for its marvellous and unique street foods.

The Markets

To buy typical Mauritian objects, you have to visit the many colorful markets of the island, where bargaining is a tradition. Each village has its own market. Those of Port Louis, Flacq and Quatre Bornes are unavoidable.

Tips for shopping in Mauritius

When shopping in Mauritius, do not forget to always try to get discounts on prices, especially when you buy items in the markets. Prices may vary from one seller to another, so be sure to check and compare prices. Also, do not buy at the first place you locate an item! On many occasions and especially in major markets, you can lower the price by quite some much.

Store Hours:

Regular Day: 9:30 – 17:00

Thursday is half day in some of the regions.

Weekends: 9:00 – 13:00

Public holidays: 9:30 – 13:00 (some remain closed)

Top activities to do in Mauritius

Biking Mauritius

Mauritius, lost in the Indian-Ocean, is known for its beaches, lagoons and reefs. The mountainous interior includes Black River Gorges National Park, with rainforests, waterfalls, hiking trails and wildlife like the flying fox and an unparalleled underwater life. Between landscapes, nature and lagoons, Mauritius is one of the favorite destinations of athletes and thrill seekers while having the chance to enjoy the sublime seabed at the same time!

Try sea kayaking in Mauritius!

Sea kayaking is a fun sport that allows you to admire the Mauritian nature while navigating the beautiful lagoon that borders Mauritius. Experienced paddlers and even amateurs will be delighted with the many trips available all around Mauritius. And if you want to go for further exploration why not head to the 10th district of the island, Rodrigues. Everywhere mangrove mazes, which have a vital role in the marine ecosystem, offer surprising paths. You can discover the island of Ambre in the North East and to the South East, have a visit to the historic bay of Mahebourg and in the East have a trip around Trou d’Eau Douce Bay where you can sport Mangénie island and the famous Ile aux Cerfs which are unavoidable kayaking spots. For the more experienced, we recommend the unique experience of an expedition around the island of Rodrigues. If you prefer dry land, many excursions await you there.

Canyoning in Mauritius

If walking, sliding, rappelling, diving, jumping and swimming down gorges and waterfalls is your thing, Mauritius’ canyoning hot spots are found in the western part of the island. Located on the outskirts of the Black River gorges in central Mauritius, Tamarin Falls is a stellar spot, offering a set of atmospheric chutes. Chamarel Falls involve a 90m jaw-dropping rappelling adventure.

Equip and prepare for a canyoning in Mauritius

For canyoning, better be well equipped to avoid large and small “bobos”(hurting yourself). It is not a stroll in nature, this is serious! The equipment that you will be using is quite specific, a mix between equipment for climbing and diving. To slide along the rocky walls, a combination is needed. Wearing trekking shoes is highly recommended but simple tennis can do the trick. The helmet is compulsory!

Canyoning in Mauritius: with a guide

The nature of the business, its technicality and understanding weather factors make canyoning an activity that is not advisable to be practiced without the presence of a guide. If you want a little adrenaline during your stay in Mauritius, it is better to approach an organization specialised in this sport, you will then be certain to enjoy a safe and wonderful experience. Of all the excursions in Mauritius, Tamarin falls is certainly one of the richest in thrills and sensation!

What you can expect at Tamarin Falls?

The descent of the Tamarin Falls canyon in Mauritius is strongly discouraged if you suffer from vertigo. With 50m of fall, this experience is the most impressive of all. On arrival, the equipment is loaned to you while your guide delivers all the safety instructions and other technical information about the canyon. Then comes the moment where you have to do the jump and trust us – you won’t regret it a second.

Discover kitesurfing in Mauritius!

Mauritius, an island surrounded with reef that forms perfect lagoons and waves for kitesurfers. During the winter period (May-October) when consistent trade winds are blowing, this playground becomes the ultimate destination for kite freestyle and wave enthusiasts. With its warm waters and shallow lagoon, Mauritius has become an ideal spot to learn kitesurfing and to practice this intensely thrilling sport.

Mauritius, kitesurf paradise

With its ideal location in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius and its magnificent coral reef is a paradise for water sports and for kitesurfing in particular. The trade wind from the southeast blows steadily throughout the year and is more than ideal kitesurf in a temperate tropical climate. Mauritius offers many spots for a diverse kiteboarding. Beginners should start by having some fun in the shallow waters of the lagoon while leaving the reef waves to the delight of more experienced ones. Whatever your level, kitesurfing in Mauritius at any of the favourite spots will give you pure and unique sensations.

The best kitesurfing spots in Mauritius

Mauritius offers four regions particularly suitable for kiteboarding. First the West coast and Southwest coast near Le Morne which remains the most famous spot of the island. In Baie du Cap and La Prairie, beginners enjoy the shallow waters while more experienced persons might go down to the wave spot oneye. On the southeast coast, the beautiful lagoon of Trou d’Eau Douce takes you to the Deer Island (Ile Aux Cerfs), the most touristy outer island of Mauritius. The east coast is popular with kitesurfers of all levels with its well protected lagoons and huge white sandy beaches. On the north coast, the lagoon offers a very smooth lagoon near Grand Gaube in Grand Baie but pay attention to the wind that is deemed stronger there on the Eastern Coast.

Learn kitesurfing in Mauritius

Lovers of thrills and strong sensations or wishing to experience that unique facet of Mauritius, note that you will find several kitesurfing schools across Mauritius if you don’t know the sport yet. These schools are usually composed of qualified instructors IKO and are equipped with latest equipment, coming from reputable brands in the field. You can check with schools such as Nomad Kite School or Yoaneye Kite Centre, two schools located in Le Morne. And do not hesitate to share your impressions once you know how to drag like a pro on the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean!

Have a thrilling holiday in Mauritius!

Divali Recipes

Diya Mauritius

The festival of lights is one of the highlights of the Indian calendar. But also of all communities of the island! This Hindu festival commemorates the return of Lord Rama and his wife Sita, in their capital, Ayodhya that has win the fight against the demon Ravana. Diwali (or Divali or Deepavali), which means “row of lights”, said the lights path made by the inhabitants of Ayodhya to illuminate the return of Rama.

On this occasion, houses are decorated a bit like for Christmas. The low voltage electric garlands have replaced many traditional terracotta lamps but it the illuminated houses remains very beautiful and are a pure bliss to the eyes.

A multicultural festival

Whether one is Indian or not, Divali enchants everyone, who isn’t ecstatic at the sight of beautiful light decorations adorning the homes and gardens? Each year, many people enjoy walking, during the evening in the bright streets illuminated by thousand lights. Along the way, you will have the chance to admire the sublime Rangoli kolam or these traditional Indian designs made with ground rice, and are a sign of welcome to the guests.

You will rarely leave a hourse of the island without taking back the famous Divali cakes, which are the other stars (after the lights!) of this highly coloured celebration. The Gulab Jamoon, coconut or pistachio Barfi, Ladoo, Nankatai and Sweet potato cakes among others are the essentials of Divali which is not only based on light but also on sharing.

Those who have the time, prepares the Divali cakes themselves since the recipes were transmitted from generation to generation. And if you want to celebrate Divali anywhere in the world along with the cakes, we got some recipes that might taunt you.

Divali Cakes mauritius

Rasgullas Recipe

Ingredients (for four people)

-1 cup + 2 tablespoons powdered milk

-1 tablespoon flour

-¼ teaspoon of baking powder

-½ teaspoon of powdered cardamom

-4 tablespoons + 1 teaspoon of Ghee

-1 cup of sugar

-1 teaspoon lemon juice


Mix milk, flour, baking powder, cardamom and four teaspoons of Ghee in a bowl.

Heat the sugar and one cup of water in a pot to prepare the syrup. Add some lemon juice and transfer to a serving dish.

Heat the remaining Ghee in a saucepan. Add water to milk powder mixture to form a paste. Shape into small balls and put them to fry over low heat.

Once they are browned, remove from heat and place them in hot syrup. Allow Rasgullas to soak in the syrup before serving.

Coconut Barfi Recipe

Ingredients (for four people)

-2 cups grated coconut

-1 tablespoon Ghee

-1 cup of Castor Sugar

-1 cup of milk

-1 pinch of saffron threads

-3-4 cardamoms

-1 pinch of ground cardamom

- Crushed Pistachios or peanuts


Grease a rectangular mold with Ghee.

In a non-stick pan, melt the sugar. Add milk, stir, and cook until the sugar dissolves. Add the saffron and stir again.

In a mortar, crush the cardamom and add them to the mix.

Add the grated coconut, stir constantly and cook until the preparation thickens. Move off from the heat, add the Ghee then mix again.

Pour the mixture into the greased pan. Level out, sprinkle with pistachios or crushed peanuts and cardamom powder.

Once the preparation has cooled, cut and serve.

The Must-do Divali Cake – Gato Patate

The cakes made by women in the morning are deposited when cooked as an offering on an altar installed in a room of the house, and at night you eat them with family and friends who go from house to house to share them. Yet, Divali remains incomplete without the famous “Gato Patate” – sweet potato cake. And here is the Recipe for you!

For a dozen potato cakes

For the dough

-3 sweet potatoes medium size

-1 cup of flour (1 cup = 250 ml)

For the filling

-1 fresh coconut (or powder if you do not feel you grate the coconut)

-1/2 cup of sugar

-2 cloves of green cardamom (dry roast a few minutes in the pan and then mix them to the mill) or 1 teaspoon ground cardamom


Open coconut. Take-out the flesh and grate it using the fine grid. Mix the grated coconut with sugar and cardamom. The mixture should be dry (moisture-free). Reserve aside.

Wash the sweet potatoes, chop roughly and immerse them in boiling water. Allow to cook for about 1 hour / 1:30 on low heat. Prick with a knife to check for proper cooking. They should be tender.

Once cooked, remove their skin and mash them with a fork, while they are still hot. Spread the puree in a large flat dish or on a baking sheet. Sprinkle 3 to 4 tablespoons of flour over the mashed sweet potatoes. Mix. Once it is fully amalgamated, repeat until you have used up all the flour.

The amount of flour will vary slightly depending on the size of sweet potatoes and cooking. To get the right consistency, we need to form a ball of dough that is not too dry. It must agglomerate.

When you feel like you have obtained the perfect dough consistency, form small balls the size of a tennis ball. Roll out each ball using a roller (thickness of a pastry). Using a pastry cutter (7-8 cm in diameter, a small inverted bowl can do the trick), draw circles of dough.

Put about 1 tablespoon of coconut filling in the pancake and fold it in half. Place it on the worktop and seal the borders with a fork. It must be very tight.

Heat the sunflower oil in a wok ( a spoon of ghee oil can be added to the oil for more authenticity).

Once the oil is hot, dip the potato cakes. Cook for 1 minute on one side and then turn them over and cook for 1-3 minutes. It’s a bit like a donut. In the end, the potato cake should just be golden.

Enjoy your sweet delicacies and Happy Divali!

Diwali: A story

diwali lights mauritius

The Festival of Light, Deepavali, victory of light over darkness symbolizing the triumph of good over evil, is celebrated around the world by the Indian community in any Hindu confession. Diwali, Deepavali or Diwali in India.

The rows of lights illuminate their scintillating lights the path to ground as did the inhabitants of Ayodhya and Rama guiding until his return. Many legends associated with the festival of Divali is mostly dedicated to Vishnu and his wife Lakshmi, bringing on earth wealth and prosperity.

Great excitement reigns during the preparation of the festival. Each ensures that the house is perfectly clean, fragrant, decorated with flowers and adorned with thousands of lights.

Divali is a festival and sharing offerings. All confectioning Indian cakes that will be generously offered to all family, neighbors, friends and passers-by. The houses will remain open, people are dressed in saris and fine clothes, ready to welcome the gods or simple visitors.

Those who have already come to Mauritius know that this village is located north of Port Louis on the road of Trou-aux-Biches, the gateway to visit one of the luxury hotels in the north-west coast. Houses are lined up on both sides of the street, as long as a day without bread shops, stalls, snacks, parading before the eyes of tourists eager to return to the hotel or walk. Rare are those who stop here because this village seems uninteresting. The buses run spitting their thick plumes of black smoke, honking cars, bicycles and motorcycles weave backfire. Lots of noise and pollution.

It’s Triolet and this is where I decided to stop. The sun sets and night falls quickly, as in all countries of the tropics. Suddenly the scene changes: we then discover a magical show. True light cascades illuminate homes, villas, restaurants and shops. It is a profusion of twinkling garlands, colors or white light, which adorns the streets. We are in the Divali festival.

This is the festival of light, joy and happiness for all, one of the largest in the Indian tradition. Celebrate Divali, is taking advantage of light against darkness, of knowledge against ignorance, of good against evil. Diwali, or Deepavali, comes from two Hindi words: “deepa” meaning light, and “avali” row. This well describes the wonderful show that we have before us. All these lights are supposed to guide the Luckshmi goddess who comes to bring on earth wealth, opportunity and development of the mind.

The street quickly filled with onlookers and it’s the atmosphere of carnival that installs. Cars struggle to make their way: pedestrians took possession of the street in order to celebrate. From speakers nasal resonate songs and Indian music. We greet with joy and offer round small sweet cakes. We laugh and we wish a “Happy Diwali”. The children are having a field day, with blow of Bengal lights or thunderous firecrackers echoing in our ears. Everyone has fun!

What the tourists do not know is that during the days leading, Hindu families started to work to thoroughly clean their house. They decorated the floor with colored powders that perform sacred grounds: the Rangoli. They prepared delicious meals and packed with great care cakes and sweets they will distribute to family, friends and neighbors, but also to tourists. Divali because the symbolism makes sense in sharing and offering of these cakes, as many gestures made a sign of peace and love. Men are made to custom cut a suit to traditional Hindu fashion and offered a new shimmering sari to their wives. We must mark the occasion!

If we enter a road branching off to the right or left of the main street, the atmosphere changes. First, we discover that Triolet is not that this alignment of houses that can be seen at first. It is also a city made up of small houses with tin roofs and later the country with his cane fields that we just finished cutting. Along the road in darkness, we see from time to time a lighted house. But with less pomp, because they are oil lamps, candles small terracotta that invite us to the party.

A little further, we discover an illuminated temple in the courtyard, men and women sit and sing mantras. Children’s forehead was coated with vermilion powder. An altar is erected and decorated with flowers, fruits and sweets as an offering to the gods.

An old priest at the turbaned Santa beard greets devotees, clasping her hands. I realized at that moment that these people greeting as they greet their gods and goddesses with respect, love and reverence. What a lesson!

By regaining the bustle of the main street, I know an old lady sitting uncomfortably on a tiny bench. She is proud to present me the house of her son, lit with thousands of lights and decorated with care. I learn that she was always interested beliefs and Hindu philosophies.

I also want to ask: what is the origin of the festival of Divali?

“This festival is dedicated to our Luckshmi goddess who is the wife of the god Vishnu when it always accompanies descends on earth and is incarnated in a human to help men to fight against evil.”

She continues talking. Other people joined and respectfully listen to this woman full of knowledge.

“When Rama became the seventh incarnation of Vishnu, his wife took the form of Sita and the history of their earthly life is part of the epic Ramayana. Rama, son of the king of Ayodhya, is the victim of perverse intrigues on the part of his relatives and must leave the palace with his wife Sita. Abandoned and destitute, they wander in the jungle. The Ravena devil takes advantage of their unfortunate situation to kidnap Sita and take her to his kingdom, Ceylon. Rama asks for help from Hanuman, chief of the army of monkeys. Finally, Ravena is killed, his kingdom was conquered and Sita is issued. The couple then returned to Ayodhya where the people, to show his joy to see them, illuminates the whole city with a multitude of lights. Thus, since then, every year the small lamps of Divali commemorate the issuance and return of Sita. “

Clasping her hands, she concluded by singing “Om Shanti Shanti Shanti”. sacred formula that the meeting resumed, invoking peace on her and the world.

It seems suddenly to be elsewhere, on the banks of the Ganges, Varanasi, in communion with all believers scattered around the earth. For me, Divali, is that night as a gateway to Paradise.

Where to go on Holidays in October?

sunny days in the Indian Ocean

October is the perfect month to travel and to discover new countries around the globe, especially those in the Indian Ocean. With the beginning of autumn in Europe, you might still want to enjoy some more sunshine. If you want to eke out the summer then why not choose the Indian Ocean as your holiday destination.

sunny day in the Indian Ocean

It is common to see travelers leaving the wistful atmosphere of autumn season to appreciate the Indian Ocean summertime.

The Indian Ocean is the ideal getaway for a warming sunshine, stunning beaches and adrenaline rush activities and perhaps the sunshine break you need.


The Republic of Mauritius is located in the Indian Ocean and covers an area of 2040 km². The largest city and Capital is Port-Louis.

Mauritius, the real holiday destination is described by many as “the paradise on earth”, it is the ideal location to lay down your towel and work on your tan. Palm fringed beaches, lapis lazuli lagoon and a unique sun is the identity of Mauritius. Unsurprisingly, the island is gaining more popularity and is rank as one of the best holiday destination by TripAdvisor.

This idyllic island does not limit itself to just stunning beaches but goes further beyond with waterfalls, rivers, craters, natural forests, UNESCO Heritage Sites and magnificent landscape. The Mauritian culture is actually a blend of different cultures and nationalities, giving birth to the unique Mauritian culture. The Mauritian hospitality is remarkable as well.

Mauritius attractions

Mont Choisy beach

Mont Choisy beach

The best location to sit back and relax, among Mauritius beaches, Mont Choisy beach is one of the longest and is around 3 km long. A very popular spot, the Indian Ocean blue turquoise waters and the island powdery sand mix up together to give an incomparable beauty. This Intimate beach will keep you speechless.

Trou aux Biches beach

Mauritius trou aux birches beach

Powder-like sand shadowed by Filao trees facing the stunning sea is what Trou aux Biches beach has to offer. This famous beach that attracts a lot of tourists each year, is situated in the north of Mauritius. The beach stretches over 2 km long and has calm and shallow waters. It is best to visit during weekdays.

Pereybere beach

mauritius island pereybere beach

Positioned in the northwest part of Mauritius, between Grand Bay and Cap Malheureux, Pereybere is a well-known beach amongst both locals and tourists. Despite being small (150 metres long), Pereybere is a lively and attractive beach. With its white sand and blue waters, all under the sun of the Indian Ocean, Pereybere remains one of the best beach in Mauritius. The nearby restaurant and street foods adds up to the magnificence of the beach.

Le Morne Brabant

Mauritius Morne Brabant

This astonishing peninsula is worth seeing, the iconic Morne Brabant is one of the pride of Mauritius. There is a strong historical significance behind le Morne Brabant and has a great importance in the Mauritian culture. This rugged mountain is situated in the southwest of Mauritius and is over 555 m height and has been recently listed as a UNESCO World Heritage.


An amazing archipelago which comprises of 115 granitic and coralline islands spread over the Indian Ocean and covers an area of 459 km². Seychelles has 3 main islands which are Mahé, La Digue and Praslin, its capital city Victoria is the smallest capital in the world. 50% of Seychelles landmass is protected.

Teeming with a splendid fauna and flora, the Seychelles remains one of the best holiday destination. With its talcum powder beaches, limpid tropical waters and huge granite boulders, the Seychelles seems surreal. Visiting the Seychelles islands represents a pinnacle for many holiday seekers. Appearing in many movies for its legendary beauty and its paradise-like qualities, the Seychelles is a Must visit destination.

Seychelles attractions

Anse Source d’Argent

Seychelles Anse Source d'Argent

A popular beach with a spell-bounding effect , Anse Source d’Argent is located on la Digue Island and is actually the star of Seychelles’ islands. Anse Source d’Argent is scenic, with emerald waters, white sand and sculpted granite boulders, all wrapped in a serene atmosphere.

Anse Lazio

Seychelles Anse Lazio Praslin

A sizzling beach in the northwest of Praslin Island. Everywhere you look turns out to be picture perfect, Anse Lazio beach is considered to be the best beach by Lonely Planet.

Turtles in Seychelles

Seychelles shores is one of the rare places where turtles lay their eggs in the bright day and in tranquility. North Island is a major nesting sites for the hawks bill turtle and the green turtle, both species are protected. The Seychelles is home to the biggest and oldest turtle in the world.

Vallée de Mai National Park

The National Park is a natural museum of rare and endemic birds and plants. A very important place to add to your list, this UNESCO World Heritage sites is home to the famous Coco de Mer (Coco Fess) who has the world’s largest nut and leaves. The Coco de Mer is native to the Seychelles.


The Maldives is a sublime archipelago of 1,192 coral islands grouped in 26 coral atolls and covers an area of 298 km². It lies in the Indian Ocean and is very different from the rest of the world. The Capital city Malé is well known for its fish market.

Defined as ‘one of the wonders of the world’ by Ibn Batuta, the Maldives definitely fit the bill. The awe inspiring beauty of the Maldives will mesmerize you, it is said that the Maldives is highly addictive. This wonderful archipelago is best described as Sunny, Unique and Unspoiled.

Maldives attraction

Fulhadhoo beach

Maldives fulhadhoo beach

Probably one of the best beach in the Maldives. Pure white sand, placid waters, blue turquoise lagoon and a peaceful atmosphere is what the Fulhadhoo beach offers. Away from the hectic hustle and bustle of every day routine, this fabulous beach is the perfect spot to let go and lay back.

National Museum

Found in the Sultan Park, the National Museum of the Maldives is a popular tourist attraction. It was once an ancient palace that has now been converted into a museum. The wide variety of historical artifacts exposed by the Museum reflects the history of the country.

Manta Point

Maldives Manta Point

Divers will be served with a unique experience. The Manta point is a diving site where you can swim with numerous manta rays and discover the rich marine life of the Maldives.

Enjoy your holidays in the mighty Indian Ocean!

10 Must-Do in Mauritius

Beach Mauritius

Mauritius is one of the favourite destinations for holidays! This summer, if you are wondering what to do during you holidays, well rest assured, we got some advice for you. For a complete holiday full of adventure and discoveries, we have made a top 10 of the must-dos on this wonderful island of the Indian-Ocean. We hope you have fun!

1. Ile aux Cerfs

Ile aux Cerfs is an outer island you should not miss visiting while being in Mauritius. It is an uninhabited island located east of Mauritius. Being both a tourist spot and also a place where Mauritians love to go for a day on weekends for a picnic with family, you will surely enjoy a nice moment there.

To get there, you just need take a boat near Trou d’Eau Douce. There are several formulas “excursion inclusive” but for more authenticity and for complete freedom, we recommend you take the water taxi from Trou d’Eau Douce which leaves every 20 minutes and takes you there in about ten minutes. Be careful not to lose your ticket back.

Once there, you can enjoy the beautiful beach and turquoise waters that lie ahead. You can also relax in the shade of casuarinas if it’s too hot or walk along the beach on the other side of the island where the sea is rough. If you are observant, you will probably encounter large starfish back by the waves. Also, if you are fan of extreme activities like parasailing, you can try them with some operators present on the island.

2. The Garden of Pamplemousses

The Garden of Pamplemousses is one of the most visited sites of the island. It has also changed its name and is now called the Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden (named after the former Prime Minister of the island). This 37-hectare garden is a nice tour to do. You can visit it with a guide that will be available at the entrance of the garden. This will help you to know more about the history of the park and learn more about the specimens that can be observed. Be careful in summer – mosquito – keep your anti-insects sprays near!

Garden Admission: Rs 200 (5 €)

3. Blue Bay

The South of the island is an exceptional site for snorkelling. The marine park of Blue Bay is known for its beautiful fauna and flora. After taking a glass bottom boat that will enable you to learn a little more about the different corals, why not give a try to diving with your masks and snorkels. We promise it to be a pure moment of pleasure among the fish and corals of all colors. There are a lot of providers along the beach, do not hesitate to negotiate rates!

Average price for a visit in glass bottom boat and snorkeling 300 rupees (€ 7)

4. Port Louis and its market

Port Louis, capital of Mauritius! Not visiting this small capital would be a shame because it is a city that deserves to be visited at least for its large market and various historical spots. Mingle with the population, and taste the street food (chilies cakes, samosas, Dholl puree, boulettes) and observe the daily life of Mauritians. Visit the market to discover the beautiful and succulent tropical fruits and vegetables but also the bazaar part where you will find clothing, souvenirs, etc. Know that as a tourist, you will have been “spotted”, and everyone will want to sell stuffs to you. This can be disturbing but a simple “no thank you” will end any sequence. For the price, it’s the same, know that there the price for the “tourist” and the “local” price. Negotiate! Do not hesitate a second. One last thing you should not miss is the “Alouda”, its pure bliss!

5. Beach of Mont Choisy

One of the best beaches is located northwest of the island, the beach of Mont Choisy. The beach is splendid with its fine golden sand. It is ideal for sunbathing or simply relaxing under the casuarina trees that line the beach. Do enjoy a swim in its azure lagoon and if you are hungry you will find there some “food trucks”- Fried noodles in trays is a treat you should not miss!

6. Cap Malheureux

If you’ve already seen photos of Mauritius, you necessarily saw the famous Cap Malheureux red chapel. Cap Malheureux is located north of the island. In the distance we can see the Coin de Mire, it’s really a beautiful place to see. This is a must stop point in my opinion – mostly for those who love romantic corners.

7. Grand Baie

Grand Bay is a bit like Mauritius’ Saint-Tropez. The most touristic place of the island with its many restaurants, bars, nightclubs. This is the place to be if you love nightlife and want to enjoy your holidays to the maximum.

8. Le Morne

Le Morne is a mountain in the southwest of Mauritius, world heritage of UNESCO since 2008 under the name of “Le Morne Cultural Landscape”. This site was a sanctuary for runaway slaves and today is a memorial of the colonial period of the island. Le Morne rises to 555 meters, the ascent is accompanied by a guide. The view at the top is breathtaking. Not far away, you can enjoy the beaches that are perfect for kitesurfing.

9. Visit the Aquarium Mauritius

On the northwest coast at Pointe aux Biches where you can visit the Aquarium of Mauritius. It is worth a look if you will not have the opportunity to explore the Mauritian seabed. Tip for your visit: Go in the morning at 11 am or in the afternoon just before 15h and be present at the large pool of sharks. You will have the chance to witness the feeding of the fish and sharks, it’s a very nice experience to see. It is a visit to do with the kids or if you do not have the opportunity to snorkel or dive.

10. The Tea Route in Mauritius

The tea route is a gastronomic, historic and cultural excursion well known by tourists visiting Mauritius. The course is done in 3 steps and to discover the farms of tea, sugar cane and vanilla. The 3 areas are the domain of Aubineaux, Bois Cheri and Saint Aubin. This route will dive you into a colonial past still present in Mauritius and that deserves attention if we want to understand the history of the island.

To discover the tea route, you have several options. You can go to each step on your own by renting a car or book a taxi for the day. You can also enjoy the services of a local agency that will take you on each domain.

Have a wonderful trip around Mauritius!

Summer in Mauritius

Mauritius summer

Winter is coming… Or winter has come…. On these Game of Thrones cliché, you are probably considering where to spend your holidays in a sunny climate. No clouds above your head, no rain, a beautiful sun, a gentle breeze on your skin, wouldn’t that be a dream? What if I tell you such place exists?

Ever heard of Mauritius? A small island in the Indian Ocean often described as heaven-on-earth by people and reviewers such as Mark Twain. Indeed, Mauritius is encircled by a beautiful azure sea and being ideally located in the tropical region, the temperature is mostly warm with a climate close to perfection. Mauritius is also home to various cultures, so don’t be surprised if ever you find your favourite food and favourite celebrations. Besides, if you have something new to offer, Mauritius is more than welcome to allow you to express your different traditions which we will surely fond fascinating.

Celebrations and Events during this Summer


Diwali has always been a favourite for youngsters and adults; despite of tiredness due to cooking. However, it is a fun and family-gathering moment. Also known as the victory of light over darkness, expect to find houses lit almost at every corner of the street. Moreover, one of the most beautiful aspect of Mauritius is that due to its cultural diversity and harmony, other ethnic groups often participate.

What can be a celebration without treats? Divali also inspires the act of sharing. Whether you are staying at the hotel or in a house, the Indian neighbours will be surely glad to offer you some treats ranging from the “Barfi,” the “Rasgulla” to “Gato Patate” and “Ladoo”. They are so delicious that you will be asking for more!

Porlwi by Light

New to Mauritius, Porlwi by Light created a mind-blowing success last year, whether financially, economically and socially. It remains one of the event which inspired collectivism and harmony – people of multi-ethnic groups gathered together in one place; Port-Louis. Being the capital of the island, Port-Louis had lost its dynamism over the years. The initiative was to make Mauritians as well as tourists rediscover a new facet of Port-Louis. Stay tuned for future information.

Christmas & New Year

Who does not love Christmas? It is the most popular celebration among the world. The main difference would be that Christmas would be hot instead of cold. You may spend your days by the beach. Warm sandy beaches, a mesmerising azure sea, a blue sky – what can you ask more?

When mentioning Christmas, we automatically think of the remaining days till the new year. Did you ever dream of lighting up firecrackers at midnight? Well, in Mauritius you can do it. Worry not, there will be hawkers posted at almost every cities selling different varieties each at a different price.

Beaches of Mauritius

Mauritius summer

Often when referring to Mauritius, we associate it to white sandy beaches. Did you know that Mauritius is home to more than 100 public beaches? Here’s a small of the top three magnificent beaches:

Flic en Flac

Located on the west, Flic en Flac stretches over more than 4 kms. Being one among the longest beaches of the Mauritius, Flic en Flac is offered some shade by the casuarina trees up. This will be perfect during noon, when the sun is at its culminating point.

Why not book your hotel at Flic en Flac itself? In doing so, you will be able to wake up with a beautiful scenery and the salty smell of seawater. It is also to be noted that the temperature of the turquoise water at Flic en Flac, is normally at around 26oC making it ideal for swimming.

Grand Bay

Even wondered what living inside a postcard feels like? Yes? Prepare to be amazed by Grand Bay. Possessing of numerous services such as hotels, sports activities, and shopping malls – Grand Bay Coeur De Ville. In other words, Grand Bay combines the modern American culture to the traditional Mauritian culture.  In short, Grand Bay is well known for its milky white sand and azure lagoon offering undersea walk and water ski.

Le Morne

Claimed as a National Heritage according to the UNESCO, Le Morne which is situated in the southwest is ideal for relaxation purposes due to its seclusion from man-made creations – roads and cars.

Having an adequate clarity, Le Morne’s sea offers the reflection Le Morne Brabant, while having the possibility to be encircled by fish.

Mauritius Summer Dishes

So Summer is already here, and obviously everyone thinks of cold beverages, ice-creams. A loud tune playing on the street… Yes, it is the ice-cream seller, children as well as elders regrouping outside of their house, waiting patiently in order to buy a refreshment.

Normally at around Rs 35, the usual combination is vanilla/chocolate ice-cream, coconut syrup and chocolate topping and a waffle cone. One of the advantage of these ice-creams is that they are homemade and thus do not have a commercial taste

What would be Summer in Mauritius without it’s delicious fruits? Indeed, Summer in Mauritius is greeted by mangoes, litchis and longan. Just like ice-cream sellers, you will also find pickle fruit hawkers at the famous cities – Port Louis, Rose-Hill and Curepipe. At approximately Rs 15, you may enjoy the sweet taste of mangoes or pineapples mixed with a piquant chilli powder – It’s a pure bliss!

Summer remains the best period to visit the island of Mauritius. With the array of tropical fruits, the ideal temperatures and the beautiful weather, you will surely enjoy wonderful holidays. Yet, remain cautious, summer also means a lot of mosquitoes and if you are unlucky or lucky – depends on you – you might be on the island during the island – so remained informed.

Have fun in Mauritius!

Here is a little surpise for you!

longane mauritius
We would like to propose the longan sangria recipe which is a cocktail made with longans..


4 longans without seeds

1 ounce of white wine.

½ ounce of white rum

Sprite as a top-up


Take the longans and add some ice in a rock glass. Pour the white wine and the rum. Finally, add some sprite and then stir.


Visit Mauritius – On your bike!

Bike tour mauritius

Mauritius- a name that by itself evokes the dream and a magnificent journey! But do you really know what you can do on this wonderful island of the Indian-ocean? If you still don’t know what one can see or experience on this wonderful island – well we’ve got the ideal way to spend a unique adventure for you!

So to start, I suggest you get out of the famous travel in car photos with your groups of friends! Innovate and find an alternative … Why not rent a bicycle or motorcycle? It might not be the famous motorcycle road trips in big countries like US or Canada, but on a small island almost lost in the middle of the Indian Ocean! It will simply be a unique experience to visit the corners of this paradisiacal island hair in the wind. Won’t it be fun to browse through the different routes of Mauritius.

What awaits you?

Impressive turns and breathtaking summits, bumpy tracks or asphalt ribbon: Put on your black leather jacket, your helmet or cap, take your bicycle or motorcycle and ride for a trip that will stay in pole position in your memories.

On the island of Mauritius, you will not only find small motorbike, scooter or Peugeot X50, you can even rent a Harley Davidson now! And when it comes to bikes, you will have a vast choice ranging from the classical bikes to professional and electrical bikes.

Harley Davidson in Mauritius

The concession of Mauritius has joined the 300 points spread across the world where this leasing program is already operational. Guests can rent various models in the Sportster, Dyna and Softail. These sublime and authentic Harley-Davidson are maintained according to the company standards for beautiful motorcycle routes on the island without incident.

Indeed, Harley-Davidson Mauritius is the Harley-Davidson Authorized Rentals, a service that offers you to rent for a day, a weekend or even a week, the bike of your dreams!

For everyone with well-on rules, conditions and recommendations to follow, the Harley-Davidson® Authorized Rentals covers the entire island. The motorcycle routes in Mauritius are numerous and the scenery is breathtaking. Armed with a map of the island of Mauritius, it is possible to rent a motorbike from 170 € per day (excluding VAT) to go on an amazing adventure! Yes, the dream and the ride of your life have a price!

Besides motorcycles, the store also offers a wide range of accessories and designer Harley-Davidson Mauritius clothes. Enjoy an American dream (Mauritian version) and travel by Harley-Davidson on the road network of over 2066 km of Mauritius! Make one with the landscapes, mountains, turquoise water of the Indian Ocean!

A bike trip, a journey through time …

Those who have always wanted to go on an adventure in command of a motorcycle or bicycle, without owning one, can now realize their dreams! Find the ideal circuit and ride along the idyllic coast, thread turns one after the other in superb wild and authentic landscapes.

What about discovering the realness of Mauritius? Cycle far from the touristic buzzwords on courses to the charming mood of the bicycle to better understand the features of this magnificent island of the Indian ocean. Along the course, connect with Mauritians, artisans, artists and anglers…

Appreciate a little respite to taste their culinary specialties before continuing your ride along the seaside streets with the sound of waves and looking for glorious – all-encompassing perspectives… It’s more than only a ride! It is a direct encounter brimming with sensations. We promise that you will not regret the experience and sensation this ride will provide while putting forward the genuine fortunes of Mauritius.

Discover the island of Mauritius on a bicycle!

Discover the beauty of Mauritius while cycling through the south western part of the island. Come to the discovery of the majestic le Morne Brabant, the renowned chamarel-village of the seven colored earth or the picturesque Souillac village while riding your bicycle!

Discovering the splendor of Mauritius in no way has been so thrilling than through biking. You don’t have to be a sport enthusiast to cycle through the outstanding landscape of this beautiful island.

Whether being an amateur cyclists or just wanting to marvel yourself at the beauty of the island, you can always choose the bicycle and enjoy a trip at any corner of the island at your very own pace. such experience raises the bodily and mental boundaries of outdoors sports fans who hesitate before reserving a bike experience. it will help you cover a greater distance in much less time.

A trip for bikers!

Discover the majestic le MorneBrabant which symbolises freedom in the records of Mauritius. The mountain stands tall at 556m high, adding an additional beauty to the natural setting. Enjoy a wonderful ride to experience the genuine feeling of exploring gorgeous scenery of Mauritius.

The start line of your journey starts off from Bel Ombre, you will then head towards Baie du cap beach, a real fishing village for a quick stopover and then ride to the Baie du cap bridge, where you can stop to enjoy the view of a monument erected in the name of Captain Matthew Flinders, a navigator and cartographer who circumnavigated Australia.

The trip resumes inside the path of La Prairie where you may be served delicious and quenching Mauritian coconut water. After the chilled refreshment, you will ride toward the picturesque fishing village of Le Morne. Finally, you may trip down a charming dirt avenue that weaves through the undergrowth and have a rest at the parking zone, opposite the slave course monument. If you wish you can move further north then, through the village of Tamarin and Riviere Noire!

Have a wonderful bike trip!