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Mauritius: An island full of wonders!

wonders mauritius

Often, the word Mauritius remains unknown to several people. Being a small island compared to large countries such as the United States of America and France, Mauritius is somehow left behind. If you are wondering where Mauritius is situated, the Indian Ocean is the sea which surrounds it. Neighbouring both Reunion Island and Rodrigues, Mauritius is classified as a developing country. However, Mauritius has achieved greatness in every way possible, whether economically, ecologically and technologically.

First of all before coming to Mauritius, remember to book your flight as soon as possible due to the vast inflow of tourists at this period of the year. Secondly, you might want to book your hotel in Flic en Flac, which is especially well-known for its beach. You might also expect hawkers selling some of the best food specialties of Mauritius – Roti, Samoussa, Gato Piment, as well as American fast foods. To sum up, Mauritius is a mixture of several cultures making it easy for everyone to adapt.

To help you in your visit, let’s break everything down to 4 main features of Mauritius:

Activities in Mauritius

Feeling adventurous or curious? Mauritius is certainly the best place to discover new experiences and feelings. The Casela Nature Park for instance is an absolute must. With surface of 250 hectares, the Casela Nature Park is home to several species of fauna and flora. Imagine yourself patting a white lion or undertaking a walk in the nature with it. It would of course be a dream-come-true for wildlife lovers.

Moreover, thrill lovers, you might want to undertake a trip on quads or buggies. For more intense sensations, ziplines or canyon swing would certainly give you some adrenaline rush. There are also other places such as La Vanille Crocodile Park, providing these activities. Besides, you will also find crocodiles being the main centre of attraction of the psrc

Finally, you might to undertake some hiking or trekking on our beautiful mountains – Pieter Both, Le Pouce, Lion Mountain as well as places such as “7 cascades, Eau Bleu and Black River Gorges.”

Beaches in Mauritius

Coming to Mauritius without going to the beach is definitely a waste of sun. Despite an unpredictable weather, the temperature remains quite warm in Summer. The sun is up, no clouds passing by, a gentle breeze lift – a perfect day to go to the seaside alone or with your family. If you are a fan of sun tanning, kindly bring in sun screen especially if you have a fair complexion. This will help to protect you from dangerous UV lights.

Top 5 beaches include:

Trou aux Biches

Being the top one, Trou aux Biches is ideal for snorkelling or swimming. With a clear and calm water, Trou aux Biches provides families a nice relaxing moment while also enabling accessibility to food stands, cafes and restaurants lined up along the coast.

Belle Mare

Do you wake up early? Why not go for some jogging and take a dips in the cool water? However, do take some precautions, as the currents are somehow unpredictable. Windsurfers on the hand, there are breezier times enabling the practice of your favourite activity.

Ile aux Cerfs

One of the most idyllic place of Mauritius is certainly Ile aux Cerfs. After a few minutes’ boat trip, the island will offer you the privilege of taking part in water-based attractions. You can also practice snorkelling in the lagoon. However, you should note that being a popular destination, it tends to get busy on weekends.


Neighbouring Grand Bay and Cap Malheureux, Pereybere has won the heart of several Mauritians, specially students. This is because Pereybere is much deeper than any other beach across the island and due to its crystal clear water, marine life can be contemplated much more easily.

Flic en Flac

Located in Black River, Flic en Flac is known for its white warm soothing sand – a pleasure for those feet. Flic en flac beach is close to several bars and if you are hanging by at around 6p.m, you might end up swimming in a multi-coloured sunset water, a unique opportunity which is not to be missed.

Festivals in Mauritius

Mauritius is home to several festivals due to its multi-ethnic aspect. However during this period, most of the important festivals have already been celebrated. Rest assured, Christmas and the New Year is approaching and celebrating it in Mauritius will surely be breath-taking. Christmas in Mauritius is often rainy, so prepare your umbrellas, but who knows, maybe this Christmas will be a sunny one. Also, if you have not yet bought any gifts for the children, shops often remain opened till late on the eve. During the Christmas week, animation is often done with music and games in the malls, namely Bagatelle Shopping Mall. It might be a good opportunity to bring your spouse or husband and even the kids to enjoy some quality time.

If you ever dreamt of lighting firecrackers, you are at the correct place. Compared to bigger countries, Mauritius has no laws restricting people from lighting up firecrackers on New Year’s Eve. Hence, you will find them available at almost any shop or hawkers around the island.

Mauritian Cuisine

The Mauritian Cuisine is simply one of our favourite.  As a main description, the Mauritian Cuisine is simply a blend of all cultures. As a result, the choice is always wide open and it will surely make you feel at home. From the piquancy of the Indian Cuisine, the gastronomic approach of the French cuisine, the crustiness of the Italian pizza to the savouriness of the Chinese cuisine, Mauritius is combined with all your favourite tastes. Hence, your trip to Mauritius will make you at home by providing you with different food alternatives. However, some must-taste experience is mostly our refreshing Alouda which can be found across the island, or if you are travelling to Port Louis, Alouda Pillay would suit you. As mentioned earlier, our famous fast food is certainly not to be missed; the “Roti”, “Dholl Puri” or “Ti Puri” mixed with some Indian curries. If you do not want Indian curries for instance, the “Roti” is also served with fish curry or chicken.

The Mauritius Backpacking Guide

backpaking mauritius

Over the years, Mauritius has become quite popular among other countries despite its small size. However, during conversations with foreigners, perplexity is the expression written on their face when encountering the word “Mauritius.” As a small summary, Mauritius is a volcanic island situated in the Indian Ocean with climate temperature ranging from 17 oC to 33 oC (winter to summer) and neighbouring islands – Reunion and Rodrigues. Still reluctant to visit Mauritius? According to Mark Twain, Mauritius is incomparable to heaven because the latter is far better than that. With its mesmerising azure seawater and sandy beaches, multicultural as well as multilingual society and eye-catching flora and fauna, the word “regret” will not ever cross your mind.

Backpacking lovers, Mauritius did not forget you. It offers a large variety of sites namely:

Port Louis

Speaking of places for backpacking in Mauritius, we cannot forget Port Louis itself – the capital of the country. Situated in the west coast of the island, it is characterised by sophistication while at the same time maintaining orthodoxy, demonstrated by the reflection of the colonial era in urban architecture – buildings with French stylistic approach from the 18th century, a fortified citadel, a catholic cathedral, as well as a mosque.

Fort Adelaide – bearing the name of Queen Adelaide, was constructed between the years 1834-1840, 240 ft. above sea level. Due to this elevation, you backpackers will have the pleasure of contemplating the large panoramic view of the city, the harbour, without forgetting the famous place of horse races; Champ de Mars.

Besides, last year’s event “Porlwi by Light” which was a huge accomplishment, will once again take place in December. To recapitulate, the face of Port Louis was brought back to life with street lighting, artists, hawkers, food at almost every street corners, screen projection except that it was projected on buildings itself. Therefore, for everyone visiting Mauritius in December be sure not to miss it on the 2-4 December.


Seven wonders assembled in the same place or more accurately, a seven-coloured earth. History states that the decomposition of basaltic lava into minerals caused the evolution of the colours. What is more surprising is that these colours remain intact despite torrential rainfall. If you want to visit Chamarel, the best time to benefit from its full beauty is at sunrise. Besides, those who love swimming in shallow water, Chamarel Falls – a waterfall of 272ft tall, awaits you while for alcohol lovers, there is a rum distillery available in the locality.

Plaine Magnien

Mystery lovers, this area is the absolute place to visit. Located between Mont des Créoles and Mont du Lion, Plaine Magnien hosts seven pyramids which origin is still being questioned until now. Some believes that these were the works of the Mayan civilization while some states that these pyramids can be found only in Egypt, leaving them perplexed. A more rational theory by a local historian on the other hand claims that a sugarcane company named “Mont-Desert-Mont-Tresor” was refining the land in 1944, amassed the stones together making a pyramid.


Did you know that Curepipe hosts a volcano – Trou aux Cerfs? You have no reason to be afraid; it is a dormant one although it can wake up at any time. Are you still feeling adventurous? Trou aux Cerfs serves as a health track for Mauritians who want to do their regular physical exercise. In addition to that, you will get a beautiful view of the crater from the viewpoint available. If ever you are lucky enough, you might be able to contemplate a beautiful sunset in the evening.

Furthermore, if you love floras and faunas, the Botanical Garden is a place where you can spend some family time or enjoy a romantic moment with your partner. However, be sure to bring an umbrella because Curepipe is usually rainy and unpredictable.

Ile aux Cerfs Island

Obviously when visiting Mauritius, you should not forget surrounding islands. Also called “Deer Island,” Ile aux Cerfs is located in the eastern part of Mauritius – close to Flacq district. Constituting of 100 hectares of land, the island were once the shelter of deers. This island is perfect for a family trip or for relaxation and it is free from noise pollution and air pollution unlike urban areas. Local companies might also offer packages involving boat excursions, lunch, and snorkelling. While at the same time, you can also benefit from a five stars hotel with a golf course, and several restaurants present on the island itself.

Tips for backpacking in Mauritius

  1. 1.      Always plan

It is said that one who fails to plan, plans to fail. Similarly, remember to plan your budget accordingly. Avoid buying everything such as expensive clothes, jewellery, etc. in advance since they can be available in Mauritius at cheaper prices. In short, pack lightly and wisely.

  1. 2.      Flight saving

Regularly visit travel agencies or airport companies’ websites for deals and promos. If you want to save money on flights, try the economic class instead of the first class one. It might be less comfortable but as a result, you will save money, which in turn will enable you to use it elsewhere.

  1. 3.      Accommodation saving

Websites such as TripAdvisor are very useful to help you find a suitable accommodation for the budget you will allocate to this service. A little piece of advice: If hotels are too exorbitant, opt for beach guesthouses – they use ceiling fans instead of air conditioning.

  1. 4.      Transport Saving

Try to be eco-friendly when travelling short distances by hiring a bicycle. Although, buses are usually crowded, prices tend to be relatively low while if it is a taxi, always remember to ask for the price and bargain with the driver in advance. For those able to afford car rentals, google might come in handy to find rental companies.

  1. 5.      Food Saving

One of the best ways to save money in Mauritius is avoiding restaurants. They will often be overpriced while serving you the same food westerners eat. Instead, opt for street food or small snacks. For example places selling our famous dish the “Farata” which is at most Rs20.

Top activities to do in Mauritius

Biking Mauritius

Mauritius, lost in the Indian-Ocean, is known for its beaches, lagoons and reefs. The mountainous interior includes Black River Gorges National Park, with rainforests, waterfalls, hiking trails and wildlife like the flying fox and an unparalleled underwater life. Between landscapes, nature and lagoons, Mauritius is one of the favorite destinations of athletes and thrill seekers while having the chance to enjoy the sublime seabed at the same time!

Try sea kayaking in Mauritius!

Sea kayaking is a fun sport that allows you to admire the Mauritian nature while navigating the beautiful lagoon that borders Mauritius. Experienced paddlers and even amateurs will be delighted with the many trips available all around Mauritius. And if you want to go for further exploration why not head to the 10th district of the island, Rodrigues. Everywhere mangrove mazes, which have a vital role in the marine ecosystem, offer surprising paths. You can discover the island of Ambre in the North East and to the South East, have a visit to the historic bay of Mahebourg and in the East have a trip around Trou d’Eau Douce Bay where you can sport Mangénie island and the famous Ile aux Cerfs which are unavoidable kayaking spots. For the more experienced, we recommend the unique experience of an expedition around the island of Rodrigues. If you prefer dry land, many excursions await you there.

Canyoning in Mauritius

If walking, sliding, rappelling, diving, jumping and swimming down gorges and waterfalls is your thing, Mauritius’ canyoning hot spots are found in the western part of the island. Located on the outskirts of the Black River gorges in central Mauritius, Tamarin Falls is a stellar spot, offering a set of atmospheric chutes. Chamarel Falls involve a 90m jaw-dropping rappelling adventure.

Equip and prepare for a canyoning in Mauritius

For canyoning, better be well equipped to avoid large and small “bobos”(hurting yourself). It is not a stroll in nature, this is serious! The equipment that you will be using is quite specific, a mix between equipment for climbing and diving. To slide along the rocky walls, a combination is needed. Wearing trekking shoes is highly recommended but simple tennis can do the trick. The helmet is compulsory!

Canyoning in Mauritius: with a guide

The nature of the business, its technicality and understanding weather factors make canyoning an activity that is not advisable to be practiced without the presence of a guide. If you want a little adrenaline during your stay in Mauritius, it is better to approach an organization specialised in this sport, you will then be certain to enjoy a safe and wonderful experience. Of all the excursions in Mauritius, Tamarin falls is certainly one of the richest in thrills and sensation!

What you can expect at Tamarin Falls?

The descent of the Tamarin Falls canyon in Mauritius is strongly discouraged if you suffer from vertigo. With 50m of fall, this experience is the most impressive of all. On arrival, the equipment is loaned to you while your guide delivers all the safety instructions and other technical information about the canyon. Then comes the moment where you have to do the jump and trust us – you won’t regret it a second.

Discover kitesurfing in Mauritius!

Mauritius, an island surrounded with reef that forms perfect lagoons and waves for kitesurfers. During the winter period (May-October) when consistent trade winds are blowing, this playground becomes the ultimate destination for kite freestyle and wave enthusiasts. With its warm waters and shallow lagoon, Mauritius has become an ideal spot to learn kitesurfing and to practice this intensely thrilling sport.

Mauritius, kitesurf paradise

With its ideal location in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius and its magnificent coral reef is a paradise for water sports and for kitesurfing in particular. The trade wind from the southeast blows steadily throughout the year and is more than ideal kitesurf in a temperate tropical climate. Mauritius offers many spots for a diverse kiteboarding. Beginners should start by having some fun in the shallow waters of the lagoon while leaving the reef waves to the delight of more experienced ones. Whatever your level, kitesurfing in Mauritius at any of the favourite spots will give you pure and unique sensations.

The best kitesurfing spots in Mauritius

Mauritius offers four regions particularly suitable for kiteboarding. First the West coast and Southwest coast near Le Morne which remains the most famous spot of the island. In Baie du Cap and La Prairie, beginners enjoy the shallow waters while more experienced persons might go down to the wave spot oneye. On the southeast coast, the beautiful lagoon of Trou d’Eau Douce takes you to the Deer Island (Ile Aux Cerfs), the most touristy outer island of Mauritius. The east coast is popular with kitesurfers of all levels with its well protected lagoons and huge white sandy beaches. On the north coast, the lagoon offers a very smooth lagoon near Grand Gaube in Grand Baie but pay attention to the wind that is deemed stronger there on the Eastern Coast.

Learn kitesurfing in Mauritius

Lovers of thrills and strong sensations or wishing to experience that unique facet of Mauritius, note that you will find several kitesurfing schools across Mauritius if you don’t know the sport yet. These schools are usually composed of qualified instructors IKO and are equipped with latest equipment, coming from reputable brands in the field. You can check with schools such as Nomad Kite School or Yoaneye Kite Centre, two schools located in Le Morne. And do not hesitate to share your impressions once you know how to drag like a pro on the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean!

Have a thrilling holiday in Mauritius!

10 Must-Do in Mauritius

Beach Mauritius

Mauritius is one of the favourite destinations for holidays! This summer, if you are wondering what to do during you holidays, well rest assured, we got some advice for you. For a complete holiday full of adventure and discoveries, we have made a top 10 of the must-dos on this wonderful island of the Indian-Ocean. We hope you have fun!

1. Ile aux Cerfs

Ile aux Cerfs is an outer island you should not miss visiting while being in Mauritius. It is an uninhabited island located east of Mauritius. Being both a tourist spot and also a place where Mauritians love to go for a day on weekends for a picnic with family, you will surely enjoy a nice moment there.

To get there, you just need take a boat near Trou d’Eau Douce. There are several formulas “excursion inclusive” but for more authenticity and for complete freedom, we recommend you take the water taxi from Trou d’Eau Douce which leaves every 20 minutes and takes you there in about ten minutes. Be careful not to lose your ticket back.

Once there, you can enjoy the beautiful beach and turquoise waters that lie ahead. You can also relax in the shade of casuarinas if it’s too hot or walk along the beach on the other side of the island where the sea is rough. If you are observant, you will probably encounter large starfish back by the waves. Also, if you are fan of extreme activities like parasailing, you can try them with some operators present on the island.

2. The Garden of Pamplemousses

The Garden of Pamplemousses is one of the most visited sites of the island. It has also changed its name and is now called the Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden (named after the former Prime Minister of the island). This 37-hectare garden is a nice tour to do. You can visit it with a guide that will be available at the entrance of the garden. This will help you to know more about the history of the park and learn more about the specimens that can be observed. Be careful in summer – mosquito – keep your anti-insects sprays near!

Garden Admission: Rs 200 (5 €)

3. Blue Bay

The South of the island is an exceptional site for snorkelling. The marine park of Blue Bay is known for its beautiful fauna and flora. After taking a glass bottom boat that will enable you to learn a little more about the different corals, why not give a try to diving with your masks and snorkels. We promise it to be a pure moment of pleasure among the fish and corals of all colors. There are a lot of providers along the beach, do not hesitate to negotiate rates!

Average price for a visit in glass bottom boat and snorkeling 300 rupees (€ 7)

4. Port Louis and its market

Port Louis, capital of Mauritius! Not visiting this small capital would be a shame because it is a city that deserves to be visited at least for its large market and various historical spots. Mingle with the population, and taste the street food (chilies cakes, samosas, Dholl puree, boulettes) and observe the daily life of Mauritians. Visit the market to discover the beautiful and succulent tropical fruits and vegetables but also the bazaar part where you will find clothing, souvenirs, etc. Know that as a tourist, you will have been “spotted”, and everyone will want to sell stuffs to you. This can be disturbing but a simple “no thank you” will end any sequence. For the price, it’s the same, know that there the price for the “tourist” and the “local” price. Negotiate! Do not hesitate a second. One last thing you should not miss is the “Alouda”, its pure bliss!

5. Beach of Mont Choisy

One of the best beaches is located northwest of the island, the beach of Mont Choisy. The beach is splendid with its fine golden sand. It is ideal for sunbathing or simply relaxing under the casuarina trees that line the beach. Do enjoy a swim in its azure lagoon and if you are hungry you will find there some “food trucks”- Fried noodles in trays is a treat you should not miss!

6. Cap Malheureux

If you’ve already seen photos of Mauritius, you necessarily saw the famous Cap Malheureux red chapel. Cap Malheureux is located north of the island. In the distance we can see the Coin de Mire, it’s really a beautiful place to see. This is a must stop point in my opinion – mostly for those who love romantic corners.

7. Grand Baie

Grand Bay is a bit like Mauritius’ Saint-Tropez. The most touristic place of the island with its many restaurants, bars, nightclubs. This is the place to be if you love nightlife and want to enjoy your holidays to the maximum.

8. Le Morne

Le Morne is a mountain in the southwest of Mauritius, world heritage of UNESCO since 2008 under the name of “Le Morne Cultural Landscape”. This site was a sanctuary for runaway slaves and today is a memorial of the colonial period of the island. Le Morne rises to 555 meters, the ascent is accompanied by a guide. The view at the top is breathtaking. Not far away, you can enjoy the beaches that are perfect for kitesurfing.

9. Visit the Aquarium Mauritius

On the northwest coast at Pointe aux Biches where you can visit the Aquarium of Mauritius. It is worth a look if you will not have the opportunity to explore the Mauritian seabed. Tip for your visit: Go in the morning at 11 am or in the afternoon just before 15h and be present at the large pool of sharks. You will have the chance to witness the feeding of the fish and sharks, it’s a very nice experience to see. It is a visit to do with the kids or if you do not have the opportunity to snorkel or dive.

10. The Tea Route in Mauritius

The tea route is a gastronomic, historic and cultural excursion well known by tourists visiting Mauritius. The course is done in 3 steps and to discover the farms of tea, sugar cane and vanilla. The 3 areas are the domain of Aubineaux, Bois Cheri and Saint Aubin. This route will dive you into a colonial past still present in Mauritius and that deserves attention if we want to understand the history of the island.

To discover the tea route, you have several options. You can go to each step on your own by renting a car or book a taxi for the day. You can also enjoy the services of a local agency that will take you on each domain.

Have a wonderful trip around Mauritius!

Mauritius Island- Trip to Mauritius

Trip to Mauritius- Map of Mauritius

Trip to Mauritius- Map of Mauritius

Mauritius lies in the Indian Ocean and forms part of the three islands of the Mascarene. In 1513, the Portuguese navigator Pedro Mascarenhas was passing by the islands of Reunion, Mauritius and Rodrigues and gave them the name Mascarenhas. Today they are called: The Mascarene Island.

Mauritius is a common destination choice for the foreigners wanting a holiday trip abroad. In the year 2014, 1,038,968 individuals travelled to Mauritius whilst in 2015, 1,151,723 tourists were welcomed on the island. The number of tourist coming to Mauritius is always on the rise.

Choose your accommodation

The number of hotels is increasing in the country. You can find a lot of nice hotels without going out of your budget. On the other hand, you can try the big luxurious villas that Mauritius has to offer. We have made a list you might want to check out if you are planning a trip to Mauritius. Among the best accommodation you can find in Mauritius, suited for low and high budgets respectively:

Villa Caroline

Villa Caroline

Villa Caroline- This 3-star hotel flic en flac will provide you with comfort and tranquillity. It is located next to a beach in the town of Flic en Flac in Mauritius. It has 20 standard rooms and 48 superior rooms all coming with a balcony at your disposal. The hotel owns its private restaurant & bar and Diving centre. The hotel’s tariff is very competitive and gives value for money.

On the other hand, one may find the hotel too impersonal or may want a big luxurious house for him and his family alone. Well of course you ought to have a big budget at your disposal for these. Then, we propose you to check out these luxurious villas.

Exclusive Mauritius Villa

Exclusive Mauritius Villa

Exclusive Mauritius Villas- offers a variety of villas ile Maurice coming with 3 bedrooms, 4 bedrooms, 5 bedrooms and above. Get a taste of what luxury can offer you with Exclusive Mauritius Villas.



Villa Mauritius- Looking for villas in Mauritius? Villa Mauritius lies in Bel Ombre in the southern region of Mauritius. It offers villas which has access to a nice beach and a private 200 metres square lagoon.


Modes of Transports

Public transport in Mauritius

Public transport in Mauritius

By Public Transport-Bus

Travelling in Mauritius is easy as it is a small island of only 2040 kilometre squares. If you have a low budget, you might want to take the bus. There are bus stops nearly everywhere in the island. Stopping at one, you will then have to walk a little to arrive at the destination you want.

Taxi in Mauritius

Taxi in Mauritius

By Taxi

On the other hand, you may find a lot of cars with a yellow roof lights searching for clients in the island. You can call a taxi to bring you right in front of the destination you desire. However, you should find a taxi first and it may be a little costly. In some places, there is no taxi coverage.

Rent a car and/or a driver

It is a good decision to rent a car for your days here. It might be a little more expensive than the common public transport, but at least you will not have to waste time and get upset waiting for a bus. Moreover public transport does not work at night! It is better that you have your car ready at your service whenever you want and you go where ever you desire to. You may rent a car in Mauritius with Avis Mauritius. The latter also propose you a personal qualified driver with the car for a little extra fee.

Plan your schedule

Before coming to the island, you should be looking at the Mauritius activities you will be trying during your holidays in Mauritius. If you come unprepared, you might not enjoy your stay in the island even though it in an amazing place to be. You should also check out the Mauritius points of interest so you do not waste time trying to figure out where to go first and things like that.
Check out our list of the top things to do in Mauritius:


Harbor of Port-Louis-Mauritius

Visit the Capital of Mauritius-Port-Louis

Visit the economic centre point of the island. Filled with tall buildings, restaurants and shop, an entire day and night will not be enough to fully grasp all that the city can offer. The city of Port-Louis counted a population of 140,430 persons within the 46.7 kilometre square capital. Mauritius being a multi racial country means diversified cultural food. Try the Tamil’s roti from the street vendors or the Chinese’s mine bouille which you can find at a restaurant in a corner of the street in Port-Louis. Savour some Mauritian snack .You can have of taste of the Muslim’s briani and experience the amazing look of how our people from all race mixed together like we are one nation.

Tandem Skydiving in Mauritius

Among the most exciting and thrilling activities, it is not one meant for everybody. What will you experience? You will be dropped from a plane at more than 3km of altitude. This will last for about a minute.

However before the excursion, you will get about 25 minutes of training on the ground with a minimum of instructions as a student skydiver.

Next, the plane will give the individuals a complete 360º view of Mauritius around the coast. Watch the magnificent island from the eyes of a bird. It is indeed a dream come true!

Finally the moment has come for the main activity to take place. Connected to a qualified and experience skydiver, contemplate the exquisite view that will follow. The gorgeous view of Mauritius from above will make the next one minute worthwhile. Live it up! Sense your blood rushing in your veins while the momentum of your falls make strong wind splash on the entirety of your body.

In all, the excursion is expected to last an hour or so.

Insider Tips: Have a bar of chocolate or something sweet to maintain your blood sugar level at an adequate level.




Slide through the forest and admire the beauty of the nature that offers Mauritius. The zip lines includes a cable tied at two ends horizontally while being a bit inclined so that the user can slide though easily, propelled by gravity.

4-D Cinema

The 4D cinema is available in Mauritius at Casela Nature Park. Shows and movies last for about 30-45 minutes. It is a small animated film that makes the viewer feels submerged in the video. Sense the dizziness of the falling actor or recognize the splash of the rain in the video on your face. Feel the fur of rats passing through your legs.
In the end, cinemas have never been so full of thrills and excitements.
Indeed, technology has progressed so far!

Spoilers: Wear your glasses and prepared yourself! You are going to be rocked in your seats, and a little wet when the movie is over.

Extreme activities to do in Mauritius

Known as the star and key of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is a mesmerizing island. The island is much famed for being surrounded by a calm turquoise lagoon, blessed by the presence of a tropical sun, for having soul-stirring panoramas and a mosaic of cultures. Everyone can imagine themselves vacationing in Mauritius: sipping cocktail, lying on the golden sand and gazing at the majestic ocean. Indeed, this is relaxing to the body, mind and soul. Yet, if you haven’t tried the extreme sports that Mauritius offers and haven’t experienced the adrenaline rushing through your veins, then your trip is incomplete. Check the candid experience from a traveler’s diary.

Excerpts from the traveler’s diary

My visit to Mauritius had been enthralling. I was able to witness the glory of such a beautiful country of which I had only read about. Reputed for its captivating and exotic beaches, Mauritius is also a mine full of extreme activities that allowed me to feel the kick. Being a lone adventurer and an introvert, I pushed myself to the limit and discovered myself in a whole new light-that’s when you are hanging between the earth and the sky.


On a bright and warm day, I went for river trekking as recommended by my guide. At first I had no clue about this activity having not even heard about it. Taking a risk, I agreed. But, I was not all dejected. Travelling to the southern part of the island, I was welcomed at the Galet River by friendly guides and managers of this trekking adventure. The payment was followed by a quick and thorough session of guidelines of dos and don’ts and adorning safety equipments.


The four hour trek went through like a flash. We started by marching-or hopping off watery rocks till we came across a big waterfall. We were told it was safe to fall into it. Yet, we had the choice of gliding through the rocky surface found just beside the waterfall. As most of my team members went for having a natural butt massage, my other co-équipiers and I went for the dive. Taking a deep breath and facing my biggest fear, I jumped into the waterfall and within half a second I was already in the fresh and cool waters of the river. It was not too deep so I managed a swim. The tingling sensation is just amazing.

Exploring the aquatic flora and fauna, and listening to the glistening sound of the crisp water, rustling of trees and songs of birds, our stream trip came to an end at the Chazal Restaurant where we were offered a much deserved Mauritian lunch included in the package.


The southern area of the island is literally a hub for extreme activities to be experienced in nature. Vallée des Couleurs is nature reserve with endemic plants, animals, waterfalls and mountainous landscapes. Its specializes in zip-lines adventures or as we may say, Tyroliennes. The 4-line zip line package of 1.3 km was my choice. This package includes a rest point at 4 different places and allows one to better explore the area in minimum time. I was dressed with the safety equipments by the staff-harness, straps, camera, and guidelines. Following this, I set off on this marvelous adventure. Gliding such a massive height above the ground and dangling in the air, I was nervous.


Yet, after a while, looking at the fabulous landscapes from a bird’s eye, I forgot all my anxieties. This was so beautiful and heartwarming. Below, I could see the famous 23-colored earth, stags running, flowing rivers and waterfalls and the epic beauty of the south coast of Mauritius. I even bonded with rare birds as the Pink Pigeon and Cateau Vert. I never knew Mauritius would be so very admiring. I was mesmerized. This adventure ended blissfully with a typical Mauritian lunch at the restaurant on the cliff where again the dazzling scenery was in front of my eyes.


The Via Ferrate or the iron road trip has been my most cherished one on the island. This activity is done on the western part of the island. I was not alone. Accompanied by many other tourists and local members, we were at first briefed about the trip and the safety precautions that to be taken. Needless to say, the safety equipments were right away on our bodies. We then proceeded to mountain climbing with our guides. I just wished I paid more attention in that cardio class. But, it was worth the sweat.


When we reached the peak of the Mamzel Mountain, the panorama was breathtaking. We could see the union of the blue sky with the sea and the majestic waves crashing against the coral reefs and people parasailing. We then started an easy trek, followed by crossing a hanging bridge! Only one thought kept flashing through my mind: what if I fell down in the river! But none of that happened. This was soon over and I emerged victorious on the other side and unharmed. As we were on a hill top, we were glided down to the river through Tyroliennes. That was simply amazing.

Shouts of excitement soaring in the air and cool breezing sweeping our faces, we landed with splash in the river. There, we swam in the refreshing waters and under the waterfall. We had lunch on a wooden platform just beside the river. I have no words to describe how splendid that was. We felt disconnected from all worldly desires and instead found ourselves discovering oneself and finding inner peace and bliss. Mauritius is truly a paradise.
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To the Islands by Yourself!

Many plan for holidays with family and friends thus the possibility of holidaying alone may seem rather daunting. Often when travelling alone, budgets and time are top priorities. Solo travel is often on the bucket list of many people and it’s never too early to strike off an item! Certain things are absolute necessities when traveling, especially safety.

mauritius reunion seychelles

When going to an unknown country, it’s better to be safe than sorry- picking out countries without political instability, affordable health care and low crime rate is a must. The islands in the Indian Ocean make perfect destinations for the lonely traveler. Mauritius, Reunion Island and the Seychelles are beatific places in that respect.

1.     Always have a Plan!

While some of the beauty of traveling alone is the unpredictability of exploration, it is important to have at least a rudimentary plan. Assuming you are visiting the islands, the beaches are wonderful for the solitary wanderer. The Northern coasts especially are very striking and moderately populated on the average weekday. It may as well be desolate outside of holiday season summer. Given the tropical climate, it is far from a hardship to swim during the day if you are used to lower temperatures. If you like a peaceful environment, it would be best to make alternate plans for the weekend, especially Sundays. The beaches tend to be packed with families having a good time. It does have a beauty of its own though!

mauritius travels

2.     Know where you are…

Modern technology has made all of us lazy when it comes to get by on our own. Google Map is the new Holy Book for the traveler and unfortunately… Mauritius and many of the Seychelles are inaccurately or incompletely mapped. It is strongly recommended to invest in a real map despite the lack of nifty features such as zooming in!

In Mauritius, getting lost somewhere is not that much of a worry. Muggings are quasi inexistent and there are buses practically everywhere to take you back. Nearly all the locals can speak and understand French and most have acceptable oratory English skills, they will not hesitate to help.

map mauritius travels

However, in Seychelles, this implies a huge taxi/cab fare as the inflation rate is much higher over there. So, keep to the tracks if you wish to keep your wallet!

3.     Precautions reduce the risk of bankruptcy

In prime place of importance is Medical Expenses.

In Mauritius, medical care is free for everyone, irrespective of nationality or any other status. Still, it is advised to get medical insurance in case of any mishap which will require further treatment.

mauritius hospital apollo
In the Seychelles, there are many requirements to qualify for free health care and going there without previous arrangements is advised against.

4.     Reach out to fellow travelers

Like you, there are definitely other travelers who are alone but would not mind a companion for a few hours or maybe more. The internet is full of forums with tourists reaching out when their visit to a country coincides with the other. During the holidays like Christmas, this is an unquestionable plus for both. Making new friends in a strange country creates great bonds which last a long time for certain people. Or you may roam the beaches, talk with the fisherman- the local guys always have the best stories to tell. Even the concierge at the hotel wouldn’t refuse a chat. This is all a lesson in however much solitude is lovely, one shouldn’t forget that the outside world exists and it is full of great individuals.

solo travel islands

5.     Food!

Mauritius, Reunion Island and the Seychelles all have a diverse cuisine. They have had, throughout the years, African, Asian, Indian and European influences creating at the end assorted menus. They satisfy the palates of everyone, whether you are a street food junkie or a gourmet food addict, there is a place for you on the Vanilla Islands!

mauritian seafood restaurant


Mauritius in particular offers quite the treat for the rum aficionado. The is an entire tour dedicated to rum tasting in Chamarel’s distillery- undeniably worth checking out if you are a fan of rum or even liquor.

rum tasting mauritius



** If you are looking to rent accommodations for your holidays, check out these exclusive villas in Mauritius!

Mauritius: Perfect Holidays on the Budget

A lonesome island lost in the Indian Ocean offers beauty, relaxation and adventure beyond measure. Its breathtaking blue seas and white sandy beaches ever warmed by the tropical sun, earned Mauritius its reputation as the Paradise Island. A tempting image, perfect for the holidays this year, I should say…

While there are luxury hotels in Mauritius and grandiose holiday packages, it is possible for the average guy to enjoy his holidays fully on a low budget. The best things the island has to offer are not limited to the wealthy only. A little tweaking here and there- will leave you with the perfect vacation without much hassle.

Mauritius holidays

Sunny beaches, turquoise waters!

The turquoise, jewel-like sea, bordered by endless beautiful beaches are what usually tempts most visitors. There are alternatives to simply renting a parasol (beach umbrella) and laying there the whole day, enjoying the bronzing process.

The beach in Mauritius is one endless stretch of sand and sea. The best way to enjoy this to the fullest is to get up, arm yourself with a cap, water and a pair of sandals for the rocky parts. Else, it is a pleasure to enjoy a barefoot walk on the beach, buy some ice cream (ice cream sellers are present at nearly every corner) or even lunch in a seaside restaurant. You will enjoy the salty air and a fantastic view along with your food.

mauritius sea

Drive Yourself Around and Explore!

Renting a car in Mauritius is fairly easy, even from before landing. The roads are well-marked, making it effortless to drive around the island. The island is rather small and the roads are developed enough to provide a moderately swift travel. This will be less costly than hiring a driver along with the car. Mauritians inherited much from the time it had been colonized by the British, for instance, driving on the left side of the road!

mauritius sugarcane

Be Adventurous with your Food!

Acquired from the various cultures grouped as one, the food has evolved throughout the years to take on a uniquely Mauritian taste. You may need to be somewhat wary of the spice levels given the deep love the locals have for chilies. Thai peppers are commonplace in most recipes, especially Indian ones.

There is no need to stick to luxury restaurants for the duration of your stay on the island- a few glamorous dinners would suffice if the budget is tight.

It is here that the car comes to great use. You may of course rely on the public transport system but travelling after sunset would be quite difficult. There is little to no late night activity among the inhabitants themselves.

Take the car to the capital city, in the evening and early night, Port Louis becomes a hub for the street foodies. The streets smell like shawarma and briani at every turn. They are rather cheap and very filling if you do not mind the extra calories!

During the day, dholl puri makes for a good alternative- it costs way less than a Big Mac!

shawarma kebab mauritius

Shopping, Shopping and… More Shopping.

Clothes back home are a hard on the purse, especially in the US and while the Europeans do fare a little better- the big surprise is that much of the clothes are actually made in Mauritius, especially the cotton and wool products. Having an extra suitcase to bring home some bargains might make your family members eternally grateful!

It is important to shop wisely. Avoiding places without clearly marked prices around Caudan and Grand Bay is a good start. Store keepers may not hesitate to demand exorbitant prices from the obvious tourist, hoping to make a big buck.

Walking around Port Louis or even Rose Hill can be eventful, the shops are numerous and the variety available is surprising. Everything from trinkets to sportswear are waiting to be discovered.

shoes shop mauritius

Unique Wonders of Mauritius- Colored Earths sound intriguing?

Inexplicable yet behold a miraculous view… The layers of different colored earths, formed naturally and never seeming to sustain any damage from cyclonic weather or torrential rainfall is located in Chamarel. It is a small village housing this little sensation. The visit offers a short hike as well as shops selling souvenirs. Definitely a must-do during your holidays in Mauritius. Treating your eyes and taking some pictures for the family back home sounds like a great idea, doesn’t it?

chamarel mauritius

For The Lucky Nature Enthusiast:

Being an island of volcanic origin, Mauritius offers multiple mountain ranges, ideal for hiking. Pieter Both is particularly attractive, climbing a mountain to visit the little man at the top is charming. The climb is not a difficult one, a guide is necessary to prevent any mishaps.

The mountain giving you a perpetual thumbs up, where on earth could you find better motivation? Climbing Le Pouce Mountain can be a titillating experience if one views it that way. The map for the path to be taken can easily be downloaded online and a parking area is available at the start of trail.

Mountain climbing in Mauritius is a scenic affair, with the view becoming even more breathtaking the higher you go. From Pieter Both, you will see the harbor on one side and sugarcane plantation on the other while Le Pouce offers the view of Petit Verger. It is an adventure away from the grimy city life without the constant supply of pollution. You may find yourself surprised at how extremely refreshing such an experience can be.

mauritius hiking mountain

If you are not a fan of physical activity, you do have other options on the table. Don’t give up just yet- Mauritius has more to offer.

A little walk down a pathway and you find yourself surrounded by trees older than centuries with endemic plants all around flourishing. Is that of interest to you? Then a visit to the SSR Botanical Garden is long overdue!

The entrance fee is less than a dollar and it is open throughout the week- convenience and affordability in one go.

botanical garden mauritius

History Mystery

Mauritius is hardly an old country but it makes up in quality for what it may lack in quantity. This beautiful island has a rich history of people from all around the world settling here, bringing with them a plethora of cultures to create what we have today. The island is one of the few countries in the world which has no violent past among the races and religions. Every little thing possible to preserve has been kept intact for the viewing pleasure of both Mauritians and tourists. You will enjoy a glimpse into the past of the society that exists today in near perfect harmony.

Museums in Mauritius

The museums are scattered all around the island and visiting them is not at all expensive. The Postal Museum is a relic of times gone by yet still sturdy. Don’t miss it! The Natural History Museum has no entrance fee and it is conveniently located in the capital city. A visit to the museum and lunch at the bazaar (market place) along with a bit of shopping appears to be the impeccable educational family outing when in the country.

museum mauritius


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20 cool things to do in Mauritius

Want to have the best day ever in Mauritius? Here is a list of 20 cool things to do in the island of dream.

#1 Skydiving

Skydiving places number one out of our 20 coolest things to do in Mauritius. If you have traveled to one of the most amazing tropical island of the south of the Indian Ocean, then you absolutely do not want to miss this unique and lifetime experience.


Skydiving in Mauritius

If you are skydiving for the first time, then you will most probably do it in tandem. That is, you are strapped to another guy through a baby Bjorn-like series of carabiners and knots. Do not worry, it is completely safe. Once you are thrown out of the plane, self-conquest, good view, Adrenaline, and a lot of fun is all you will experience during your skydive.  You will free-fall for a short while — probably less than a minute, depending on how high you’re jumping from.

DO NOT forget to enjoy the view!

#2 Water Skiing

If you are staying in a hotel, then you might well enjoy this activity for free.

Check out Mauritius Activities

#3 Kite Surfing

Mauritius Island is a kitesurf paradise. Surrounded by a turquoise lagoon, kite surfing is possible throughout the whole year. If you have never tried it before, it is the perfect occasion to do so. Mauritius enjoys the fact that it is situated in a tropical regions and the water temperature is excellent throughout the year. Give it a try and you will be amazed.

#4 Dancing the Sega

During your stay, you will inevitably hear the Sega. A music typical to the island. Songs are fast paced and accompanied by drums made of goat skin. Very often, some parties are organized where a fire is lit up and dancers dance around. You will find the dancers’ dresses so exotic and colorful you will want to buy it.


Typical Sega Dance in Mauritius

#5 Try Street Food

Mauritian street food is amongst the best in the world. The reason is simple. Mauritian cuisine is a mélange of many types of cuisines- European, Asian and African while Asian cuisine has had a greater influence.

Mauritian-Mine-frire -(Fried-noodles)

Mauritian Mine frire (Fried noodle)

If you are staying in a hotel, we would suggest you try the local restaurants and ask them for local food. You will not regret it. Beware, Mauritians tend to eat spicy food and their definition of spicy might be very well biased since they use spices in almost every dish. Ask for  ”Mine Frire“, “Duriz Frire“, “Bol Renversé“, “Briani”, “Ladob Poul” or “Massala” . Bon Appetit!

#6 Shopping

During the last ten years, shopping malls have exploded throughout the island. The advantage that thirty Mauritian rupee equals one US $ and forty rupees equal one Euro. You will not find shopping expensive. Items like clothing are relatively cheap. Walk down the central market, you will find a variety of cheap items like sunglasses, clothing, shoes or crafts that you can buy as gifts.

#7 Visit the Famous Crocodile and tortoise Park

“La Vanille réserve des Mascareignes” is one of the rare places in the world where you actually can admire crocs in captivity. The centre is found in the centre of a rain forested valley with natural water springs in the southern part of the island. People who have visited the park say it is amazing. The natural streams are loaded with multi colored coy fish. Your wandering around the park will wonder you as you troll through the giant bamboos, banana trees, palm trees and load of greenery providing shade for the reptilians. The park is home for more than 2000 Nile crocodiles and the famous giant tortoises and rare collection of about 23 000 stuffed insects.


Crocodile at the Crocodile Park

There is also restaurant where you can taste crocodile meat! Sounds weird but those who tried say it tastes like chicken meat.

#8 Horse Riding Adventures

The majority of horses in the islands are boeperds, imported from South Africa. Experts in the field say these horses are the ideal family horse- great for quiet riding adventures and trips. Combined with the majestic landscapes of the island the experience is only fantastic. Don’t worry, experienced riders will ride alongside and help you throughout. Simply Enjoy. Discover where you can go horse riding in Mauritius.

#9 Karting

If you are a speedaholic, then you will definitely enjoy driving on the multiple tracks across the island. Karting is just great.

#10 Quad Biking

Mauritius is house for many nature reserves and many of them offer activities such as quad biking. It is a great leisure activity for people seeking some adrenaline. You will find different sights from flat land with small ditches, wooded bits, rocky paths or just open spaces.

Well since Mauritius is tropical, you should expect some mud at certain places. This will only increase the fun. You should also expect to see some wild animals like boars, deer and some endemic birds depending on the track you have chosen. Wherever you have chosen to quad bike, it will just be a unique experience.

#11 Sun Tanning

Sun, sun everywhere. Either summer or winter, the sun is present throughout the year. Do not forget your sun screen. Some of the best beaches to sun tan are Tamarin, Grand-Baie, Péreybère and Blue-Bay. Do not stick to these beaches since they can be sometimes very crowded. Go on, walk behind the rock and discover some isolated coves. Your definition of quietness will change!

#12 Zip Lines


Zip Lines above a valley in Mauritius

Amongst the many activities, zip lines is probably every grown up children’s dream. Well, it may be weird to be upside down sliding down a ropes of up to 1.5 km but once you tried, you will probably want to do it again. Zip lines are the ideal attraction for those who just want to feel likes birds flying over trees. Just go for it and be taken by your first time zip line experience.

#13 Walking with lions

If you have not had the chance to encounter these felines before, it is a great opportunity to do so. Unlike any conventional zoos, the lions are not caged which gives you another sensation. Walking with lions is worth the try once in a lifetime. The walk is an exclusivity of the Casela Nature and Leisure Park. Don’t worry the experience is backed up by a very well trained team.

#14 Snorkeling

Almost circled with coral reefs, Mauritius bursts with marine life. Its lagoon is host for about four hundred different species of fish and two hundred species of corals, sponges and sea anemones. These features make of Mauritius a very interesting place to discover snorkeling. If you have not tried snorkeling before, this is a good reason to jump in the water. Don’t worry, with the right equipment and a good guide, you will fall in love with it. If you are experienced, you will discover many cliffs, caves, reefs, pinnacles and wrecks that will overwhelm you.

#15 Big game fishing

Avid of some adventures, Big game fishing is what you desperately need. Under the sun of the tropic, in calm waters outside the lagoon is home for fish like the Dorado (Mahi Mahi), the Blue Marlin, Parrot fish, tuna among many others. Boats are conditioned for the open sea and have experienced team members to help you. Big Game fishing is better practiced in summer. Enjoy a swim in the open sea after having caught your prey.

#16 Swim with Dolphins

Swimming with dolphins- probably one of the dreams of many human beings. Mauritius is one of the rare places in the world where you can live this adventure which seems coming straight from Hollywood comedy. Please, do not try to feed the mammals as don’t forget they are primarily wild animals. And do not approach them until they themselves do it. Observe a certain limit and do not forget to take pictures using your underwater camera. Have a great time. No flash please!

#17 Parasailing

Amazing Picture taken while Parasailing inside the lagoon of Mauritius

Amazing Picture taken while Parasailing inside the lagoon of Mauritius

Parasailing is doing parachuting from a boat. The person parasailing is towed by the boat while harnessed to a specially designed parachute. The adventure begins from the boat’s launch pod where you are harnessed in the first time. Then a security check routine will be performed. This ensures that everything is well in place. Parasailing will give you a bird’s eye view of Mauritius’ beautiful coral reefs, beaches and lagoons. It is definitely one of the coolest things to do during your stay in the island. There are various places you actually can enjoy it. Grand Baie, Ile Aux Cerfs and Belle Mare are amongst the best. Once again do not forget your Camera.

#18 Underwater Scooter

You are quite sure that you have never seen this kind of vehicle before. Its design seems right taken from a Sci-fi movie. You can actually drive this king of machine in Mauritius. It is an underwater Submarine Scooter which you can drive up to three or four meters depth in full safety. Either one or two people, it is up to you to decide if you want to share your joy ride. It is interesting to know that underwater scooters are easy to pilot having a simple steering wheel, accelerator pedal and a single button to easily control depth.


Underwater Scooter in Mauritius

#19 Hiking

Mauritius hosts many endemic forests. You will love to discover the hidden spots of the island through hiking. Places where people have never been before. From hill tops to mountain sides, there is greenery everywhere. Trailing is also one of the best ways to enjoy nature. Throughout the year, many competitions are held. These include the Dodo Trail, Ferney Trail and Moka Trail.

#20 Sailing

Catamarans, speed boats or Sailing boats, the Mauritian waters are stuffed of these boats ready to embark you for a trip. Many tours give you the opportunity to discover the wonderful coast lines of the island passing through the turquoise lagoon.

10 things not to do in Mauritius

Planning to visit Mauritius next? Here is a list of the top 10 things not to do in Mauritius.


#1 Do not spend the whole day at the beach

When it come to beaches, Mauritius is the best in the world. Never ending sandy beaches, eye candy landscapes and endless turquoise water like you have never seen before. The Mauritius beaches will only amaze you. When it comes to spending the whole day at the beach, it is absolutely out of question. Reasons are clear.  Mauritius is a tropical island and sun is omnipresent in that small piece of paradise. It is well known that sunshine not only makes everything look better but makes us feel good too. The fact is that ultraviolet rays (uv rays) from the sunlight can damage the cells in your body. If you are planning to go to the beach, the do not forget to take along your sunscreen. A good tip is to choose one which is water resistant. Otherwise, sun burns are only inevitable. Protect your skin or it will make your holiday worse.


Grand Baie Aerial View

#2 Do not go on bus trips after 6 p.m.

If you like going on trips by bus, then you might well find it difficult to access some places. Even some locals find it quite cumbersome to get from one place to the other if they are not taking their usual travel route. At first you will find it a bit difficult to go from one place to the other by bus, but as you get used to it, you’ll find it very easy. Bus tend to be very punctual. A good tip is to try to get on the bus stop 5-10 minutes before the usual time. Well, why not go on bus trips after 6 pm? Except for certain regions like Grand Baie, many places do not have a night life- especially the villages. After 6 O’clock, many of these places are left deserted. Bus companies stop their operation at 6.45 p.m. If you have traveled far from your hotel, you have 90% chance to go crazy finding a taxi or transport to bring you back. So, you better return back to your accommodation before 6.p.m

#3 Do not go hiking without a guide

Mauritius was once constituted of thick forest cut down by the first settlers. If you are a nature lover, you will definitely want to visit these places and you might also get lost in the process. Many thick bushes hide ravines. Many people got lost in the past without guides. These can be hired on spot. Practical advice if you want to make the most out of your visit.



#4 Do not park on double yellow lines

Yes, do not park on double yellow lines. Parking on double yellow lines is prohibited in Mauritius. If you do so and some police agent is nearby, you might well get into trouble. If you have rented a car to visit the island, then the best tip is to find isolated parking locations. Park your car well so that it does not awaken the road rage of the Mauritian citizens Russian like.

#5 Do not trust Google maps

Google Map is simply not optimized for Mauritius. If you are going to trust Google maps, then you might well be getting into serious trouble.

#6 Do not trust Taxi Drivers- Scam artists

Well, maybe it is just the same as many other countries. Taxi drivers are real scam artists. They are the one who can make your trip a memorable moment or just juice you off all your money. Many a time, the taxi drivers work hands in hands with factory shops or commerce outlets. They are given commissions on their customers spent. Many will try fool you to get you to these shops with which they are affiliated. These includes renowned jewelers, local craft shops and factory shops. It is very easy to get fooled by these taxi drivers as they will make everything possible to be the friendliest with you to juice you as much as they can. A good tip is to rent a car and ask for directions from the local people. Mauritian people are very friendly and when it comes to helping strangers they will not hesitate to do so. So go ahead and rent a car and enjoy your stay in Mauritius.

#7 Do not trust factory shops

Do not trust factory shops as the prices are quite similar to the retails ones and usually stack the same clothes. A serious tip is to walk down the street of Port-Louis and buy cheap clothing.

#8 Do not use public toilet

Public toilets are simply disgusting in some places. If you really can’t hold the thing, hold your breath and dive in. Beware, Mauritians use Asiatic toilets as well and might get yourself ready for some serious squatting. As in the Asian culture, the islander use water instead of toilet paper. DO not forget to take toilet paper wherever you go as this might be very handy.

#9 Do not drive on the right

Mauritius has inherited the British constitution. Similar to them, they also drive on the left. If you are renting a car, then avoid forgetting that you have to stay on the left. You will surely get yourself out of trouble if you follow these advices.

#10 Do buy spices at the Port-Louis Central market

Do not buy spices at the central market. They will sell it to you in a local crafted form. It is cheaper if you buy it from the local supermarket. Just compare the prices and you’ll see the difference. If you want to optimize your resources for your trip, a little notebook might be handy. You can write some prices for comparison.


Port-Louis Central Market

#11 Do not trust the Port- Louis central market craft sellers

To resume in two words, the shop keepers from the central market are just like the taxi drivers- Scam artists. Many of them will lure you with their large smile or speaking your language. They’ve had so much interaction with strangers that they’ve turned into real psychologists and they understand very well what tourists actually like and how to make them buy. Many products from the central market are not from local craft but disguised ones from our neighbor Madagascar or Thailand. Be sure you bargain before you buy as prices can get really low. Do not get duped into buying expensive items as many a times prices do not exceed 2000 Rupees (around 50 Euros).

#12 Do not eat spicy food

The vast majority of the Mauritians are from Asian or African descent. They have a serious taste for spicy food. If you are not used to eating spicy food, then do not venture tasting the local cuisine without having a glimpse of the dish’s ingredients.

Chicken Curry

Mauritian Chicken Daube

This tip will surely be helpful to you if you are a fin gourmet and want to make your visit to Mauritius a culinary trip as well. Great Mauritian food include the “Briani”, “Massala Poisson”, “Ladob Poule” amongst many other delicacies.

Follow our advice and you’re sure to get the best out of your holidays.


Water Sports in Mauritius

Watersports Mauritius

Mauritius is renowned for its tropical beaches. It remains one of the hottest holiday destination in the Indian Ocean offering utmost comfort and relaxation. The pearl of the Indian Ocean is also rapidly developing an outstanding reputation for the many water sports it offers. Mauritius has everything to offer water sports enthusiasts: kayaks, pedal boats, stand up paddle, water-skiing, water bikes and the coral-sea lagoon on the ocean side offers exceptional snorkeling and diving experience. With its calm waters, the lagoon of Mauritius, provide the ideal conditions for amazing water sports adventure. Surfers gather on this island in the Indian Ocean to take advantage of the year-long trade winds which are particularly favourable in winter. The vast white sandy beaches and the challenging reef waves make the island, one of the prime kite surfing destination, in the Indian Ocean.

Diving in Mauritius

Diving In Mauritius

Underwater Life Mauritius

Scuba diving is the best way for tourists to partake in the pleasures of watching nature’s amazing beauty. Novices can start at the shallow side of the ocean whereas skillful divers can head straight for the more adventurous dive sites such as cliffs, caverns, reefs, pinnacles and wrecks. Divers will appreciate the stunning beautiful underwater spots in Mauritius. Whether you are a beginner or PADI qualified, you will find many places perfect for scuba diving around the island. For those lovers of wrecks, you can venture yourself near the site of the legendary Le Saint Géran shipwreck immortalized in Bernardin de Saint Pierre’s novel. The clear waters around Mauritius make this a superb dive destination, while the protection afforded by the reef makes the ideal condition for novices. Please note, if you are a diver, please bring with you the necessary diving certification cards and logs books, the minimum age to dive is ten years and for persons over 60 years, a medical certificate is required.

Paddle Boarding

Paddle Boarding Mauritius

Paddle Boarding Mauritius

Eager to try a new water sliding sport? You can now experience the joys of stand-up paddle boarding. This discipline is very popular on beaches around the world and can be enjoyed in the turquoise lagoon of Mauritius facing the hotel or villa you are staying at.

Paddle boarding is a complete sport that is an ideal way to build muscles gently and in a fun way, involving standing up, kneeling or sitting on a board and rowing. It is open to boarders of all levels from the age of 10 and can be enjoyed any day and any time.

Test your balance, sliding skills and endurance by riding the longest wave in Mauritius and indulging in this sport, which is attracting growing numbers of fans around the world!

Boating activities in Mauritius

Big Game Fishing Mauritius

Big Game Fishing Mauritius

Mauritius is the ideal place to try out or practice big game fishing. Depending on the season, out at sea you can catch marlin, sword fish, sharks, tuna, skipjack and barracuda. You should definitely not miss a catamaran cruise along the Mauritian coast – there’s nothing quite like discovering the islets around the island this way- Ile aux Cerfs, Ile aux Benitiers,…

Sea kayaking in Mauritius

Sea Kayaking Mauritius

Sea Kayaking Mauritius

Sea kayaking is a fun sport that you can enjoy while contemplating Mauritius’ nature from the magnificent lagoon bordering the island. Everywhere the mangrove labyrinths, which are essential to the marine ecosystem, will offer surprising tours. You will be able to discover Ambre Island in the North East or the historical Mahébourg bay and Trou d’Eau Douce in the South East with Mangénie islet and the Île aux Cerfs next to it. Sea kayaking is yet another alternative to enjoy the beautiful and refreshing beaches of Mauritius. Here are some beautiful spots where you can enjoy sea kayaking:


This remains the best spot for first-timers. Security measures, paddle signals and paddling techniques are taught at that spot and it offers the possibility to snorkel at the reefs.

Ile d’Ambre

From St Antoine towards Ile d’Ambre, an islet off the North East coast of Mauritius, you will definitely enjoy the ride. You can take a pause at Bernache island, where you can re-fuel your body and refresh yourself on the replenishing beaches of Bernache Island. The final stretch is an easy paddle along the mangroves towards Ile d’Ambre.

West Coast

Paddle in the depths of Tamarin, on the west coast of Mauritius, where you will have the chance of spotting magnificent dolphins. As you propel your kayak up the Rempart River, do not miss admiring the birds busy in their daily chores.

Warwick Bay

From Pointe d’Esny in the South East of Mauritius, paddle alongside mangroves, towards the neighbouring islands Ile aux Aigrettes, Ilot Chats and Ilot Singes. Do not miss a stopover at Blue-Bay beach where you can snorkel the protected marine park of the island where you will have the chance to spot unique species of the Indian Ocean.

Snorkeling Among Coral Reefs

Coral reefs are among the world’s most spectacular habitats and Mauritius has some of the best of them! Snorkeling is an excellent way to explore this underwater paradise. It is fun, safe and a great way for the whole family to enjoy their time in Mauritius. One spot on the island no one should missed remains the Blue Bay Marine Park, mentioned earlier in the article.


The tranquil, warm and turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean provides some of the best waterskiing to be found anywhere in the world. Whether you are a beginner on two skis, a slalom expert or even a barefoot professional, local conditions are perfect and you will definitely enjoy an unforgettable moment.

Kite Surfing & Wind Surfing

In the lagoon at the foot of Le Morne, windsurfers and kite surfers enjoy their own paradise. The waters are calm and flat, and if you enjoy adventure, go beyond the reef and hit the waves!


Surfing Mauritius

Surfing Mauritius

The major surf beaches in Mauritius are all in the south and west of the island, and just below Flic en Flac on the western coast. Whether your aim is to perform a perfect 360 or simply stand upright on a board, take a look at our selection of some of the best surfing spots in Mauritius – then grab your shorts and head for the waves.

1. Tamarin Bay

Tamarin’s reputation gathered pace after the release of The Forgotten Island of Santosha, a cult 1974 surf documentary which honed in on the bay’s legendary long left hand reef break. If you’re a first timer, visit the surf school or simply pop in for a chat about the latest wave conditions. Back on land, a lack of large scale development means the area retains something of an old-school vibe, making it an especially popular destination for those retro lovers.

2. Le Morne

Sheltered by the protective gaze of Le Morne Brabant mountain, the waters of the Le Morne remains the most popular place to surf in Mauritius. That unparalleled spot offers both flat lagoon conditions for amateurs to find their sea legs, and challenging spots for experienced surfers to test their bravery. One such spot – an exposed reef break known as One Eye – is located directly in front of the St. Regis hotel. Note that, with seriously fast currents, it’s one for the experts only.

Swimming with dolphins

Swim with the Dolphins Mauritius

Swim with the Dolphins Mauritius

Swimming with dolphins is one of the most popular activities during a stay in Mauritius. Discover the details of an activity that will leave you with unforgettable memories!

How to swim with dolphins in Mauritius?

You can observe two types of dolphins off the South West coast of Mauritius. The Bottlenose dolphin is the most common species of dolphin in the world, and is accompanied by the Long Nosed or Spinner dolphins, which are smaller than the Bottlenose dolphins.

To experience these magical moments while on holiday in Mauritius, you will have to get up very early. Departure time is normally between 7:00 and 8:30. The dolphins move in small groups early in the morning in the lagoon before returning to the high seas in the afternoon to feed. However, you will not regret your early morning excursion because the dolphins put on a great show and the light is particularly beautiful at that time of day. Caro and Dino remains the best operator you will find on the island. They offer top-notch services and assure an unforgettable trip full of magical moments.

To Reserve your trip, follow the following link:


 A few more activities you can enjoy on the island are:

  • Parasailing
  • Pedal boats
  • Glass-bottom boat trips

Have nice holidays in Mauritius!

Shopping In Mauritius

mauritius shopping malls

Mauritius is usually depicted as a “Shopping Paradise”.  Shopping in Mauritius is an unparalleled experience one should not miss.  The island offers a range of shopping experiences from shopping centers to duty-free shopping and even on-street shopping (hawkers). One thing is certain, the label “Made in Mauritius” will please family and friends.

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