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The Mauritian Cuisine

Mauritian cuisine is like its people, a mixture of colours, cultures, traditions and especially spices. Most of the time, it is made with rice, vegetables, meat and seafood. Spices, such as cinnamon, ginger, cloves, pepper and others are used as much as possible. Just for your information, beef is rarely eaten by part of the population (Hindus) because the cow is sacred to them. In some restaurants, the pork also is banned

The gajacks

gajack mauritius

An explosion of flavor from the very first taste of the Mauritian aperitif – You will know everything about our snacks and favorite drinks.


A sundowner may start at the beginning of the afternoon. This can happen during the visit of a friend, parent, there are no pre-established rules! To accompany the ti punch, the rhum and cokes, a Mauritian beer or litchi wine (Yes it exists), the Mauritian like the appetizers, i.e. ‘gajacks ‘. These are Samosas; pastry stuffed vegetables, or fish bricks or even cheese, molkoos (crispy appetizer), crispy squid or Caramelized Chicken wings.

How to make the ti punch?

ti punch mauritius

Ingredients / for 1 person
For one glass :
5 cl of white rhum
2 cl of sugar cane sirop one small green lemon

1. In one glass crush the quater cut lemon.
2. Add the rhum and sagar cane sirop and stir. Add ice and enjoy


The Mauritian is not very fond of starters. He eats a main meal and basta. However, there are times, one may fall on some rather nice starters such as the Palm salad, a smoked marlin tartare or an octopus salad. The products are fresh.

Recipe of smoked Marlin Tartare for one person

  • 200g of smoked malin
  • 1 garlic glove
  • 3 cive branch
  • 1/4 small cucumber
  • 1 tablespoon of olive oïl
  • 1/4 white onion
  • green lemon juive
  1. Cut the cives in small sections of 5 mm approximately. Slice the onion. Peel the cucumber and cut it in small dices.
  2. Prepare your marinade by mixing  the olive oil, the lime juice and crushed garlic.
  3. Dice your beautiful smoked marlin. Mix the onions, the cives, and cucumber. Sprinkle with the olive oil and the lime.
  4. Let stand an hour before serving your Tartar chilled.

The main course

The main course consists of rice, vegetables and meat. Being a multi-cultural country, our Cuisine comes from three continents, Asia, Africa and Europe. This mixture brings to our dishes an unmatched flavor.

In all cases, the cuisine has been adapted according to the ingredients available in Mauritius and the taste of the Mauritians . The dish is often based on a plate of rice on which we just place various elements such as a broth of lentils, a meat or a fish sauce and condiments such as a vegetable pickles.

The chatini of « pommes d’amour »

  • 6 small ripe tomatoes
  • 2 green chillies finely chopped
  • 1 tablespoon of chopped coriander leaves
  • 1 small onion
  • ½  tablespoon of olive oil,
  • salt
  1.                         Cut the tomatoes and chillies into very small pieces.
  2.                         Finely chop the onion and the coriander leaves. Add them to the tomatoes.
  3.                         Mix all ingredients and add the oil.
  4.                         Just before serving, add salt and mix coarsely.

Sweet tooth

We always end up our meal with a dessert. We are surrounded by  various tropical fruits. In summer, we really have a great choice; mangoes, lychees, pineapples… nothing like to make up a big fruit salad to finish your meal nicely. But a good banana flambé, a flan Cocos caramelization, or a pudding, or the sagou can make your world go round and round.

Bon Appetit Biensure!

Food in the Indian Ocean

Looking for some good cuisine? Well, the Indian Ocean proposes a large plethora type of cuisines blending French, Chinese, Creole and Indian cuisine. Eating in the Indian Ocean will be a pleasuring experiment. When it comes to culture, food is the other important factor. The way you cook your food represent where you come from. It represents your cultural identity and tradition.

Here you will come across our many recipes and recommendations of some restaurants where you can savour various international menus.


Mauritius is a small island known as the paradise island. It is a multi-cultural island and each culture have their own unique culinary style.

This paradisiacal island offers a variety of cuisines. You will get any type of food you want in Mauritius.  This little island proposes Creole food and also cuisine all around the world.

Famous dishes in the island are the octopus curry, fried rice, friend noodles, biryani.

The Mauritian cuisine offers the most relishing dishes you will ever have. During your trip to Mauritius, do give a try at the famous ‘’dholl puri’’. ‘Dholl Puri’ is one of the most consumed foods by the locals.

Some foods you should not miss while visiting the island are the ‘Aachar’, the ‘rougaille pwason sale’ and many more. The Mauritian cuisines are not only delicious but also cheap and easily cooked. So do have a look at our recipes on our website.

On the other hand, you will find various types of food such as burger, rounder, salads or pizza around the island. In Mauritius, being a vegan is not a big deal as there are a significant amount of vegetarians in the country, vegetarian foods are sold in many restaurants.


Rodrigues is a small island in the Indian Ocean, 1hr of flight from the island Mauritius. Most of the population follow the catholic religion.

The inhabitants of the Rodrigues island are independent and hard workers. They cultivate their own food and most of the locals are fisherman.

The typical Rodriguan cuisine is also a mixed culture cuisine. The food offers vary among cultures of the population. There are different types of methods of cooking for each types of food eaten.

On the island of Rodrigues, you will mostly find food with natural freshness. All made up of variety of local food product. All the recipes are preserved from generations to generations. The Rodriguans always keep their culture well preserved. They teach their kids what they were taught to keep their culture.

Rodrigues Island offers a great variety of dishes to choose from. Rodrigues is famous for its famous ‘ourite sek’ and ‘Aachar’, in other word pickles.

Besides the island also offer delicious dishes that bring water to mouth such as steamed crab, octopus curry, pork in honey and country chicken with ginger and curcuma toppings.

These relishing dishes are served with the best toppings you can find in the Indian Ocean. Sweet and sour pickles can be added to make the octopus curry taste better. There are also octopus paste, chilli and mango toppings.

After the main course, comes always the dessert. There are traditional dessert such as the ‘’papaya sorbet’’, manioc pancakes or pudding.


Reunion Island

Reunion island is also a small island of only 2511 kilometre square. Reunion island has a variety of cooking style. The exotic food offered by reunion island is a pure bliss to any traveller or any local people.

The cuisine is an amalgam of different cultures such as India, France, china, Africa and Madagascar. This mixture is what makes the food of Reunion Island more interesting and exotic.

Eating is one of the favourite activities for the Reunionese.

Rice, leafy vegetables, curry or rougaille are the main typical menu for the inhabitants. The menus are copiously accompanied by pickles, chilli or salad. They taste a lot better after the toppings are added.

The locals are specialised in curry. Curry Is a Creole dish comprising of a mixture of good savours that result to perfection. To make the curry, indian spices, meat, fish, or chicken are mixed together to create the famous curry.

Rice in the reunion island is cooked in various ways.

White rice: the white rice is simply boiled in water. Then you wait till it dries.

Yellow rice: the yellow rice also known as the ‘’plo’’ is a mixture of turmeric, pepper, oil and salt. The yellow rice include the same preparation of the white rice except that ingredients are added in the yellow rice.

Biryani: the biryani is a real pleasure to the nose as well as the mouth. Only the aroma of a good biryani will be enough to make your mouth waters. This dish is a mixture of poultry, boiled egg marinates with yoghurt and spices. The biryani is usually accompanied by cucumber salad, chilli or Aachar.

The rougaille

The rougaille is a main course. It is eaten together with rice. The main ingredient for the preparation is smoked sausages or smoked or dried fish, tomatoes, chilli and browned onion.

The gratin

The gratin is a delicious dish. It can be prepared with vegetables such as potato, green papaya and pumpkin. After cooking the vegetables with garlic, salt, thyme and pepper the mixture is mixed in béchamel. It is then covered with grated cheese.

As for the dessert and tropical fruits there is a variety of them. Mangoes are a seasonal food, there are fifty types of mangoes in the reunion island. It can be eaten raw or seasoned with chilli pepper and salt.

The Seychelles

The Seychelles is made up of 115 small islands. The Seychelles cuisine originates from Africa, Britain, India, Chinese and French.

The Seychelles cuisines include spices such as tamarind and ginger in most of its dishes. Fruits and fishes are sold all around the island by vendors.

As the fishes are abundant, dishes such as fresh grilled fish, salted rougaille and fish curry are often cooked.

Grilled fish.

The most popular way to cook the grilled fish is on the hot coal of the BBQ. To give a better flavour, the grilled fish is usually fired by coconut husks.

Garlic, ginger and chilli are mixed along with the fish and grilled to the perfect dish.

Salted fish rougay

Salted fish rougay is a Creole recipe. The famous salted fish rougay is made up with salted fish also known as ‘pwason sale’. Tomatoes, garlic, ginger, chilli, onion, and salt are added to make the perfect rougay.

This dish is usually served with rice or bread.

For more detailed recipes, read the articles dedicated to the Indian Ocean cuisine.



Gato Patate Mauritius

The gato patate remains a traditional delicacy from the island of Mauritius. At many corner streets or the various markets of the island you will come across this half-moon shaped cake. You might take it for a salty cake but in the end all that you will discover is a sweet indulgence, as a small sweet potato shoe, stuffed with coconut and fragranced with cardamom.

This traditional cake is also one cake that is very popular among the Hindu population, since it remains one of the main sweet cakes that is shared for the Divali festival – where all houses are illuminated and sweet cakes are shared.

Well, if you’ve tasted the Gato Patate and want to try doing it at home, here is the recipe for you!

The Recipe

For about 24 cakes (circles paste 8 cm diameter):


500g sweet potatoes

180 g flour

80g grated coconut (fresh if you can)

100 g of white sugar

5 tablespoons cold water

3 tablespoons cardamom powder (2 if you grind the seeds yourself)

Good quality frying oil

The Preparation

-Peel the sweet potatoes and cook them in pieces in boiling water for at least 20 minutes (until they are very tender).

-Drain the pieces and mash them with a fork or crushed puree. Let cool.

-In a bowl, make the stuffing by mixing grated coconut, sugar, water and crushed cardamom (or powdered). Reserve aside.

-Make the dough by adding the flour little by little to the sweet potato crushed by kneading with hands until mixture forms a smooth and soft dough. Knead for at least 5 minutes and form a ball. Divide into twenty small loaves.

-On a floured surface, flatten the dough, using a roller, to about 2 millimeters thick. Make some circles using a round piece or bowl (8 cm in diameter).

-Fill the center of each dough circle with a teaspoon of stuffing. Moisten the periphery of the dough with your finger dipped in cold water. Fold each circle of dough into a half circle, pinch the edges to make them adhere to each other. Reinforce the “welding” by pressing the teeth of a fork on both sides of the liner.

-In a deep skillet or wok, cook the potato cakes in hot oil until they take a beautiful amber color. Remove the potato cakes and allow to drain on paper towels. You can enjoy them warm or cold (room temperature).

P.S. Regarding cardamom, we advise that you grind yourself seeds contained in the capsules. The perfume will be much more intense in contrast to the already ground preparations which generally disappoint the taste buds!

If you have the option, replace the ready grated coconut by freshly grated coconut!

Bon Appetit biensure!

So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up before divali comes and book your hotel in Mauritius!


With its palette of cultures, Mauritius has the best to offer in terms of delicacies. Some restaurants do provide Mauritian foods, but leaving your hotel or villa might prove wonderful if you want to discover one of the hidden treasures of Mauritius. If you are one of those willing to hire a car and wind through the Mauritian roads, during your sojourn, to the city centres, markets and street corners, you will discover some of the best eats on the island.