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Top Discoveries in Reunion

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Reunion Island has long been on the list of top destinations to visit in Africa. Reunion Island has everything to fit your travel budget and preferences. While you’re there, be sure to explore the different regions, including Reunion, Saint-Pierre, Saint-Paul. Oh and whatever you do, Saint-Leu, Cilaos are great cities to visit.

The Typical Reunionese Cuisine

Reunionese cuisine is another variation of Creole Cuisine. It is simple, familiar, tasty and spicy. Even the most demanding palates will be delighted with the large number of dishes that are on offer. Reunionese cuisine is a mix of Indian, Chinese, Malagasy and French flavors. The traditional cooking style have beem passed on by the elders through generations.

Many Chinese and Indian specialties are regularly cooked in Reunion families and are served as aperitif. The samosas are crisp and triangular in shape, stuffed with meat or fish. Creole appetizers that are most enjoyed in Reunion remains the “Bouchon”- steamed meatballs wrapped in rice dough.

Carry and Rougaille are the two most common culinary preparations you will see on the dining tables of Reunionese. These can be prepared without difficulty.

Local markets of the Island

You want to taste the fruits, vegetables and other local products of Reunion? Take your cart and discover the authentic markets of the island!

Covered markets

The covered markets are mostly visited by tourists and locals. There you will find fruits, vegetables, spices and crafts (woven baskets, statutes, pots, pestles …) from Madagascar at very reasonable prices.

The street markets

These are open-air markets, that can be found all around the island of Reunion. You’ll find all kinds of local products: culinary (samoussas, plugs, chili candy …), spices, handicrafts, flowers, meat and fish, vegetables and fruit. Do not miss the famous Marché Forain du chaudron located in Saint-Denis!

Discovering the local rum

The blending of culture in Reunion is also reflected in his rum, synonymous with sharing, hospitality and friendliness.

Rum, on the island of Reunion, is an essential element as an aperitif, during a big event or family meet up. Reunionese savor rum with family or friends during a warm and friendly moment!

Rum also has another function: It has medicinal virtues! A mixture of rum and medicinal plants helps cure certain diseases and infections. So do not be surprised if you hear someone call rum “medicaman” in Creole! The most famous rum is Rum Charette.

Discover the beaches of the island of Reunion

Reunion has many beaches that invite you to swimming and diving. Lined with either white or black sand, lined with coconut palms and casuarina trees, they are all heavenly! During your holiday in Reunion, you can choose from the many beaches the island has to offer.

Saint Paul Beach

St. Paul’s Bay is an immense black sand beach where you will find peace and tranquility. An ideal place for lovers of sailing or fishing.

Saint-Gilles Beach

Named the little “Saint-Tropez” of Reunion, this beach of white sand, coconut palms and turquoise sea offers an intimate setting for everyone to enjoy unparalleled relaxation.

Boucan Canot Beach

Here is yet another popular beach of Reunion. Appreciated by all, Boucan Canot is ideal for fans of thrilling activities and anyone in search of relaxation.

Hermitage and Trou d’Eau Beaches

The beaches of Hermitage and Trou d’Eau at La Saline are heavenly places for bathers: white sand, transparent lagoons surrounded by casuarinas. Guests can enjoy non-motorized water sports by renting pedal boats, kayaks and surfboards.

Saint-Leu Beach

You will enjoy the wilder side of the beaches of Saint-Leu. They are very nice and tranquil as they are uncrowded during week days.

Etang-Salé Beach

This spot differs from others due to its original basaltic black sand beaches like the beach of Bassin Pirogue. Water sports enthusiasts will appreciate the big waves of these spots- mostly the surfers!

Saint Pierre

In Saint Pierre there is something for everyone- You can enjoy swimming, surfing, sunbathing, eating with the family, jet-ski and enjoy the beautiful white sand and its large lagoon.

Grand Anse

Located in the commune of Petite Ile, the Grand Anse beach is another beautiful beach of the island of Reunion. A white sandy beach, surrounded by coconut trees.

Discover Mafate Circus- Where everything remains suspended in time…

Mafate is a marvel to behold. It is best to spend the weekend to fully enjoy the atmosphere, land and travel several paths. Sleep at the cottage, enjoy a nice dinner, often accompanied with punch and rum. Enjoy the silence, enjoy the view, breathe the fresh air.

Here we are in another world, a world without cars, without noise (except when the music resounds throughout the valley), a peaceful world where you can enjoy simple things and it feels good!

The Piton de la Fournaise

The Piton de la Fournaise offers regular spectacular eruptions for the pleasure of the tourists and locals! Go to the discovery of the secrets of one of the most active volcanoes in the world. The island of Reunion is known to be volcanic and mountainous. It has two large volcanoes, the Piton des Neiges and the Piton de la Fournaise which is still active.

The Piton de la Fournaise was formed more than 500 000 years ago. It has two main crater in its center, the Dolomieu and Bory. Most eruptions occur in a location that is not inhabited, thus they do not represent a real danger to the Reunion people.

You can easily access the Piton de la Fournaise volcano by road, specially built to observe the fabulous fireworks at the edge of the enclosure. Many hiking routes of all levels are offered to visitors. You can also explore the volcano on mountain bike.

Enjoy wonderful holidays in Reunion!

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Ile de la Reunion

Un minuscule point vert dans l’océan Indien, à peine 45 minutes par avion de l’île Maurice  et à côté de Madagascar.  L’île de la Réunion reste l’une des îles les plus séduisantes au monde.

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