Seychelles Islands
Seychelles Islands


Mahé is the main island of Seychelles in an archipelago of 115 islands. Even if each island and islets come with their very own characteristics and uniqueness, Mahé stands as the most complete island of Seychelles.

Mahé is Seychelles’ largest island hosting the main business and administrative center in the capital city Victoria. Mahé is home to majority of Seychelles’ multiethnic population which is estimated to be around 90,000 persons.

With its international airport, Mahé is the gateway to the Seychelles archipelago. If you are coming to Seychelles you definitely have to visit Mahé and its historical city Victoria. The island is a connecting point to all other smaller surrounding islands.

Being the largest island, Mahé has a wide range of beaches to enjoy from. Just the island of Mahé comprises of more than fifty breathtaking beaches. From popular to pristine beaches, Mahé can give full satisfaction to the traveler, unique holidays.

Mahe Island
Mahe Island


The island of Praslin lies 44km to the northeast of Mahé. The island is the second largest island of Seychelles in terms of area (38km²) and population. The island has an estimated population of around 6,500 people.

Praslin is relatively a small island and it takes approximately two hours to make a leisure car trip around the island. Despite being small, Praslin has inherited from luxurious nature and spectacular beaches.

Praslin is also home to the world known “Mai Valley”, a rich nature park which naturally grows the rarest endemic species of Seychelles. The site was designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and is the main attraction of the Seychelles.

Like Mahé, Praslin has got some stunning beaches and places of natural beauty. Anse Lazio is one of the many beaches of the island. The beach is located in the northwest of Praslin and is considered to be the best beach of Praslin and one of the top of Seychelles.


La Digue

Lying in between the east of Praslin and the west of Felicite Island, La Digue is measured by many to be the best beach on earth. In fact, according to CNN, two of La Digue’s beaches (Grand Anse and Anse Source d’Argent) were in the top five of the world’s most beautiful beaches.

In terms of size, this is the fourth largest island of the Seychelles after, Mahé, Praslin and Silhouette Island. With an area of 10km², the island is rather small making it easy to walk or travel around by bicycle. There are no cars on the island, some traditional oxcarts will get you through instead!

The island of La Digue has one of the world’s prettiest population with approximately 2,000 inhabitants. There is no airport on La Digue and most of its population live in the west coast villages of La Passe, which links Mahé, Praslin and other islands by ferry.

Everyone in Seychelles will tell you that no visit to Seychelles is complete without visiting La Digue and its splendid granitic rock elevation and heavenly beaches. The island has its own lodge and hotel to welcome its visitors.

Anse Source D'Argent- La Digue
Anse Source D’Argent- La Digue

North Island

North island of Seychelles is a true barefoot paradise! This small granitic island lies 5 km to the north of Silhouette. Along with Mahé and Praslin, North Island forms part of the inner islands of Seychelles.

The particularity of North Island is that it has been developed as a private resort with just 11 villas for its guests. The island is 2km² large and has four wonderful beaches, East beach, West beach, Honeymoon cove and Dive beach.

Symbolic of the Seychelles archipelago, the island is a small piece of heaven in the Indian Ocean, it has been very well preserved and drives more towards the eco-tourism market. The island came popular after a royal visit of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge who selected the site for their honeymoon.

Fregate Island

Fregate Island or sometimes referred to as Frigate Island is a small island located to the east of Mahé. Fregate also forms part of the inner granitic islands of the Seychelles but the island is a private island. The island was names after frigatebirds, a seabird species which is found abundantly on the island.

Frigate’s total area is only 2.2 km² but it is one of the most pristine island of the Seychelles archipelago. Fregate Island is covered with Takamaka, Indian almond trees and the rare Seychelles Magpie Robin and many Aldabra Giant Tortoises are still on the island.

The island is home to Anse Victorin beach, considered by The Times to be the World’s best beach. If you are looking for calm and relaxed holidays, a trip or a weekend to Fregate Island is definitely what you are looking for.

Desroches Island

Words fail to describe Desroches Island of Seychelles! Isolated, pristine and barely accessible, the island will give primeval feel to your holidays. This luxury tropical island is a perfect hideaway for honeymooners, newlyweds and romantics.

The island lies 240km to the south-east of Mahé and is part of the Amirantes island group. 14km of white untouched beaches along with a beautiful lagoon protected by a coral reef make the beauty of this island.

It is ridiculously easy to visit the entire island, you just have to walk or have a bicycle ride. This is a great location also for fishing and diving enthusiasts and with its crystal clear water it is the textbook location for memorable holidays.

Silhouette Island

Just 30 minutes away from Mahé by ferry, lies Silhouette Island, the third largest granitic landmass of the archipelago. The island has an area on 20 km² and its population is not more than 200, most of them are labors who work in hotels.

Silhouette is a mountainous island with its highest peak being Mount Dubon reaching a height of 780 meters. Silhouette also has amazing white beaches with huge granitic boulders but its main beauty remains its luxurious undamaged forestation.

The island of Silhouette is found in a marine park and the coasts of the island are surrounded by a coral reef. Several operators on Mahé offer diving sessions to discover these amazing underwater sceneries.

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