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Mauritius is where dreams come to be fulfilled. Whether you are one of those people who had never heard of the place before wanting a tropical island holiday or those who have researched everything about Mauritius since ages and are finally able to make the plan come to fruition, this guide will hopefully be of some help when you consider all the necessary factors about renting a villa in Mauritius to spice up your holidays somewhat with a nice villa near the sea within walking distance. This does rather make everything seem quite paradisiacal actually! Renting a villa for your holidays instead of a hotel in Mauritius will give your holidays a more homey appeal.

When you are holidaying, budgets are important as well. While definitely less costly than for example, the Seychelles or the Maldives, if you are not careful about how you are spending and on what, holidaying in Mauritius also can rack up astounding bills. If money is a concern for you then you should really think about renting a villa instead of booking a hotel for the duration of your holidays here. It may of course seem extravagant but when you think about it, renting a villa will actually end up costing way less in the long run. Buying a villa is most definitely possible but I hardly think that is on the cards given how the price tends to range in millions!


Since you will be renting, you should be aware that while hotels accept booking on a day to day basis, most villas are rented per week. There are some exceptions such as weekends or just weekdays but mostly, it’s going to be at least a week. This is convenient for you as well as it makes billing easier and comparison more convenient before you book. There are certain websites with photos of the villas to help you decide on which you will choose. Different villas for different purposes such as family villas which are equipped with all the amenities an average family might require as well as other specifics that is requested when contacting the owner or the agency that takes care of these things. Honeymoon villas tend to be on the pricier range what with accessories and decorations to fit the mood and occasion as well as inside bars and big televisions and other things like that.


If you are highly concerned about not exceeding your set budget, then a hotel might not be your best choice and you will be paying for the rooms, service, amenities as well as any included parts of the package such a buffet dinners or courtesy breakfasts. A self catering villa will give you the opportunity to cut down on these costs and and be more economical. Unlike in Seychelles, everything is relatively cheap in Mauritius. You can buy veggies and poultry from nearby shops or even visit a supermarket while you are at it- never refuse a new adventure as they say! Supermarkets are cosy enough and have just the required stuff for you to maintain your independent holiday in style. The self catering villas are usually equipped with all necessary appliances in the kitchen and the owners will, by politeness, often stock up your cupboards and fridge before your arrival for a few days at least. Enough time for  you to get your bearings and start exploring on your own. Food is not as exotic as you might expect since Mauritian cuisine derives a lot from European, Indian, African and Chinese cuisines. While some may seem new to you, most food items will be very familiar. In case of confusion, reading the instructions will help you out. Packages are not mysterious unless you are shopping in one of the traditional Chinese shops and given the fact that every Mauritian speaks at least two languages, the instructions are either in English or French or even both most of the times. Cooking for yourself will cost you much less than depending on restaurants on a daily basis for every meal. And if you are cooking in larger batches, that is for more than one person at a time or just freezing a few portions for later consumption, this method will be a great means of saving money for you to be able to spend more on exciting activities such as parasailing in Mauritius.

Other factors to consider when looking for your perfect villa is the location evidently. From the North to the South, there are very many villas around all catering to a different niche so to speak of the market. For example, if you want a touristy place all while keeping a semblance of tranquility, then you should probably rent somewhere on the North coast. There is quite a tourist community with many villas and hotels occupying a relatively calm area. The place has a scenic beauty which will definitely drag you outside to simply admire the view in awe. You are likely to be able to rent a villa which if not at least 5 minutes from the beach then with a great overview of it from a window at your new villa at a not very expensive price. There is also many restaurants in the northern area of the island especially in Grand Baie and the nightlife is more than satisfactory as well as compared to other places on the island. The beaches make for a great swim during the day and the surroundings are very family friendly. You will be able to grab a quick lunch at one of the many snack shacks on the beach and buy ice cream or other treats for children if any!


As for the South, this is where you go for a great holiday which doesn’t include swimming! The sea is considerably rough down there and not appropriate for swimming on most days. However, the place compensates with its marvelous views. The sea seems infinite at times, with an unending hue of colours ranging from turquoise to vermillion at the same time. The villas are luxurious and modern in design and aim at satisfying your needs with the highest level of comfort. It is more convenient to stay in the South also if you are intrigued by the extreme activities in Mauritius. Zip lining among others will be more accessible from the south and will save you money when you are renting a car for your travels both on the costs and on fuel.

Sunset-Holiday-MauritiusTravelers from all around the planet fly to Mauritius to enjoy its tourist attractions and its inspiring colors and culture. The island of Mauritius is located on the coast of African continent and is about 900 km east of Madagascar, floating in the Indian Ocean. Stepping on the picturesque island promises to be a thrilling discovery. A myriad of tourist attractions awaits you in Mauritius – Grand Bay, the Casela Bird and Adventure Park, Martello Towers, Dolphins, Péreybère and wonderful beaches.

When it comes to  Mauritius accomodations, villas and hotels win hands down. There is an array of hotels in Mauritius to suit the affordability of the luxury lovers and the super rich; to the backpackers and the economy travelers.

Luxury and five-star rated Mauritius hotels, are some of the best in the hospitability industry. Serving the delicious gastronomical delights from the international cuisines and lip-smacking cocktails and mocktails; guests can expect the treat for their taste buds. St-Regis, Four Seasons, Royal Palm and Heritage and Spa Resort are the finest Mauritius Hotels. Mauritius luxury hotels offer recreational facilities; invigorating services like spas, swimming pools, Jacuzzi and conference and banquet facilities for its guests.

Not overlooking the needs of the economy travelers, one can find a number of inexpensive hotels in Mauritius. Discount and bed and breakfast hotels in Mauritius, provide necessary facilities and services which are indispensable, that too, at meager rates.

In a nutshell, all you can expect from your Mauritius holidays, are the best times ahead.

Villa Caroline Hotel – Mauritius

Villas Caroline beach hotel is intended for those who want to unwind on their island holiday at a reasonable price. Each day, the only decisions you will have to make are whether to try your hand at kayaking in the crystalline waters, enjoy a hot stone massage in the spa pavilion or simply relax in the sun loungers on the softest sands on the island.

The hotel offers a variety of accommodation for every taste and budget. Choose from the 5 secluded villas all featuring an uninterrupted sea-view of the Indian Ocean. With an outdoor pool, fun club, steam and sauna room, self-catering units (including kitchenette, fridge, kettle & gas hob) and bar, they are the perfect venue for a budget relaxing break.

Lakaz Chamarel Hotel – Mauritius

Lakaz Chamarel is an exclusive hideaway with 5 sea-view cabins, amazing French-Mauritian restaurant and exceptional service at an awesome price. It is a place where you can simply close your eyes and let the worries of life fall away.

Just imagine a magic place in the midst of nature… Discover the charming valley of Chamarel… Have your mind tuned to the rhythm of nature delivering peace and tranquillity….. Feel the smooth rhythm of Mauritian life in this haven of peace… Taste the savour of a superb and fine Mauritian cuisine… Relax at the swimming-pool or during one of our essential-oil massage … Explore the surroundings or go out cycling, as your mood dictates… In all simplicity and with refinement.

Lakaz Chamarel is definitely one of the top budget hotels.

Veranda Grand Baie

Built in a Creole style, the Veranda Grand Baie is located in the north of Mauritius and is another budget hotel surrounded by flourishing plants, exotic flowers and giant palms. Thanks to the various sports and leisure facilities, the hotel is perfect for adventurous guests. Additionally, the centre of Grand Baie with many shops and restaurants is only a few minutes away.

Take a relaxing walk through the lush gardens of the hotel and discover tropical plants, the two elegant pools and the Creole restaurant with its romantic terrace. The rooms of the resort are all furnished elegantly, with lovely details. In the special spa-area of the hotel Veranda Grand Baie you can relax and restore. In different treatments rooms you get pampered with different massages.

Beachcomber Hotels – Le Mauricia

Le Mauricia is a comfortable hotel located in the heart of Grand Baie, on the northern coast of the island of Mauritius. From this point you have a wonderful view over the lagoon. Modern rooms, a good price-performance ratio, as well as a wide array of leisure facilities are awaiting you.

The restaurants and bars serve a broad range of international meals and found near the two big swimming pools. From here, you have a great view over the Beach and the Indian Ocean.

The rooms are divided into six categories and perfectly suited for the individual’s budget, needs and wants. For families the villas and apartments are just perfect. Various sports activities on water and on land are awaiting you. Go diving or snorkelling and discover the fantastic underwater world. Go surfing or sailing and enjoy the breathtaking waves of the Indian Ocean or play a round of tennis and volleyball on land. The friendly personnel of the Le Mauricia will organise everything for you whenever you like.

Villa Belle Riviere Mauritius

Featuring independent villas and a private pool, Domaine de Belle Riviere has a landscaped garden, a sun terrace, a restaurant and a barbecue. Leisure facilities include a spa and wellness center, a fitness center and a tennis courts. It remains one of the most affordable Private Luxurious Villas you can find on the island.

The villas are spacious and elegant and possess a private pool and a furnished patio with a barbecue. They feature a seating area with sofas, an LCD TV and a Blu-ray player. The dining area includes a fully equipped kitchen. Each villa has a dishwasher, washing machine and dryer.

The restaurant serves both traditional Mauritian specialties and international cuisine dishes. You can enjoy sunbathing by the pool or enjoy a drink on the sun terrace overlooking the surrounding tropical environment.

Le Domaine Belle Riviere is located less than 20 minutes’ drive from the Black River Gorges National Park. Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Airport is 40 km away from the villa. You can practice various activities while sojourning in the villa- windsurfing, snorkelling, fishing and scuba diving.

Have a nice stay on the island of Mauritius!