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Wedding in the Indian Ocean

Wedding Indian Ocean

Now that you have found the man of your life, the idea of ​​a paradisiacal beach lapped by crystal clear water enchants you more than any castle. Murmurs of the ocean as music, barefoot instead of Sunday shoes: more and more couples are choosing to say yes beyond borders nowadays. They usually opt for a paradise beach in a tropical garden or even in/under water. Whether it is for your first engagement or you simply want to renew your vows, saying “yes” on a pristine sandy beach in the Seychelles or under the palm trees in Mauritius remains a unique way to celebrate your love!

Wedding In Mauritius

A wedding in Mauritius has the merit of being an achievable dream, many offers adapt to the tighter budgets. Couples have understood and Mauritius hotels are always full of newlyweds in search of the exotic, tropical heat and lasting memories. What could be more wonderful and romantic than to celebrate his wedding in Mauritius?

Say “yes” on the beach!

Do not conclude that organizing a wedding in Mauritius is complicated, on the contrary, it is way much easier than you might think. The formalities are simple; it is more complicated to find the ideal place to say “yes”. Indeed, for your wedding ceremony in Mauritius, it is the Civil Status officer who comes to you, not the reverse! So you do not have to live what should be the happiest time of your life in a room at the Town Hall, which can appear very impersonal!

Wedding in Mauritius: creativity is limitless!

Many hotels have their own wedding coordinators who use their combined imagination when it comes to organizing your wedding in Mauritius and, if desired, they can even take care of the staging of your “demand”! The cheapest hotel often include paperwork. Getting married in Mauritius, feet in the sand of a desert island, a traditional canoe decorated with flowers, among the fish in a panoramic underwater scenery, under the kiosk of a park, on a pontoon in the middle of a lagoon, or marrying on the “Indian style” theme. In Mauritius, there are 1001 ways to celebrate his wedding.

Honeymoon in Mauritius: affordable luxury …

You are about to experience the biggest day of your life and you want everything to be perfect, from the ceremony to the honeymoon: it is legitimate! A tropical climate with temperatures between 28 ° and 31 ° C on the coast all year, turquoise and crystal clear waters, wonderful sandy beaches on which you can celebrate your love, in short, the ideal, or I should rather say, the perfect setting! Again the hotels in Mauritius, especially luxury hotels, offers many attractive packages to convince you to spend your honeymoon in their premises. It must be said that often the context lends itself naturally and that Mauritians are extremely gifted when it comes to draw you to one of the most romantic table for dinner alone together under the stars … Well, there are yet other destinations in the Indian Ocean, and the Seychelles remain another great destination for your wedding.

Direction Seychelles: Pure luxury marriage.

You dreamed. This love match. These pristine beaches that give the feeling of being at the origin of the world. The magic of a wedding away from home, with family, in an unforgettable setting. Much more exclusive and less scandalous than Las Vegas in the eyes of your mother, the Seychelles welcomes you with all of your guests for a memorable celebration.

144 km² of paradise

The Seychelles is one of those places where one cannot imagine the beauty without having set foot on the islands. After touching those pristine sand beaches of Mahé, the conclusion is obvious: you have landed in paradise. Lost in the middle of the Indian Ocean, Mahe is one of 115 Seychelles islands in the archipelago; being the main island of the Seychelles with Victoria as capital. From the airport, now accessible from Paris on a direct flight three times a week via the company Air Seychelles. You will surely come across wonderful hotels with various attributes such as: lush gardens, spa with panoramic views of the bay, restaurants run by internationally recognized chefs, diving center, swimming pools, individual sports coaches… all in perfect harmony with the architecture and nature of the island.

100 photos of Mauritius

Discover Mauritius with 100 photos

Ladies and gentlemen we have just landed in Mauritius. As you can see, the weather is mostly sunny with maximum temperature ranging around 32-34 °C,  local time is 7:00 am. Thank you for travelling with us, have wonderful holidays on the island.

1# Arrival in Mauritius

Landing in Mauritius
Mauritius looks amazing viewed from above.A green land defined by a white stroke


2# Frangipani

Mauritius Frangipani flower

These tropical yellow and white beauties grow everywhere in Mauritius. Apparently its scent procures gaiety & is charming when worn behind the ear.


3# Over a hundred beaches 


Mauritius is for the most part enclosed by beaches. When choosing your hotel, check its front beach, you will probably spend a lot of your time there.


4# The Sega

Sega music Mauritius

The Sega is a traditional dance and music of Mauritius. The music was created by the slaves and was used to sing their suffering. Thankfully, after the abolition of slavery, the music was played to express joy and freedom.


5# Relaxing moments


Hammock lovers know the feel!


6# Bouquet d’Annee

flamboyant alley mauritius

Even roads are coloured in Mauritius. These beautiful trees have been widely planted on roadsides everywhere in Mauritius. If you are visiting the island in November or December, lucky you, it is the blooming season.


7# Peter Both view

Le Pouce Mauritius

With its inner mountain ranges, Mauritius is a quality destination for adventurous hikers.


8# Rodrigues Island


On Rodrigues Island, beaches are often uncrowded, if not completely deserted.


9# Ile aux Cerfs

Plage-ile Maurice

Ile aux Cerfs is a beautiful island located off the east of Mauritius.


10# Dholl Puri

Dholl puri Mauritius

The Mauritian cuisine portrays the diverse local population. However, the Dholl Puri is a street food that everyone enjoys.


11# Pirogue

Mauritius beach pirogue

The pirogue is the traditional boat used by local fishermen. They can be seen on most beaches of the island.


12# Congenial atmosphere

Mauritius music dance sega

Mauritius is a very convivial place to be. Whether it is during the day or at night, you will always enjoy your time on the island.


13# Ilot Fourneau

ilot fourneau Mauritius

Located in the south-east Ilot Fourneau is one of the many small islands surrounding the mainland Mauritius


14# Grand Bassin: the sacred lake

shiva Grand bassin

Grand Bassin is a crater lake located in the south of the island. The place revered by the Hindu population of Mauritius.


#15 The relaxed way

Trou aux Biches Mauritius

Life ambles slowly on a tropical island.


#16 Late evening party

camp fire beach mauritius

Hotels often set the stage for some traditional Mauritian beach parties.


#17 Le Morne Cultural Landscape

Le morne beach

Le Morne Brabant is a dismal place in a historical point of view. The site is one of the two UNESCO world heritage sites of the island.


#18 Paille en Queue

Red-tailed Tropicbird mauritius

The Paille en Queue or Tropicbird a rare bird that circumnavigate the island, so rare that when seen, it provides a sense of luck. Some even make wishes, the Mauritian shooting star.


#19 GRSE waterfalls

GRSE waterfall Ile aux Cerfs

The GRSE waterfall is one of the natural beauties of the east of Mauritius. The waterfall can be visited by boat, on the way to Ile aux Cerfs.


20# village weaver

Village Weaver - Ploceus cucullatus Mauritius

The village weaver is very common in Mauritius. You might be visited by one of these charming birds especially during breakfast time.


#21 Privacy luxe

Honeymoon in Mauritius

With its surrounding islands and pristine beaches, Mauritius offers privacy and luxe to its visitors.


#22 Sugarcane cultivation

Mauritius people

Mauritius was once solely dependent on its sugarcane industry. Today still it is an important pillar of the local economy.


#23 Indian Ocean space view

mauritius and reunion night space

Amazing photograph of Reunion Island and Mauritius (top) captured by NASA.


#24 Windsurfing Le Morne

One Eye le morne

Le Morne beach offers excellent wind spots like One Eye or Manawa for surfing.


#25 Cultivation

Sugar cane plantation Mauritius

The cultivation of sugar was introduced by the Dutch in the 17th century.


#26 Hiking views

Mauritius bird view

Mauritius is even more colorful from an aerial perspective.


#27 Flic en Flac

flic en flac beach

Flic en Flac is the longest beach of Mauritius and one of the finest too.


#28 Day gecko

Day gecko Phelsuma ornata

The Gecko can be found pretty much everywhere on the island. This species is harmless to human beings and can live up to 15 years.


#29 Ilot Gabriel beach

Ilot Gabriel Beach

Coin de mire view from Ilot Gabriel off the north coast of Mauritius.


#30 SSR Botanical Garden

Waterlilis Mauritius

This mythical botanical garden was created by Pierre Poivre and is a must-visit place in Mauritius. Also known as Jardin Pamplemousses, the park has a wide range of plant species, including some being endemic.


#31 Notre Dame Auxiliatrice – Cap Malheureux

Chapelle Notre Dame de Cap Malheureux

The small red roof church is the symbol of the calm Cap Malheureux village. With numerous islands in the background, it is one of the best viewpoints of Mauritius.


#32 Stella Maru

Wreck Stella Maru Mauritius

Stella Maru is the most famous shipwreck of Mauritius. Located just in front of Trou aux Biches, North-West of the island, this artificial lagoon is a paradise for divers.


#33 Rochester Falls

rochester falls souillac

Rochester Falls is one of the many waterfalls of Mauritius. It is located in the middle of the fields not far from Souillac. The place is famous for its milky white water beautifully contrasted with the rectangular shapes of the rocks.


#34 Crystal Rock

Crystal rock Ile aux Benitiers

Crystal rock is the pearl of the west coast of Mauritius. Whether you are visiting Ile aux Bénitiers, or going snorkeling or swimming with dolphins, every boat stops at Crystal rock.


#35 Aromatic traditions

Spices of Mauritius

Many spices like saffron, curry powder and cinnamon are used to make traditional Mauritian dishes.


#36 Anse la Raie

Kitesurfer Pointe d'Esny

The beaches of the east of the island are also interesting for windsurfing.


#37 Seafood

Fish Mauritius

Seafood is sold on the beach, especially on Rodrigues Island.


#38 Sega dance

Sega Mauritius

Traditional sega is still the most listened and danced music across in Mauritius.


#39 Le Morne beach

Mauritius coastline

In addition to the mythical Morne Brabant, the small village of Le Morne is also home to one of the most beautiful beaches of the island.


#40 Caudan &  Port Louis Waterfront

Port Louis waterfront

The waterfront of Port Louis is the first shopping mall of Mauritius. The mall hosts some world-famous fashion brands and other animations like cinema, children area, bars and live music on weekends.


#41 Coin de Mire Island

coin de mire view

Coin de Mire (Gunner’s Quoin) is located few kilometres outside the northern lagoon.


#42 Multicultural society

children of Mauritius

Mauritius proves to be a surprising and unique human experience.


#43 Gris Gris

gris gris  Mauritius

The south of Mauritius is better characterised by the word ‘wild’. Whether it is Gris Gris, La Roche qui Pleure or Le Souffleur, the south offers beautiful untamed wilderness.


#44 Sunset in Tamarind

Sunset in Tamarin Mauritius

The west coast of Mauritius offers some royal sunset shots.


#45 Ile Coco


Ile Coco (Rodrigues) is one of the most beautiful islands of the Mascarene archipelago.


#46 Blue Bay Marine Park


The natural marine park of Blue Bay is a great representation of the biodiversity of the Indian ocean.


#47 A very food trip

beach snack mauritius

With beach restaurants, roulottes or beach hawkers, you are always sure to find food everywhere in Mauritius.

#48 World class hotels

mauritius hotels

The legendary Mauritian hospitality is key to the tourism success on the island. TripAdvisor, Booking or Trivago, all have excellent customer ratings on Mauritian hotels.


#49 Horse riding in Mauritius


Enjoy an exquisite horse riding experience Mauritius.


#50 Vallée de Ferney


Vallée de Ferney is a nature reserve of more than 200 hectares and shelters over a 100 species of plants and numerous animals.

#51 Swim with dolphins 

dolphins Mauritius

To swim with dolphins is a one-time life experience. Enjoy it in a tropical island.


#52 Calm lagoons

Mauritius wild south

Mauritius is mostly enclosed by coral reefs, resulting into calm and secured lagoons.


#53 Simplicity

Children of Mauritius

Though things are evolving and the island is becoming more and more developed, the Mauritian way of living remains relatively simple. Maybe this is better explained by this beautiful photo of Peggy Lampotang.


#54 La Cuvette beach

la cuvette Grand Baie

The small beach of La Cuvette is located few minutes from Grand Bay. Ideal for a quick refreshing bath.


#55 The Mauritius Parakeet

Mauritius echo parakeet

Mauritius is a paradise to observe a unique fauna. The island is home to some rare native bird species like the Mauritius Parakeet and the Pink Pigeon.


#56 Public transport


Mauritius offers cheap public transport facilities. Bus services in Mauritius cover the entire island from early morning to 8 pm.


#57 Enjoy the sun

belle mare Mauritius

Mauritius is located quite near the Tropic of Capricorn, which results in a sunny atmosphere. With more than 300 long sunny days a year, Mauritius is an all year round destination.


#58 Exceptional flora

alexandra falls- road

With the exception of big cities, fauna is pretty much everywhere on the island.


 #59 Pointe aux Sables

Pointe aux sables Mauritius

Pointe aux Sables is a small fishermen village located near Port Louis and has a pretty beach and is home to Montagne Jacquot, a thrilling cliff for diving.


#60 Villa Caroline


Villa Caroline is located in front of a great snorkeling spot.


#61 Seven coloured earth of Chamarel

7 coloured earth of Chamarel

Chamarel is the most visited natural attraction in Mauritius. Depending on the time of the day and the light, the earth of Chamarel changes to seven to a dozen colours. Don’t miss the traditional rum of Chamarel.


#62 Rodrigues Island


Rodrigues Island has its own traditions and savoir-faire.


#63 Ile aux Cerfs

ile aux cerfs mauritius

Ile aux Cerfs offers kilometres of pristine beaches to its visitors.


#64 Hunting in Mauritius

Deer Mauritius hunting

Hunters will love the beautiful hunting reserves across Mauritius.


#65 Pointe aux Canonniers

Pointe aux Canonniers Mauritius

Probably less famous than Trou aux Biches or Grand Bay, Pointe aux Canonniers is a flawless beach located in the north-west of Mauritius.


#66 Black River Gorges National Park

Black River National Park

The largest park of Mauritius is famous for its rocky landscapes and waterfalls, perfect for hiking trails.


#67 Trou d’Eau Douce

Trou d'eau Douce

The small village of Trou d’Eau Douce lies on the east coast of Mauritius.


#68 La route du thé

Tea plantation Mauritius

Tea has always been part of the Mauritian culture. La route du thé is located near Grand Bassin, a fine place to learn more about this aromatic beverage. The site also has a very tea oriented restaurant.


#69 Trou aux Biches

Trou aux biches

On weekdays, beaches in Mauritius are usually quite roomy.


#70 Romantic beach dinner

beach dinner Mauritius

Whether it is for a wedding anniversary or honeymoon, you can ask for a memorable amorous setting.


#71 Wolmar beach

Flic en Flac beach

Wolmar beach is located at the end of Flic en Flac.


#72 Flat Island

Ilot Gabriel & Ile Plate beach

Flat Island also known as Ile Plate is one of the many islets located in the off the north of Mauritius.


#73 One Eye

kitesurf in mauritius

One Eye is the most appreciated surf and windsurfs spot in Mauritius.


#74 Ile Coco & Ile aux Sables

Rodrigues Ile  cocos et ile aux sables

Ile Coco & Ile aux Sables are two pristine islands devoid of any human activity.


#75 Anse Bouteille

Anse Bouteille Rodrigues

Like Mauritius, Rodrigues Island is blessed with a tropical climate and sumptuous beaches. But Anse Bouteille is unique, it looks nothing like the other Mauritian beaches.


#76 Crystal Rock

rock ile aux benitiers

Another beautiful shot of crystal rock and Morne Brabant.


#77 Island hopping

Boat Mauritius

Whether it is on a speed boat, a yacht or a pirogue, it is always a pleasure to sail around Mauritius.


#78 The Dodo

Dodo Souvenir Mauritius

The dodo, the mythical endemic bird of Mauritius, unfortunately, an extinct species.


#79 Travelling in Mauritius

Road south mauritius

Mauritian roads are very well sealed and most signs are marked in English.


#80 Tamarin 

Tamarin Bay Mauritius

Today still, the pirogue is the most used boat by local fishermen.


#81 Pickle fruits

Mauritius street food

You will see these everywhere in Mauritius, locals love them.


#82 Parasailing

GoPro Mauritius Parasailing

Parasailing can be experienced on popular beaches like Mont Choisy or Flic en Flac.


#83 Traditions

Mauritian ladies saree

Each ethnicity still follows their values and traditions.


#84 Snorkeling

Snorkeling Mauritius

With its dazzling beaches and flourishing coral reefs, Mauritius is an underwater wonderland for snorkeling.


#85 Champ de Mars

Champ de mars Mauritius

The Champ de Mars is the oldest horse racing track in the southern hemisphere.


#86 Port Louis

Port Louis Theatre Mauritius

The city of Port Louis is an open-air museum of the Mauritian past and present culture.


#87 Tropical fruits

Oasis Mauritius Caudan

Tropical fruits like coconut, pineapple or mango are sold everywhere on the island. Not to miss.


#88 Roti chaud

Mauritius Roti

Roti is another widespread street food that can be found in Mauritius.

#89 Crystal clear water

Mauritius turquoise lagoon

Nearly all the beaches in Mauritius offer calm crystal clear water for hours of sunbathing.


#90 Trail friendly


Mauritius host numerous trail festivals each year. The dodo trail and Ferney trail are amongst the most famous.


#91 Travel-friendly facilities

Avis Mauritius

In Mauritius, you will have no trouble finding travel facilities and services, like car rental, Western Union, Change or ATMs.


#92 Lion Mountain

Lion Mountain view

A stunning view of the south-east from Lion Mountain.


#93 Beautiful sunsets

Sugarcane field sunset

Sunset at Cascavelle.


#94 Mahebourg

Mahebourg small city

Mahebourg is a charming small city located near the SSR International Airport. It has a historical museum which is definitely worth the visit if you want to learn more about past epic naval battles between the Royal and French Navy.


#95 Food Carts

Mauritius Beach restaurant snack

You will find interesting food trailers across nearly every beach in Mauritius.


#96 Honeymoon destination

Mauritius wedding honeymoon

Mauritius was awarded as the best honeymoon destination of the Indian Ocean for the past years by the World Travel Awards.


#97 Pointe aux Piments

pointe aux piments

Pointe aux Piments is one of the rare places of the Indian ocean where you can come across sea turtles in their natural habitat.


#98 Colonial houses

Chauteau de Labourdonnais

Chateau de Labourdonnais is the most famous colonial house of Mauritius. Located not far from the SSR Botanical Garden, the place is definitely worth a visit when travelling to the north.


#99 Hospitality at its best

Mauritius hospitality

The hotels in Mauritius are driven by a passion to provide exclusive and personalized services, genuine hospitality.


#100 The Mauritian flag


A beautiful island inhabited by beautiful people.

No. 1 Wedding Destination: Mauritius

Wedding in MauritiusWho never dreamed of getting married on an idyllic beach, barefoot in the sand and saying “YES” to the love of your life with a magnificent sunset as background?

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