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Sports activities in Reunion Island

 Sports in Réunion Island: surfing in Réunion Island

For athletes and adventurers, holidays in Réunion Island will be everything they ever wanted to experience. This little island of the Indian Ocean is not only known worldwide for its varied and natural landscapes but also for the great number of endurance races that are organized there: for the year 2013 alone, more than 64 mountain races, treks, marathons and hikes will be held there. Its rather recent geological formation might be the reason for the attraction that the island exerts on hikers, runners and adventurers. There, you will find plains, canyons, cliffs, waterfalls, mountains, extinguished volcano craters as well as one of the most active volcanoes of the world: le Piton de la Fournaise, which is located on the east of the island and which slowly draws new landscapes by pouring its lava into the ocean.

Paragliding in Réunion Island: view of coral reef off Saint Leu

Paragliding in Réunion Island: view of coral reef off Saint Leu

Those who love free flight will not be forgotten in Réunion Island: competitions are held there regularly, especially paragliding world cups. Paragliding is also practiced there as a hobby and as a touristic attraction: during your stay in Réunion Island you will be able to choose among many agencies for your first flight.  

Cyclists will also be pampered during their holidays in Réunion Island: they will be able to rent mountain bikes in most towns and some companies even organize group excursions in the mountains. There are also bike paths where families will be able to ride safely. Those who love white water sports and those who want to give it a try will not be disappointed either: Réunion Island has many rivers, waterfalls and rapids where they will be able to practice rafting, canyoning, kayak, canocraft and aqua speed in security.

Bodyboard in Réunion Island

Bodyboard in Réunion Island 

Of course, the ocean will be like a playground for people who like water sports. They will be able to rent surf equipment, body boards, windsurf boards, kite surfing equipments and more from many companies located near their hotel in Réunion Island. They will also be able to go big game fishing or on boat excursions, or go observe dolphins and whales cruising around this beautiful island.

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