Ranomafana National Park

Entrance_To_Ranomafana_National_ParkThe Ranomafana is situated in the huge island of Madagascar. The island of Madagascar is found off the south east coast of the continent Africa. The mother tongue of the inhabitant of Madagascar is Malgasy.

The word ‘ranomafana’ means hot water in malgasy.  Without any doubt the ranomafana Park is the most spectacular national parks of the island. The park is a major visited spot for good reasons such as good access, 12 species of lemur and its well-maintained environment.

While walking through the park you will meet up with all the 12 lemurs including the eastern woolly lemur, eastern grey bamboo lemur, red bullied lemur, red fronted brown lemur, greater bamboo lemur, the rare aye-aye, brown mouse lemur, the black and white lemurs ruffed lemur, small-toothed sportive lemur, Milne-Edward Sifika lemur, the garden bamboo lemur and the great dwarf lemur. Visitors will spot other mammals such as 8 bats, 6 carnivorous and some mongooses.

Birds in RanomafanaThe Ranomafana national park is also home to a wide variety of birds. There are at least 115 species of bird in the park, 30 of them are local confined of this area of Madagascar. Some of the most in-sight birds are the henst’s goshawk, velvet asit and the rufous-headed-roiled. The park also owns 62 reptiles including the chameleons, snakes and fringes, 98 frogs, 350 spiders, 90 species of butterflies and fishes. The reptiles are more attractive at night.

The park is blessed with precious wood and carnivorous plants. Its protected area is portrayed by small streams, which flows to the Namoranariver, a place where electricity is produce at the hydroelectric power station of ranomafana for the locals. The park is nice and humid. The best place to visit the park is during May, September, October and November.

Visitors have the opportunity to choose one circuit of the 5 circuits available. All of them are awesome and give the visitors the opportunities to contemplate panoramic views.

The first circuit is the Varibolemena circuit where you will have an easy trek of 4 hours and a great opportunity to watch the bamboo lemur and an amazing waterfall. The second trail is the Sahamalaotro circuit- a 10 km trek where you will meet up with lemur and birds. Vohiparara is the 3rd circuit, it last 2 days, a 20 km trek where you will spot many species such as lemurs and bird and a visit to the sacred lake. The 4th circuit named Varijarsy, is a 1-2 days trek on rough path (15km). You will by-pass lemur, birds, waterfall and a natural pool where you may enjoy a bath in the water. The last one is the Saorono circuit. It is a 20km trek, it dues 2-3days. You will have a cultural visit in the middle of the forest and spot some species. It is quite hard but it is worthwhile.

Only 64km south off Fianarantsoa, the park is easily accesible! There are also several taxis that can bring you to the entrance of the park. The entry price is affordable and the park has interesting attractions.